Monday, March 26, 2012

Mountain Man

Found some old photos of Jake from the filming of Brokeback Mountain in 2004. (That were apparently private. Apologies for posting them.)

"Jake G. is one of the most gracious, classy, generous, well-mannered actors I've ever had the good fortune to work with. Love him dearly." Diana Ossana.

In case you missed this, a Brokeback video using Adele's Someone Like You:

New pictures of a hirsute Jake Gyllenhaal in Los Angeles today, leaving old haunt Urth Caffe.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seeing double?

We're not getting excited yet, since this news could change as fast as he sped out of Motor City, but Variety reports that Jake Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to star in The Enemy, a film by Oscar-nominated Canadian director Denis Villeneuve. The indie thriller is about a dysfunctional history teacher who discovers his doppelgänger. It's based on a novel called The Double by José Saramago.

According to First Showing, "In a strange twist, his double also appears to be about five years younger, complete with a mustache. Could there by some time travel going on here? ... The Boston Globe apparently called it a 'wonderfully twisted meditation on identity and individuality.' It sounds like it might have flares of Source Code with its sci-fi sort of story, but since it's an indie, the budget likely won't allow for such huge action set pieces."

Double the Jake would make anyone smile!

We've heard talk of Jake in talks before, but someone from the film's production company tweeted the news, so I hope that's a good sign. And according to this story, the movie will shoot in the spring in Toronto.

Jake is intrigued by his own reflection.

A dual role would be a great challenge for Jake. Working with a talented director on a story by a great writer makes for a promising start. And i like the sound of "dark and edgy." Fingers crossed that this is true and that this is a good production.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time To GIF

Thanks to the tumblr geniuses who seemed to have gifs made before I had even watched the video twice. I liked this description, also found on tumblr: "It’s like Drive and Shame had a baby, and The Shoes provided the fucking awesome music."

Spinner spoke with video director Danel Wolfe about the making of the video:

"Jake Gyllenhaal and I had been talking about working together on something, and I got sent 'Time To Dance' by The Shoes, who are my favorite band, so I wanted to bring Jake in on that," explained 'Time to Dance' director Daniel Wolfe, in an interview with Spinner/RPM. "I pitched the idea to him, and he liked it, which was great."

"My brother and I had been chatting about doing a British take on the slasher genre for a while, but as a music video, and instead of seeing it from the victim's perspectives, we wanted to be with the killer, spend some downtime with him," the director continued. "To then be able to work with Jake Gyllenhaal on it was great. The Shoes' music is very cinematic, I had the privilege of working with them before, they're open to ideas, and they gave us the freedom to make 'Time to Dance.'"

The story mentions something that The Shoes and the video producer also retweeted: American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis gave the video his seal of approval on twitter. Twice.

(GIFs courtesy of Best of Jake Gyllenhaal and My New Plaid Pants.)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Update2: The first shot from Time To Dance, the video Jake stars in for The Shoes:

Update: Did I say there was no Jake news? How about a new role?

Jake Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to star in Motor City, the Albert Hughes-directed drama for Dark Castle. Gyllenhaal, who most recently completed the David Ayer-directed drama End of Watch, will play an ex-army ranger named John Miller who gets framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Now, he is going after the man who framed him and stole his true love. Oscar-nominated Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy star Gary Oldman plays the villain and Amber Heard is the female lead. Joel Silver and Andrew Rona will produce for Dark Castle with Ethan Erwin and Douglas Urbanski exec producing. Warner Bros will distribute, as the studio did with Dark Castle’s hit Unknown. The film will begin shooting late spring in Berlin.

No new Jake news, so here are some tidbits gathered around the inter webs:

Looks like the Berlinale jury members are let their hair (and ties) down a bit after the ceremony. Also, Jake, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mike Leigh and Anton Corbijn are all demons, apparently. Best Actress winner Rachel Mwanza seems fresh as a daisy!

That's an old picture of Jake shooting the fire at Manka's Inverness Lodge in December, 2006. The lodge is still in business, but the restaurant did not reopen.

Jarhead was on the other night, promoting a flood of hilarious tweets. And then I stumbled across this old French interview. I think it's been posted before, but it's worth another look:

I can't remember seeing this whole video before, but it's worth watching again. Loved seeing Jake in Australia.

Here's another video I don't remember seeing before. At least Jake did eventually get to Madison Square Garden with Jay-Z!