Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three premieres down

It's the morning after the Los Angeles premiere of Prince of Persia. Hopefully, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley and the rest of the royal court are resting after a starry, soggy night on the red carpet. If you missed the live stream of the premiere, you can see some of it here, including an interview with Jake. As usual, IHJ has all the photos, and we posted some here last night. Today, let's look at some highlights!

We'll start off with some good old-fashioned beauty shots:

From sand to mud: The body-part-prints ceremony for Jerry Bruckheimer looks like it was chock-full of awkward moments.

"Nice to meet you. What's that - no, thanks, I don't want to buy your house."

"What do you want from me? I'm just trying to have some fun in this crowd."

"Just keep looking down - maybe he'll look away."

"Yes, Gemma, those are platform combat sneakers Tom is wearing."

"Check, please!"*

Some in the British press have decided that Jake and Gemma should have gotten together:

I'd love to know what was going on here:

Post-premiere party pics, where the bros all did the finger-point:

Except Jake and Jerry.

Here's Jake with his old ET friend from London:

I'm so glad he made fun of her for wearing gloves. In LA!

Here's a funny, awkward interview from the London junket:

Speed interview:

Some more red carpet videos. Jake's not really in that last one until the end, but it's worth watching for the cameo!

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)

*Alternate caption: "I'm a celebrity - get me out of here!"


UltraViolet said...

TMZ is having a Jake v. Ryan P. poll. Jake is winning but not by enough. If you want to dignify this with a vote, here you go.

This is sort of a sad video, as Jake goes to the people next to this guy on both sides, but never to him! I don't think they were loud enough.

Finally, why does all the world really believe that you pronounce Gyllenhaal as "Yillenhoolihay"?!

People are not smart.

FluorescentLamp said...

God, Samantha Harris, untie that tongue. Still not able to speak off the cuff. How does this woman keep getting work. Love the overkill of the wooly gloves and scarf.

I had seen reference to Miquita Oliver's T4 interview with Jake as being mean to him. I didn't see that at all. Thought it was rather fun. And I definitely saw Jake chanelling some Jason Schwartzman in that interview with her.

UltraViolet said...

Totally agree on Samantha Harris. I'd say Jake makes her tongue-tied, but I'm guessing she's probably always that way.

I didn't see the T4 interview as mean at all. She obviously has a schtick, and Jake went with it. I'm so glad he has that ability and spirit.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Yillenhoolababble! Hahahahaha, that's brilliant. I was just chuckling to myself at the countless twitter comments like, who knew? We were all wrong all along 8-) someone needs to tell them :P

That yillenhooly interview with the whole cast has been my favourite, second going to Dastan jr. :P


mary said...

well im back and heres my report but not much to say unfortunely we took the train in to la got there around 1100am and staked out out what we thought was a good spot we were the only ones there i think posters plastered all over and a big one on top of a building anyway they were setting up up the red carpet wweather was cloudy and chilly so we just hung around taook pictures then later in the afternoon they started gettinh ready for the ceremony getting the cement ready about four they told us we had to move from where we were standing go ove to the other sida if we wanted pictures or a autograft thhats where they would do any way the ceremony started about 530 i wouldnt call it a tribute lasted less then 15 minutes
anyway we wer in the second row since we had to move so jake was seated in the front row across from us so i did get a good view of him and some pictures and of course he looked gorgeous looks just like in his pictures but i could od sworn he had on a light blue ie at the ceremony not the spotted one he wore at the premiere,anyway he sat next to gemms and they whispered and laughed alot during the ceremony but they didnt stop for pictures or autografts after the ceremony but i think that was provably becuae they had to go right to do the red carpet so by the time we left the cermony the people lined up for the red carpet line was too long so we went across the street and found a place so we did see gemma get out of the car at the red carpet and saw jake get out too
jake was in the same car with toby kebbell gemma was by herself so we didnt get any auto grafts or get to meet gues we just werent in the right place but at least i got to see him in person which i never thought would ever happen but my camera stopped working thankfully my friend had another disposeable camera with her and let me use that she going to send them to me after she gets them deloped but i do have some pics of jake on my camra so hopefully my sister or daughter can fix it hopefully i just hit a button i shouldnt have hope i didnt lose the pictures i took anyway we did see jakes body guard there plus jon voight,tom cruise, tom skeerrit,jothan priece, billy bob thorton tom crsies and nic gage were the only ones to give a little speech and yes tom cruise was dressed in jeans others were all dressed in suits also jon voight which i thought was funny when we were in line watching the arrivals he came across the streest to sign any way thats my report glad i went but wish it was more eventful anyway at leased i got to see him live

UltraViolet said...

Hey Silver - glad you like the name change :) It was too good to resist once FL said we should do it.

Both Dastan Jr and Yillenhoolahay are hilarious. Not sure I could choose!

UltraViolet said...

Mary, thanks for the report! It's a shame you didn't get closer, but being able to watch Jake for an extended period, as he chatted with Gemma, etc., sounds pretty good to me!

Interesting that he and Toby shared a car. There are a couple of fun pics of them in the post - I'd love to see the two of them interviewed together.

Sounds like it was a long day - I hope you think it was worth it. And I hope your photos come out.

lawgoddess said...

This is so much fun! Thanks for all the great stuff!

Gemma and Jake look good together. But I'm sure he doesn't lack for dates. :)

Shondra said...

Yillenhoolababble! Ha, I can't believe how dense some people are, still I like the name change of the blog:)

Yillenhooly, ha, ha, ha!!!!!

That Dastan Jr. interview/video was one of the funniest things I have seen, and Kingsley was so serious!

The pics are great, Jake looks good but I don't like the gown that Gemma is wearing, I prefer the gown she wore in London.

There are so many pull my finger moments in the after party pics of Jake, Tobey and Ben but the pic of Jake and Tom looks like he sees a bug on the back of Tom's head and is about to swat it!

I can't tell if Samantha Harris is just a crappy interviewer or that Jake makes her nervous since I never seen her interview anyone else. I saw the tweets too of people saying that they thought that Miquita was being mean, I didn't see that at all.

I thought Jake was funny and she was rather dim. I know that he is as sick of the peeing/jellyfish story as everyone else is.

Thanks for you report Mary! At least you got to see Jake and Gemma close, I hope that your photos come out Ok.

bobbyanna said...

mary! I'm so glad you got to see Jake! It's hard to know how they'll set things up for these events, so a person can be in just the right spot.

I saw a glimpse of Naomi Foner, Jake's mother, in IHJ pics of the afterparty. Also noticed Gemma's fiance(?)seated next to her for the cement shoes ceremony.

The pictures really do lend themselves to captioning! Endless possibilities. Wish we had audio for some of them, too! :)

Tom Cruise and Nic Cage,...my, my,...there are no words.:)

I thought Miquita was hilarious, and Samantha Harris an embarrassment.

"How does this woman keep getting work."

Indeed, FL.

Shondra said...

I forgot to add: Tom is so wearing lifts it's not even funny, but the pic of Gemma looking at what appears are his feet is!

And yes Jake and Gemma look yummy together. The off chemistry translated very well onscreen from the clips that we have seen.

mary said...

yes it was along day for me i was up at 400amm to drive to carlsbad to meet up with my friend to catch the 800am train and didnt ge t back till that night at 1030 i stayed over and game homethis morning thats why i didnt post last night but yes it was worth something ill probaly never do again

UltraViolet said...

Good spot on Naomi, Bobbyanna!

I posted another video to the blog - Jake gives a speed interview, lol. And hereis an X17 video of the autograph line. Notable mostly because you can hear Mr B sternly reprimanding the crowd. Sheba knows how they feel!

We're getting a lot of fun interviews out of this PoP press. It's great.

