Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cheeky. Rugged. And dreamy when he wants to be.

Who else but Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan, described in an early review of Prince of Persia.

As we can expect from Walt Disney Pictures, it starts off in reminiscence of their animated "Aladdin", what with the kid with an apple, running from palace guards and jumping from handle bars to roofs - only this time, sans the monkey. Then it goes into real action. The attack on the eastern gates of Alamut scene is mesmerising, and throughout the whole nearly two-hour experience, it goes from one great scene to another without stopping for insignificant breathers. No wasted moments there.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan is cheeky and rugged, with a devil-may-care attitude, which of course will attract the ladies. He shows that with a slight change to the hairdo, he can discard his famous boyish characteristics into turn into a gaming superhero without losing the charm.

Another reviewer gives PoP an 8 out of 10:

[Newell] explained how one of the aims that he and the producers wanted to convey was their love for the Middle Eastern architecture and attention to detail that the researchers had found in buildings from that era. I cannot agree more with this statement. The level of detail in recreating the mansions, temples and royal buildings is staggering. Not only does it make you feel like you’re watching events from that period, it makes you want to live there.

The main relationship between Dastan and Princess Tamina (Arterton) was crafted very well, and it held true to the relationship between the two in the video-game. Usually the sequels to these video-games have tried to recreate the animosity between the two leads from the original, and this is the first time I’ve seen it work well. I felt that both Gyllenhaal and Arterton carried their performances well and were effective in their lead roles, especially as this genre is something relatively new to both of them. And well done to Jake for carrying the British accent as I thought it would put me off, as it usually does, but it suited him well.

Unfortunately, the biggest name of these early reviews gave the movie only 3/5 stars. The Empire reviewer can't seem to get past the fact that the film is not in 3D. He does manage to get some commentary on the actual movie in:

Standing in the way of disaster is Gemma Arterton’s comely princess/priestess Tamina. And a few awkward lurches of plot later (all that post-production and the film still staggers about like a drunk) they are teamed up, slow-burning their way to romance via the usual (but enjoyable) saucy bickering.

Newell has half-an-eye on the ebullient fizz of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in the velveteen pomp of Sinbad The Sailor, wooing irascible Maureen O’Hara with his moon-sized grin and acrobatic gait. If the first Pirates taught them anything, it’s a worthy dimension in its own right — that merry dance of characters, the light frisson of comic exchange. And Gyllenhaal — likably warm and goofy, but a spiritual Han forever saddled with Luke’s lines — and Arterton, who gave 007 as good as she got, are a couple you root for. Arterton proves the most spirited character on show, even if she did recently lose a battle with Tango.

IHJ has a lot of new stills that I didn't post. But here are a few that called out for comment :)

Is that a wire attached to your leg or are you just happy to see us?

Look at how many people it takes to do this job. No, not make a movie - search for Mike Newell's dignity!

Jake couldn't be on set this day, so they brought in his surprisingly authentic wax figure from Madame Tussaud's

I think this is the picture originally seen on the cover of SEX, er, SFX.

Stephanie uploaded Jake's interview with GameTrailers TV, done at WonderCon. it's a few minutes, so longer than the other quickies done there. And he's wearing a different shirt!

(Photos courtesy of the wonderful IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

The Hollywood Reporter has a new way of identifying awareness and enthusiasm for movies. According to their latest, PoP is doing quite well:

Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” made a big splash on this week’s Bullseye, a full month out from its May 28 release date. Flixster users are clearly eager for some serious supernatural swashbuckling. Well, that and Carrie and Co., as the female portion of the audience suddenly drove “Sex and the City 2″ activity onto the chart.

Also, a couple of sightings of Jake at the airport tonight. Both sighters are from London, so that could mean Jake is headed there. Or not :)

Tweety said...

LOL @ your captions UV, he really looks like a wax figure in that still!

Reviews are trickling in, mixed so far as I have seen.I love the cheeky, rugged and dreamy description!

Jake's Dastan reminds me of Errol Flynn in Robin Hood from the features we have seen.

Great news regarding the enthusiasm for Pop on Bullseye!

I think he is headed to the UK, I would think he will doing more than the JR show over there I hope!

Cathy E said...

I'm glad about these early reviews - Dastan and Tamina are emerging pretty much unscathed! I thought even the Empire review was good overall. Fingers crossed! :) I know I'm going to love it, no matter what!

DarkShadow19 said...

