Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Source Code Sources

We got a little bit of info on Source Code, the Jake Gyllenhaal movie directed by Duncan Jones. Jones was interviewed by the folks at ManMadeMovies. Jones revealed that the movie should be released early next year and talked about going from the moon to Hollywood.

Back in January, you blogged here at the start of the Source Code process. Can you tell us a bit about how it all panned out after that, the experience of working, the learning experience, the cast, managing a second unit in Chicago etc?

It has been a seismic shift on how I would normally work, but I think I have adjusted ok. It all makes complete sense, when you think about it. With more money, there is more caution, more advice, more suggestion, and over the course of making the film, I had to keep reminding myself that I was asked to direct the film because the people in charge trusted my choices. I think that was the real turning point. At first it was a little over whelming, being second-guessed so much, but I educated myself fast, and fortunately I was supported by the incredibly gracious and talented Jake G, who really got behind me and trusted my instincts. It would have been easy to lose my perspective, with so many others being offered.

Don't get excited about seeing any SC material anytime soon:

To date, we have seen no (official) footage, or even a single still from SC, is this a conscious thing? More & more films these days seem to start releasing promotional material earlier & earlier in the process.

Absolutely. We showed a lot early, on Moon. People knew more than they should have just by watching the trailer. I think for a small film like Moon, it was probably the right move, but this film is a little bigger, and I think we can afford to hold our cards a little closer to our chest. I feel much more comfortable with that, because it means that when we DO release stuff, we will have had a chance to really work on it, think it through and make sure it really gives everyone a good sense of what we are trying to make. Source Code is very different than Moon… its quite a bit different from a lot of films, to be honest, and Im hoping when we are ready to show people, the patience will pay off.

Patience, yes. We Jake fans have learned to practice that.

We’re all REALLY looking forward to Source Code, especially after the great feedback from Jake Gyllenhaal while being interviewed on PoP promotional tour, if you could take a step back, like Worzel Gummidge, and pop on an audience head, what would you think of what you have all achieved?

Too close to it, to be honest! I know that performance-wise we got some great stuff from Jake, Michelle, Vera and Jeffrey. I know that the script was always tight, and the film has a hell of a fast pace to it. I know that I did my best to inject some humor where I could. But other than that, we float, helpless in the post-production maelstrom right now!

See how I have resisted making a joke about whether we'll see a Source Code poster before one for Love and Other Drugs. Admire my restraint!

Fox is apparently not showing LaOD in Toronto, but there was a screening in Kansas, where all the hip movies are shown, on Tuesday night. We'll update if reviews trickle in. So far, the only reaction found is from a Facebook poster:

funny but little too much Anne Hathaway sans clothing. Was borderline "skinamax".

Note that she did not complain about too much Jake skin. This could mean either that a) She has good taste or b) There isn't enough naked Jake to mention.

Please let it be A!

Ooh, here's a blogger rave for LaOD. Warning - there are spoilers in the review:

Chick flick. Romantic Comedy. These are words that will make almost any man cringe when uttered by his girlfriend. I know I do. When my girlfriend mentioned the invite for an advanced screening of a new romantic comedy I almost told her to take a friend. I’m glad I didn’t. ...

This film was by far the best romantic comedy I have seen. It’s smart, sexy, raunchy, and hilarious. The chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Hathaway worked very well, and their relationship was very believable. Josh Gad’s character added the raunchy ‘Hangover-esque’ guy type of comedy needed to keep the male half of a couple interested. Writer/Director Ed Zwick’s interpretation of Jamie Reidy’s novel Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagara Salesman translated extremely well to the big screen and made me want to read the book. I know, the movie is never as good. Overall, the film worked, the cast including Platt and Azaria were perfectly picked, and I would totally recommend it.

Hopefully ‘Love and Other Drugs’ does well at the Box Office and causes a trend toward ‘rom-com’s’ that work for both members of the sexes.

I give ‘Love and Other Dugs’ 4 1/2 Stars

Thanks for the review, Shep!

(Most photos courtesy of IHJ. Source Code gewgaw courtesy of Digital Spy Movies, via ManMadeMovies

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Object Lesson

It's the dog days of summer for Jake Gyllenhaal news. Even Men's Health had trouble coming up with anything new: Jake on a Best Bodies list. Where's the news there?

