Friday, May 21, 2010

Here's your "Sex and the City"

Jake Gyllenhaal hosted a special screening of Prince of Persia last night in Los Angeles. (The event was sponsored by He presented the lucky winner with a birthday cake and also did an interview with her. Apparently, one of the Prince's skills is handling a roomful of loudly admiring women!

Some video of the event so you can see Jake in action:

And the PoPSugar version:

Here's a longer and fuzzier version, taken by one of the attendees.
A couple of candid photos of Jake in LA yesterday:
We have some new video interviews today, from Moviefone UK. Jake and Gemma discuss the movie, then play an embarrassing game of "How Well Do You Know your Co-Star?" Jake wins, I think, but not by much. Also, if you missed Jake on MTV last night - lucky you! The programs were dreadful. Jake looked good, though, and Stephanie combined the snippets into one video here. All the pleasure and none of the MTV pain!
With all the "real" Jake photos, we haven't had many new images from the actual movie. The one at the top of the post and this one are from a PoP sticker book. (Some photos and videos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake taped Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. This fan got a photo with him outside. And I think Stephanie has pictures up.

This is an interesting interview. Jake talks about finding The One:

Given Prince of Persia's themes of fate and destiny, does he believe in 'The One'?

"'The one' meaning 'the one great movie', that's what you mean, right?" he deadpans.

"Oh ... a lady!" he says in mock surprise. "Do you know what I believe in? I believe in carnation and reincarnation. I believe it's sometimes a daily thing, a weekly thing, where we reincarnate and become different people and change in our days, in our weeks, in our years. I mean I'm not the same person I was even when we made this movie," he says.

And the idea of 'The One'? "I do believe in soul mates and I think that destiny has something to do with that, yeah," he says wryly. And with that he's called to face the world's Press and no doubt more questions about those abs.

UltraViolet said...

Jake is apparently on Disney Radio today at 6:00PM EDT.

He also took the opportunity to clear up his Lakers v. Celtics thoughts with ESPN.

sheba said...

Thanks UV for all the pics and videos. Those ladies were so lucky to have his presence at the showing and he appeared so comfortable, charming and down-to-earth. The woman filming has nerves of steel as she didn't fall to pieces as he came nearer. Well done female ;D

That was very much so an interesting interview. I've talked previously about us as people changing and not being the same people we thought we were. I'm so glad he feels similarly. I just adore the way he answers all these questions, not avoiding them, but not directly answering them either.

I think Jake had decided his mind that if he gets asked the question one more time about his abs and getting into shape that he was gonna throw in the 'shampoo and conditioning' in the mix. It serves the interviewers right if they can't come up with some original questions or do their homework (but if I hear it once more i think I'm gonna scream). I think the 6th finger thing freaked Jake out a little (as someone off camera pointed out the answer to him).

I saw PoP again today as it opened over here today. I never, ever thought that no character could beat the beauty of Jack Twist or Holden, but whilst Jack will always be there, Dastan has come to the forefront and has truly captured my heart.

The reason I don't want to give my critique of the movie is that I don't want to spoil it for any of you that have not yet seen it. I think the sneak peaks and trailers revealed too much and for PoP2 I will not look at any trailers. As I was walking out of the cinema a group of guys around 20 - 25 were talking about the movie. I heard them say "that was a surprise, it was really good" "I didn't think it would be that good" "Yeah, I want to see it again". Can you imagine, I was grinning from ear to ear. I'm so proud of Jake et al and what they have created for us.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for all the info :)

I Just want to say i saw PoP today! It was just brilliant :) I have waited so long. I have to re-iterate what Sheba said too. If there's a sequel im not going to watch all the featurettes etc and also the two friends i took enjoyed it immensly! I had to drag them, they really wern't up for it. But we all had great fun.

Everyone will be in love with Dastan. :)


Get Real said...

OMG, how charming was Jake at that screening!! Charming the ladies and wishing the one lucky girl a happy brithday....SWOON!!!

Again, I have to catch up with everything this weekend. :D

Also, so glad to see Jake relaxing, enjoying a dip in the pool, etc.

Anonymous said... just gave the film a good review and even praised Jake's performance. Excellent.

bobbyanna said...

