Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Russian Royalty or Prince of Persia: The Schlitz of Time

Updated with some more pics from yesterday, from photocall to press conference to premiere to post-party:

Video footage here and here.

Prince of Persia had a Moscow premiere Tuesday, with stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton shining on the red carpet. And sharing a private joke.

Here's a very short video of Jake at the premiere. This was shot by a fan and is jumpy and VERY loud.

This short but funny interview also contained these photos, which I hadn't seen. Taken I assume, during the Mexico City portion of the rolling premiere.

Jake was joking throughout, as we can see with this exchange:

Seriously? This is how it’s going to go? What about the challenges of working in the desert? Fergie talked about how tough it was doing her dance number in the sand for Nine…

“Again, like I said in the beginning, it is so hard to be an actor. Day in and day out a pride swallowing siege that nobody will ever fully know about. (grins) No, I’ve made a lot of movies in sand. It’s so strange. Like I read the scripts and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it’. And then I show up in the desert and ask myself, ‘How the hell did I not know we were shooting in the desert for 4 months?’ Yes, sand is in my DNA by now. If I have children one day they will be born made of sand. I would rather be the sand in Fergie’s scenes than in mine, personally, but that’s just me. It gets in everywhere. Like my mother used to say, I had a lot of sand in my schlitz. Prince of Persia: The Schlitz of Time.” (laughing)

I'm not going to embed these, because the last few posts have been video-heavy and I know it slows things down. But check out this series of PoP interviews from the virtual press junket. Jake's interview is pretty long and has some funny moments. Haven't watched the others yet.

In this clip, Jake compliments the interviewer on his name: Jake. The best part of this video is Ben Kingsley commenting that the camera "loves" Jake and revealing Jake's greatest talent.

"We do solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: We are sick of each other."

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and Vera Johnson.)


UltraViolet said...

Cinematical likes Jake and some things about PoP but doesn't seem to like the movie overall:

Jake Gyllenhaal is well suited to Dastan, and has plenty of the prerequisite charm necessary for a character like this, but he's sadly the only cast member worth getting excited about. Gemma Arterton feels like she's wandered in from another movie – Clash of the Titans, perhaps – and continues to prove that her talents are better suited to smaller movies.

A rather curious allusion to the Iraqi invasion – when Dastan and co. similarly invade a city to uncover weapons of mass destruction which turn out not to be there – will no doubt be debated to death as Prince of Persia unspools for critics, but what we're ultimately left with here is a rather curious beast. In parts this is a wholesome and enjoyable action adventure, with plenty to admire. It's certainly much improved on this summer's earlier effort, Clash of the Titans, and it seems well-placed to start up a franchise that might turn out to be a little more disciplined in its second outing.

Ultimately, though, there's too much wrong with the film for it to really engage. You'll want to take the journey, but it'll go out of its way to make sure you can't quite manage it, and as the credits roll the real sense is one of overwhelming disappointment at an opportunity missed.

I think they are confused! But New Zealand loves PoP:

M2magazine NZ: ttended Disney's Prince of Persia starring Jake Gyllenhaal last night. Action, humour, eye candy, expansive, stunning, modern twist. 8/10

From FilmGuide New Zealand:

This movie is what movies should be. Damn entertaining. Its has a very strong mix of high drama action sequences, and quite a solid storyline. The characters are great, and some of the cinematics certainly set the scenes for a massive and rich Persian empire.

I loved this movie, cause i could escape and enjoy. It reminded me of the first time I saw Indiana Jones. That time when movies were made, and stories were told on a grand scale. I will go to this movie again on the big screen, as its just fun.

Finally, a fun report on a blogger who got to interview Jake - and semi-hug him. Three times :)

Carla said...

"I would rather be the sand in Fergie’s scenes than in mine, personally, but that’s just me"

Jake is a riot - I love him!

Jake and Gemma seem to have a good friendship and chemistry. I like Gemmas look - so good to see an actress who actually looks like a woman not a walking stick.

UV, I just saw that Cinematical review and I thought he liked the film until the last passage. IMO the problem with those "critics" is that they furtively enjoyed the movie but since they are "serious" critics who usually only enjoy arthouse films with a "message" they are not able just to confess "I liked the film, I enjoyed it and had fun. And Jake is hot". :-)

The New Zealand critic has completely understood what PoP is about.

"I loved this movie, cause i could escape and enjoy" - Exactly!

Josie said...

I've been away from my computer for a few days and boy do I have a ton of stuff to catch up on!!

I do like him in the black suit better than the grey, black is more classic but i'm not complaining! I love him back on the red carpet, he looks so good. Gemma is stunning.

Pop is the 3rd film he has done that was filmed in the sand, Jarhead and Rendition are the other two. Love his Fergie comment!

I'll be back after I watch the videos and read some of the reviews.

Thanks UV for all the great updates!

mary said...

wonder where jake is headed now? back home or to another premiere we dont know about:)

bobbyanna said...

Another sartorial triumph! True, I'm partial to darker suits, but this grey suit is gorgeous! Wonder if Ferragamo "dressed " Jake for the entire promotional tour?

Sheba baby said...

I just spit my coffee out all over my keyboard! Schlitz! I haven't heard that term used since, well I guess since around the same time Jake's Mom used it, LOL!!

Jake and Gemma look really great together, I can't wait to see them upon the big screen.

The Cinematical review is mostly positive, and Filmguide NewZealand seems to get the spirit of the movie: Fun escapism, something a lot of people like me are looking forward to.

I would like to know if Jake will be attending anymore premieres too Mary, the Russian premiere was a nice surprise!

UltraViolet said...

Jake's sand and schlitz comments are hilarious. Though I think we'd all rather be Jake's sand than Fergie's!

I'll be back after I watch the videos and read some of the reviews.

So we'll see you in a week or so, Josie :) It's hard to keep up and catch up with all this stuff. But I'm not complaining.

Carla, I thought the Cinematical review was going to be an eventual thumbs-up, until the end. I think some of these guys just don't want to look "uncool" by liking it.

Oh, well - the New Zealanders know how to have fun!

Speaking of having fun... I hesitate to post this, because it's pretty intrusive. But it's out there now and I'm sure it will make its way around the internets. Russian pap video of Jake at the PoP after party, where he's having himself a grand time.

I have to hand it to the Russian paps - they got way more than the London folks or most other paps ever have!

I'll also update the post - there are more pics from the press conference , etc.

FluorescentLamp said...

Intrusive??? Intrusive??

I call that SPECTACULAR! Look at that white boy dance! And hit on all those girls! LOL

UltraViolet said...

Hee - I was trying to be sensitive!

Also, there's a little footage from the premiere, so it's not all private :)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap Jake must have been hitting on six or seven different girls in that video. He definitely looked like he was enjoying himself.

UltraViolet said...

According to the article, Jake couldn't get up to walk Red Square this morning because he was too tired. I do hope he got to do it at some point!

Here's the menu for dinner:

Calculation for each, who was present at supper, was about 10 thousand rubles, described the waiters of institution, first ordered pancakes with the red caviar and vodkas. Then they selected fish. White French wine was given to it. Through half-hour [Dzheyk] itself again ordered vodka.

From my extensive Russian knowledge gained over the last two days, "Dzheyk" is Jake.

This is my attempt to fix up the rest of the translation, so I might have gotten it wrong:

The son of a director and writer, the “prince” would not allow the evening to end immediately after supper: it planned such night, about which it will be possible to tell his grandsons. In four cars, the film crew together with the others, including translators and guards, left for the club on The [savvinskoy] embankment. The entrance for the usual visitors into this night was closed. In the club the company ordered hookahs and champagne - was such the selection of female half of the overseas brigade: [Dzheyk] itself stopped at the whisky.

I read another description of the press conference, which was described as "merry," except for Jerry B, who was described as "laconic."

I read something else about JB being not so up - I hope it's do with him and not advance word on PoP!

FluorescentLamp said...

According to the article, Jake couldn't get up to walk Red Square this morning because he was too tired.

LOL! Uh-huh. Tired. From all the vodka and wine! Yay Jake out partying and having a good time!

Anonymous said...

The "hookahs" may have had something to do with it too.

Anonymous said...

John Hazelton over at has given Prince of Persia a mostly solid review. He compares everything about it with Pirates of the Caribbean but writes that in some ways it is better. He doubts however that it will match POTC's financial success, but believes that POP will be a solid hit abroad.

