Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spoiler Saturday

Or should that be spoiled? Which we are, with all of the Jake Gyllenhaal and Prince of Persia news and pictures and videos that we've gotten this week. Today is no exception, with a flood of spoilerific videos. First up is a look at the most terrifying part of PoP, according to Jake: the ostriches!

Trailer Addict is at it again. As they did with Brothers, they've released video interviews with the film principals, as well as B-roll. And this time, Jake is actually in the footage!

Three different B-roll videos, providing a fascinating look behind the scenes of this big budget extravaganza. And if you want to hear Jake's accent out of scene, you're in luck.

I can't really tell you what's in each video, as my computer didn't play them very well. I'm also reaching my spoiler limit, so I didn't watch them too closely.

Photos from the PoP press conference, courtesy of HeyUGuys:

Jake and Sir Ben. Again, begging for a caption.

Two more extended clips. A battle of wits and swords between Dastan and Tamina:

And that wall escape we've seen many times in previous clips:

If you watched the live stream of Jake on Jonathan Ross last night, you probably missed the end of the cooking segment. But never fear - now you can watch Jake fry JR's iPad:

Mmmm - bacon!

Finally, don't forget to watch Jake, Gemma, Ben, Mike, Jerry, et al., in a live web chat today at 12:30PM EDT.

Looks like Jake went dark for today's interviews:


®osadimaggio63 said...

Meraviglioso Jake !
Quale donna non lo vorrebbe accanto a sè ?
I love you :-)

sheba said...

Gosh, he's so gorgeous and so damn cheeky too. We don't all cook with a tub of butter..... only half a tub :DD So glad you guys got to see the end of that interview as it was the best part.

Thank you too for the excellent b-roll footage, I love seeing them as they're a big part of the journey.

Hope I get to see him in the flesh tomorrow, at least that's the plan ;D

Anonymous said...

OH WOW! Those pictures of Jake in that cream suit! How is he so gorgeous? Surely it's illegal..

Anonymous said...

I don't like seeing food wasted. The interview was funny, but the cooking thing was a bit pointless. Ellen's cooking thing was much more funny. I didn't think this interview was very funny either :( It's dissapointing as im british. I want brits to love him too, but im not sure if people will get the right vibe from this interview. Jakes accent was a little dodgy too. hehe :P

Rant over.

Anonymous said...

Even though Jake has been eliminated, Reese is still involved over at that popsugar tournament. Currently she's up against Jennifer Aniston. Apparently it's a very close race, with Reese holding a slight lead.

Please do as I did and go vote against her. We can probably eliminate her this week. Thanks.

Chica said...

We are getting spoiled with all thse Jake goodies aren't we?

That JR segment was hilarious!! A tub a butter and an IPAD, I have to keep that recipe in mind, LOL!

I think he did better than Dick Van Dyke with his accent there:)

Love the B-roll videos, it's fun following the making of this movie and thanks so much for keeping up with everything.

Good luck tomorow Sheba, tomorrow is going to be the biggest day yet!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I love the suit too. I didn't realize his shirt had a stripe to it until I saw the closeup pics. Love the color. Beeyooteeful! :)

I didn't mind the cooking part - the cutting board I-pad was funny. IMO, it wasn't wasting food too much - just a little stuff. It's worse to me when it's meat - wasting it when it was once a living thing. You shouldn't take that for granted IMO. He looked great on JR. Getting impatient to see Pop. Thanks for all the great info, guys, it's hard to keep up with as an observer, nevermind what it must be to put it all together! :)

suvee said...

Wonder if UMP will ever see the light of day.....

Sheba, good luck tomorrow. I really hope you have a good Jake encounter/sighting!

FluorescentLamp said...

The B-rolls, while wildly spoilerific, are so so great. I could watch them over and over again. It will be fun to revisit the B-rolls after seeing the movie. I don't mind admitting that listening to his accent while out of character really weirded me out. Though I do understand why it's done.

So much good stuff. But a little disappointed the pickled onion bit with JR and then with the audience member never made the cut.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's too bad - I just thought we hadn't seen it yet. :(

UltraViolet said...

Updated the post with a photo of Jake from today's interviews. Back to the dark colors!

Here's a short video of Jake and Gemma talking to the BBC.

More praise for Jake from an interviewer:

I'm at the interviews in London for Disney's Prince of Persia! Just finished talking to Jake Gyllenhaal- he was awesome!!

UltraViolet said...

Hello Rosa! Jake is a love :)

Sheba, yay. I'm so glad you're going to the premiere. Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Chica, I liked the cooking segment, too. Lots of things get wasted for comedy!

Suvee, interesting about Liman. There's a report going around of Jake talking about the Namath project as his dream job, but I can't tell whether it's a legit source. What WILL Jake do next?

Getting impatient to see Pop.

Me, too, anon. And I wonder if all this publicity is a week too early. The film doesn't open until 5/21 in the UK and as we know 5/28 here.

Thanks for the thanks, also. It has been tough to keep up, but fun, too!

