Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boston Magic

Did Jake Gyllenhaal have a flashback to his Texas Longhorns days? Or is that the international signal for "sweep?"

Jake watched the Boston Celtics trounce the Orlando Magic in an NBA playoff game on Saturday night in Boston. He refused to choose between the Lakers and the Celtics, but did compliment the city's fans:

We know from Jake's Disney Radio stint that basketball is his preferred sport, but a Saturday night game, even a Celtics' blowout, isn't necessarily Jake's idea of the perfect weekend:

“I love hanging out with my friends. I love playing sports, being active, being outside. And my ideal weekend would be going for really long bike rides, I love going out into nature, maybe going for a hike. And eating really good food, because I like eating food that I grow.” The star added jokingly, “…and also jumping from building to building!” in reference to the action-packed “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.”

Well, he did get to hang out with friends! But I don't think Jake used any parkour moves to get to or from his courtside seats.

In case you weren't watching MTV Saturday morning, Stephanie uploaded Jake and Gemma's appearance on the 10 on Top show:

Speaking of Stephanie, she's famous! Stephanie is quoted in this somewhat annoying NY Post article about Jake's "new " image.

Yay, Stephanie - for being quoted and for not pigeonholing Jake!

Finally, an apparent outtake from the New York Times Performers of the Year photoshoot:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

I want to continue this idea from the last post where you guys were talking about Jake "talking Anne Hathaway into" doing LAOD. I find this interesting because I also seem to recall him being the one who approached Duncan Jones and talking him into directing Source Code. Also there's how Jake is/has been working with Doug Liman on that UMP, how he mentioned being deeply involved in the script process (most recently with Namath), etc.

I think Jake may have a future as a producer don't you? I also have a feeling that Jake may be interested in expanding into directing. In one interview, I can't remember which, Jake was descibed as an actor/director. That was the first time I remember him being described that way.

Am I the only one who has noticed this?

Sheba Baby said...

You are not the only one anon., I have thought the same thing. Jake definately has his sights on directing/producing, he also mentioned the Hans Christian Anderson musical as well.

Go Celtics!! Jake will have no choice but to pick sides if there is a Lakers/Celtics match-up!!

It's good seeing him out with Chris at the game.

I can't believe that Pop will be opening this Friday! Can't wait to see his interviews next week, he is so hyped for this movie. Loved the Disney radio videos.

The Post interviewed Stephanie, how cool is that?!

This is going to be a hectic but fun week, thanks UV for keeping up!

Sheba baby said...

I should have added that yeah, that was an annoying article. He buffed himself up and grew his hair for one role, they act like he stil looks that way. Why should he be locked into playing the same roles while it's OK for actors like Toby McGuire, RDJ, C. Bale are allowed to do flicks like SM, IM and Batman w/o question?

PS: That pic of Jake and Tobey is hot!

bobbyanna said...

The B-Ball game was fun! I'll confess right up front, as a diehard Pistons fan, it's very difficult for me to root for the Celtics...but not impossible. :)

I LOVE that B/W tobey/Jake pic!

I got the impression Jake's had his hand in a lot of areas of filmmaking besides acting in all his projects. I'm not surprised at all if he produces, or writes,and directs.

He seems to enjoy the entire process. I think he likes collaborating with his director. I have noticed he refers to himself as a filmmaker now more often than only an actor.

Anonymous said...

Think for some he's still Donnie Darko and are surprised he would do something like POP. They keep forgetting he is after all an actor and not "just a movie star". There sometimes is a difference.
Since Jake grew up in a family with a writer and director and has had film in his life since he was born he probably can't see anything else but what it is to be involved in all parts of a film.
(and hope sometime he can get back on stage)>

mary said...

thanks uv as always another busy week for fortunely i can catch most of jakes interviews on the talk shows jake will probably disappear for a while after pop opens out here hopefully not for long

Paula said...

So glad the Celtics won last night , more for Chris than Jake since Jake is "torn" between the Celtics and the Lakers!

Man, Jake is popping up everywhere, which is great for us. I know what you mean Mary, it's going to be a drought soon, we have been so spoiled.

The NY Times should have used this pic instead of the one they used. I like this one better.

Jake always seemed to be hands on with most of the films he has been in and sometimes it caused some friction with Directers. As he gets older it should come as no surprise that he is one of the producers of UMP, convinced Anne to take the part in LAOD, etc.

