Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's better than "Sex?" Jake Gyllenhaal.

According to co-star Gemma Arterton, that is:

But Gemma Arterton, the English beauty who plays Tamina in Persia, has one very good—and very hot—reason why you should pick the video game turned movie over the second Sex and the City…

"You should see my movie because it's got Jake Gyllenhaal in it," Arterton, 24, told me.

Smart woman!

Speaking of video game (movies), Jake spent the day with the folks at IGN recently and discussed a range of topics. Jake on the PoP stunts:

Jake on Dastan and the Persian issue:

Jake on gaming:

Jake on the music he listens to:

Jake on his upcoming projects:

There are a lot of videos from Monday's PoP events. This video shows a little of the ceremony for Jerry Bruckheimer's hands and feet:

Jake talks about crazy ostriches and Tom Cruise:

Some more red carpet video. More autograph signing, an interview about Jake's long name and a fist bump.

Also, I hope someone will put up a video clip of Jake on SportsCenter. Yes, just as I was trying to put this post to bed, Jake appeared on SC to do the Top 10 plays of the day. With his own catch phrases and everything. It was totally random. I'd like to see Kim Cattrall pull that off!

Actually, no I wouldn't.

(Ask and you shall receive)

(Photo of Jake from Tuesday night's screening of PoP.)


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I think the only thing that I disliked about the L.A. Pop premiere: Too much Jerry and the inclusion of creepy Tom, it's a good thing he didn't pose with nutty Midnight Cowboy, nuff said.

I approve of the new name of the blog, Yillenhoolbabble, LOL!!

He really was in his element and had such great time, he's interviews were hysterical!

N. Cag'e wife is gorgeous but I'm afraid Nic is starting to resemble a wax figure!

A bit busty at work now, I'll watch the IGN videos on my break, thanks for posting them!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

PS: Gemma is a smart girl, and it's so true!

Anonymous said...

Those IGN interviews are lovely! I love calm, softly spoken yet still funny Jake <3

bobbyanna said...

OONP...I know you've never spoken of your profession...(sniffs) but I am curious that you are "A little busty at work..."


UltraViolet said...

I love the setting in the interviews, too. It probably added to the calm. The article made it seem as if they were at the IGN offices, but I thought Jake alluded to being at a hotel. And that would fit with some of the other interviews we've read that were from a few weeks back.

A couple more pics from last night. I wish someone would take away all of Jake's chinos!

UltraViolet said...

Glad you like the new name, OONP. It makes me giggle when I see it come up in search!

Nicolas Cage was looking odd. I was so busy mocking CTC that I neglected him.

Enjoy the vids :)

Morning, Bobbyanna!

mary said...

my son emailed me this morning that jake was on sports center last night and that they have reruns till 1100 today so i heve my tv to espn hoping to catch him

FluorescentLamp said...

Jake on ESPN Sports Center

Also added to main blog post.

UltraViolet said...

Yay - thank you so much! The stupid Emergency Broadcast Alert came on right as they finished the Top 10 last night, so I missed the part at the end.

Did they say Jake was going to be in Boston for Game Three?

Naturally, Jake is getting a lot of flak in some quarters, but one of the ESPN dudes thought he was very impressive. The other said he thought Jake was nervous.

I'm not really sure the point of it all, but it was a fun surprise. So glad they put it up on ESPN.

UltraViolet said...

Also, glad he said he'd go with the Lakers. I hate the Lakers, but I know that Jake is really a Lakers fan in his heart!

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm not really sure the point of it all, but it was a fun surprise. So glad they put it up on ESPN.

This might be a little giveaway:

ESPN is a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company, which holds the controlling interest in the network at 80 percent, and Hearst Corporation, which owns the remaining 20 percent.

Did they say Jake was going to be in Boston for Game Three?

Why yes, yes they did. Saturday night baybeeeee!!!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I know ESPN is a Disney company. But it was still odd. They apparently have other celebrities do it - not sure if it's only Disney-related.

I wish they'd actually talked to him about sports instead of just that one bit. Because we know he's a legitimate sports fan.

Boston - Game Three. Yay!

He'll be well advised to leave the Lakers hat at home!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Whoops! That's what happens when you are typing and your boss is around!

I'm afraid i'm more saggy than busty nowadays!!!

Love Jake on SC, that was fun. I forgot Disney owns ESPN.

It's possible to cheer for both teams, didn't Jake claim to be a Steelers fan as well on Kimmel?

The IGN interviews were fun and such diverse topics,I can't wait until he does his TV interviews starting next week.

Awww, Jake and his chinos! I guess the winner of that Pop contest was there as well.

Finnenhoolihai said...

Jake remarked on interviewer's tooth jewel.

sheba said...

I absolutely adore all those IGN interviews, one of the best I've seen yet. So serene, open and excited all at the same time. I think it was probably around March or April time. He's gorgeous (but of course y'all know that already :DD) I love that he appears to be happy, it just shines out of him. I love that people are starting to discover him and want to find out more.

I took my son to the Dr yesterday and she saw my Jake sticker on my bag. She totally started to fangirl. I couldn't believe it. She started to ask me questions about him and I told her about Pop which set her off again (losts of OMGs) showed her the videos of the London Premier and she started squeeing. My son just looked at both of us and rolled his eyes. That was the best Dr's visit I've ever had. See even the professional are not immune to his charms, our Prince Charming.

I love saying the new blog name, it's sexy.

I was so frustrated with the way the LA premier went, but you have more than made my day by all these treasures we've been presented with.

PoP opens officially across the UK on Friday so it's an IMAX visit for me and my co-pilot. Thanks to Mary for her LA report but so sorry she didn't get to meet Jake personally. Seeing him in the flesh is itself an experience never to be forgotten though Mary so well done for that. When PoP2 comes out, I think a big worldwide meet up is ripe for organising.

Thank you Yillenhoolababble for your existence and all who sail in her/him.

UltraViolet said...

Mary, you have a good son - reporting back on Jake sightings!

That Finnish interview is funny. It's interesting to see how Jake interacts with reporters from different places.

I don't think I've seen someone with a jewel on/in their teeth, either.

Sheba, you have a good son, too! Hope he's feeling better after last week's mishap. And how fun to squee about Jake in "real" life with someone you don't really know.

Thanks for the nice words about the blog, Sheba. It's been pretty fun in Yillenland these days. And there's more to come!

Carla said...

Just back from my first (but definitely not last!!) PoP screening.

It was great fun - I enjoyed it, laughed and I now know why I don´t like snakes...

I love Jake so I am not objective but he was lovable and sexy. He and Gemma were a fine team - they had chemistry and their interaction was strong -also some funny moments.

All supporting actors were good - with the exception of Sir Ben. I thought he was a bit boring and had the same expression in most of his scenes. ALfred Molina was a riot as Sheik Amar and I also liked Steve Toussaint. A special mention deserves Gísli Örn Garðarsson, the leader of the Hassasins. And every time I saw the "ugly" brothers, I had to smile.

Jake was sexy - I will not comment on his hair....:-)) (I read an article where they discussed his hair and it appeared that the ancient persians indeed had that greasy hair, I try to find the article tomorrow)

The only criticism I have are the last 10 minutes. That was a real anticlimax and a bit of a downer for me. I cannot explain it because I don´t want to spoil it but I would like to hear everyones opinions here after watching the film.

Overall it was great fun and the audience - from what I saw from the reactions - also enjoyed it.

It is such a difference from his serious films - and I hope he will do a sequel if the movie is succesful - he obviously had fun with the shootings and you can see it.

And have I mentioned that Jake was lovable and sexy?

If you have any questions, please ask - I will answer them tomorrow! ( It is late here and time to get some sleep..)

Extra said...

Thanks for you spoiler-free review Carla! The chemistry between Jake and Gemma is quite evident from the featurettes we have seen and the interaction between them on the red carpet.

Sorry to hear that Ben wasn't too impressive:((

I remember reading the article about ancient Persians hair and Dastan too!

I will have to think of a question that isn't too spoilerish...

What cool video interviews from IGN, and such diverse subjects. I would add mature along with serene and happy Sheba, I don't think I could love hom more.

Gyllenbabble aka Yillenhoolababble has been great, you summed it up pretty well Sheba: this blog definately made up for the coverage of the L.A. premier aka Jery Bruckheimer day!

I love that story, even professionals become fangirly over Jake.

Jake will be in Boston on Saturday UV and FL, keep you eyes peeled:)

Get Real said...

Hah, great to see Jake on SC! He really has a great, quick it!

UV, FL and all in Boston, keep an eye out! :)

I agree with everyone who was annoyed at the JB and TC focus of the premiere but I think Jake was fantastic overall and that is what makes me happy.

Sheba, that is funny that your doctor is a Jake fangirl. :D

Monica said...

I watch the sportcenter rarely. thanks!
I'm a fan of the Chicago Bulls. But I also love Lakers.

Carla, thank you for your review. Good to hear that you enjoyed the movie.

Get Real said...

Okay, I just watched the one "shortest interview in movie history" omg, LMOA he is so cute! :p

people,com said...

Ask Jake a question!:,,20386437,00.html

Chica said...

Jake was fun on Sports center, Disney is really pulling out all the stops with their promotion (Disney/ESPN).

Don't get me started on the salute to JB with the Pop premiere added on, besides as others pointed out, Jake shined on the Red carpet and in interviews.

Thanks for the IGN interviews, what a change from the Brothers non-promotion, we are getting spoiled!

Thanks for your review Sheba and also for making it non-spoilerish, happy to hear that the audience enjoyed too.

Mr. Yillenhoolababble is lovable and sexy!

suvee said...

I really enjoyed all the IGN interview clips. Jake seemed relaxed and real, if you know what I mean. I didn't get the sense that he was on auto pilot, just giving rote answers. Very nice interview..... thanks for posting them.

Thanks for the PoP review, Carla. I'm so looking forward to seeing lovable and sexy Dastan!

As for the Lakers/Celtics comment. I have always thought that one of the things that makes Jake so interesting is that East Coast/West Coast dual identity. He is a fascinating combination of both regions IMO.

Anonymous said...

Jake lends a helping hand:

Monica said...

What happened with my comment? I posted a comment and it disappeared!

I enjoyed his participation in Sportcenter. Thanks for the link!

Carla, good to know you enjoyed POP. I'd love to know a little more.
A Brazilian said he saw the movie in Sydney and he said it was great fun.

Jake Gyllenhaal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UltraViolet said...

Hi Monica. That happened to me the other day - I think it's a blogger issue.

Or too much Yillenhoolahay!

UltraViolet said...

Carla, thanks so much for your report! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. And good to know the audience enjoyed it, as well.

I've heard a lot of complaints about the ending. I finally read a review today that praised the end!

Suvee, I agree that Jake's a combo of East and West Coasts, but I do think he's an LA boy at heart. Doesn't mean it didn't give me a thrill to hear him say "I kind of grew up in Boston, too." :)

Chica, I heard that Jake was on Disney radio today, too. I think they pretty much own him until after Memorial Day!

this blog definately made up for the coverage of the L.A. premier aka Jery Bruckheimer day!

What a nice thing to say, Extra. Thank you!

Oh, and Monica, like all real Celtics fans, I hate the Lakers!