Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pics or it didn't happen

Jake Gyllenhaal released the first official photo from Stronger last week. And Today Show anchor Natalie Morales posted this photo of Jake and Jeff Bauman at Fenway Park:

#ComingSoon - I guess we'll be seeing a report at some point.

More photos of Jake at Fenway today. There was some kind of media event, as the above photo was posted by the Golden Globes.

Random photo of Jake on set last week:

There have been some fun Instagram photos popping up. This first one is from a writer (I think) who seems to have met Jake during Constellations.

This was posted last week as a #TBT by Anastasia Victory, who worked on Little Shop of Horrors:

Throwback to "Little Shop of Horrors" with Jake Gyllenhaal (who's looking so serious in his Seymour costume)

She posted this one last year:

Not sure when or where this was originally posted. I saw it on a Jake fan account:

Will add to the post if more fun photos pop up.

Et voila! Some old photos on IHJ. First from the Men's Journal shoot:

Second from the infamous Lakers game series:

Hard to believe that was 10 years ago.

Jake on Inside Amy Schemer: