Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Float like a butterfly ...

... Sting like a creep! Edited to add the new Nightcrawler trailer, as well as this Extra first look:

Lots of photos of Jake Gyllenhaal filming Southpaw in the Bronx this week. Some of the expressions are priceless.

Playing air cello.

"It took 100 of these tiny bottles to make me look this sweaty."

ETA: JakeGyllenhaalFF's caption is much funnier:

50 Cent challenged Jake to do the ice bucket challenge!! Was this it? Someone get Jake a bucket! 💦


I don't think a leg is supposed to bend that way.


"That didn't feel right."

"No, that's not where it hurts."

"Your hair is too short for a scrunchie!"

These two are just nice shots:

I hope to be able to update the post with the video from Jake's Ice Bucket Challenge. Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Southpaw Day

New Nightcrawler art, posted on Facebook.

Updated to add some photos from shooting on Monday. Perhaps the last day of filming?

The movie is just wrapping, but you don't need to wait for the release to celebrate. Today is international Left-handers Day. Sure, it's a made-up, meaningless holiday, but let's celebrate with some photos:

I think Holden is Jake's only one other left-handed character:

It's been a sad week for Hollywood, with the deaths of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. A 13-year-old Jake played Robin's son in an episode of Homicide. You can watch all of Robin's (and Jake's) scenes here.

That's Jake with the legendary Lauren Bacall, at the 2006 Vanity Fair Oscar party.

RIP, Lauren and Robin.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Do you know that song?

The Wrap ranks the year's Top 10 trailer songs, and Nightcrawler lands at number two with "Faith in Love" by CSS:

“Nightcrawler” has a darkness to it. The trailer emits a sense that we're going on a journey of transformation. There are layers to the song, which has an epic feel that somehow befits Dan Gilroy's indie movie, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a crime scene photographer. It would've been real easy to overlook the music in this trailer but The Wrap prides itself on finding the diamonds in the rough — and this song is a jagged gem. But don't take our word for it…

“As a film, ’Nightcrawler' is bold, off-centered and unique. The tricky part was finding a trailer song with similar attributes. Working closely with the ‘Nightcrawler’ filmmakers, we took that direction to Buddha Jones’ music supervisor Pete Hasty. He brought us several options and we all chose ‘Faith in Love’ from CSS. Everyone agrees that it captures the free-wheeling, brash intensity of the movie and it's also a great anthem for Jake's character, Louis Bloom. On top of that, we love the driving energy that it infuses in the trailer,” said Jason Cassidy, president of marketing at Open Road.

What other Jake movies have had memorable songs? Jarhead, of course. I forgot it opens with "Don't Worry." It's more famous, of course, for Kanye's "Jesus Walks:"

Moonlight Mile starts out with David Gray and "The Light" and then uses Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight:"

Of course the movie takes its name from the Rolling Stones song that plays over this behind-the-scenes video of the making of the movie:

Jake is so young!

Brothers features "Never Say Never" by The Fray and "Bad," one of my favorite U2 songs:

Like Nightcrawler, End of Watch's trailer song wasn't well known. It's called "In the City," by Kevin Rudolf:

What's your favorite trailer song or trailer, for Jake movies or in general?