Friday, May 7, 2010

Full Court Press

Press conference day for Prince of Persia, with Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Mike Newell and Jerry Bruckheimer holding court at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Jake got suited up this morning and was spotted leaving Claridge's on his way to the presser:

Some pics of Jake and company at the press conference. According to the tweets, Jake was his usual charming and funny self:

There was so much adrenaline running for Jake when he did his stunts he didn't think about the heat

How did the heat effect Jake's performance? The heat helped with warming up his muscles for his physical scenes

Jake is hilarious!! What a fabulous sense of humour!

>>For those of you who don't know what that means - its means to make fun of. Gemma says that comes across in their characters on screen.

Gemma is saying how she and Jake 'took the piss' out of each other on set.<<

Sir Ben is talking about his relationship with Jake's character in the film but I can't tell you what he's saying as its a spoiler!

>>Jerry is saying he never looks back - always forward to his new films

Does Jerry ever punch the air and say "Yeah i made Top Gun"?<<

Gemma is saying she couldn't even make the Prince move in the game!

Mike has tried to play the game and admits he's terrible! He could never get him out of the revolving knives!

Mike Newell admits he didn't realise at first that #PrinceofPersia was a video game

Jake is being very funny at our press conference for #PrinceofPersia - i couldn't do his jokes justice by tweeting them.

Which event in the past would you like to erase? Jake says the day they had to shoot with ostriches as they were terrifying!

Jake mentions that Jordan originally described him game as a guy jumping around in pyjamas - Jake would like to try that on the next film!

Jake is mimicking Brit director Mike Newell's on set about his accent "Dear boy, that didn't sound right. Do it again"

Jake is joking that he has been studying parkour since he was a small child and always wanted to be a Prince!

Some tweets from various media types at the press conference:

Back from seeing Jake Gyllenhaal - even more gorgeous in the flesh

>>Spent too much time staring at Jake Gyllenhaal's eyes

I tried. I really tried. I spent the whole time having to repress myself from shouting inappropriate things... <<

@heyuguysblog: Jake is cracking everyone up in the prince of persia press conf. Such a funny guy!

Prince of Persia Sands of Time is a fantastic film, got some fantastic audio after press conf.

Jake Gylenhaal is hilarious. Look out for the Prince of Persia press conference coverage coming to very soon

Jake Gyllenhaal is sooo funny and tres handsome in person

There is such a thing a bliss. And his name is Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake went out to dinner with Jerry Bruckheimer at J Sheekey in Covent Garden last night:

Had to post that last one due to the arrow placement :)

UKers, don't forget: Jake on Jonathan Ross tonight:

There's apparently a livestream of the show here.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and various tweeters.)


UltraViolet said...

Kind of an annoying Jake interview. It's interesting to hear how closely Jake worked with the costumer. I love how he makes up back stories for his characters.

This was an interesting part:

So, was there any kind of reluctance to stepping into this big arena, given that there will be that shift in how people perceive Jake Gyllenhaal onscreen, should this prove a monster hit?

"Yeah, of course," he smiles. "Perception is always the thing with an audience. Look, the thing is, you make a movie about two sheep herders who fall in love in Wyoming, and there's a whole perception with that. You know what I mean? And you live with that, one way or another.

"You make a movie about the Prince of Persia, and all of a sudden, it's . . . I don't know, to me, whatever happens, I'm proud of it. I really am proud of this movie. I think it's actually a really great movie. -- because it really is a great movie. Thank God! And that's what I care about. You can look any way, people can perceive you any way, but as long as I'm proud of the story we've told, that's what I care about."

I read an annoying review of PoP that said Jake was not impressive but I can't find the link. Pity, I guess, lol.

FluorescentLamp said...

So now we know that in the trunk was:

One black suit.
One black shirt.
One pale blue/gray suit.
One white shirt.
One pair jeans.
Workout gear.

He looks great.

FluorescentLamp said...

From that annoying interview UV posted:

even if dressing up in a leather mini-skirt and knee-high, leather-strapped sandals,

I'm sorry, but did this interviewer say he DID see 40 minutes of this film? Yeah I don't think so dude. Idiot.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, FL. Do you think there's one more suit in there for Sunday?

And that Irish Herald reporter was an ass. I think Jake was probably babbling because he could feel the guy's cynicism. Seems like he had no intention of liking the movie.

Here's that annoying review, though he sort of recommend it.

And this was nice to read , from The Raygun:

Late incoming review: Prince Of Persia (Disney) – enjoyable Pirates-style romp. Three and a half scimitars out of five.

Extra said...

I was about to post that annoying interview UV. His views on the film was based on 40 minutes of film he saw at Jerry's home? He has got to be kidding.

That interview was sort of positive, he didn't hate it. I think the reviews here will run from positive to mixed like this one.

I don't like him in that light blue suit and the shoes are all wrong.

Interesting that Jake was so involved in his character's costume, we have read how involved he is in with the scripts.I see budding director in the future!

Sounds like Jake was his usual charming and funny self in these interviews and the tweets from the press junket today!

UltraViolet said...

We can keep chatting between ourselves, FL, lol.

People has a poll for the Hottest Action Hero of the summer. Jake's trailing RDJ at the moment.

Posted this pic after someone on DC pointed out the arrow placement. Hee.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, hi, Extra! I didn't see you there :)

I like the suit and the shirt. And I never mind the boots, though with the lighter suit, they don't work as well.

I was disappointed Jake was so dressed down for interviews yesterday, so I was happy to see this look.

Yeah, I'm guessing the reviews will be mixed, but that reviewer really seemed to dog Jake. You can't please everyone, I guess!

The Irish interviewer also managed to spell "Jacob" wrong, so you know...

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Not only is that interview annoying, I don't that it's recent either. I guess around late Jan/Feb. when Jake did that Disney junket that included the FB video clips Jake did. His comment about being in S. Monica and just seeing the 40 min. preview makse me think so.

The interviewer is a Jackass. The interviews is hard to follow due to this but there are some interesting parts like the fasct that he was involved with Dastan's costumes and his comments on perceptions regarding taking on certain roles.

I like the suit he is wearing in these pics, it sure is a change from what he has been wearing the last few days!

He looks so fine in the pics from the JR show.

Loving all of the updates, thanks so much!

Sand Trap said...

Extended Sand Trap Scene.

hasan.gary said...
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Anonymous said...

Loving the poofs T Shirts.

And Jake looks lovely on the sofa :-)

UltraViolet said...

This is the live stream link.

Fingers crossed it stays up for Jake.

Get Real said...

That interviewer is a total jackass...ugh.

I am just glad to see all the great comments from today's press conference. Not only does Jake look sexy in the suite (although I am not a fan of the boots) he sure seemed his charismatic self in that video.

Anonymous said...

Well I thought Jake was great on JR, cookin with an ipad lol.

bobbyanna said...

I'll take your word for it, the interviewer was an asshole. I'm not going to read it bcz it will spoil my PoP buzz! :)

I like the light blue suit. I like the look of Jake in the pics from the Jonathan Ross show, too.

Thanks for the live feed link, UV. I hope it works, but I just KNOW some enterprising soul will post the JR show with Jake on YouTube in the next 48 hours, right?

Access H'wood and E! are all promoting Sex and the City. Bleh!
I hope we don't get too many mixed reviews on PoP. I hope they'll take it for what it is, a well executed, well acted, light-hearted summer movie.

Anonymous said...

@getreal JR is a legend in the UK

Loved Jake, first interview I've ever seen him do

UltraViolet said...

That was a very funny interview. Unfortunately, it got cut off before we got to see Jake fry the iPad!

I'm sure it will be on youtube soon.

Great job, Jonathan and Jake.

BTW, I added a short video clip from today's press conference to the post.

UltraViolet said...

Anon, I think get real is referring to the interviewer of the article posted, not to JR.

Glad you enjoyed your first Jake interview :)

Extra said...

Argh!! The live feed cut off just when hw was about to cook! It will pop up on Youtube i'm sure.

It was a funny interview, poor, lonely Jake, I don't think so Jake!!

Thanks for the Pop video from the press conference UV, he is so funny. All this reminds me of how much I miss him doing interviews.

UltraViolet said...

BTW, Mary, I didn't get an e-mail from you. Can you try again, please?

Monica said...

The interview was interesting. The interviewer has been quite ironic!

He should watch the whole movie before commenting on if is good or not.

Bobbyana, SATC is a joke.

I was reading some comments on the Iron Man 2 and was impressed how he was a disappointment for people. I think everyone had high hopes for this movie.
In my opinion, the first was good just because of Downey Jr.

Monica said...

I forgot to thank all of the information, photos, videos ...

thanks, babblers!

Get Real said...

Yes, I was talking about the article interviewer, not JR. I love JR!

suvee said...

I have so much catching up to do!

First, a big thanks to monica for the Brazilian interview. That story about Atticus knowing "Shoot" and "Cut" made this dog mother's heart happy. He is such a great guy! And it means a lot to me to know that Jake wants Atti with him on shoots.

I cannot believe he wore The Boots with that suit! He's a man who clearly sticks with what he loves! :)

I'm so behind..... need to watch the JR video now.

UV, FL, you are doing a bang up job keeping up with this tidal wave of Jake stuff! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That story about Atticus knowing "Shoot" and "Cut" made this dog mother's heart happy.

Oh how sweet. :)

mary said...

UV i send you another email let me if you get it this time thanks

UltraViolet said...

Extra, the cooking segment did show up on youtube - it's in the new post :)