Thanks again to GB or as I should say, Yillenhoolbabble and UV/FL for keeping everyone informed and updated!

bobbyanna said...

Paula, I remember Russell Crowe was asked(Inside the Actor's Studio)how he interprets his characters, and what I remember is this: "At the end of the day, the Director is the boss. He's God. How you ultimately feel doesn't matter, his decision is the final word."

I was surprised to hear Russell Crowe, of all people, say that. Some directors need to very tightly control every aspect of story-telling. They might be open to a random suggestion, now and then, but not much. I'd bet David Fincher is pretty tightly wound, for example.

Than again, some directors don't have a lot of regard for their actors. They might listen to their cinematographer or others, but treat actors as second class.

Jake's worked with such impressive directors. I think Mike Newell really created a comfortable environment for him. Lots of trust and affection there.

lawgoddess said...

What a fun post! I always love to see Jake with Chris, and he looked like he was having fun.

Loved the outtake picture- Jake channels his inner rebel.

Anonymous said...

If POP is compared to movies that were in 3D it won't have that type of box-office because the movie won't be charging more money to see it. But think it will do just fine and as said, and what we know, word of mouth will keep it going.

Sag actor said...

I'm glad Pop didn't go the 3D route. First, It doesn't need it, it has enough action especially with the parkour scenes that it would probably be distracting.

Second, it would have jacked-up the price for tickets and I think families are being choosey about what films they are going to see due to the economy (see the weekend BO for S4).

What a difference between promotion of Pop vs Brothers. Disney and Jake are doing a great job promoting this film. I caught the interview with him during the Celtics/Magic game last night.

I have to check the sites to see how it did OS so far.

UltraVIolet said...

I checked out Elle at the store. It's just a one pager with one of the Jake in a suit photos from the photoshoot a few weeks back.

They say that Heath is a forbidden topic as is Reese. The only thing Jake will say is that he has been "fortunate to have romantic relationships with extraordinary women.". I think that was the quote. He also called being a father figure to R's kids a"delicate honor."

Interesting way of putting it. I'd love to hear him expound on that more someday.

He also told a very cute story about Oscar night. After the whirlwind of getting Maggie and Peter ready, he threw on his tux and was about to leave. Ramona called out "Unca Jake, you look handsome." And then Jake knew he was ready to go.


I read it pretty quickly, so I might have missed some stuff. Oh and at the end, he calls himself a prince, saying PoP is close to his real life persona. Then he apparently blushed.

UltraVIolet said...

Sorry. Wrote that on the road so I wouldn't forget. Will respond to the comments when I get home.

Anonymous said...

It seems the class and maturity of his comment about the extraordinary women in his life shows how you deal with relationships when you are in the public eye.
I wish that comment would make it to various other magazines.

Tweety said...

That was a very classy thing Jake said in Elle, I will have to pick up the magazine to read the whole interview.

Always good to see hanging out with Chris and having a good time even though he was promoting Pop at the game!

He and Tobey look yummy in that pic!

I always thought that Jake would want to direct, doesn't he have a production Co. called Nine stories?

From last night, I assume he is in NY now getting ready for Letterman:

Ace6one7: Jake G at District. Thanks Alyssa ;-) #fb
about 16 hours ago from OpenBeak

Sag actor said...

OS BO for Pop: It made 18 million in 19 countries. Not bad, they say the hot weather is effecting the BO OS:

Get Real said...

Getting ready for Jake-week!!! :D

Have the DVR set to record everything!

Love seeing pics of Jake and Chris at the Celtics game and glad Jake got on camera.

I may try and see PoP Thursday night/Friday morning midnight showing as I am going away for the memorial day weekend Friday and want to see it before then.

And, Yay for Stephanie!

Chica said...

Jake week is going to be a blast!
He will be appearing on Letterman, Kelly and Regis, GMA, Fallon and CBS this morning along with the taped show of Kimmel which he did last week.

Still trying to figure out how he is going to appear "live" on those Canadian shows since it appears that he will be in Ny at the same time??!!

Love the pics of Jake and Chris from Boston last night, but a big boo to the Celtics, sorry Jake (I'm a bitter Knicks fan!)

I will probably see Pop on Friday morning too Get real, since I will be going for the holiday as well.

Those #'s are a bit underwhelming from overseas IMO, I just hope that it's weather relaed as stated. Thanks for the link SA.

How exciting that Stephanie was interviewed for that article!

Tweety said...

Looks like Jake and Maggie are attending a talk by the Dalai Lama at Radio city music hall:

circa1925: So (besides the Dalai Lama) I also saw Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal, who were both about 3ft away from me walking up an aisle. Surreal.
about 1 hour ago from Echofon ·

mary said...

UV i read the article today in elle and you didnt leave anything out so cute about ramona saying how handsome he is dont we all agree

Anonymous said...

It opened at number one in 18 out of 19 markets. The only "major" markets it opened in were England and Germany. It opens in 30 territories this weekend including the US, China, Japan, Russia, etc.

It's actually outpacing National Treasure at this point, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which went on to gross $350 million.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Came back after watching the movie Robin Hood. It's a good movie with great performances.
Russell may even be with a bad accent, but he's excellent in the role. Another great performance of this great actor. All his scenes with Max are wonderful.

Before the screening, I saw again the trailer of Prince of Persia. I felt an excitement of the audience after viewing the trailer.

"Unca Jake, you look handsome."
Thank you, UV. Jake is a person with a lot of class.

Yesterday, Disney XD showed a special on POP, but I have not seen.

UltraViolet said...

I'm actually not crazy about the NY Times outtake. The jacket looks like a leftover from an old George Michael video.

The NY Post story and the Elle story both make mention of Jake as not manly, something that really bothers me. Elle even refers to Jack Twist as a "stereotypically female" character whining about not having enough time with his lover - ignoring all of the stereotypically male characteristics of Jack Twist. As much as I love what was said in the article, it really bugged me to see that perpetuated.

The fans in the Post story who can't deal with Jake looking different from Donnie Darko are just ridiculous. For one thing, Jake doesn't even look like the Prince anymore. And do they not understand the concept of acting?

I really don't understand all the incomprehension over Jake doing a role like this. Jarhead, anyone? The Day After Tomorrow?

Jake wasn't in Boston long enough, damn it! Interesting tweet about the Dalai Lama, Tweety. And to go from the sublime to the ridiculous, no objections to the video you posted yesterday! It was very funny.

UltraViolet said...

I think the overseas box office numbers don't show a complete picture, since it didn't open in as many countries as other releases, and some had limited releases. Still, I was hoping for blockbuster numbers, so it's a little disappointing.

hopefully, the great word of mouth will propel it internationally and at home. Most of the tweets and FB posts I've seen have been very positive. So fingers crossed.

Jake certainly has done and is doing everything he canto make the movie a success. I was hoping he'd have more company on the talk show circuit. As much as I loathe the view, I would love to have seen him and Gemma on it. Or seen an interview with him and Ben Kingsley. Seeing Jake and Gemma on the MTV show was a tease.

Ben K will be on Jimmy Fallon on tomorrow night and on the View later in the week, I think. And Gemma will be on Fallon on Friday.

Meanwhile, the SatC women are freaking everywhere. Blech. Where's that Bruckheimer machine?!

I'm still awwing over the Ramona story. So cute.

Jake truly gave a classy answer about his relationships. Someday, I'd love to get some more insight, but I doubt that will happen. And I do realize it's none of my business :)

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Still, I was hoping for blockbuster numbers, so it's a little disappointing.

I disagree, because I do not see much interest from people in this movie, so for me this movie did a good box office, but it is necessary that people have enjoyed to make the campaign word-of-mouth.
The film is being well received by many people judging by the twitter and facebook. The note of the film at IMDB was 6.4 to 6.7, which is rare, because usually the opposite occurs.

SATC = futile and retarded.

Monica said...

In Contention:

Contenders: UPDATED: 5/24/2010

Motion Picture: Love And The Other Drugs

Best director: Edward Zwick

Best actor: Jake Gyllenhaal

Best actress: Anne Hathaway

Writing(Adapted Screenplay): LAOD

Film Editing: LAOD

Okay, I know, it's still early, but it is good to have that buzz.

Michelle Williams is listed for best actress too.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

In statements of Jake that find not in English (Elle?), Jake says that internet produced, in part, separacion of R.W. It recalls that I asked why disappeared web of Jake? And tambien in that time I saw a video that thought very intimate and evil for children of R.

