Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

New Jake pic - leaving a Thanksgiving party in London. Thanks to Stephanie/IHJ!

We didn't quite get it together for a Thanksgiving-themed post, but here are a couple of favorite Jakes to be thankful for:

There's a fun poll on which celebrity couple you'd want to spend the holiday with. Current standings:

Jen and John — They're so funny, I'd probably laugh my way through dinner.
22% (236)
Reese and Jake — Even overseas, I bet they go for a traditional holiday feast.
45% (476)
Fergie and Josh — I'd love a cozy turkey day in North Dakota!
6% (67)
Heidi and Spencer — I want to hear all about the wedding!
2% (16)
Beyonce and Jay-Z — Maybe B can teach me the "Single Ladies" dance.
17% (181)
Ashlee and Pete — I want to meet the baby Bronx!
8% (89

A couple of People tidbits:

Most Romantic Vacations

They've cozied up in Morocco and watched fireworks in Paris – and in October, Gyllenhaal (on a break from filming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) accompanies girlfriend Witherspoon on a very intimate London shopping trip. The twosome stopped in Myla, the chic lingerie store that created Sex and the City's infamous pearl G-string.

Shh! Not-So-Secret Couples Who Intrigued Us

Just five months after she split from Ryan Phillippe, Witherspoon quietly stepped out with Rendition costar Gyllenhaal in March. And while they haven't made public declarations of love, the two have traveled the world together, getting cozy in London, Morocco and in Paris, where they spent Bastille Day with her kids. "He's very supportive," she told Vogue. "I'm very happy in life."

Thanks to Jake for being Jake, to FL for being a great co-conspirator and to all of you, regular posters and lurkers alike, for making this a fun, safe place to be a Jake fan.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jake, Jake, Jake

In a recent interview , Reese Witherspoon revealed more than she intended when explaining why she made Four Christmases:

"The main reason I did this movie was to work with Jake."

Problem No.1: Four Holidays co-stars Vince Vaughn.

Problem No.2: Jake Gyllenhaal is the boyfriend Witherspoon has so carefully steered clear of mentioning for the past half hour. She cringes visibly.

"Oh my God, I am so embarrassed," she says, emerging from beneath the tablecloth.

"The main reason I wanted to make this movie was to work with Vince because he's so funny and so great."

Then she is quick to regain some composure.

"Jake is funny, too," she adds.

"Am I not talking about Jake? Jake, Jake, Jake."

Don't be embarrassed, Reese. It's totally understandable that you've got Jake on the brain.

Reese is not alone. When asked what she would have made her first priority if she'd been elected Vice President, Sarah Palin seemed wistful:

"I was really looking forward to negotiating with the Prince of Persia. Also, too, the precondition was total nakedness."

When pressed for details, the governor's spokesman murmured something about a "buildup of arms" and "hidden weapons." And by "nakedness," the governor apparently meant "transparency." Reporters were also assured that Governor Palin knows the country is now called Iran and is not a monarchy. And that sand monsters are not real.

Two budding superstars were in the same boat as Witherspoon and Palin. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, stars of the new blockbuster film Twilight, revealed the reason they took roles in the emo tale of bloodlust:

"I just couldn't pass up the chance to work with Jake."

At the reporter's confused look, they acknowledged that Gyllenhaal isn't actually in the movie. "The producers tricked us. It happens more than you know. How do you think they got Pacino to do 88 Minutes? He was Jake-faked."

That is pretty much the only thing that could get me to see Twilight.

Finally, new old Jake, Jake, Jake:

Thanks to Monica for the heads-up on this video clip of Ben Kingsley talking about working with Jake - for real:

Sir Ben Kingsley has revealed what it is that makes Jake Gyllenhaal "so good" as the Prince of Persia in upcoming film, The Sands of Time.

Sir Ben said that Gyllenhall, who plays lead character Prince Dastan, brings a natural confidence that is perfect for the role.

The Donnie Darko star's character will face his nemesis Nizam, a nefarious and scheming monarch, played by Sir Ben.

(Photos courtesy of

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

People Gets It Wrong Again

For the fifth consecutive year, People Magazine has chosen the wrong Sexiest Man Alive. It's clearly Jake Gyllenhaal. And it has been, since 2004:

Click for 100 Sexy Men In A Minute - it does take the whole minute to get to the best :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gorgeous to goofy in six seconds flat.

With the unlamented demise of the signature MTV show, we have some new TRL photobooth pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal.

How does one go from this:

To this:

In the same afternoon? Just talent, I guess!

This one should have gone in the smirk post.


Look who else got goofy:

FYI, Reese will be promoting Four Christmases next week. Here's the schedule so far:

Monday 11/24 - Live with Regis & Kelly
Tuesday 11/25 - Late Show with David Letterman
Wednesday 11/26 - Jimmy Kimmel Live

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and MTV

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I love the smell of Dastan in the morning.

Entertainment Tonight finally aired their piece on Prince of Persia (not before their website released a somewhat different clip earlier in the day).

Here's the earlier clip - for comparison and for accent-uation :)

It's always better to see Jake in action - we've been too long without that.

And how great to finally see this shot of the PoP set in Morocco in all its glory. I feel like we practically lived on that set this past summer.

I wonder if this scene was filmed the same day as the Reese set visit.

You can see where the leather straps left their mark on his biceps as well as the armor leaving marks on his chest in this pic.

Jake giving Gemma the stink eye.

And being charming and funny.

The Jesus look. It's growing on me.

And while we're on the topic of on-set Jake, I can't tell you how giddy I was when I noticed IHJ had posted a bookend to this Moonlight Mile set pic.

I have driven over that street more times than I can remember. Nice to see a different angle from this new/old onset pic.

Video courtesy of IHJ. Pics courtesy of IHJ and GB.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Planes, trains and automobiles

Thanks to Stephanie for the sneak peek of Jake on ET tomorrow night:

You can also download the video at IHJ. Thanks, Stephanie!

Some new/old pictures gave me an idea for a theme: Jake Gyllenhaal in transport.

I'd know that ear anywhere!

Whatcha hiding, Jake?

Caught in the act!

Fly the friendly skies.

For the purposes of this post, standing next to a car, especially standing without a shirt on, counts as "in transport."

So happy!

Venice! Sigh...

Shirtless rule also applies to see-through.

Let's photoshop more things into Jake's hands!

How are you, Knot's Landings' Ted Shackelford?

What a cruelly misleading sign.

Hey, Jake, Reese - watch out for Edward Scisshorhands!

"Stop. STOP IT!"

We see you!

"stndng n/jake gillenhall rgt now OMG must sty cool"

Insert caption here.

Casual, classic Jake, circa 2006.

Scarf? Check. Toothpick? Check. Pap check? Check.

Toronto, 2007. Best. Airport. Pics. Ever.

Back seat, black tie Jake.

Jake's on a train!

(Photos courtesy of