You must be tired, Mary. But I'm glad you went - it really is all just a matter of luck. But better to go than to wonder.

mary said...

they had names on the chairs that were set out for the ceremony and there was 2 chairs with jakes name on it and i wondered who was with jake i guess it was naomi but i guess she must have decided to sit with him at the ceremony i guess that explains the reason for the 2 chairs

mary said...

meant to say not sit with him

FluorescentLamp said...

I posted another video to the blog - Jake gives a speed interview, lol.

Oh that was too funny!

Mary, so happy you got to Hollywood yesterday and more importantly got to see Jake. He is quite handsome and looks every inch the movie star in person doesn't he? Even when he's just sitting in a chair.

mary said...

yes he definitely does

Ginny said...

Thanks for your report Mary and Im glad you got to see him, I'd love to go to a Jake premiere.

LOL at Yillenhoolababble and a great post UV, love all the captions they made me laugh.

UltraViolet said...

Glad you enjoyed the captions, Ginny. Some of these pics just can't go without comment!

Interesting about the two chairs, Ginny. It would be weird for Naomi to be sitting up there with him, though. Glad she wasn't!

I love the speed video. I might have watched it a time or two. Here's another red carpet report. Jake might get a little bit of a dig in at SaTC :)

mary said...

i forgot to mention that jake was wearing red socks when he got out of the car all i could see at firast were his re socks i said to my friend is he wearing red socks i thought i was seeing things LOL

Carla said...

Red socks - why am I not surprised?
Thanks for your report Mary - not too overwhelming but a least you saw Jake and you had fun with your friend.

Some of the people on the pics are really creepy - Jake and Sir Ben looked classy and seemed to enjoy the evening.

The german reviews are mostly positive- much better than I expected and I checked also some Gamer magazines - also very good reactions. And those few who did not like the film were at least fair.

I am excited - tomorrow I have a date with our Prince....:-)

Get Real said...

OMG, the photo commentary is priceless, UV!!! :D :D :D

Mary, thanks for your recap! Glad you got to at lease see Jake.

So much to catch up from yesterday.. :)

suvee said...

"Yillenhoolababble"! Just brilliant! I never wish for Jake to actually visit his fan sites on the intranet, but I'd love for him to know about GB's new name. He'd get a big kick out of it, I bet.

Looking at the Jerry B. ceremony photos at IHJ, I noticed that Jake was relegated to the side of the group. Tom and Nic apparently were more deserving of a spot close to the man himself. I am aware that Jake is not the big movie star, or box office champ like those 2 guys are, but I hated seeing him sort of shunted off on the fringes of the group. He is the star of PoP, and deserved better treatment IMO.

Loved hearing about your Jake experience, Mary. Thanks for sharing with us!

And Carla, can't wait to hear about your PoP date!

I really need to catch up on a lot of videos/interviews. Did love the Dastan Jr. one..... that was funny!

Chica said...

The Dastan Jr. video is a classic isn't it Suvee?

Yillenhoolabble, LOL!! I do hope Jake does get wind of this, he has such a great sense of humor.

Jake was kinda of pushed aside last night IMO, but he did shine in the interviews and looked so good. I think I may have been the only one that liked Gemma's gown!

Red socks??!! That is too funny Mary! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

I can't wait to hear your review Carla!

Good catch Bobbyanna on Naomi, I read that Jake went to Teddy's and hung out with Orlando and Leo:))

So many photos, so many captions!

LOL at Jake standing behind crazy Tom, what the hell???

The T4 interview Jake did with Ms. Oliver, was weird, but she didn't sound too sharp so that would explain it.

Samantha Harris is useless, If this is the interview they are going to air tonight, then I can skip the crapfest aka ET, thanks for posting UV!!!

Get Real said...

LOLOLOL, Yillenhoolababble!!!!

Chica, where did you read about Jake at Teddy's hanging with Orlando and Leo?

I am trying to catch up on this videos. They sound amusing to say the least. Some of these interviewers are ridiculously clueless.