But as they say, if you can't beat them... Let's take a look at more Jake soaking up the sun. It is summertime. And we all deserve a little virtual vacation.

After all, it will be time for this soon:

Might as well enjoy the view while we can!

Photo evidence that Jake is back in LA - here he is, leaving a grocery store yesterday:

More photos here. Merci!

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

25 Years

July 13, 1985.

"It's twelve noon in London, seven AM in Philadelphia, and around the world it's time for Live Aid ...." So said Richard Skinner to open the show. Seems like yesterday.

I think we can play a little 6 Degrees of LiveAid with Jake. For instance, this spectacular U2 performance of Bad...

and the scene from Brothers where they discuss listening to this song when they were in high school...

Or how about David Bowie doing a killer version of Heroes at LiveAid which he dedicates to his then 14 year old son...

And son all grown up now...

Honorable mention: Beach Boys at LiveAid singing Wouldn't It Be Nice...which is featured in Bubble Boy.

I haven't figured out how Style Council singing Walls Come Tumbling Down at LiveAid works in the 6 Degrees game, I just love to watch Paul Weller dancing around.

I'd love to hear other memories from that day.

Jake is engaging in some philanthropy of his own. Here is his PSA for Stand Up To Cancer, airing tonght during the Major League Baseball All-Star game:

Jake and the PSA director talk about how cancer has affected them:

(PSA clip courtesy of Entertainment Tonight and SU2C.)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I don't remember seeing that!

Now that we've all (I hope) had a chance to see Prince of Persia, it's fun to think back on all the Disney marketing and wonder, "Hey, what happened to that shot?" The smallest change can be jarring - I saw the trailer so many times, that when Dastan says, "You really like telling me what to do," my mind kept supplying the "Don't you?" But that wasn't in the movie.

I preferred the trailer version!

there were other differences - I think the movie kiss is from the reverse angle in the film. And we saw lots of stills and images that didn't make it to the final cut.

Sadly, Prince of Persia is out of local theaters, so I can't go again this weekend to check. But I don't remember these scenes in the movie. I guess they couldn't include everything, and apparently some people would have objected to a three-hour epic. But I'd never say no to more Jake Gyllenhaal on-screen.

The shot above and the one below were probably done during the last act of the movie, back in Alamut. You can see Sheik Amar there, and I remember Dastan in that cape. But we never saw him sitting and trying to avoid detection, nor did we see the three of them running from that angle. It's too bad, because these are beautiful shots.

A dramatic escape for the prince. I wonder if this was supposed to be part of Dastan's run from the market after meeting Nizam. I don't remember the buildings being close enough for him to suspend himself. But it's a cool shot!

This shot is very intriguing. It appears that Dastan is in Tamina's chambers. Maybe this was part of the infamous deleted scene that would have given the film an R rating? One can only hope that scene really was filmed and will appear on the DVD.

Would love to know what's going on here. Dastan and Bis didn't get to spend enough time together onscreen, so it would have been fun to see them interacting more.

I guess there isn't a lot of time in an action film to show the hero looking all brooding and pensive and gorgeous. A pity!

Dastan tracks Tamina down in the desert one last time, but in the film, he wakes her up when she's sleeping, and she doesn't try to run from him. This is a beautiful shot, but I'm not sure what was happening.

I can see why they cut this one. It's a little too Rambo-esque. Kind of silly!

This is the most egregious omission of all! I think these were the first shots we got of Jake in costume on set. And then they were never seen again. It looks as if they are in a palace, maybe setting up for a banquet. Perhaps they were taken of Jake in between takes and not for an actual scene, but what a tease!

Please feel free to devise your own dialogue or scenarios to explain these missing scenes! Or are these scenes or shots you were expecting to be one way that turned out differently?

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Flags & Fireworks

...and parades and barbecues.

In honor of the 4th of July weekend I thought I'd put together a little Red, White & Blue, Stars and Stripes tribute, Vineyard stylie.

You may be interested in the expanded pic of
the above. Click here.

Whether spending with good friends, family or complete strangers, have a safe and happy holiday weekend, everyone.

All photos taken in and around Martha's Vineyard.