Sunday, May 16, 2010

Words and pictures

The weekend brought several new interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal, as the Prince of Persia promotion train rolls on. Two British articles were mentioned in the last post - you should check them both out if you haven't, especially the Times Online story.

The Irish Independent focuses on Jake's turning 30 - something that is many months away - in December, not October, Independent fact-checkers! But contemplating his thirties doesn't seem to bother Jake:

Gyllenhaal also appears to have resolved something within himself. Often said to be a somewhat reticent interviewee, today he is open and engaging, humorous and genuine. He talks repeatedly in his soft voice about how he no longer takes himself quite so seriously and how he has learned to embrace the various facets of his career and the life he leads around that.


Part of that realisation may come with age. He will be 30 in October and regards that event as a "crossroads".

"I feel honoured because I think life is precious and the more years you get you actually begin to learn. I feel that at 29 going into 30 I now have perspective behind me and in front of me. Whereas before I could only see in front of me. Now I'm like 'Oh, wow. Regret!'

"It feels like a big thing. They say in Ouarzazate [one of the Moroccan locations for Prince of Persia] it is the Gate of the Sahara. It feels a little bit like that in my life, like I'm entering a new gate."

So, as he approaches his fourth decade, does he feel he has achieved the things he thought he would achieve when he was 20? "I didn't ever think I was going to be 30 when I was 20."

What about 10 years from now? What are his aims for then? "I'm never going to be 40."

Excerpts from an Italian interview from Io Donna magazine were posted online. As is often the case, Jake seemed to open up more to these non-American reporters. He seems especially unable to resist Italian reporters :)

The entire interview was e-translated in a reply in the previous post. Some interesting tidbits:

1. Jake prefers himself with short hair and fewer muscles than Dastan.

2. He is not dating Isabel Lucas but does reveal that they "had dinner."

3. He's dedicating himself more to his family and old friends that he neglected when he was with Reese.

4. Now that he's single, he's eating junk food and drinking beer.

The Philippine Enquirer showcases Jake's determination not to take himself so seriously. The interview is peppered with much of the humor we've seen from Jake over the past weeks, with some new tongue-in-cheek "anecdotes" thrown in:

“I’d be talking to [cast mates] Toby Kebbell, Richard Coyle and Gemma Arterton in this horrible accent. There were a lot of flub ups and I asked them to tell me when something didn’t sound right or if I just sounded like I was pushing something and they would. I could see them cringe. Then slowly the confidence started to build. I remember the first day of this big rehearsal in Morocco. Mike was touring us around the set. I sat there with the actors in a tent and I was talking with the accent because I decided I would do that throughout the workday. They all started treating me differently. They were like more buddy-buddy. Toby and Richard invited me out for a beer that night which was really weird. Gemma was a little bit more flirtatious than normal. I thought, I’m nailing this accent now. They really think that I’m British.”

Jake also revealed a potential new project. Real news emerging from one of these interviews? The horror!

I’m also developing this film about Hans Christian Andersen. Not Danny Kaye’s ‘Hans Christian Andersen’ though that was one of my favorite movies as a kid. This is actually a musical and Stephen Schwartz is writing the music. It’s a dark, interesting tale of Hans, his stories and how he gets to meet his own characters. It’s all set to music. I really want to be in a musical but I want to reinvent the idea of what the musical is. There’s a way of doing it that can bring modernity to it as opposed to something we’ve already seen before.”

A fascinating, risky venture, to be sure.

And in this article, Jake reveals that he was literally born to be an actor:

What was the one movie that made you realize that you wanted to be an actor?

“The one movie? There wasn’t just one movie. I told you that when I came out at birth, I was already acting.” (Laughs some more). “I was born in the atrium of a film agency. The agents pulled me out — you know, ‘We got him, we got him!’” (And then he can’t stop laughing)

“I was to the movies born.”

I've interspersed more new pics from Moscow among the interview snippets. There is also a Russian article that's worth running through the babelfish translator. Among other things, the manic waving is explained! Apparently, the PoP folks were told not to smile. This perpetuation of a Russian stereotype amused the assembled press, who assured the visitors that they could cut loose. So Jake did! Or as babelfish puts it:

it started to depict dashing happiness. It came out very convincingly! What a professional!

The article quotes a lot of the press conference, which was led by Jake's humor, including a bit where they ask Bruckheimer if he'll make Tetris into a movie. Much joking ensues and later, Jake talks about changing his form to play the part in Tetris. This exchange was also amusing:

The film will be undoubtedly be interesting to the male audience - but why so few women? Only one beauty? You should add a little more beautiful women - there can be wives, friends…

[Dzheyk]: (he nods always when asked the question, then is energetic) Da! Da! This is a very good idea, very. I'm all for it.
[Dzhemma]: To you well, then I am insufficient? Men, always the same!

I don't think he really minded, Gemma!

There's also a whole section where Jake says that the dagger of time is real, and they actually can go back in time. Gemma chimes in, saying they already know the questions they'll be asked (you don't need a dagger of time for that, ed.). Then Jake announces that there had been people with them they didn't like, but they went back in time and removed them.

