Sunday, May 9, 2010

PoP Premiere Day

The Prince of Persia has its world premiere today at the Westfield London. This is a worldwide event, though, with the film being shown in five different countries, first in "Australia before moving to Asia and then onto Europe and Central America with the stars of the film satellite linked in to every event live from London."

It appears the Sydney premiere went well:

Just back from world premiere of Prince of Persia. Great Q&A with stars, director and Bruckheimer. Jake Gyllenhaal's guns are good ladies.

You can watch the London premiere below or on the Disney stream official PoP Facebook page.

The afternoon's entertainment is:

4:15pm: Warm up show
5:00pm: Stars arrive on the red carpet
5:40pm: Enjoy gravity-defying performances from some of the world’s leading Parkour & free-running athletes 3RUN
5:50pm: Alex Zane will interview the movie’s stars and filmmakers live in The Atrium. Look out for Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Sir Ben Kingsley, director Mike Newell and producer Jerry Bruckheimer

Happy Mother's Day to all the GBer mothers and all the GBers' mothers :)


UltraViolet said...

The stream is working for me now. Jake and Gemma both look great. Hope people can view it.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, from FB:

Just had her photo taken with Jake Gyllenhall on the red carpet!! Ekkkkkkk!!! Best moment of my life ever!! :D x x

Sheba baby said...

Yay, the day is finally here!

Thanks UV for setting this up for us to follow, this is going to be fun.

Happy Mothers day!

mary said...

thanks UV jake looks great


UltraViolet said...

That was fun, though I wouldn't have minded some non-ostrich questions.

Updated with some pap photos.

mary said...

love gemma dress and of course jake looks gorgeuos as always

bobbyanna said...

The live stream went really well, lots of enthusiasm! Everyone looked wonderful! Jake seemed very relaxed and happy and accessible!

I've run out of words to describe him! "Adorable" "charming" just doesn't say enuf! LOL! I've developed a real fondness for Mike Newell! He's just delightful.

Gemma seems like a really fun person, and a sweetheart, and Sir Ben was very enthusiastic. Never seen him quite so loose!
I wonder how JB looks when he's excited and happy? LOL!

A very Happy Mother's Day to all! :)

UltraViolet said...

Ben does seem to really like the film. Or that could be Acting!

Hope Sheba got to see Jake. Sounds like WDW Kate had a nice Jake encounter. Good for her!

Carla said...

That was such a great experience - Jake looked wonderful and seemed to enjoy everything. I liked Gemmas dress but not her hair. It looked rigorous and made her look older.

I cannot wait for all the little reports and pics we will be surely getting during the next days.

Hopefully Shebas day and experience was as great as Kates/WDW was.

Happy mothers day!

Anonymous said...

That first pic is beautiful.

bobbyanna said...

UV, the pictures you selected for this thread are just stunning! (I'm often puzzled why some gossip blogs manage to find not very good pictures, when there are so many good ones to pick from.)

I've just checked and Getty has pictures from the red carpet and also from the after party.

Chica said...

I watched the live stream but haven't had a chance to comment until now, I was at my Mom's, but now I have a chance to SQUEEE!!!!!!

He looks gorgeous, and so does Gemma. What an exciting day for Jake! I hope Sheba lucked out and got to see Jake.

The pics on this post are wonderful UV, I'm sure I will be ack before the night is over.

bobbyanna said...

I'm also loving that second picture where Jake's holding both Gemma's hands. What a sweet picture! They both seem so excited and happy!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, guys. I do try to pick good or funny ones. I just added that one of Jake and Gemma, Bobbyanna - love it.

It was an exciting day. Was hard to enjoy fully because I had a party to go to this afternoon. And I have some work to do tonight. But I hope to sort of go through and relive.

Carla, I hope you're feeling better! I liked Gemma's hair but it was severe. There are some great shots of her and Jake.

I'm happy to see some positive tweets. I read a couple of nasty blog reviews, so it's good to see that many people liked the film. One of the negative blog reviews (and one positive) have been removed. Guess Disney was serious about the embargo!

Chica, hope your mom and all the GB moms had a good day. And good thoughts to all those missing their moms today.

sheba said...

I have to do this in two parts as it's a long post.

Hi all. Just got home (11:45pm) from a 6am start, showered, put on pj's and rushed to the computer. What a day. Please remember whilst reading this that we 'were' red carpet virgins. What an experience.

I'm so sorry I couldn't post from inside, the signal kept coming and going, also my phone was running out of charge and I had to take pictures and/or videos of Jake. OMGosh, that's a laugh. You should see them. My hands were shaking so much.

Well, we got out wrist band and pottered around the shopping centre for a couple of hours shopping and squeeeeeing every so often. We got down to the barriers, showed our wrist bands and they let us in. We saw WDW and Uli it was so great to see familiar faces then we settled down to wait for the talent.

it started with Mike Newell coming down the red carpet. I called him over and he signed his picture on my SFX magazine. He said "Oh, I hated that shirt" I said, "that's ok, you can just sign all over it then". He laughed and I said "Thank you so much Mike for giving Jake the chance to star in something so big". He said "Thank you too, my pleasure."

Then Jerry Bruckheimer came down. We called to him but he didn't come our way. Nuff said about him.

Then little Jordan Mechner came down and was just taking pictures of all the fans behind the barriers. I'm sure he took one of me. I called him over to sign my mag. I asked him how he felt and he said "This is absolutely incredible, it's fantastic" I said I hope you enjoy it as it sprang from you. (I will mention at this point that I was coherent, chatty and so on form my co-pilot, Karen, said "oh my god, you just talk to them so easily" Please remember that :) I asked Jordan to sign my mag and he said "what's your name?" I told him and he signed it with a nice comment. When I looked later, he called me Margaret :DDD. Jordan, that's not my name though I can't blame you it was so loud in there.

UltraViolet said...

Yay, a red carpet report. I love it, Sheba. Or should I say Margaret.

Please, write as many parts as you need :) We really appreciate it.

And LOL about Jerry B. Enough said about him indeed!

sheba said...

Continued .....Anyway, Ben Kingsley then came down, he came over pointed straight at me for some reason, I don't know why but I said "Hello Sir Ben, lovely to see you. Could you sign my mag" which he did, thanked me and went on his way.

Then Gemma came down. I really didn't see her because my eyes were fixated on Jake (what I could see of him because of the little fangirls beside me squealing).

I was on the opposite side of the barrier when I saw that woman in your picture posted grab Jake and kiss him. Everyone laughed and he started taking pictures with everyone, really getting in close to them. I felt quite good and I had a side bet with Karen that Jake would be wearing those 'Cannes Self-Portrait' boots.

When he got right up next to us the girls pulled him in to take pictures with them so he hung around a lot. He bent down right in front of me to sign the posters on the railings. I said to Karen in front of him, "Look, he's not wearing the boots" we had a little giggle about that. I went to touch his shoulder and guess what? BG (who I had a little crush on) gave me the most menacing, withering look I quickly retracted my hand. I then lost all feeling and control in my arms and legs. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever belive a grown woman like myself would get that starstruck.

I swear, Jake must have had that friggin dagger of time because all time stopped when he got closer. I froze. I think I mumbled "Hi. Could you sign my mag" he looked at me, did a double take then said "sure". He signed it and tried to make conversation but I was frozen to the spot. He had the most amazing bright blueish eyes. I had so many things I wanted to say to him that all I could muster was "thank you". He then tried again with Karen. She too froze. I cannot believe we did that. He tried to strike up some banter with us and we friggin froze.

He passed on and then we started taking more pictures, mostly of the back of his head. We just looked at each other and said, "did that just happen?". We were in a complete daze for at least 1 hour after. Then it was time for the film. We got in about 10-15 mins late and missed the shirtless scene. Anyway, we promised we would see it togther at our local IMAX next week. The film itself, in my opinion took a while to get into the story (perhaps because we were late) but I swear, I felt transported to 6th century Persia and what a ride. The cinematography was amazing and a great storyline to boot. Jake looked fantstic up on the big screen. Put it this way I shall be taking my children, friends, friend children and anyone else that wants to see it with me.

