Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Retro Jake

As Jake Gyllenhaal prepares to wrap End of Watch, here's another retrospective of his career:

Love the October Sky shots and the Brokeback Mountain interview snippets from Venice. A reminder of how beautiful Jake looked in the movie and the promotion.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

There have been a lot of Jake videos popping up, not sure why. If you missed this one from last week, it's worth a look:

Back to the present - a shot of Jake on the EoW set today:

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Police work

When Zodiac came out, MTV UK did a special. I never managed to find it on youtube, but someone posted it on tumblr, and here it is. In two parts.

I honestly don't remember ever seeing it. It might be old news to some folks, but I was happy to see it. It also reminded me of some gorgeous Zodiac stills folks have posted on tumblr.

At least we know Jake did get to give Jennifer her award!

A photo of Jake with Nelly Castillo, one of the cast members from End of Watch:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How does your garden grow?

A message from the Hunters Point Boys & Girls Club's Edible Schoolyard. Looks like Jake and the kids got along famously.

First you do the gardening:

Then the food prep:

Then the cooking:

And finally, the eating and enjoying!

Looks like a job well done by everyone!

Monica uploaded the E News video. Some overlap with the video posted yesterday, but we hear from Anna Kendrick and get to see her and Jake interact in a scene.

(Photos courtesy of the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Most likely to...

... score, apparently!

Ancestry.com has released some celebrity yearbook photos, and there are a few of Jake Gyllenhaal. The picture above is of Jake in seventh grade. High school drama club Jake:

Apparently, Ancestry.com knows something about Jake's future Oscar chances that we don't! TooFab has a 40 celebrity shots. It's a fun browse.

And here's a video flashback of Jake, from City Slickers to Jarhead days. There are some cute moments I hadn't seen before:

Here's Jake with David Ayer talking to Ben Lyons about preparing and shooting End of Watch:

(Photos courtesy of Ancestry.com.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get them early

Jake Gyllenhaal and Alice Waters appeared on the Today Show this morning, with children from the Hunters Point Boys and Girls Club in Berkeley. If you didn't wake up in time or if you had to leave the house, the clip is above.

Jake was named an ambassador for the Edible Schoolyards program in December. Last fall, he helped the kids at PS 216 in Brooklyn launch their own garden.

Good to see Jake putting his hoe where his mouth is. Or something like that...

Here's a video about Alice Waters and the ESY program. Jake appears just after the one-minute mark:

(Photos courtesy of NY City Council.)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Behind the camera

Jake Gyllenhaal has been doing double duty on his recent films. He's operating a camera on the new movie, End of Watch. Jake and co-star Michael Pena are acting and filming in documentary style. Radiant Images, a camera rental unit, posted these photos of Jake at a recent test shoot.

That last one is trippy.

Apparently, Jake is "now an experienced SI-2K Nano camera operator." So he has a career to fall back on!

And as we know, Jake was a quasi-producer on Source Code, persuading Duncan Jones to helm the movie. Here are a couple of old/new interviews:

It's fun to see the reviews and reactions piling up on twitter, as Source Code is newly rented/streamed/purchased or seen again. The debate over the ending continues, with some interesting discussions out there.

I hope End of Watch is received as well and is as thought-provoking.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jake Gyllustrated

Found this fun take on Jake on flickr. The artist described it: "Illustration for the awesome GOOD Magazine. Extremely amusing article about matter-of-fact answers by David Rees, well worth the read."

Not sure how the article relates to Jake, but I thought it was amusing. This seems to be art week on GB, so here are a few more pictures:

A spare take on Brokeback:

Jarhead was a book, a movie and now a drawing:

I loved the New Yorker cartoon for Prince of Persia, even if the review was unenthusiastic:

A fun take on SC in words and picture:

And another Source Code poster:

Jake was spotted in uniform yesterday. No, not the End of Watch police costume, but his new summer staples:

Jake sure got a kick out of something. Maybe he saw that Robert Pattinson is actually ahead of him in PopSugar's Shirtless Poll!

My thoughts exactly!

(Jake photos courtesy of IHJ. Illustrations courtesy of the linked artists.)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motion blue

We've gotten to see a lot of set photos from Jake Gyllenhaal's movie, End of Watch. Now we get to see a few seconds of the actors in video form (minor spoiler alert and gore warning):

A different man in blue, courtesy of We Heart It:

I think the caption on tumblr was "the kind of blue that hurts."

Photos from IHJ. Video from Splash News

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pretty Posterous

An (incomplete) alternative, minimalist history of the Gyllenhaal canon:

You can find these and other memorably cool posters at Worth 1000.

Also, technically, I don't think the Highway art is a poster. I also don't have links for all the pieces. I'll assemble what I do have and add to the bottom of the post.

I posted this a while back - still not sure if it's a poster or a picture of a poster. Nor do I know the origin. DD is definitely the most popular Jake movie in terms of alternate art, which makes sense given all the discussion and theorizing it has prompted.

On a separate note, here's Jake talking about one of his favorite movie scenes: