Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Future, present, past

Southpaw is just past its first weekend in theaters, but there's already news about Jake's upcoming movies. Word today is that Demolition will open the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Now we just need the trailer!

But you know the Southpaw promotion hasn't stopped. Here's the third part of the Youtube sessions with Eminem:

Sky news:

Andrew Freud interviews Jake, Rachel and 50:

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Brokeback Mountain. As the Venice Film Festival and TIFF announce their lineups, we can't help but think back to the heady festival days of 2005. There will no doubt be many remembrances of BBM. Out has one of the first looks back with an oral history of the film.

Jake has been asked about the anniversary, with regard to the recent Supreme Court decision on marriage equality:

(Starts around the 1:50 mark.)

You can also hear jake talk more about the decision here (around 1:17).

Interesting excerpts from the Out story:

Hathaway: When I got the part and had my first rehearsal, one of the things Ang told me was: “On the night Lureen and Jack first meet, that’s her Brokeback Mountain, the only one she ever got.” So that kind of fed into the bitterness.

That stings.

Gyllenhaal: I’d known Heath for a really long time before that movie. We were friends. We went to a sort of boot camp, where we’d all hang out and learn to ride. Heath already knew how to ride really well, but we’d ride and hang out on the ranch outside of Los Angeles. It was really, really amazing.

Gyllenhaal: For the first month of shooting we all lived by this river in little trailers, and I had my dog there. We all just lived on a campground and would walk to set. You know, in a world driven by commerce, particularly in the movie business, there’s no time spent together—relationships are fleeting. But in the old-school way, people really used to spend their time together. They became a family. And that’s what Ang created on the movie. It’s why we are all still close— not just bonded by the success of the film, but bonded by the experience. It was an intimate project in that way. We’d wake up and make breakfast for each other, and hang out. Heath and Michelle fell in love. It was a really special, special time.

Gyllenhaal: That line [“I don’t know how to quit you”] has moved, it has been mocked, it has been everything in between, but I remember coming out of that scene, off that ridge of the hill, and seeing a number of the crew, some of whom didn’t even know what the movie was about, crying. When I first read that line, I was like, What is that? Now I realize that anybody who has loved knows what that feels like. The interesting part of casting us at such a young age was that we didn’t completely understand what we were involved in, and that’s the beauty of the movie as well.

Gyllenhaal: While there are many parts of the real story that are sad, one of the saddest things is that I won’t be able to exchange ideas creatively with Heath again, because that was one of the most beautiful things to come out of that.

So poignant. And heart-breaking. But it's good to remember the happy times.

Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Fight Time

Southpaw finally opens today across the U.S. and in many countries around the world. But promotion didn't stop for Jake. He seems to have spent the day in beautiful Bristol, Connecticut, the home of ESPN. Check out those videos and others below.

If you get to see Southpaw this weekend, please post your thoughts.

ESPN Take One:


Jake picks the best movie boxer. And it's not Billy Hope!

Youtube Sessions, Round Two:

Rotten Tomatoes - Unicorns are magical:

British Radio Interview - Kermode and Mayo (audio only):

Another British radio interview - They held the lift for you!

And another - Jake likes Greggs!

Pop Sugar interviews the whole cast:

Jake on musical theater:

On politics, gay marriage and social media:

What fictional boxer would you want to fight?


Thursday, July 23, 2015

The fight game

The deluge of Southpaw promotional interviews, videos and photos continues. This is going to be a barebones post. Just lots of pics, vids and links! Jake has been tireless in getting the word out - let's hope audiences follow.

SAG Foundation New York:

Seth Meyers - Jake's Dark Secret:

Seth Meyers - partial interview:

Southpaw Sessions with Jake and Eminem:

Howard Stern full interview here, but some videos, as well. First up, the worst Bar Mitzvah ever:

Southpaw training:

Mighty Ducks:


On why he took role in Brokeback Mountain:

On Bubble Boy:

How Jake would have played Batman:



CT Style:

Fandango Weekend Ticket:

The Drop:

Save or Kill:

We Got This Covered:

#TBT from People:

And from E! Jake in Bubble Boy days.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Tuesday was Jon's last presidential interview, last night was his last DREAMBOAT interview.

Taking a break from posting all the professional pics - let's look at some of the snaps posted on Instagram during Southpaw promotion. Because anything can happen and you never know whom you'll run into in the studio or on the street. There might be some repeats and some non-instal pics. Just trying to show some fun stuff.

We'll also put the talk show videos and new interviews at the end of the post.

At the Howard Stern show and on the way to the show:

Talk shows:
Daily Show:

Howard Stern - F/Marry/Kill:

CBS This Morning:

Kelly and Michael:

Fallon Slapjack:

Fallon Fork:

Fallon Gad1:

Fallon Gad2:

Fallon at the commercial break:

Full show link.


NPR Fresh Air:

DP/30 excerpt:


USA Today: Interview with Jake and Oona.

Scene Creek:



The Guardian:

Independent - Razor Burn:

XFM Radio:

NY premiere interview:

How the boxers prepped

KTLA, the channel used in Nightcrawler:

CTV Vancouver:

Radio Times:

BET (on Brokeback anniversary and gay marriage).

Monday, July 20, 2015

Premiere party people

Southpaw had its official premiere in New York City on Monday night. The cast was in attendance, and Eminem came. But director Antoine Fuqua had to send a video message (with surprise guests) from the set of Magnificent Seven.

Full red carpet video:

Tyson Beckford checks out Jake's muscles:

Premiere party:

Random Southpaw interviews and tidbits

Digital Spy:

Jake and Fifty behind-the-scenes at Vibe:

Vanity Fair talks to Antoine Fuqua, with BTS video of Fuqua, Fifty and Jake:

He’s pretty buff in the film, which is impressive since he was so hollowed out and scrawny in his last, Nightcrawler.

After he did Nightcrawler, he was a little skinny guy and had to buff up. We trained about six months before we started shooting, two-a-days. What he did—I had him train with me, because I train every day. So he could just do it with my trainer. Then he had to go away to do Everest [a mountain-climbing drama, scheduled for release in September] so we tried to have someone there with him, to keep him on a diet and keep him going. And to Jake’s credit he did a pretty good job of maintaining, at least to a degree. And then as soon as he came back, we just went in and sparred for four months of every-day training, everywhere he went. Jake was in a ring every day.

Press Association:

Good Morning America:

Weather photobomb


Short interview clip:

Regal Cinemas with the cast:

Tribute Movies:


Ask Men:

Fall in love with Jake's voice:

Hey U Guys:

Toronto red carpet interview with Rachel; sit-down with Jake has some interesting stuff on his research.

Sky News:

Daily Share:

Studio 12 Canada:


Southpaw stars channel their anger:

Jake and Eminem in Michigan: