Monday, May 10, 2010

The day after

Edited to add new PoP trailer. Warning: semi-spoilery.

The photos and videos of yesterday's Prince of Persia keep rolling in. It's an endless loop of Jake Gyllenhaal at his royally sexy and charming best. As always, IHJ has all of the photos you could want. Some of these photos were taken by fans; some by the pros.

This video can't be embedded, but it's a must-see for the nice words Ben Kingsley has for Jake.

Sadly, Sir Ben cannot actually spell Jake's name. See who can and can't:

Good going, Gemma!

Some red carpet moments with Jake:

ITN on the British tinge on PoP:

If you missed the live stream of the premiere, it was recorded, as was the live chat from Saturday.

End of the night - Jake looks a bit tired - and he's lost his pocket square. Must have been a wild after party!


UltraViolet said...

Variety and Hollywood Reporter have reviewed PoP. Both praised Jake's physique but dogged his "hangdog" expressions - boo. THR liked the film a little more than Variety, but I'd call it middling praise.

Shondra said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on the previous thread on what a bang up job you did in covering this incredible weekend! Love all the photos and videos (except the 2 Jake videos on this post which won't allow me to view!)

He looks so handsome and dashing, sigh. Loved reading Sheba's red carpet adventures with Jake, I was so happy to hear that she met him!

I read the Variety and THR and they both use the term hagdog to describe Jake's expression!

The weapons of mass destuction is used in the reviews, and it's not the first time it has been bought up, I think J. Ross did I believe. I wonder if he will get asked about that when he starts doing interviews.

Reviews are mixed but it will do great at the BO IMO.

hasan.gary said...

Man, I wish I was there. That looked so much fun.

I read the THR review. I don't see how this movie lacks substance. It's like saying the same thing for Avatar.

mary said...

thanks UV yea jake looks alittle worn out in that last pic of him leaving the party, i image he was its was along day for him but he looks great in that suit and you can tell he is so proud of this movie, wonder if hes headed home yet does any one know

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh the Variety and THR reviews bum me out a little because those two publications are read by studio suits in Hollywood. Poop.

UltraViolet said...

Me, too, FL. If the movie does well, they'll ignore that criticism. If it doesn't...

Sorry about the videos, Shondra. I think they are set to private. And youtube is down. I'll fix when the site come back.

I do love the spelling video, however. On twitter, they termed that "reporter annoys Jake Gyllenhaal" or something. But I like it that Jake played along. Would take a lot more than that to annoy him, I think.

Hi Hasan - welcome. I wonder why they are looking for substance, really. If it did have more of a serious tone, I have a feeling they'd criticize that!

It does look fun, and I can't wait to see it.

Mary, he does seem really proud of the movie. And we know how hard he worked on it, so it hurts a little to read some of the slams.

mary said...

forgot to say i finally saw a tv ad for pop today during the today show

bobbyanna said...

I first got accquainted with THR's and Variety's reviews when complimetary copies were handed out at film festivals.
(3 TIFFs & 4 Tribecas.)

I used to get so angry, because they rarely had a single decent thing to say about most films,especially ones I liked, and the rare ones they liked were crap.

Seriously. They'd rhapsodize about garbage. Almost made me wonder who's salary the "critic" was on! I can't imagine anyone taking them seriously. At least I hope not.

Monica said...

Thank you for all these reports, Sheba. You're a lucky girl!
Must have been a great day.

Maybe you have another meeting with him this year. LAOD?

UV, you're doing a great job with all this information. Yesterday I was in my house, but I was happy when I arrived and saw all these wonderful updates.
Jake was sexier than ever. He is so perfect!

Thanks to all the others who helped in these updates.

Yesterday I went to see IM2. What a shame to make a movie of two hours only to promote the Avengers.
Those fight scenes were one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen.
Sam Rockwell was great, and RDJ was born to be Tony Stark. He has a wonderful chemistry with G. Paltrow.
Scarlett looked like a robot on the scene and MR is increasingly bizarre.

And finally, a photo of Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond:
Dr. Hector Hammond

Anonymous said...


So great to hear about these red carpet encounters

UltraViolet said...

Those youtube videos should work now - sorry about that!

This is funny: ITN asks Jake about Jonathan Ross dissing his on-screen brothers.

A couple more funny videos: from Good Day LA and WNYW, where the reporter professes her love for Jake. Hee.

Another quick Jake interview - not a video.

UltraViolet said...

Yay for more ads, Mary!

Bobbyanna, I agree that Variety and THR can be out of step. But it would be a nice badge, nonetheless, for Jake to have gotten a good, solid review. Poo on them!

Thanks for the kind words, Monica. And the Peter link - I think!

I loved Iron Man but the second one doesn't really appeal to me. But I'm sure I'll see it at some point.

Ginny said...

The two main UK film mags, Empire and Total Film, both give PoP 3/5. TF says Jake is ace and fits the character down to a tee.

Sheba thank you for sharing your premiere experience with us, I am glad you had such a good time.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, good news, Ginny. Thanks for letting us know, especially the part about Jake. Of course, I'd love to see a 4/5, but it doesn't seem destined to get there.

Speaking of destiny... new trailer in the post.

Paula said...

I think I will avoid the first trailer UV if it's spoilerish, I had a hard time the past few weeks trying to keep away with a lot of this stuff, it hasn't been easy!

Wow, what a weekend for Jake and all his fans! I'm so excited for Jake, he looked so good on the red carpet.

Gemma looked beautiful .I love the pic of her looking at Jake posted, she seems mesmerized! And the 2nd pic of him and his tounge!

I read Sheba's account from yesterday and I'm so excited for her, what a wonderful experience! Her reaction to meeting Jake was priceless!

I was hoping for better reviews from Variety and THR, but I think this film is going to be critic proof, looks like loads of fun and I can't wait!

Peter looks freaky, LOL!!

Love all the updates, keep up the wonderful work!

FluorescentLamp said...

OMG! LOL! The detailed explanation Jake provides in the Good Day LA video UV just linked for muscle building/washing hair is hilarious! Loves it!

sheba said...

OMGosh, LMAO that ITN video (1st one) was friggin fantastic. Was Jake serious about his pronounciation or was he taking the P? Sorry had to quickly post. Off to see your other bag of goodies that you've got for us, be back soon.

UltraViolet said...

Sheba - you're awake! Did you sleep all day or did you have to wake up and rejoin the regular world?

Jake is taking the piss and doing it marvelously!

FL, I loved the hair care routine/workout. Jake's funny! Those LA entertainment types should know that by now.

Definitely don't watch, Paula. I'm trying to avoid more spoilers, too. Wasn't anything big, just new scenes.

suvee said...

Well the Variety and THR reviews weren't fun to read. I hate reading the word "insipid" as a description of anything connected with Jake. Hopefully this is a minority opinion!

It was nice to hear about the better PoP reviews from the 2 UK film mags. Thanks for the good news, Ginny!

Monica said...

Yesterday, I wasn't in my house, but I was happy when I arrived and saw all these wonderful updates.

Chica said...

Ha,ha, I love Jake's regiment for getting that bod for Pop, I will have to keep that in mind when I wash and condition my hair!

Dissapointed in the Variety and THR reviews, sigh.

I'm happy that Empire and Total film liked Pop Ginny!

Jake will be on ET tonight!

sheba said...

Hey UV, no I haven't had much sleep, about 1.5 hours but it's catching up with me along with my flu-like symptoms crashing down on me again. Coupled with a call from school to collect my little one who fell and hit his head on the concrete was a trip to A&E.

5 hours we were there but it was warmed with thoughts of yesterday's premier as well as seeing a gigantic PoP poster just outside the hospital window in the middle of the City Centre. My son then proceeded to show those in the waiting room the Pop Poster and the wrist band I still had on from the premier. He's ok now though, we're home.

Speaking of little boys, that cute kid that got his picture taken with Jake - we had met the boy and his dad earlier and they just happened to be walking past. My friend pointed him out and I got talking to his dad. The dad asked what was going on today. We told him it was the PoP premier of the film and that his son was wearing the Prince's costume and he had the dagger. We started to call him little Dastan. The dad said he was passing the disney shop and his son saw the suit and wanted it so he bought it. I asked him if he was staying for the premier and he said probably not. I said "Oh, you've got to stay and see the real Prince Dastan. Jake would absolutely love it to see a little one in his costume. You've only got about another hour to wait, we've been here since 9.30am. Come and wait with us."

We spoke to the security guys (as we were already in our little 'penn') and asked them if he could be let in as there was plenty of room and that the organisers would love to see this little boy. They told the man to go down the bottom end and they would let him in. Eventually he got in and waved to us at the top end and gave us the thumbs up to thank us. It was so packed down the bottom he couldn't make his way up. As we didn't get to see it, to hear that Jake had a look of delight when he saw this little guy and took a picture really warmed my heart as Karen and me played a small part in that. I bet that little prince won't forget that moment for a long time :)

I want to say Suvee, Shondra, Chica, Extra, Get Real, Monica, Bobbyanna, Mary, FL, UV, Ginny, Paula (and I sincerely apologise if I have left anyone out) thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. My hope is that you all find a way to get together in LA and experience a Jake red carpet moment. You will absolutely love it plus you will have had someone you can talk it through with. I cannot wait to hear your LA stories, it's going to be fabulous :DDD

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal to Play 'Broadway Joe'?
Extra TV

Sheab, thank God that everything is okay with your child.

Monica said...

Thanks for that link about soccer, UV.
Jake really like soccer so much.
I hate soccer, but my family loves.
If I ever go to any premiere in the future, I know what to give for Jake: a shirt of the Brazilian team.
I have a friend who went to a premiere of Lord of the Rings and she gave a shirt of the Brazilian team for Orlando Bloom. He loves soccer and Brazil too.

bobbyanna said...

According to E!'s Ryan Seacrest, Jake wore a CUSTOM MADE Ferragamo three piece suit!

Yes, he did. He wore the s**t out of it, too! :)

UltraViolet said...

He sure did, Bobbyanna! Ca't wait to see what he wears in LA.

Monica, I bet Jake would love a soccer/football jersey. I had no idea he was such a fan. It's adorable that he wanted to be a soccer player when he was young!

Sheba, so sorry to hear about your son. The poor thing! It's adorable that he pointed out your wristband. I guess he knows you're a Jake fan, huh? Glad you had Jake to stare at and even more, that your son is okay.

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. I love the story about the little kid - it's so funny that the guy didn't even know the premiere was happening there. Good for you for sheperding them in.

If you look on some of the videos, you can see the boy, and see Jake holding him - taken from the back.

Here's the Total Film review Ginny mentioned.

Carla said...

The picture with Jake and Mr BG at his side made me laugh - it looks like two stars are posing together....:-)

Since I will see PoP next wednesday (a preview), officially the film starts thursday, I will try to stay away from all new material now. And I saw the first big poster on our streets!

The reviews of HW and Variety are exactly what I expected. Or let me say I even expected worse.... I had given up on them when I read their reviews for "Rendition".

At the moment PoP has a 73% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes form the users - if anyone here has an account there we should go and support the film.
The critics - one fresh, one rotten.
Rotten Tomatoes

And a good review from a corner I did not expect it - a reader has seen the film and was "pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had with the movie."


Thanks for the Extra TV link, Monica. That was such a nice interview.

Sheba, I am sorry to read about your little son and I hope he is doing fine.

sheba said...

Thank you yes, he's fine. Just carrying on the PoP adventure. It's your adventures I'm looking forward to reading about. The kids will love the film and lots of battle scenes are there to satisfy many. I do recommend not seeing any more sneak peeks as it somewhat spoiled it for me. I cannot wait to see this fabulous film again.

Oh and UV after the film ended people were nodding and seemed to have really enjoyed. It chatting to eacher about their favourite parts. It will be a huge success.
Dunno where Jake is now but I hope he's enjoying the sunshine.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks Sheba for sharing your story with us! I hope your son is Ok.

I saw the little boy in the Dastan costume in the video that you described, what a cute story!

That suit fit him to a T, worth every penny! He looked really good in it.

I wish the THR and Variety reviews were better, but st least they didn't pan it all together.

Thanks for the lnk to the CHUD review , and the Extra interview Monica.

Anonymous said...

73% on Rotten Tomatoes is excellent. :) I'm so glad it's doing well.

Monica said...

Emanuel Levy:
Prince of Persia - C

But, alas, with all due respect, the handsome Jake Gyllenhaal, he is not Johnny Depp in the charisma department, and the central story around him is not nearly as goofy, campy, and enjoyable as that of the "Pirates" pictures.

I hate these comparisons.

"Prince of Persia" may serve as testing ground for the star power and banakability of Gyllenhaal—it may be the first flick whose succcess really depends on his vroad shoulders. Pumped-up from gym work, sporting a strangely-looking long hair, and essaying a British accent semi-successfully, Gyllenhaal wears easily the period costumes and move elegantly enough to attract the attention of young boys with his jumping over roofs or plunging into deep waters.

This is interesting:
All the elements build up to the the anticipated climax, a rousing showdown between Darsan and his enemies (the children seated next to me at the screening were on their feet, screaming and cheering).

It's a film for children and young people, for the family. Just fun. Like all Disney movies.

Anonymous said...

If this was a remake of "Pirates" just set in a different place then comparisons would be justified but this is its own movie and to go into it wanting to compare everything to "Pirates" isn't what i would think a professional critic should do.
Johnny's character was very unique in the way he played him - Dastan is a completely different type of character.
Again - people are going to really enjoy it and as said the kids who go are going to love it.
The Entertainment Tonight bit with Jake was a nice one.

Monica said...

Exactly. anon. Johnny's character was created for the comedy part of POTC. Totally different from the Dastan, who probably needs serious moments in the film.

The review it was well written, but these comparisons are becoming increasingly ridiculous.

Carla said...

The problem is that when you have the headline:
"From the Producer of The Pirates of the Carribean" on your official poster you should be aware that people will compare the films.

IMO so far Disney has done a good job to promote PoP but the permanent linking of the two films won´t do PoP any favour.

The audience will probably enjoy the film and I am hoping for a good box office result - because this is the main interest from Disney and Bruckheimer.

I don´t think anyone involved expects great critical acclaim.

Sag actor said...

A. Molina is the J. Depp comic relief in this not Jake, and yes the comparison to POTC is annoying.

Still the reviews are what I expected. This film is going to be a crowd pleaser, geared to kids.

I'm looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.

UltraViolet said...

Good points, all. Comparing Jake and Johnny is comparing two different kinds of characters. But the fact that they plaster PotC after JB's name on the film, and that he himself made the comparison initially and continues to do so... that means the comparisons won't stop.

PotC was kind of a once in a lifetime phenomenon and setting up that expectation always seemed foolish.

Glad the crowd enjoyed PoP, Sheba. If most moviegoers feel that way, like the CHUD reviewer, it won't matter what the critics think.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake is in Moscow, Sheba. I wasn't sure whether to believe this tweet:

Viktor & Rolf are in moskow, sitting on the rooftop of the ritz, next to jake gyllenhaal!

But then I saw this from Jordan Mechner:

In Moscow for the Russian premiere of Prince of Persia. I can't believe I'm really here.