As for Jake he says that he is "no Douglas Fairbanks" and doesn't have the same charisma of Johnny Depp, but otherwise he gives Jake lots of props.

The review is mostly positive.

bobbyanna...and God bless UV! said...

Hell yes, it's intrusive! And, it's also the best damned pap video I've ever seen! LOL!!! If I were Jake's publicist, I'd mail a copy of it to E!, ET, OK, People, and Us Weekly!

My favorite Jake quote:"I've got two eyes. I'm looking." :)
Don't know why I'm so happy to see it, (cough!) but it really made my day!

me, again said...

I almost wanted to look away a couple of times...but I didn't.

sheba said...

"I call that SPECTACULAR! Look at that white boy dance! And hit on all those girls! LOL "

Hehehe, I wanna party like that with Jake and I can show him a few dance moves too. So happy that he's really having fun, that came across so strongly in London. He seems happy. The Russians are fantastic at covert filming.

UltraViolet said...

Hee hee, Bobbyanna. FL talked me out of feeling bad :) This was in semi-public, I guess. Rationalizations are good!

Thanks for the info on the Screen Daily review, anon. The endless comparisons to PotC are freaking annoying. Just review the fucking movie.

Oops - sorry about that. Here's the link to the review.

By the way, two-eyed Dzheyk was wearing a Tom Ford suit last night, apparently.

Here's a cute - and very closeup - pic of Jake and a fan from last night.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Sheba. How times have changed. "Covert Russian filming" used to be so much more sinister!

Monica said...

I like these reviews. Are much better than I expected and I remember that POTC received similar reviews.
It's a movie of the summer and is apparently above the average of the other films. Even the reviews of Robin Wood is mixed.
I think the only movie to be different is Inception. Have the potential to be the best movie of the summer or the biggest disappointment.

I read the interview directly from the Premiere of Mexico and I think the interviewer did not like the jokes of Jake. Maybe Jake is tired of answering the same questions about how he got that physicist who decided to play. But not everyone likes that.

Jake was so adorable with that reporter in Malaysia. She was impressed by his beauty. Just like my "friend" when she met him in London.

I agree with you, UV. It is an intrusive video. But I liked to see him having fun.

Monica said...

Sorry, it's Robin Hood.

JF said...

Thanks for all the great pictures.

I'm sure Jake had a lot of fun at the after party and after the after party. ;)

Looking forward to POP. :)

Chica said...

Yes it's intrusive but he is having so much fun here!!

Too bad that he partied so hard that he couldn't walk through Red Square today. If he plans to be in Russia for another day or so, maybe he can do it then.

Thanks for the link to the Screendaily review, and yeah enough with the comparisons to POTC.

I love the blogger's account of her interview with Jake, 3 hugs!! What a lucky young lady!

UltraViolet said...

Hey Monica - I think Pirates got pretty positive reviews when it was released. But maybe PoP will, too, eventually - we'll have to see.

I think the reporter wanted Jake to be serious, and while I can see her point, the reporter takes part of the responsibility. Ask a different question or prod him to answer it for real.

I love the joke-y Schlitz answer, so I can't be too annoyed.

Hi JF - looks like a good time was had by all :)

Chica, three-hugs blogger was too funny. I liked getting a little inside scoop: Gemma's ordinary looking but nice, someone gave Jake a crappy scarf. Hee.

Our new best youtube friend also has a short video from the press conference and photo call yesterday. The waving is too funny.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Oh man is Jake busting a move or what in that video, or maybe not, LOL!! He looks like he was getting his party on, no wonder he couldn't take a walk around Red Square today!

I'm so glad to see him having a great time. It was a after party so it was "semi-private", so maybe it wasn't too intrusive.

The reviews for RH are mixed like Pop but they have a different audience IMO.

What a cute story from that blogger from Malaysia, at least she got 3 hugs from Jake to make up for the 3 misses with the camera!

What's up with that waving bit in that video of the press conference, LOL!!

Both Jake and Gemma look gorgeous, I like him in the Gray suit.

Schlitz, hee, hee....

Jen said...

Wowee! What an insight into Jake's life! hahaha, god i wish i was one of the 10 girls he was flirting with that night.

Does anyone know who the girl is with jake in the back seat of the car (picture 5) im sure i recognise her! And also the girl in picture 7, is that Gemma? or yet another girl.

hahaha he is such a P-L-A-Y-E-R ;)

I guess he's loving his single life!