Thanks for the reviews

'm a little concerned about what the first review said about the ending. I've played the game so I know what happens. If it's really bothersome (I heard it was sad though) then I'm just a little worried. Still good to know that the movie is turning out pretty well.

Cathy E said...

I hadn't read the first review - I just did. I know next to nothing about the game. The ending sounds intriguing now, and I'm glad to hear the soundtrack will be good! I liked what they said about Jake in the first one too. :)

bobbyanna said...

After reading Empire's review all I can say is, some reviewers take themselves way too seriously! They get in the way of their own reviews. You have to ferret out the comments of substance, because they're buried!

What I'm getting over all from most reviews is that PoP is
fast-paced, lots of action, visually stunning, great CGI, authentic, detailed sets, Jake and Gemma both acquit themselves very well and have great chemistry. And Alfred Molina and the ostriches work.

I worried about how Jake would be received, but I was over that certainly by WonderCon. He worked so hard on ths movie, and it sounds as if it really paid off.

mary said...

gret post uv love all the comentry below the pics
if jake is in london then he is probably doing more than the the jr show probably alot of interviews other wise why would he go over this early cant wait for may 28 if though i have to work that day but im off for 4 days after that

Josie said...

I do think some of the reviewers are taken this movie too seriously. It's a action/adventure movie based on a video game!!

So far I haven't read one review where they said that the movie was bad. I do think some gamers may be dissapointed that it's not the video game to movie that they have been waiting for. But aside from that I think this is going to be fantastic, I can't wait!!

I would think that he will be doing a lot of press in the UK too Tweety and Mary. Loved the L.A. Times interview linked in the previous post, thanks UV!

UltraViolet said...

That LA Times story was good - I liked it, too, Josie.

As many of you have said, it is a little irritating that some of these reviewers are taking things so seriously. I do think there are legitimate issues with the casting, but some of the objections are just silly.

The Empire review was particularly irritating, since it was more of a critique of the movie they wanted PoP to be rather than what it is.

I haven't played the game, Dark shadow, so I don't have any expectations. It will be hard to fulfill all the gamer's expectations, but I hope they are somewhat satisfied. Jake actually discussed that in the GameTrailers TV interview I mentioned in a previous post. Stephanie has already uploaded it and I put it in the post. It's a nice little interview.

UltraViolet said...

Mart and Tweety, glad you enjoyed the captions. I couldn't resist on the wax figure one. And Mike Newell's outfit? Come on! Hee.

Cathy, I'm so happy that reviewers are reacting positively to Dastan and Tamina. I know some rolled their eyes at the "cliche" bickering. But I can't wait to see them together.

Bobbyanna, Jake did work so hard on this movie. It's great to hear that he acquits himself well. As if we had any doubt :)

Cathy E said...

I know some rolled their eyes at the "cliche" bickering. But I can't wait to see them together.

Me too, UV! And all of the costumes and sets. It's going to be a summer treat. Ahem. ;)

Jake looks good in the new video, and I liked what he said about Jordan being influenced by the old movies to create the game, which created the new film, and how it's come full circle.

FluorescentLamp said...

Mmmsuch a great hotel. And the CZ is still in effect.

Jake Gylenhall in Claridges OMG!!!!!! In shorts after running OMG !!!

Tweety said...

This is too funny!:

mattypop39: Just met Jake Gyllenhaal! Omfg Fit as fuck!!! I want him to sit on my face lol!
about 1 hour ago from Echofon

I guess it's safe to say that he is in the UK!!

Chica said...

It was frustrating reading that review in Empire, sounds like he was expecting something else.

I love your captions UV!

I really like the video/interview from Wondercon posted. Jake did a really great job in explaining the movie for anyone that is not familiar with the video game.

I hope all the UK peeps are on alert for Jake!

mary said...

was in target tonight and in their toy department they had the mcfarlane pop figures was so excited to see them out and their were only a few left so looks they are sellling pretty well was tempted to buy one but my daughter was with and she would think i was crazy if i did she teases about how much i like jake calls him my boy friend:) but she is going with me to see pop my son will probably come too shes is the one who brought me to see bbm she has seen most of his movies wouldnt see brothers because it was a war ovie so she said si i had to see it by myself did buy the new empire magazine with jake on it

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What an interesting description of Prince of Persia as an Indiana Jones of the Middle East from Cinema Online. They like Jake but weren't too impressed with Gemma or Ben, overall a good review.

The Empire review wasn't positive, faint praise for Jake.

I caught the Spike interview posted, I like that it wasn't just a short snippet and gave Jake a chance to really talk about the movie.