Why Jake changed pronunciation of Gyllenhaal? I did not understand why.

sheba said...

Leonor Jake is just joking with us. He's taking the 'p' out of his own pronounciation of his name.

"It seems the class and maturity of his comment about the extraordinary women in his life shows how you deal with relationships when you are in the public eye.
I wish that comment would make it to various other magazines."

Very eloquently expressed Anon. You've said it all :D

UV, I like how you call him 'The Jake' :) And Yay Stephanie, kudos to you.

I am totally convinced that word of mouth will propell this movie into greatness. It has everything and a very good storyline for a Bruckheimer movie. They've propably put too much creatively into this movie which may appeal less to less discerning audiences.

I challenge all us Gyllenhaalics to do a random bit of market research to ask just 10 people this week 1) if people have heard of the movie, 2)if they have heard, what it's about and 3)when it's coming out 4) if they're going to see it. We'll compile our results on Friday if anyone is willing :D

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Thanks Sheba! :)

UltraViolet said...

Hi Leonor! Do you mean that you read an interview where Jake blames the internet in part for Reese and him breaking up? That would be the most direct thing he's ever said about them.

Monica, it is nice to see the awards buzz for LaOD, even if it is early.

Sheba. I didn't even know I had referred to him as The Jake. I'll have to watch that!

I thi k you're right about word of mouth. At least I hope so. I'll see if anyone I know plans to go. I don't know anyone so far, besides the usual suspects :)

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine Jake saying anything about the internet breaking up he and Reese..first of all he doesn't mention her name - as he doesn't wish to talk about it other than the little bit he has.
And i don't know why the internet would do that...the paps. he understands that.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I think Jake may have 'jinxed" the Magic that night, LOL!! I'm not a BB fan so I'm not following the finals but it will be interesting to hear Jake's take on a potential Lakers/Celtics match up.

Don't care for that b&w pic of Jake and Tobey and I love b&w photography. I think you nailed it UV:the jacket is straight out of some cheesey MTV video from the 80's!

Jake has worked his ass off promoting this movie and I hope it pays off. I think that it has a good chance to come in #1 over the weekend over SATC2. Families are looking for movies to go to and I don't think Shrek 4 will have legs and I think that Pop is the only alternative.Word of mouth has been really good (Twitter/FB) so that will help a lot.

I do wish that Jake, Gemma and Ben (and even Molina) would appear on at least one show together, that MTV bit was a big ole tease , they are really great together.

It is a bit early for Oscar predictions but I'm so happy that LAOD has such great buzz!

Jake is a class act, his comments about dating extrodinary women and that it was a 'delicate honor" to be a father figure to Reese's kids, speaks volumes.

Love the Ramona story, yes Ramoana your Uncle is handsome!

I'm willing Sheba, what a great idea! I'm off on Friday and I plan on seeing it then along wit a few friends.

That NY Post story was irritating for the reasons you pointed out UV, but I was happy that Steph from IHJ was interviewd and I loved what she had to say!

Extra said...

Jake at the GMA studio this morning:

And so it begins, Jake's whirlwind tour of the NY (and Candian talk shows this week!)

I will have to pick up Elle, what a sweet story about Ramona on Oscar day! We will only get bits and pieces about him and Reese, he barely said anything about Kiki when they broke up, he isn't the type to talk about his personal life much. It's one of the reasons why I love him.

I plan on seeing Pop at a midnight showing on Thursday with my BF.

That is such a great idea Sheba, I think I will start today with my co-workers!

I would love for Jake and Anne to get nods ofr LAOD, thanks for the link Monica!

get real said...

I saw GMA as I was getting ready for work! :D I love his charm and easy going nature even when he is asked about his name for the millionth time, lol.

Great to hear that Jake and Maggie saw the Dalai Lama and I "awwed" at Ramona complimenting her uncle!

I am hoping that since the PoP audience allows for families as compared to SATC that it will still do well. *fingers crossed* I am also a fan of SATC but I will wait to see that unlike PoP which I plan to see Thursday.

UltraViolet said...

Rushing off before lunch. Glad you got to see GMA live, get real. Another fun Jake interview.

It's in the new post :)