Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Picture this

Updated with some photos from the Headstrong Project's Words of War event, held Wednesday night at Tribeca 360. Jake read You Will Be Destroyed by Derrick Brown:

Some random photos found around the internets. First up, Jake onset in Freeport, Long Island, today:

Jake behind the scenes filming at JFK last week:

Behind Jake at the Global Citizen Festival:

In front:

Posting the Anne Thompson video just because it was a fun interview. Lots to discuss here:

Jake intro for what looks like the original teaser trailer:

Monday, September 15, 2014


As Lou Bloom continues to dispense his wisdom, some TIFF tidbits.

Give the 'Nightcrawler' a minute…
Jake Gyllenhaal breathes between shots. Photographer: Kelsey Fain.

From the Variety photographer:

"It was an absolute joy to work with Jake," said Pari Dukovic, who photographed Jake Gyllenhaal. "I hoped to show Jake's range as an actor and the intensity with which he dedicates himself to his work."

Rene Russo on Jake:

WWD: What was it like to work with Jake?
R.R.: "That was intense because Jake had laser-like focus. It’s different working with different people depending on the film but he was so laser-like that I just stayed out of his way, stayed quiet, and then when the cameras rolled we did our thing, but before that I had to let him be in his own Lou world because it was super intense for him. He was really serious about it because it was not easy. There was a lot of dialogue".

WWD: I’ve been hearing Oscar buzz, especially for his role.
R.R.: "I hope so. I hope there’s an Oscar buzz. He’s amazing in this movie!"

First movie you remember:

Case in point: Jake Gyllenhaal, who started his film-watching life with a box-office and critical failure. “One of the movies I remember seeing in the theatre very clearly was Dune. I had chicken pox. My mom took me during the day when nobody was in the theatre.”

Love this description of the NC reaction:

So, that’s what Oscar buzz sounds like. It’s literally a hum as people filter out of a press screening, a communal muttering about “complete transformations” and “innocent eyes,” a hive of phones vibrating as people correct the spelling of “Gyllenhaal” in a flurry of Tweets about his inevitable nomination for Nightcrawler, screenwriter Dan Gilroy’s first film as a director. It’s not a loud noise, but it is persistent. And it’s certainly justified.

TIFF After Dark:

The city shines brightest at night.” That’s the tagline for Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal’s newest independent-ish buzzy flick. It’s also a fitting mantra for everything that happens near and around the Bell Lightbox epicentre. And Soho House would most certainly have top billing.

Indeed, the celebration for Nightcrawler was a waiting game, anticipation-inducing for journos and star stalkers who just want something, anything, to happen and officially usher TIFF’s first and strongest (party) weekend into boldfaced existence.

“When are they getting here?” It’s not they, babe, it’s simply he. Gyllenhaal was obviously the name on everyone’s lips but somehow, it’s not entirely polite to run around asking when the man of the hour would arrive, already 45 minutes behind schedule. Which I did anyway. Or got other people to do for me. ...

And, finally, an explosion of light from the corner bar. Jakey’s here, looking delicious and well-rounded, having gained back much of the 20 pounds he had lost for the role. His YSL suit is picture perfect, literally, and Russo makes her way past all the handlers to drape herself over him. Make me relevant again, she says with her eyes. Kidding. It’s all small-talk and brief smiles in between Gyllenhaal’ s smoldering camera face, which secretly makes all of us laugh. Awww.

One advantage of being in Toronto during the festival is the ability to watch those pesky Canada-only videos. And to download them. First up, ET Canada interview:

ET Canada TIFF NC by GyllenBabble

Nightcrawler premiere in the rain:

ET TIFF NC premiere by GyllenBabble

From the ET vault, Jake at TIFF for BBM:

ET Canada Vault BBM TIFF by GyllenBabble

More selfies:

Audio from one of Jake's Charity Day trades:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quick now, here, now, always

Those are T.S. Eliot's words recited by Jake in an interview with CBC's Jian Ghomeshi. You can watch the full 30-minute interview here:

There are a few other interviews floating around. Here's Jake talking to the HFPA and someone else from the CBC.

And the best: Jake on whoever is his twitter impersonator: "Whoever this guy is, he's an idiot."

Professional and amateur shots:

Team InStyle is in Toronto right now, checking out all the coolest stars and movies at the Toronto International Film Festival. The best part? We set up a pop-up portrait studio right in the middle of heart of downtown to get the inside scoop on all the celebs’ newest projects. Photographer Jerome Corpuz is behind the lens taking pictures of the stars, including Salma Hayek and Jake Gyllenhaal. “We kicked off the project with Jake, and it was nice start,” Corpuz said. “I knew a little about the film he was in, Nightcrawler, and at the moment when he was discussing his film briefly, that’s the moment we got the picture.”

Jake greeting Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan:

Jake with NC producer Gary Michael Walters and Matthew Rhodes of Bold Films:

From @Variety: Cameron Bailey introduces the evenings VIP's to Jake Gyllenhaal in the greenroom at Roy Thompson Hall before the premiere of 'The Equalizer' #tiff14 #soteeoh

Our place settings for #Nightcrawler dinner party with Jake Gyllenhaal #TIFF14 @HoltRenfrew

I like this one, because Jake has one of the TIFF tickets that ruled my life for a week! I wonder what would have happened if he lost his!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Video man

It's hard to get video to the audience as fast as Lou Bloom, but here are some relatively fresh TIFF Jake Gyllenhaal videos. First up, IndieWire and Jake:

Too bad the IndieWire moderator doesn't know how to pronounce Jake's last name. Here's a radio interview filmed askew:

Full Q&A after the premiere on Friday:

What did YOU look at on the internet today?

TIFF 2014 Interview: JAKE GYLLENHAAL... by thesevensees

Jake answering and posing:

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Deluge

Nightcrawler premiered in Toronto amid a major storm. The rains didn't stop Jake Gyllenhaal from greeting fans, and the dark clouds didn't portend doom for the film, which thrilled audiences and critics.

Some bits and pieces from a busy day for the NC crew. First up, snippets from the Variety Studio chat:

Last time I interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal on camera, the sound cut out. Today, a light blew out. Me: "YOU keep doing this!" Him: "Not me. Us."

Oh my. I think I would have lost myself at that moment.

I'm rarely speechless, but that almost got me. I think I said something like:"Man, I'm gonna be dining out on that for YEARS."

Holy hell, that's magical!

wowwwwwza. Melt.

Red Carpet Diary interviews - another director in love with Jake:

City News Toronto:

According to this series of tweets from the CityNews guys, there must be more to this interview:

Best. Interview. Ever. #JakeGyllenhaal at the #NightcrawlerMovie premiere at #tiff14 with @colinjustin? Priceless. pic.twitter.com/unalVVJoe0

OUR FAVOURITE EVER! This dude is a total gentleman and SO FUNNY! Fave chat with Jake. And we've interviewed him many times!

@EntCity we may just have told Jake that our kitten is called Jake and he sits on our chest and licks our faces. Crazy! #tiff14

So we told Mr Gyllenhall we had a kitten named after him; Jake. And that he sits on Colin's chest and licks his face. He took it in, er, good humour. VERY cool guy. And we whispered to Rene Russo that it was amazing she looked as good as she does beyond 40. 1940... She seemed to enjoy the Glasgow banter and told us never to succumb to surgery, advising nothing apart from lasers.

From an audience member: Jake, are you as naturally weird as your character?

LOL (Courtesy go oldmansoulriver on twitter):