He's in England! I hope he does more than the JR show, maybe G. Norton?

Tweety said...

Jake and a fan in London:

jsr56: Just sat next to Jake Gyllenhaal at brunch in Chelsea. He totally caught me Gawking at him.
22 minutes ago from web

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL Jake doesn't look too happy in that pic with @mattypop39 - he must have read what he tweeted about him last night. Heh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He can't do the G. Norton show since it tapes at the exact same time as Jonathan Ross. They air on different days but film at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Hi. These look promising. I never take much notice of Empire reviews because it seems the main aim is to be a flippant smart-arse and this effort runs true to form.

Thanks for these UV (hug)


bobbyanna said...

Wow! This is like the calm before the storm! I'm excited for him. He always seems to have fun in London.

Rainy gloomy day here.

Extra said...

That tweet and that tweet pic is too funny:):)

The early reviews are mixed, but I will wait until the big guns come out with their reviews.

It is the calm before the storm Bobbyanna! I saw Pop featured this morning on CBS this Morning when they were talking about the summer movies.

Love the captions , are you just happy to see us, LOL!! And what the hell is Newell wearing??

I liked this WonderCon interview, thanks!

lawgoddess said...

Let's see, T-26 and counting!

I think Disney is handling everything very well and that the is will be a big hit for Jake.

I'm glad he's in London, too, and I hope he gets some down time before the gig crush starts.

Thanks for all the info.

Anonymous said...

I know that SATC and Shrek 4 have a following, but I also think PoP will do very well.

suvee said...

Look at how many people it takes to do this job. No, not make a movie - search for Mike Newell's dignity!

That's a great caption! Hard to decide which is the greater fashion offense..... those horrid green pants or that odd hat.

I'm not too concerned about PoP reviews just yet. We all know it's not meant to be Oscar Best Picture material. As long as it's a fun, visually stunning, swashbuckling adventure with some romance, witty banter and SEXY Dastan, I'm good. :)

I think the no 3D thing might be a recurring theme among reviewers. But I actually am happy PoP isn't jumping on the 3D bandwagon.... it sounds like it's very much an old school type of adventure movie. I think 3D would be at odds with that style, and would be a distraction rather than an enhancement.

We need some London photos!

Monica said...

I think those reviews are good. Much better than I expected.

It's a movie Disney / Bruckheiner, therefore we can not wait to be a movie like Dark Night, for example.
Not to be serious, it's just fun.

The last time I was here, I posted a link to some photos of POP.

Ok, he's sexy, hot, with an amazing body, but in my opinion it is unfortunate to see Jake's body be used to attract the public. I do not like that kind of cheap publicity made by Disney.

UltraViolet said...

I think Disney has been pretty restrained with the beefcake so far, Monica. One little burst of ab-tasticness didn't hurt :)

Thanks for the caption appreciation, folks :)

And it's true that a movie like PoP is almost guaranteed to get a lot of negative criticism. But I am still hoping it wins some critics over. And not a pan yet, though we have seen some tweets suggesting they're coming.

Kind of a quiet weekend for Jake. I guess it was the calm before the storm, Bobbyanna.

And Janie, hugs back! empire seems to like to cover Jake, but they do get their digs in. Which they probably do to everyone, but it still bugs!

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to say that I agree, suvee, We do need London pics!

No, wait, we do, but really, I meant that I agree on the 3D thing. I don't see why this movie should have been in 3D. It all just seems like a gimmick.

DarkShadow19 said...

I also agree on the 3D thing too. This movie looks just perfect without it.

Now 3D can look cool during a high flying sequence like in How to train a dragon and Avatar, but that about it. It's not really that special IMO.

sheba said...

I agree with the 3D stuff, absolutely not necessary. TDK did wonderfully without it, PoP will too. I will say though that I have to watch PoP 1st at an IMAX before I watch it anywhere else.

I truly am having to contain my excitement but as my 10 year old is just as excited to see it I feel so proud of Jake for making this a family experience for the first time.

Off to Stratford-Upon-Avon today so hope you all have a lovely day too.

Shondra said...

I was surprised that Pop didn't go the 3-D route at first but I'm glad they didn't. This film is going to be old school action and adventure film with some romance with a dashing and sexy Prince and a beautiful and fiesty Princess!

I'm fangirling bigtime too Sheba, finally a Jake movie I can take the kids too!

He's in your neckof the woods, maybe you will run in to him:)

Those captions really got my morning started UV. Wax figure Dastan and Newell wearing G-d knows what!