"OMG, how charming was Jake at that screening!!"

Isn't he!! He's so relaxed and flirty and gracious. He's really, really pumped up about this movie.
I think if you called him and said you needed a ride to the theatre, he'd arrange it! LOL!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Oh! Friends! Jake-Dastan is in the streets of Buenos Aires - Argentina!!! And tomorrow they inaugurate an exposicion of PoP sand sculptures in Shoping
Already I will send them photos.

And this in the week of feast of ours 200 years of nacion!

The 27 is the premiere here! :) :) :)

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

An opinion very interesting:

What a difference five years makes.

Paula said...

Oh how I loved watching that video, what a charmer! I don't think I have ever seen Jake so pmped for a movie and he really is enjoying promoting it , he is everywhere!

I will have to go back and review some posts for stuff I know I missed, there is so much to catch up on!

I love this post: Jake relaxing by the pool and then the pics and video of Jake at the screening with a bunch of very lucky women, sigh.

Wow, yu got to see Pop twice already Sheba, I'm happy to hear that you loked it and the audience response.

Jack Twist/Dastan: That is high praise Sheba, I can't wait until next week!

I love that interview too Sheba, I love how he talks about growing and changing and finding the one.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

..."the second biggest subscribed morning paper had our name on the front page yesterday "GYLLENHAAL BLIR PRINS AV PERSIEN" i.e Gyllenhaal becomes Prince of Persia. In the cultural section the interview with Jake was headlined "Prins Gyllenhaal".

As a matter of little importance but interesting is the fact that the Tables of the House of Nobles in Sweden show that Jake is in fact related to one of our medieval kings, Karl VIII Knutsson Bonde b. 1408 or 1409, d. 1470, through a long list of descandants". Herman of [homeofthegyllenhaalics]

mary said...

i wondered how jake was going to the jimmy kimmell show as he does his show in la and the rest are in new york i didnt realize they would tape it cant wait for all these tv interviews

Monica said...

Someone on BOM posted all reviews of the film. Currently the film has 67 positive and 20 negative.

Silver, happy you and your friends enjoyed the movie.

Leonor, eso es bonito.

I read this review and I laughs during this:
Gyllenhaal’s accent, by the way: impeccable. Perhaps he could make himself available on Saturday mornings to give lessons to Russell Crowe, the Irish-Welsh-Scouse hero of Sherwood Forest, though I dare say Jake will be busy.

Carla said...

I remember when the first PoP pics came out people were making fun of Jake and saying he would be the laughing stock of Hollywood - so good to see them eating their own words.

Our friend at Box Office Mojo - Pedram- Dark Prince - has also posted many twitters of people who have seen the film - it is getting great word of mouth!

Jake seems to be everywhere at the moment - he really enjoys promoting the film and having fun. He was so adorable with the Popsugar winner - lucky girl!

Glad you enjoyed the film, Sheba and Silver. I will watch it again this week. Only problem is that in Germany all movies are dubbed, so I am not able to hear Jakes real voice and I am not too fond of his german speaker.

The Box Office in Germany won´t be overwhelming here for the weekend - today evening an important football game with a german team included will take place and after weeks of shitty weather this is the first sunny and warm weekend and people will stay outside and visiting the beer gardens....

UltraViolet said...

A lot to catch up on. Silver, so glad you enjoyed the movie, and that your friends were happily surprised. The good reports help ameliorate my jealousy that you are all getting to see PoP before we do!

Sheba, I loved the line about how he's not the same person he was when he began making PoP. Think of all the changes, good and bad, that have happened in Jake's life since then. Remarkable.

Jake was very charming at the PopSugar screening. (I think the People pic is from the one on Tuesday night.)

Sky Entertainment had a poll on whether Jake was charming or cheesy. When I saw it, early yesterday, it was at 100% Charming :)

Leonor, hello! Sounds like Argentina is ready for His Royal Highness. It's very exciting. And your country's royal line is related to Jake's! Pretty cool.

Monica, I saw that Russell Crowe comparison and laughed. Apparently Russell got angry when an interviewer told him he sounded more Irish. Hee.

And Carla, it does sound like Germans will have other things to occupy their minds this weekend. But I hope the Prince gets a little love!

UltraViolet said...

New post :)