FL, the pickled onion bit with Jake and JR at least is in that youtube video. Not sure why we didn't see it in the livestream as it comes before the butter thing, which we did see. I think. My mind is a jumble.

Shame we won't get to see the fan part though!

mary said...

jake looks great were never spoiled with too much jake:)
wonder how much longer hell be in london if hell leave after the premier tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this movie is immense - I find myself having my breath taken away in moments. I love Jake's accent when he's not on camera - it's like he's transformed himself into someone else - it does take you aback, in a good way, I think. I loved the second B-roll where he's talking to the young actor who plays him as a boy. The sets and the contrast with the plants is gorgeous - the horses, very regal. Alfred Molina is just amazing, as is Sir Ben. There's a little bit of modern with Alfred's character. I love where Tamina glares at Dastan for about ten minutes for something he said - who hasn't done that? LOL And what Dastan says about restoring his honor *sigh*. You can really see him doing his own stunts and it's amazing! For some reason the spoilers don't bother me - as long as they are out of order. :) Thanks again, guys!

Josie said...

The videos play just fine UV, and they are a bit spoilerish but that's OK by me. They are fun and It was a little weird hearing Jake use his accent out of character!

I can't wait to see the whole Ross interview, loved when he got rid of the pickled onion behind the couch!

I like him in the light colored suit (can't tell if it's lt. gray or lt. blue) but it's a change of pace for him and he looks good.

Love the press conference video, he was in rare form, I wish that Molina was there.

The only caption I can think of with Jake and Ben there is: Hmmm, am I staringing into a crystal ball???", LOL!!

Yes he is cheeky and gorgeous Sheba, good luck tomorrow at the premiere!

It doesn't look like the UMP is going to be greenlighted anytime soon, and I saw the blurbs about the Namath movie. I wonder what Jake's next project will be??

bobbyanna said...

With Jake doing all this press,& the premiere tomorrow, I'd think the media coverage, these interviews, etc. along with saturation advertising, will build over the next two weeks in the UK, leading right up to opening day.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the B rolls,too. Love his dark suit the best! I missed the live feed yesterday, but I did see him eat the pickled onion with JR, and fry the iPad! Hilarious parody of his Ellen stint!

I wish YouTube would put up the entire interview. Someone tried it, but the audio is awful!

We have gale force winds here to day...well they seem like it to me. Cold and gloomy, too.

bobbyanna said...

" I wonder what Jake's next project will be??"

Me, too. I'd read those alleged Namath project comments. Usually his hair tells the tale. Right now it's short enough for baseball...

mary said...

forgot to say good luck sheba tomorrow im planning on going to the La premier on the 17th if things work out

bobbyanna said...

Yes! Best of luck, Sheba!! Have a wonderful time! Wish you could bring a little sign so we can see you! LOL!!!

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks, UV re the pickled onion and cooking segment. It's funny isn't it that that pickled onion segment wasn't on the live stream? More things I'll never understand. It's a mystery!

Yay to Mary and Sheba for getting to go to LA and London premieres, respectively. Detailed reports you two! :-)

bobbyanna said...

Just thought of something. I know Jake had wonderful stunt doubles, etc. But the B roll of Jake, himself actually climbing that rope, just hanging there, was incredible.

Get Real said...

LMAO, at the JR iPad cooking!! Could Jake be any more cute...I don't think so! :)

And yes this sure is a spoiler day and we are most spoiled! Great B-roll stuff. So awesome seeing the PoP filming. Jake seems right in his element.

Loving his interviews and his look in London.

Good luck Sheba! We want details when you return! :)

Get Real said...

Same to you Mary!

mary said...

thanks fingers crossed that things work out and i can go

UltraViolet said...

Jake's Mike Newell impression is hilarious. It's fun to see the interaction among them all.

Shondra said...

Yes we all want details Sheba, you are so lucky!!

Jake was so funny in that clip. I hope we get to see the whole interview on youtube or else we will have to wait until it airs on BBC-America on the 14th.

The only clip I didn't find spoilerish is the one where he is discussing doing the stunts. He was really involved in that and I'm impressed with the results!

I don't think we will see UMP on the big screen for awhile I'm afraid, I was looking forward to that being Jake's next film.

Looking forward to more Pop updates (Thanks UV/FL and everyone else here)and of course the big premiere tomorrow!!!

myspace said...

The live chat has started:

Anonymous said...

As Jake just left a movie role where he had to have short hair - etc..
Do wonder tho what the next one will be. Maybe he's got the summer off (and the hair will grow).
One of the nice things about doing all the publicity for POP is he's Not filming a movie at the same time. He has run into that and know it was very tiring for him.

sheba said...

Thank you guys. I'll have my BlackBerry with me so will comment occassionally when I can. I'm fighting off flu-like symptoms at the moment and have dosed myself up. Early start tomorrow so early to bed tonight.

I've also managed to get tickets to watch a screening of PoP at 7.00pm GMT. So it's going to be a long, but enjoyable day. I've waited two years to see this come to fruition. I'm not going to let this cold stop me :DD

Ginny said...

