Thursday, October 30, 2014

Promotional overdrive

Nightcrawler promotion going nonstop, with appearances on Ellen, Fallon, Queen Latifah and Conan. Anyone searching for Jake on twitter or google has probably seen these clips, but you can watch Ellen scare Jake and Jimmy taunt Jake:

Stephanie, of course, has the Queen Latifah clips.

Conan: Jake's Halloween costume trauma:

Here's an assortment of video goodies that would bore Lou Bloom. Not enough blood. Though they are mostly about him, so perhaps he'd enjoy them...

Academy Conversations:

4 Minutes with Rhianna. Not Rihanna:

A litle Southpaw talk:

A Very British Question:

With Bill Zwecker (Chicago):

FOX 32 News Chicago

Have you ever been ill:

The Lou Bloom Diet:

Past and future collide:

Aren't we Clevver?

Jake gets abstract:

Jake on the BBC:

Virgin Radio on video:

Latino Review (can't remember if this is a repeat, sorry!):

Dan Gilroy narrates a scene from Nightcrawler.

NPR interview. (Will be available shortly.)

Let's not leave out the printed word.

How Boston is Jake Gyllenhaal?

Year of Living Dangerously.

I'm a bit strange, you know? (Separate video.

Oh my god, he's putting his hair up in a bun!.

Creepy 'Crawler


Mental Journey.


If you don't read this interview with Dan Gilroy, something terrible will happen to you.

Late with this one, Produced By.

Jake's AMA.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

East Coast West Coast

Though the film is all Los Angeles, Nightcrawler premiered in New York last night:

Appropriately for a movie all about video, there are clips galore out there still. First up, a Nightline feature on Nightcrawler:

Jake gets a drawing of himself:

AMC - eight minutes with Jake:

Interview with a very enthusiastic Crave Online reporter:

Nightcrawler: Jake Gyllenhall Exclusive Interview by CraveOnline


Jake uses Uber:

Jake makes a Damien Hirst reference:

Jake explains why you should see NC on Halloween:

Jake makes himself laugh:

Roundtable video:

Jake answers a different question than he's asked:

Everybody's upside down and naked:

Jake and Rene on E!

Jake's Halloween plans:

Jake with Manny the Movie Guy:

Jake thinks the interviewer is a good person:

Link to a fun interview with Jake and Rene and a first-time junketeer.

Virgin Radio interview.

Another radio spot.

More selfies, because I can't get enough of them:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

East Coast Crawler

Jake Gyllenhaal and the Nightcrawler team surprised audiences in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC on Saturday. The end result? A lot of tweets, selfies and squeeing, over both Jake and the movie. It's impossible to pick the best or organize them, so here's an unfiltered look at the good, the bad and the blurry:

Jake made time in Boston to have some pizza:

#NightcrawlerMovie east coast press tour ina day. #boston #santarpios Philly see ya soon
(Posted by Bryan Ling)

Jake with Philadelphia reporter David Onda, who tweeted "Madness ensues as Jake Gyllenhaal makes a surprise appearance at the #NightcrawlerMovie screening in Philadelphia." "The crowd went crazy for him." And here's the video:

No embed code, but check out this great Role Recall with Jake discussing various parts he's played. And looking good while doing it.