Karen and I then had a post-mortem on the days events. I told her that when I get home I'm going to do that Jim Carrey scene in Liar, Liar when he beat the cr*p out of himself. That was when we started squeeing and started to realise that we finally met Jake Friggin' Gyllenhaal.

Thank you all for your well wishes. So, I'm very tired and will post comments more tomorrow about our little adventure.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love the first photo of Jake and the second photo of Jake and Gemma, they look so excited and of course stunning!

What an incredible day and for you Sheba! I loved reading part 1 of your red carpet report! How cool that you got Newell and Merchner to sign your magazine!!

Can't wait to read part 2! Thanks UV for all the premiere updates and photos!!

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.

suvee said...

It's been a pretty busy Mother's Day for me, so I have not had a chance to watch the PoP premiere footage yet. But I've just made myself a nice tall Canadian Club & soda, so I'm ready to indulge in some Jake appreciation. :)

Great pictures in this post, UV! I adore the second one..... they both look so genuinely thrilled, like kids. Jake looks fabulous, as always, and I think Gemma's dress is gorgeous (not crazy about the severe hair style though).

Love your red carpet report, Sheba.... thank you for letting us vicariously experience it! You must be exhausted.... but sounds like it was worth it. :)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Sheba, part two is even better. Jake makes all parts better ;)

So it's good to know Mr. B has a truly withering glance! If he only knew you meant no harm! (I accidentally typed harem there, hee.)

I swear, Jake must have had that friggin dagger of time because all time stopped when he got closer.

I think a lot of people have a similar experience in Jake's presence. It's so sweet that he tried to engage you in conversation! What a good guy.

When you wake up, I'm curious about the crowd's reaction. As I mentioned, I've seen some really nasty reviews but a lot of positive tweets.

Here's a positive review. I can post the nasty ones if people want, but it makes me sad. (Here's one, which does at least call Jake "brilliant.")

Hi OONP and suvee. Hope you're enjoying your CC, suvee :)

UltraViolet said...

BTW, added a few videos to the post - scroll down past the photos.

Get Real said...

OMG, what a fantastic recap of the premiere!!!!! Thank you, UV, FL and everyone here!!!

SQUEEEEE!!!!!! Jake looks amazing, seems so freaking sexy, charming, adorable, sexy, etc, etc, etc!!

Sheba!! Your red carpet report is amazing!!! You got to touch Jake and talk with him....fabulous!!! LOL, glad to know BG is on the job but poor you to get the "stare". I would remove my hand too, lol. :p

Since it is Mothers Day I wasn't able to see the live stream but I hope it will be in the Ustream archives.

Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely mothers here. :D :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there will be some Gamers who will enjoy it but a lot probably already made up their minds it wasn't going to be just like the game so they won't like it and as Jake said he can take it.
Other critics you never know because for some anything that has a lot of publicity and is aimed for wide-appeal already has a mark against it.
Some may not care for JB movies and so they know they won't like this one and some might not care for Disney in any form.
But it won't matter because the people who go to see it who are just going to see a movie and haven't read all the critics (and a lot of the time it doesn't matter what they say, esp. negative - unless they say something is really, really bad) and don't even know about the game are going to like it.
When they did their early test screenings and they got such positive feedback from a wide range of audiences they knew it would be something people would enjoy.

Tweety said...

I have been away from the computer all day, busy with my Mom and siblings. I see I have tons of stuff to catch up on!

What great pictures from the premiere, Jake looks so handsome and happy and Gemma gown is stunning.

Congratulations Sheba, you met him!!! I have heard other stories of fans being stunned into silence when meeting Jake so your reaction was normal! . BG was just protecting the Prince, and Jake was so sweet to ry and start a conversation with you and your friend, most actors wouldn't have even bothered. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

Now off to watch the videos posted!

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay, Sheba!!! Great report!! So happy for you!!

suvee said...

Sheba, I guess it's reassuring to know that BG takes his job seriously, but sorry you were on the receiving end of his menacing stare! And I can totally relate to you and your friend "freezing"..... I imagine I would do the very same thing in that circumstance. I'm sure my mind would totally go blank if I were face to face with Jake.

UV, I read the snarky review by Ethan. But look at his blog tag line...... "Dumb reviews by a dumb reviewer". At least he's honest about himself. :)

That first PoP red carpet interview clip cracked me up. I loved how her jaw literally dropped after Jake walked away. Oh yeah, we understand!

sheba said...

Thank you all so much. I feel a little better now *still embarrased*

I'm so hyped up I went to bed but can't sleep so I'm up again.

UltraViolet said...
When you wake up, I'm curious about the crowd's reaction. As I mentioned, I've seen some really nasty reviews but a lot of positive tweets.

My observations of the crowd were they went crazy for Jake, even random shoppers who happened to stop by were mesmerised. People pushed through the barriers and one man nearly knocked me out to get Jake's signature (I received a bash on the head).

The other really important thing to note was that I just watched the recording of the live streaming back and although you guys could hear everything, we in the crowd couldn't hear a word Jerry, Mike, Ben, Gemma and Jake were saying. The microphone was cr*p. That's why there was such a muted response. People at the top end couldn't see or hear anything. What was broadcast on the screens around the shopping centre were either the bottom half cut off from the screen (landscape) or the sides cut off from the screen (portrait). Also, they put the fans in the wrong place and the random shoppers got better positions than we did.

Note to Westfield: If they have another premier at that place it needs to be better organised and more professional. Basically, the arse didn't know what the elbow was doing (or so it appeared to me). Just my pennies worth. Oh sleep, please come to me soon.......

bobbyanna said...

This is a link to coverage from an Australian TV station. Very positive and Jake, Gemma, and Sir Ben are featured. Gemma and Sir Ben say lovely things about Jake.

Extra said...

I was busy with Mother's day activities too, I hope every one had a good one.

Thanks so much for posting all the photos and videos, I feel like I was there, well almost!!

I think I'm getting used to Jake's hair that short, he looks yummy and Gemma is so beautiful even with that hairdo, but I do love the dress!

Oh Sheba you did it! I would be a babbling idiot if I ever got that close to Jake! Ben, Mike and Jordan sounded like such gentleman, glad you got them to sign along with Jake and Gemma of course.

Well at least we know that G is taking good care of Jake!

No comment on Mr. Bruckheimer.

I read that review from Ethan, dumb reviewer, nuff said.

ihj said...

Pics from the after party!

mary said...

congrats sheba glad you got to see jake too bad you got tongue tied but it would probably happen to me too. i hope i get to experience that feeling on the 17 if i get to go to the la premier

UltraViolet said...

Some random bits:

From IMDb, Jake's Saturday night at Claridge's:

I am very envious of my friend who was at Claridges Hotel bar with a group of her female friends on a hen night last night - because they were seated at the next table away from Jake!!!! They said he was as gorgeous in person as he us onscreen! They didn't speak to him or take a photo or ask for a pic with him or an autograph, but they said it was exciting nonetheless! Jake apparantly seemed really nice and friendly, but his bodyguard seemed grumpy and alert!!!?

I guess Sheba can confirm the part about the bodyguard, hee. Or maybe he just wanted to go to sleep!

Jake discusses his childhood soccer dreams, the World Cup and the exfoliating benefits of the desert. Jake likes the word "exfoliate!"
There is a very early entry in my diary, from when I was six, and it says 'soccer is my life!' "I played school soccer and it became my obsession.

"Of course , I 'll be watching the games. I would really like to go to the World Cup finals."

The USA are in the same group as England, Algeria and Slovenia, and the 29-year-old is rooting for his nation to make the next stage of the competition.

He said: "For the first time I can say that America is my team and not have people roll their eyes or nod in a kind of pitying way.

Seems like that could be a compilation of quotes from a bunch of places, but it was entertaining.

Another blogger who really liked PoP:

The movie was great. Not a boring moment in the movie. Totally worth the ultimate summer movie tag. Beautiful scenes. Fast and furious. Has a feeling of the great Hollywood adventure movies of the past.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the great answer, Sheba. I hope you're sleeping soundly :)

I actually meant the crowd reaction to the movie, but as I was reading your answer, I realized I wanted to know the crowd reaction to Jake, too! I love it that the crowd went crazy for Jake.