Extra said...

A great interview with Jake has been posted on the 30 Ninjas blog. Nothing about UMP, but he talks about SC, Duncan, Pop and Newell:

The Body Electric said...

I agree, I don't think Jake's "exposure" has been too much. Just a few pics that are part of a story. He's not plastered all over Times Square (is he?). The first photo I saw of the series, was just outstandingly abtasticallly beautiful, and tasteful. It should be seen. He's got some battle scars, it looks like. I'm so looking forward to PoP, it's going to be a great summer escape. :)

UltraViolet said...

Well, hopefully Jake/PoP is or will be plastered all over Times Square. But he can be in demure costumes :)

Shondra and Sheba, it's so cool that you'll get to to to PoP with little ones. It will be fun to see/hear their perspective on the movie.

And Dark Shadow, I think I forgot to welcome you last week :) Seems as if we are all in agreement that 3D is not necessary. Let's hope the critics stop harping on it.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the link, Extra. That is a good interview. And looks like there's more to come, perhaps.

Interesting to hear Jake's thoughts on Newell v. Jones. It really sounds like he had a great time working with Duncan on Source Code. I was a little worried about sophomore slump for DJ, and wondering if his full focus was on SC and not still on Moon. Sounds like it was all good.

I wish the interviewer had actually asked Jake "What stresses you out." It was the heading for the first section of the interview, but I didn't see it as a specific question.

The interviewer really seemed to like Jake :)

Chica said...

That is a great interview with Jake from the 3 Ninjas blog Extra. Interesting reading the 2 very distinct directing styles of Newell and Duncan.

I haven't seen Jake on any Times square billboards yet. If they do put one up I just hope it's not too revealing, it may cause several accidents!

Chica said...

I forgot to mention on my last comment about the passing of Helen Wagner who played Nancy Hughes on the Soap Opera As The World Turns. She was 91. Don't know how many soap fans are here but I used to be a major fan, I only watch the Young and the Restless now but back in the day ATWT was one of my favs. ATWT will be going off the air this September, leaving only 6 soaps left on the air.

RIP Helen Wagner

The news Lynn Redgrave passed away a few minutes a few minutes ago from cancer. That family has suffered such heartache with the death of Natasha Richardson and their brother a few months ago.

Farewell Georgy Girl.

FluorescentLamp said...

OMG! Not Lynn Redgrave! Oh how sad.

bobbyanna said...

I've never watched soaps with any regularity, so I'm not familiar with Helen Wagner (RIP), but I'm very sad to hear about Lynn Redgrave. Brilliant actress.

The Ninjas interview was great! Thanks, Extra!

Don't know how I feel about a 3D PoP. For myself, I don't care. I'm completely satisfied to watch it just as it. But as a business decision, I do wonder if it'll afffect PoP. (Critics are such creeps!)

Wasn't JB quoted, when pressed abuot it, as saying Disney didn't want to spend the money? I also read that it wouldn't have cost more than $6M to produce a 3D version.

They must've done some kind of market study to determine whether or not going with a 3D version would matter, and decided it wouldn't.

I did get the impression JB was a little uneasy with that decision. POTC is going to be 3D, and Shrek 4will be 3D. Thank God no one suggested 3D for SATC! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Think i read Jerry saying when they started filming POP tho there was 3D out there it wasn't what it is now.

Sheba baby said...

If I remember correctly, Clash of the Titan's 3D effects were added after the fact and the result was really bad. Pop doesn't need 3D, it has Jake, Gemma, Molina, Kingsley a director that I like and plenty of cool CGI effects!

I don't care what the reviews are, I can't wait until this movie comes out! What a wonderful interview, thanks Extra!

I watched ATWT years ago and I remember Nancy Hughes her fondly, I can't believe the show is going off the air, sigh.

What sad news about Lynn Redgrave,


UltraViolet said...

Oh, that is very sad about Lynn Redgrave.

I saw the news about Helen Wagner last night. I wasnt an ATWT fan - was always an ABC soaps girl. But I've watched it off and on over the last year or so. It's sad that it's going off the air and even sadder that she didn't make it to the end of the run.

On a different note:

Thank God no one suggested 3D for SATC! LOL!

That cracked me up, Bobbyanna! High D/#D - no thanks for SaTC!

I think Bruckheimer regrets that PoP just missed the 3D phenomenon. He seems like he wanted to do it/wishes they had done it. Because, you know, more money!

New post :)