Monday, March 31, 2008

Cabo Wabo Picture Palooza

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon at the airport. Jake and Reese looking adorable at the pool. Jake looking at Reese adoringly. Poor Jake on crutches. Poor Jake trying to maneuver on the slippery surfaces. Jake looking sexy. You get the picture.

Or the pictures...

Jake to Reese: Don't look up now, but I think Ryan's following us.

"How you doin'?"

(Photos courtesy of IHJ, Thanks, Stephanie, for the swift action!)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

¡Buen viaje!

Actually, I guess that should be I hope they had a good trip. Looks like Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon found a different getaway to the south this week. From IHJ:

Hot young couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal head to the airport in Cabo San Lucas after a getaway with Reese's kids Ava Phillippe and Deacon Phillippe. 3.29.08

Poor Jake. It can't have been easy tackling the sand on crutches! Is it wrong to hope that someone got a picture of him trying, though?

ETA: Looks like Jake brought along some help for his injured ankle: Game Ready.

(As always, thanks to IHJ for the pictures.)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cover Boy

Okay, we need a new post, and Jake isn't cooperating, keeping his croc-wearing, crutch-wielding Gyllenhaal self holed up in LA, Ojai or somewhere in between. (Simi Valley?) So let's do a little cover story. Here's this week's US:

Us has been all over the Jake/Reese story. From April 2007:

People also jumped on the bandwagon, but more discreetly:

Even the lesser tabs (is that redundant) got in on the act:

I don't think I'd ever want Jake and Reese to do one of those cheesy photo spreads/confessional interviews. But it would be cool to see a professional photo shoot. What magazine do you think could make it work? Vanity Fair?

Speaking of which... it's beyond time for Jake to be on a VF cover. You can't fault Italian Vanity Fair, though. They know a good thing when they see it:

Some other favorite Jake covers:

If discussion of the Us story and attendant theories flags :) feel free to chime in with suggestions for Welliwont's poll question: What movie would you like to see Jake remake, and what role do you want him to play?

I always thought it would be fun to see Jake and Heath in a remake of Midnight Run :(

I could see Jake in either part. But I don't know now who I'd like to see play opposite him.

A reminder that tonight's Late Night with Conan O'Brien is a repeat of Jake's appearance from October.

(Jake cover scans courtesy of IHJ.)

Monday, March 24, 2008

News on Nailed

Some new casting information on Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie, Nailed. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

James Marsden, Catherine Keener and Tracy Morgan are close to getting "Nailed." The trio are in final negotiations to star opposite Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel in David O. Russell's romantic comedy "Nailed," written by Russell and Kristen Gore.

More details here.

Let's hope Nailed is another Lovely and Amazing collaboration.

I'm not so sure I like this new description of Jake's character:

She heads to Washington to fight for better health care and ends up falling for a clueless new congressman (Gyllenhaal) who must summon the political courage to save her.

I like "immoral" more than "clueless." I was hoping Jake's character would be a smooth operator:

Another interesting tidbit on Nailed: Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher will produce for their Red Wagon Entertainment banner. Wick and Fisher produced Jarhead:

Jake also presented the producing pair with the David O. Selznick Award at last year's Producers Guild Awards:

Jake sure does like to laugh with the Fishwicks!

Let's do a little six degrees of separation. Lucy Fisher knew Jake when he was just a kid:

Grown-up Jake made Jarhead with Fisher and her husband:

Hollywood Jake presents Fisher/Wick with a PGA Award:

Also receiving an award that night was Ron Meyer:

Ron Meyer is the father-in-law of Tobey Maguire:

And finally, though that photo is proof they do not look anything alike, Jake and Tobey will appear as brothers in Brothers, due out in December.

I'm hoping that by the time I wake up, this post will have been rendered superfluous by a bunch of Easter/birthday weekend shots of Jake and Reese, Jake and the Easter Bunny, Jake and the piglets or Just Jake.

Here are a couple of interesting Jarhead links. The first covers the making of the movie. The second is an interview with Tony Swofford, who talks a bit about Jake's getting the role. I love Jarhead, and I hope Nailed is as good an experience for Jake. With better box office results :)

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Year In The Life

Happy Birthday, Reese.

We made you a cake. We think Farmer Jake would approve.

It's a little late in the day, but it's still March 22nd. So in honor of Reese Witherspoon's birthday, a pictorial look back at the past year.

March 23, 2007

March 30, 2007

July 24, 2007

September 7, 2007

October 10, 2007

October 19, 2007

October 20, 2007

October 21, 2007

October 22, 2007

October 27, 2007

November 12, 2007

December 29, 2007

February 29, 2008

March 12, 2008

Photos courtesy of IHJ.