Carla said...

Jake seems to have a lot of fun in Russia....:-) Looks like the LA paps could learn something from the Russians.

This reminds me of Robert Downeys description of Jake - "he is also wet dark and wild" on Kates blog.

Some friends of mine are Russians and they know how to throw a party. Problem is the next day you don´t know how to spell your name....

White wine, Champagne, Vodka and hookah - hopefully the next day they had no "official" dates...:-)

Its nice to get a glimpse of Jakes "wet, dark and wild" side but for the next time I hope the party will stay prviate.

Screendaily review is good although I disagree with his statement that POTC was a hit because of Johnny Depps star power - he was a respected actor before but it was Jack Sparrow who made him a "star" not vice versa. And for me Jake has the same charisma and charme as Johnny.

Anonymous said...

That's right. People seem to forget that neither Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr. were all that big before the success of their respective films (POTC and Iron Man).

UltraViolet said...

This is a very funny interview. Big news: If you've friended Jake on FaceBook, it's not him :)

Problem is the next day you don´t know how to spell your name....

Hee. Maybe that's why Jake couldn't go for the Red Square walk - he didn't pass the "spell your name" test.

I do think both Johnny Depp and RDJ were at a higher level of fame than Jake is now, when they did their "blockbusters."

But I don't get the surprise at Jake's wanting to do this - or RDJ or JD. Actors want to act and try different things. If they do the same thing over and over, they are criticized for that!

OONP, the waving thing killed me! Too funny.

Hi Jen. Who knows - could have been more than 10 women. We saw only a fraction of the evening :)

Monica said...

UV, received positive reviews and some mixed. Overall it was more positive because of Johnny Depp.

he was a respected actor before but it was Jack Sparrow who made him a "star" not vice versa.


Anonymous said...

The Jake Russian premiere after-party video is now up at LOL.

Get Real said...

Another day full of Gyllen-news. :)

Jake and Gemma look great at the Russian premiere. Have to now watch the new videos.

Ugh, Perez is such a scumbag and wow that is a really personal video following Jake. He is totally adorable but I am not sure how I feel about so much of his personal time was taped. JMO :/

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Josie said...

It didn't take me a week UV, just most of the day! Very little got done at work today, I'm a bad employee!

Yeah Jake you have 2 eyes and you sure were looking last night among other things ! I felt a little weird watching it but it was an after party and although he didn't know he was being filmed there is nothing in that video that is embarassing. I have seen a lot worse stuff out there.

Russians know how to party, I know a few:))

I love Jake's sense of humor, sand babies, and how many people had to google schlitz to find out what he was talking about? (Not me!)

The interview with Extra had a bit of class, loved the tea and scones touch and he was funny and charming. The whole "I got in shape from washing my hair" is so funny, Im glad that he doesn't take himself seriously.

He was funny on Ross and laughed out loud at the frying of the IPAD segment, remember Jake posing with an IPAD during WonderCon??

What a kick it was to see and here that not only was a hit in the UK but Russia as well!

I wonder if is taking a break until the US prom stuff starts?

I think the 3rd picture of Jake and the reporter from Maylasia doesn't look too bad and Jake hugged her, three times!

I've read the reviews and although they don't knock the film out of the park with praise, they aren't slamming it like they did that other film Gemma was in , Clash of the Titans.

Pop will do just fine, 2 more weeks and plenty more of Jake doing interviews and talk shows, I can't wait!

suvee said...

I hesitate to post this, because it's pretty intrusive.

Granted, it is a bit intrusive. And you have my undying gratitude for posting it.

Did I love watching every minute of it? You bet!

Am I racked with guilt because I actually enjoyed seeing an all too rare glimpse of "off duty" Jake? Uh, no! We almost never get to see RL Jake like this.

Bless those Russian paps! I'm not going to lie.... I agree with bobbyanna. Best pap video ever.

Schlitz makes me think of my grandfather. :)

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

What is Schlitz?

suvee said...

Monica, Schlitz is an old American beer.

Monica said...

thanks, suvee.

Anonymous said...

Have noticed that "Robin Hood" is getting very luke-warm reviews and those are the good ones.
No matter what the movie is tho a lot of time and hard work goes into making them and there is usually an audience out there (small or large) that will want to see them no matter what a critic says.
I think what will do well for POP will be word of mouth - people are going to be telling others this is a fun movie - go see it.