I wonder if Jake's ever been to Moscow.

The Ritz twitterers posted a pic - of the Ritz roof view, not Jake!

There are so many Jake tweets these days. Hard to find the good nuggets. I'm sure Tweety can relate :)

bobbyanna said...

Definitely! Johnny Depp's character and Alfred Molina's are somewhat similar rogues, not Johnny and Jake.

I understand them using POTC as a promotional lead- in, but it should've been obvious it would open them up for silly, illogical comparisons. (IMO, POTC wasn't nearly as good as I wanted it to be!) Jake's comparisons to Indiana Jones are more fitting.

I'm mostly feeling good about the critics so far. They're leaning pretty positive, and 95% favorable to Jake.
(On the Bobbyanna-meter :))

There's probably some legitimacy to the fairly consistent criticism about the repetitious "Dagger turns back time," But it certainly doesn't sound like a major problem.

Most people are taking PoP for what it is, a well made, fun, fantasy movie. I'm just ignoring the negatives from this point on, because I don't believe there's really anything new anyone can legitimately say. Audiences are really enjoying it!

I'm loving all the personal stories! Sheba, I'm glad your son is OK. Those phone calls from school can be scarey.

Tweety said...

I saw that tweet UV and I thought that they were joking! I didn't think there was going to be a premiere anywhere else except London and L.A., I thought that Russia was a part of the premiere on Sunday!

Well at least we will get pics of him from Moscow, I don't know if he has ever been there before.

That was some snazzy suit he had on Sunday, I can't imagine him topping that!

Love reading your adventures with Jake and his BG Sheba, I hope you little boy is doing well.

I'm sick of Pop being compared to POTC too, and you're right that Jerry has been pushing it. It's not a fair comparison, that siad I don't think that or the mixed reviews are going to hurt this at all.

Off th watch all the new videos posted, thanks UV!

bobbyanna said...

Moscow! How cool!

Viktor & Rolf are fashionistas, big time.

Tweety said...

And here he is in Moscow!

Monica said...

A Persian Prince in Russia!
He is so beautiful and Gemma too!

sheba said...

Ooh, lovely, he's gone to his ancestral home (one of them). The excellent adventure continues. Thanks for the confirmation UV :D Remind me, when is the LA premier then if he's in Moscow?

You're right JB started the comparisons which has caused this. It irritated the heck out of me that the reviewer compared him to Johnny Depp. You cannot compare these two men as they both shine in very individual ways. Jake has oodles of expected and unexpected charisma and charm which, if anything, makes him appear accessible, whereas Johnny has his quiet, dark, mysterious charisma which makes him inaccessible. How can you compare one with the other? Madness.

Dastan is Jake, nobody else now can ever be Dastan. Same for Captain Jack and Johnny. The kids are going to love it. I fear now for the world's sofas, tables, stair cases and beds. The swashbuckling leaps these kids, (not just boys but girls as well) will be doing I think will probably be incorporated in even street dance moves. It opens up so many possibilities. It's going to be a smash hit.

Oh and thanks to you to OONP and Tweety. Hope you guys get to go.

Carla said...

Wow - he looks great - our Prince in Moscow....that means more red carpet pictures..!!

"'m mostly feeling good about the critics so far. They're leaning pretty positive, and 95% favorable to Jake.
(On the Bobbyanna-meter :))"

I think I am going too with the Bobbyanna-meter from now on....:-)

UltraViolet said...

If my French is correct, it appears the Moscow premiere was last night. Thanks for the link, Tweety!

Dastan is Jake, nobody else now can ever be Dastan.

Love that, Sheba. Jake is Jake/Jake is Dastan. Johnny is Johnny/Jack Sparrow. Enough with the comparisons!

We have the Tomatometer and now the Bobbyannameter!

New pics, new post :)

Moskova said...

So exciting! :)