I hope this video comes online at some point - I'd love to hear the actual English answers.

If you can stand more Russian, Trailer Addict has some B-roll from Moscow, as well as from all the other premieres.

In this clip, you can hear Jake's short attempt to speak Russian. Apparently, all of the PoPers except Gemma tried to say something in the local language. To the delight of the audience, despite the not-quite-successful attempts.

This babelized caption manages to sum up this whole experience:

[Dzheyk] gives to fans the happiness

(Photos from StarsLife and


Tweety said...

Thanks for posting all of these interviews UV. Jake does seem to open up more and is more relaxed in interviews he does with the foreign press. He seems very reflective about approaching the big 3-0.

Dinner with Isabel just once? I remember at least a FB sighting and a tweet where he tried to get her to dance or maybe i'm getting mixed up with the Kiki tweets!

I had a feeling that Jake's current hair length is a look that he prefers, I think this will be Jake's look for awhile and I approve!

I assume that the HC Anderson project he is talking about will be produced by his production Co? I have to admit that it sounds more intriging than Damn Yankees.

We finally get an expanation for the rather manic waving from Jake and Co. in Russia, LOL!!

This has to be mistaken ID. There was a tweet of him at LAX and Pop is not going to be screening at Cannes:

emmdib: @JesseP_Break_Me Jake Gyllenhaal is in Cannes??? I SHALL FIND HIM.
about 2 hours ago from web

Anonymous said...

Awwww, the b-rolls were so sweet. Love when someone yelled out "Why so serious?" :) The language is beautiful, I loved to hear Jake speak some, Gemma's gorgeous! Everyone knows Jerry from CSI NY and other programs. :)

I love the sounds of the Hans Christian Andersen project - especially Hans meeting the characters, as if they come to him. :)

JF said...

The Times online article was partly hard to read (the Heath bit) and partly a great read.
I think being godfather to Heath's only child, he will be asked about either him or her all the time, probably not so often though. Heath made himself a constant part of Jake's life through that kid.

So, so looking forward to his upcoming projects, esp. the movie with Anne. Source Code sounds interesting too, I hope it'll be. :)

bobbyanna said...

I love these B-rolls! I never get tired of watching Jake, and I really got a giggle out of seeing Bruckheimer taking pictures with fans at the barricades! Who knew JB was such an affable fellow!
Jake such a charge out of the reception in Moscow. Fun!

Wonder if AFI or Disney will livestream tomorrow?

Extra said...

The b-rolls are great, what a great reception Jake got in Russia.

I think Jerry has to be one of the best known and recoginizable producer ever!!!

I would hope that we get a live steam tomorrow Bobbyanna, the L.A. premiere is the only US premiere, fingers crossed:))).

Thanks so much for posting the interviews UV. the Time online interview was poignant and parts made me really sad but I think the events in the last few years has made Jake more mature.

ihj said...

May 24th, 2010

Late Show With David Letterman
Date: May 24th, 2010
Time: 11:35 PM
Channel: CBS

May 25th, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Date: May 25th, 2010
Time: 12:05 AM
Channel: ABC

May 26th, 2010

Live With Regis & Kelly
Date: May 26th, 2010
Time: Syndicated (Check Your Local Listings)
Channel: ABC

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Date: May 26th, 2010
Time: 12:35 AM
Channel: NBC

Anonymous said...

I'm not always sure how translated articles get everything completely accurate.
And too if you are going with someone in a serious relationship you spend the time with that person. You don't spend it the same way you did with your family and friends as you did before.
But it seems Jake still had some time for friends and family.

He always talks about learning at each stage in his life. Tho he has always seemed to have an understanding about things. Maggie said when she needs to talk things out and get a perspective about them she talks to him because he seems to get right to the heart of things. This was said 3 or so years ago. There are things to learn in life when you're young but that shows he had a kind of maturity beyond his years in some ways.
And he has always been someone who jokes. The crew always seems to get a kick out of him. Go back to Donnie Darko.
Jake has a self-effacing humor and sometimes i think when he's doing that people think he's being serious.
And - Go "Hans Christian Andersen"!

Tweety said...

Definately mistakn identity in Cannes, Jake Gyllenhaal waved at her!!:

Sag actor said...

I don't know if this review was posted already but it's positive and along with the usual comparison to POTC they mention the Goonies??!!

Tweety said...

dit21: Saw Jake Gyllenhaal at the Hollywood farmers market today. #Jake
37 minutes ago from Twitterrific ·

Chica said...

I enjoyed the bit of Russian from Jake in that B-roll, not bad! He really enjoyed himself over and i'm not just talking about the after party:)

Stephen Schwartz, who Jake mentioned as writing the songs for the Hans Christain Anderson musical he said he was working on did a few Disney movies including The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I wonder if this actually gets greenlighted, will it be an animated film despite the dark theme Jake mentioned.

Jake's TV appearences are lining up, too bad Gemma doesn't seem to be doing anything over here yet, I hope that changes.

I know that Molina has been doing a play here in NY, Red so he couldn't participate in the UK/Russian premieres but I hope he can squeeze in some time to do a NY talk show.

