Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Surviving in the wild

Here's the Discovery Channel promo for Jake Gyllenhaal's episode of Man v. Wild:

The basics needed to survive in the wild:

Oh, and a ride home:

Jake seems pleased with himself:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Prince of Bloopers

In September, despite the fact that I had already bought Prince of Persia on DVD, I downloaded a copy to my iPad. I was away and thought it would be fun to watch. But the download took forever, and I never got around to it, preferring to watch it on our big-screen TV. Imagine my surprise when I casually clicked on it the other day and saw that there was a digital bonus: about 90 seconds of outtakes. I'm not technically adept enough to figure out how to rip it from iTunes. So I did the only thing I could. I recorded it with my camera. Hence the poor quality but (hopefully) still fun video below:

Apologies if you've already seen it in better quality. If you have, please link us!

I had wanted to do a PoP retrospective on Memorial Day. But I was recovering and unable to put anything together. Consider this a less comprehensive attempt. I've included some photos I haven't seen and/or posted before, as well as some favorites. I really love the way Jake looked in the movie and for all the promotion. I enjoyed so much of PoP: the funny promo interviews, the great red carpet shots, the scope and the richness of the film itself, especially seeing Jake in an epic. I really hope the perceived poor reception of the film doesn't prevent us from seeing Jake in big screen glory like that again.

One of my favorite interviews from the PoP junkets. Feel free to link or mention your own:

There you have it - a hodgepodge, but a beautiful one:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wild Thing

Looks like we won't have to wait too much longer to see Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls taking on Mother Nature. The Discovery Channel has scheduled Jake's episode to kick off the new season of Man V. Wild on July 11.

MAN VS WILD will test how Gyllenhaal measures up to unpredictable and unforgiving Mother Nature. For two days, Bear and Jake embark on a survival experience neither will forget, to an Icelandic landscape dominated by mountains, huge glaciers and some of Europe's most active volcanoes. Jake will have to go where Bear goes, eat whatever Bear eats, and on occasion even take the lead, if he's going to cope with some of the worst conditions known to man. "For me, it's all about discovery," said Gyllenhaal.

Said Bear about the experience, "The wild is always very revealing -- not only physically but mentally. You've got to smile when it's driving horizontal hail and be able to face your fears and just get on and do it -- and on both of those accounts, Jake came up strong."

In what one hopes was a less intimidating excursion, Jake attended a U2 concert in Anaheim on Saturday:

He does look like he just saw a bear in the second one!

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and JustJared.)

Friday, June 17, 2011

The train is still running

Found a few more photos of Jake Gyllenhaal from the Railroad Revival Tour. Jake is shown with Ephraim Owens, an Austin jazz musician and bandleader, who played with Mumford and Sons on the tour. The photos were posted on his Facebook page.

This photo of Jake playing trumpet also came from his FB page:

Monica posted a link to this 2004 photo of Jake in the comments of a previous post, but in case people didn't see it:

Monica also found this link to the deleted scenes in Love & Other Drugs. I'd never seen the car scene before or the full hotel room seen. So thanks for the find, Monica!

Here's the link, if the embed doesn't work.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bro time

Jake Gyllenhaal spent some time with brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard in Los Angeles on Sunday, noshing and jogging. The usual family activities.

The jogging pictures were sort of uninspiring, but I do like these two optically illusional shots:

Jake looks half cyborgian there.

An old Jake interview from the Source Code junket, with some new questions. Interesting perspective on whether Jake feels proud of his work:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Back - sort of

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Bear with me - hope to be rolling again soon. Thanks to everyone who's been posting sightings, articles and other fun tidbits. Keep them coming!

In the meantime, finally: a photo of Jake at the LAPD Medal of Valor ceremony:

You might have seen this - an interview Jake did when he was in Berlin:

I thought this was a nice quote from Vera Farmiga about Jake. She was a little standoffish about him in some interviews, but this made me smile:

Her limited time working with Jake Gyllenhaal created a bond that remained even after he left the set. "Working with Jake Gyllenhaal was effortless," she says. "He's easygoing, he has an incredible sense of humor, and he's a good sport. He has a warmth and a humor and a relaxation about the process, and a confidence that you just draw upon. It's just a pleasure to be around him and to invent with him."

Found these two old photos of Jake on tumblr. Not sure where or when either was taken, but I thought they were cute:

(LAPD ceremony photo courtesy of LA Police Foundation>)