Monica said...

That Brazilian critic said today that he loved Robin Hood and he hopes this film along with Prince of Persia are successes, because they are great films.

bobbyanna said...

Seems to me,PoP is getting mostly positive reactions from critics. and Jake even more so.
Audiences seem to really like it.

I might be wrong, but I don't recall JB traveling around the world and spending as much personal time promoting a movie and doing press as he has for PoP. He is very up front and very personally involved. He's done more than just show up. I take this as a good sign.

My last thoughts on that video: Jake wasn't stumbling and falling down drunk, or doing any heavy duty PDAs etc. He was having fun, dancing, and flirting. If a video had to leak on YouTube or perez or whereever, this one is not so bad at all...he even had his necktie on! :)

suvee said...

Here are my last thoughts on the "intrusive" video.

This is a video of Jake dancing and flirting at a public place..... a nightclub. It's not capturing a truly intimate moment... it's not a pap video invading his privacy at his home.... he's not having sex, arguing with a girl friend or flossing his teeth. IMO, the 2008 pap video of J & R at the restaurant for his birthday was much more intrusive.

bobbyanna said...

"IMO, the 2008 pap video of J & R at the restaurant for his birthday was much more intrusive."

I agree, suvee. I'd forgotten about that.

Monica said...

Wow, I deleted my comment. Wrong blog.
I think I need to go to sleep.

mary said...

yea jake sure looks like he had a good time from that video good for himno wonder he couldnt get up the next day to walk red square

Carla said...

According to a fan over at Box Office Mojo PoP was shown last night at the "HTC EVO event held by Sprint" -from what I have understand an important thing for "techies" and the film apparently got very good reactions from that crowd.

He also posted some twitter reactions:

dmcohen: Finished sneak preview of Prince of Persia. Very good, very fun.

adamzea: Just finished the Prince of Persia screening. (@ ESpace w/ 5 others) fun movie

xBBx: Prince of Persia was much better than I expected. @Ubisoft should be proud of what Disney accomplished with this film.

atodd: Just watch the screening of Prince of Persia. Fantastic movie, better than I thought.

On wednesday evening I will watch the film at a preview - and will also have an eye on the crowd reaction!

Monica said...

Suvee, agree. And remember there are many videos of that day.
Really are all intrusive.

I know Jake is happy just looking at all those photos of London.

Tweety said...

Thanks Carla, I forgot about that Sprint event, sounds like the crowd liked it and the twitter reactions are great!

My 2 cents on the pap video: He wasn't shown falling down drunk or anything like that, just showed him having a bit of fun and flirting. As you pointed out Suvee the Jake and Reese video from 2008 was far worst, the paps were actually hiding in the bushes if I remember.

I don't remember Jerry promoting POTC or any of his films like this Bobbyanna, so yes It's a good sign.

Tweety said...

Jake back home?:

honorbyaugust: Headed to meet up with @theruse for tonights show in hermosa beach, after a great hang with Jake Gyllenhall in venice beach
about 12 hours ago from Twitterrific

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Monica said...

On wednesday evening I will watch the film at a preview - and will also have an eye on the crowd reaction!

Carla, that's great.

Sag actor said...

A preview on Wednesday, that's great Carla! I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Ginny said...

Not sure if you will be able to view it in the US, but heres the link to Jake on GMTV

bobbyanna said...

The GMTV segment was a cute interview. She just chattered away, managed to slide some personal questions in, mostly answered them herself, and Jake mostly agreed! She was warm and pleasant...and very disarming.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the link, Ginny - as you can see, it works! It was a good interview and I've tried to embed it in the new post, but it might be a little wonky.

Carla, I'm so happy you're getting to see the movie next week. Can't wait to hear your reaction. Thanks for the tweets from the Sprint event. I expected serious disdain, so I was happy to read those!

The video of Jake and Reese at dinner on his birthday was more intrusive. I just Jake realizes that most people see this as a fun look at his fun side. And a lot of people have seen it. The youtube video had 200 hits for most of yesterday but it has just a few more now!

Leonor, I think your link got cut off. Here it is: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Prince of Persia Hair: Absurd and Historically Accurate.

New post :)