Anonymous said...

I think Jake would of mentioned it being an animated film - which would of been something new for him also. (not counting the narration one he did).

UltraViolet said...

If anyone's watching CBS, there is going to be a PoP preview at the end of the Survivor finale and before the reunion show at 10:00.

There will be a live stream of the PoP premiere. I'll find the link and post and/or we'll put it in a post on its own.

I love all the B-roll footage, especially Jake having to sing for his supper on the Moscow stage. I have to say, the whole Moscow trip was a total surprise and a total delight.

Lots of sightings of Jake at the Farmers Market. Good to see he's right back in the swing of LA life!

suvee said...

I agree..... the Moscow trip was wonderful and so unexpected. I have to imagine that not many big movies have a premiere in Russia, so this must have been a big deal. It really does look like Jake had a good time there.

Huffington Post has the dancing in the nightclub pap video on their site today. Still love watching him talking to the girl on the bar stool, leaning in close, both arms "entrapping" her. Okay, I need to stop now. :)

UltraViolet said...

Love the lean-in, suvee. Don't know how the woman resisted!

If you missed the Survivor thing, don't worry. It was basically just an extended mix of the featurettes we've already seen.

Oh, SAG Actor, forgot to say thanks for the review link. Jake has been mentioning Goonies a lot, too. I don't see the connection, but then, I never saw Goonies!

mary said...

well tomorrow is the big day for me hope i can get a good look at jake and may be a picture ill report how it went on tuesday

®osadimaggio63 said...

Si può amare più Jake ?
Si, si può.
Lui è veramente fantastico nella presentazione dei Prince of Persia... e non vediamo l'ora di ritrovarlo di nuovo innamorato e felice !!!
I love Jake :-)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I saw the Rusian pap video on Huffingtonpost too Suvee. I have been on the receiving end of that classic trap the woman in the chair move, unfortunately none of the men looked like Jake!

The B-rolls were fun to watch and Dzheyk made a lot of Russian fans happy.

I see he hit one if his CZ as soon as he returned!

I can't wait for the premiere tonight, good luck tonight Mary.

bobbyanna said...

The site that live streamed the other premieres in London and Moscow, Ustream, is livestreaming the L.A. event for Disney. They are saying it will begin at 6 P.M. PST which would be 9 P.M. DST.

Jake's "Moscow Interlude" has been making the rounds HuffPo, perez, E! :))

I'm not convinced the girl at the bar shot him down... at one point she seems to notice the camera, then turns her face away while she says something to him as she patsd his arm.

She didn't look like she was going anywhere, (au contraire!) and his body language didn't look like he'd been rejected. (I love his body language!)

I guess I'll have to watch it again to see if I get anything more out of it...

Shondra said...

His body language indicates to me that he wasn't turned down:):).

I was happy to see that he had a great time in Russia good for him! The premiere over these was a surprise but a nice one, I really enjoyed the b-rolls from there especially.

His interviews ar definately more interesting then the interviews he does here (I cringe at the thought of him on Fallon and Regis and Kelly, ugh) but I'm looking forward to Kimmel and Letterman.

Tonight id the big night and I see that it will be a live stream!!

Thanks so much UV for posting all the videos and interviews, I nkow that it must be hectic!

UltraViolet said...

You're welcome, Shondra. It is very hectic now, but we'll miss these days in the middle of the summer when there's no Jake news!

Thanks for the live stream info, Bobbyanna.

We can't know for sure if BarWoman turned him down, but she looks like she's giving him the consolation arm rub.

Here's a podcast with Jake, Gemma, Ben, Mike, Jerry.

Jake talks to NME about playing Kurt Cobain.

UltraViolet said...

Sky has a clip of Dastan fighting and finding the dagger. I think - I didn't really watch it, but that's what the description says :) a dreamlike trance after too many viewings. said...

OK. I watched the tape again and I'm almost sure I heard her whisper very softly,"Hokay, Dzheyk, I vill love to see your hotel suite!" Then she patted his arm, and said,"Ohhh. This is very hard muscles!" and he smiled.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Bobbyanna. You obviously have very good speakers!

Sheba baby said...

I swear I heard her say:

"Hmmm, you are strong like bull Dzheyyk..."" I know but I couldn't help it!!!

The b-rolls are great!

I really liked reading The Irish Independent interview (turning 30 in Oct.? ) He sounds like he is embracing his 30's, a milestone.

It will be interesting to see how open he is with the press here and see if they will be asked the same questions, especially about Heath.

Thanks for the info on the livestream tonight. Still annoyed that they decided to have a salute to Jerry night along with it, I hear that Jerry is going to stick his hands in cement tonight as well:(

Anonymous said...

Isn't this cool !

UltraViolet said...

LOL, sheba baby. You have the enhanced speakers, too!

And yeah, the whole Bruckheimer star trip grates. Hopefully we'll get good Jake pics out of it.

Anon, those posters connected tot he cell phone are pretty cool. Disney has tried some fun things for this flick!

UltraViolet said...

Put up a new post for the premiere. With a funny video, as well.