I hope you feel better for tomorrow Sheba and have fun and mary I really hope you manage to get to the LA premiere.

sheba said...

Thank you so much Ginny and Kudos Mary for having the courage to go. This is what PoP is all about, courage and destiny :)

Cathy E said...

Sending good wishes your way, Sheba. Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the dark suit, a classic. But the dove grey one seems to bring out his eyes. :)

Carla said...

Good luck to you Sheba!

I hope you will be fine tomorrow - unlike me...I have got a bronchitis with fever and there is no way I will be able to drive to Bochum tomorrow...:-( I am starting to think I am cursed when it comes to Jake - no "Brothers" and now this.

Mary, also good luck to you in LA - hopefully we will get full reports!

At the moment I try to catch up with the chat - with hubby standing behind insisting I should go to bed....

So much excitement during the last days - I hope everyone here enjoys it!

bobbyanna said...

Oh, Carla, how disappointing! I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Bronchitis with fever is nothing to fool with! I'm glad at least you can be "here" with us enjoying the live feed.

Anonymous said...

The full Jonathan Ross interview on youtube.

Part 1

Part 2

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is Part 2

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Good luck Sheba, I'm so jealous!!! Looking forward to you report.
So sorry you are not feeling well Carla, please take care of yourself. You can always stop by here for any updates, hopefully from Sheba.

I took a peep at the first video and stopped myself, i think I will try and resist in viewing anymore spoilerish Pop videos until the 28th!

I did watch the video from the press conference from yesterday, that was so much fun. Jake is sure in his element.

Sorry I missed the live feed for the conference from today:(

Thanks so much for the links to the JR interview, man was that funny! He and Ross have a great rapport and I love the cooking segment, that poor IPAD!

Monica said...

The interview on Jonathan Ross was good. JR still annoying, but it was good to see that he asked many questions related to the film.

Jake was more interested in talking about the movie than make jokes. This is very good.

Carla, I wish the best for you.

Sheba, happy for you.

thanks for all informations!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the link to the JR show!It was hilarious!!! I loved it! Laugh out loud funny. Especially the "ugly brothers" bit. The legos,etc.

Tweety said...

Thanks for that link! Ross compared Gemma's lego to Susan Boyle, LOL!! And the whole cooking segmant was hilarious!

I hope you run into the Prince tomorrow Sheba, feel better Carla, sorry that you wont able to got to Buckhum tomorrow:((

Thanks for all the updates, they are coming fast and furious!

I saw IM2 and boy was I dissapointed. I really loved IM1 but this was just noisy and dull, even the action sequences.

Whatever chemistry Paltrow and Downey had in IM1 is oddly missing here which is a shame.

S. Johansen was there to provide eye candy for the fanboys nothing more and Rourke's villian was beyond lame.

Oh well, on to Prince of Persia!

Anonymous said...

Keram knows that Jake Gyllenhaal met Henry Cavill at London's Groucho Club while there filming "Prince of Persia," and a torrid two-month affair quickly commenced. Jake flew to Dublin to see Cavill, where "The Tudors" is shot, three weekends in a row via private charter for a series of 48-hour romps. The fling ended civilly, and things may start to heat up again now that Henry is in Keram's home country of Canada filming his latest picture.

Anonymous said...

I see that someone has been reading the good old trusted gossip site that is Datalounge.

Extra said...

According to the DL Jake is very busy, it's a wonder when he has time to work (eyes roll). I thought Jake finished filming in Montreal (more eyes roll).

Moving right along, thanks for the link to Jake's interview with J. Ross! It was brilliant, loved when he took out the Dastan and Tamina legos! Too bad that Ross is going off the air, I always catch his show on BBC-America.

He should be doing more press/conferences and interviews leading up to the premiere tonight.

Good luck Sheba, I hope you get to see him tonight!

I don't mind the spoiler videos at all, I really have been enjoying everything that Disney has been releasing.

sheba said...

Hiya we'rE here. Having trouble getting reception from my Blackberry but got through now. Got our wrist bands and watching them pracice the pakour for later. So excited I have to contain my excitment. Went to the disney shop earlier and saw thw little Dastan outfits. Wish you all were.

Extra said...

Hi Sheba! How exciting!!

Looking forward to your updates!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms here!!!

Anonymous said...

Livestream of the Premiere:

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Sheba - so exciting. Thanks for the report. I hope you have a great view. Check in as you can as things get more hectic! (Hope you're feeling better, too.)

And Carla - boo on bronchitis! I'm so sorry you couldn't attend.I hope you feel a bit better today.

Trying to get a new post together before leaving for the afternoon.

Carla said...

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes! I am feeling a bit better now and will try to catch the live stream!

Sheba, I hope your are feeling good and enjoy the madness. This is so exciting! Wish I could stay with you...!

Anonymous said...

That link to the livestream doesn't work!!!

UltraViolet said...

New post - having a bit of trouble with the livestream but hope it works out.

mary said...

not working for me either