Btw, there is a pic at IHJ of Jake almost trying to get away from Tom Cruise as Tom has his hand on Jake's shoulder, lol. Poor Jake!

Chica said...

I made a mistake Get real, it was The Roosevelt Hotel, not Teddy's:


Even with lifts, Tom is a shortie!

Get Real said...

Thanks, Chica! Actually, you were right...it says it was the Teddy lounge at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Tweety said...

Ok, UV & FL, you will have to change the blog's name to Yillenhollababble!

The interviews and videos from the premieres are so funny and I'm enjoying Sir Ben just as much as Jake.

You got a lot closer to Jake than I probably ever will Mary, thank you for your report, I especially loved the red socks part!

I think Jake was on the radio today, probably the Disney radio channel:

saba916: so i kept callin the radio 4 JB tix and then the lady told me jake gyllenhall was there and i can ask him any question...
about 2 hours ago from web

MARY said...

good news got my camera working,bad news the pics of jake are too far can bearly see him good ones of jon voight though:)
im so dumb when i mentioned to my son my camera stopped working he said why dont you try charging it which i did and wa la that was itLOL HOPE THE ONES I TOOK WITH THE DISPOSEABLE COME OUT

Get Real said...

LMFAO, I just saw the "Daston Junior" interview....hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

What I thought was funny was how that ET reporter was trying, without ever saying it directly, to get Jake to talk about the Russian dancing video. That's why Jake was like, "Oh yes, people have been kind to us all over the world."

That video is pretty much everywhere now. People are still talking about it. Anyway, I thought it was funny.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Jake was definitely on to why Samantha Harris was asking the question the way she was asking it. Loved his answer.

Love the red socks tidbit, Mary! I guess Jake felt the need for some color in his attire. Too bad that your pics are too far away. Hope the others turn out better.

Get real, I laughed at that picture of Jake and Crazy Tom Cruise. It annoys me that Jake had to spend any time talking about or with him.

Suvee, when you said "Tom and Nic," I had a flashback. For a second, I thought "Nicole Kidman was there?!"

As for the new name of the blog, it would be funny if Jake heard about it, I guess. But we probably don't want Jake peering too closely here, lol!

Anonymous said...

Some folks might not like Tom C., but Peter worked with him and seemed to like him quite a bit.
Jake had probably met Tom somewhere along the way. Seems like Jake knows just about everybody.

bobbyanna said...

I think I remember reports of Jake attending at least two CAA parties hosted by TC, and he's was at huge housewarming party at TC's house. It was really an industry event, for about 200 people, for CAA or Paramount, I think. So he definitely knows him.

I don't think Jake was at all awestruck or impressed that Tom was there, but the reporters obviously were. The crowds, OTOH, were screaming for Jake not TC.:)

TC helped arrange Heath's memorial service in L.A. Everyone who's worked with him says good things about him. He's definitely weird and manic. And I don't like the Scientology stuff.

Monica said...

Gemma and Jake seem to enjoy much of each other's company.
Unfortunately she has a voice unbearable, but appears to be a good person.

I did not know that Jake and Leo DiCaprio are friends.

I'm not fan of actor Tom Cruise, despite him being great in Magnolia and Collateral. And amazing in Tropic Thunder.
Last year he was in Brazil. He was one of the stars more polite to have visited our country.
He was nice with everyone.

Monica said...

I forgot to thank for your report, Maria. Thank you!

UltraViolet said...

Unfortunately, Jake played up the Tom Cruise factor. He probably had to, but it still makes my stomach turn.

From all accounts, TC is a pretty good guy to his fans and co-workers. When he's not pushing Scientology on them. I just can't abide the whole Scieno thing. I was a TC fan back in the day, but now, I just find him hard to take.

People really seem to dislike Gemma's voice. I don't mind it so far. We'll see how I feel during the movie.

Speaking of which - can't wait to hear your report tomorrow, Carla. Thanks for the update on the German reviews, as well.

UltraViolet said...

New post :)