Friday, April 29, 2011

Laissez les bons temps rouler

Jake Gyllenhaal is continuing his rock and roll idyll with his musical idols, taking in the sights of New Orleans (Riverwalk and steamboat cruise) yesterday with Marcus Mumford and other band members.

And today, he's enjoying the tunes at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, where Mumford performed. Jake with Mumford band member Winston Marshall enjoying the Avett Brothers:

Dinner at the French Market:

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Some shots of Jake backstage in Austin:

A new Source Code video interview:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

This train was bound for glory

Technically, that's the city of Austin. But the Railroad Revival Tour pulled into New Orleans on Wednesday for the final show of its six-city tour. No official reviews yet, but reactions on twitter and around the net were rapturous. An epic ending to an amazing tour.

Jake Gyllenhaal revealed new talents, playing the trumpet and the drums onstage. Here he is playing the trumpet for the finale, "This Train Is Bound For Glory." (First glimpse around the 34-second mark.)

Some photos from Tuesday night in Austin. First up, the whole tour gang snapped a photo with the train as a backdrop. Jake is among the group - he's the one with someone on his shoulders!

He also took a photo backstage with a fan:

Hope to add pics and videos even from the New Orleans show as the day progresses.

Oh, yeah,Jake is an actor, too! With Source Code opening in Italy, here's an interview with Jake and Duncan, done for Italian TV:

(First train photo courtesy of antelucandaisy; second train pic courtesy of Geoff Duncan. Group and fan photos courtesy of sigs21/ATXGossip.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rolling along

High heat and storm clouds greeted the Austin stop of the Railroad Revival Tour, but that didn't quell the magic. Before the show, Jake and the members of Mumford and Sons paid a visit to Austin High, where the band played an impromptu concert.

And there was a friendly but fierce game of pickup basketball:

I think the home team won, but everyone seemed happy just to be there.

The tour moves on to New Orleans. We'll have to wait to see if Jake makes the trip.

(Cloud photos from flickr/-Dons; Austin High photos from K-AHS.)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Jake's on another train

Jake Gyllenhaal has a thing about saving trains. While Colter Stevens rides to the rescue of Chicago Metra passengers, Jake has joined Mumford and Sons and friends on their Railroad Revival Tour.

As we know from Source Code, you can't save a train without a cell phone:

Jake enjoying the the San Pedro vibe:

The tour then moved to Tempe and Marfa:

Lance and Jake don't seem to be in the revival spirit!

Jake in downtown ATX on April 25:

The tour is receiving rapturous reviews on twitter and Facebook. From all accounts, it is a great ride.

IHJ just uploaded Jake's photos from Men's Journal. So we get to see the cover without all that distracting text!

(Cell phone photo courtesy of Carl Morrison. Photo of Jake on the train from the official Railroad Revival site.)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photo basket

Look what the Easter Bunny brought! After trumping Source Code's opening weekend, the rabbit makes amends with some new and recent Jake Gyllenhaal photos. The baseball-capped pics are from the Railroad Revival Tour stop in San Pedro on Friday night.

And the more formal attire was for the Oscars. From the Vanity Fair party:

Thanks to Bobbyanna for the heads-up on the VF shots.

A Source Code interview for AlloCine, a French site:

(Railroad Revival photos from flickr/bluereins333.)