Too bad the acoustics were so terrible. I bet that the livestream was recorder or will be on yt.

Bobbyanna, thanks for that link - I loved what Ben Kingsley had to say about Jake!

And thanks to all who pointed out the Ethan blogger's "Dumb Reviews" tagline :)

UltraViolet said...

This is funny. From Jezebel:


You see that little barrier there, keeping the crazy fans from attacking poor Jake Gyllenhaal?

I would have no problem hopping that barrier. Just sayin'.


@notsodarling: I would totally follow your lead.


@notsodarling: It shows a total lack of dedication to Mr Gyllenhaal on the part of those fans in shot that they haven't already clambered over it; dedication, I hasten to add, that I would be aaaall too willing to show him.

This guy says the Sydney crowd liked the movie.

Finally, I can't rememebr if I linked this early review already. From a US reviewer:

The tone is spot-on, pitch-perfect, mixing action and adventure with those all-important comedic moments peppered throughout. Think about it, all the "great" action/adventure movies have those laugh-out-loud comedic moments: Star Wars (think Harrison Ford), Indiana Jones (think Harrison Ford), and Pirates of the Caribbean (think Johnny Depp). Without these moments, the movie becomes too important and takes itself way too seriously. Prince of Persia has a brilliant sense of when to lighten it up, and when to ramp up the excitement.

I think the guy gave it 5 stars, which might be excessive but still made me smile.

Carla said...

Thanks for the great report, Sheba.
I just try to imagine meeting Jake and not being able to speak properly - and then when you are able to breath again, thinking of all the things you wanted to say or ask.....!

But it must have been a wonderful experience.

I would also like to know how the crowd reacted to the movie.

"Carla, I hope you're feeling better!"

Yes, I am feeling better, I have already thanked everyone for their good wishes on the last post!

The pictures are so wonderful - I saw some of the english reports that everyone loved Gemma (looking like a real princess) and Jake got the most screamings...:-) What a surprise!

Now that the first madness is over I will try to watch all the videos again and be able to fully enjoy (and understand everything that is said)them.

Sheba baby said...

Thanks for you report, Sheba! So glad you got to meet Jake even though you were tounge-tied, I would have done the same thing I'm afraid!

So happy to hear that Jake was a hit on the Red carpet (no surprise !) and I love rsading your thoughts on the film,would love to hear about the crowd reaction as well.

Ha, the BG is really doing his job, that or he is just naturally grumpy!

Love what Ben said about Jake. I'm anxious to hear more reviews, thanks so much UV and everyone for the incredile coverage, love the photos and the videos from the premiere.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Oh! Thank you, thank you very much!
Great work!
It is a spectacular holiday!

bobbyanna said...

What an extraordinary weekend! I'm looking forward to more personal stories, as much as the regular media coverage!

I just want to acknowledge the passing of Lena Horne who was 92. She was an amazing, beautiful truly gifted artist and a Civil Rights activist. R.I.P, Lena!

Chica said...

It has been an amazing weekend Lenor, thanks to GB for all the fine up dates and reports!

I was hoping that you would get to meet Jake Sheba! My reaction would probaby be the same, LOL!!

Sounds like it wasn't organized properly:( I love reading your report Sheba and your review, thanks so much!

That BG is sure earnig his $$$!!

I heard about Lena Horne this morning Bobbyanna. What a strong, beautiful woman who led an incredible life.

She paved the way for African-American actors and entertainers for inclusion in the arts.

RIP Lovey Lena

bobbyanna said...

In all the hoopla I forgot to say how much I loved that suit. Jake's outfit, complete with the dotted pocket square, was impeccable. He sure cleans up nicely!
Very elegant.

UltraViolet said...

Morning, all, especially Leonor! Nice to see you.

I loved the pocket square, Bobbyanna.

RIP to Lena Horne. A remarkable life and career.

New post with more stuff from the premiere.