Friday, May 28, 2010

The Prince arrives

The day is finally here. Prince of Persia opens in the US, and we finally get to see Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan. This moment has been a long time in the making. Remember back when all we had was our imagination?

Then we got some glimpses of the man in training and the sets in the making:

And then the first on-set peek:

And then a peek of a different kind:

And the first behind-the-scenes videos:

Then came the first official photos:

Leading to a long, steady stream of gorgeous pictures and exciting featurettes:

All of which culminates this weekend, as American audiences finally get their chance to see Jake in action. Let's root for a big hit. Jake worked hard making the movie and promoting it. And he seems very proud of it. Bravo, Prince Dastan!

We can't have a post this week without some videos. Here's the final installment of the PopSugar "Date with Jake" feature. He's adorable and Amanda is so lucky. And sweet - both of them.

Jake on his accent - it's a little different take - and on not knowing what to expect in life:

A scan of Jake's Elle interview:

Video footage of Jake in Times Square for the GQ photo shoot:

(Some photos and Elle scan courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

A good review from Time.

A couple of interview links. The first is in German - enjoy, Carla :) But you can hear Jake underneath the translation and some of it is amusing and a little different from all the other interviews.

I can't even remember what's on this one! I'm sure it's fascinating.

Sheba baby said...

Yes he has arrived and some of my co-workers and I plan on seeing it after work today. I had to convince them though, one wanted to see S4 and the other 2 wanted to see SATC2. I pointed out all the reviews SATC2 got compared to Pop, they agreed to see Pop instead! I know SATC2 fans obviously aren't paying attention to the reviews but these 2 aren't hardcore SATC2 fans.

I'm a little bummed reading some of the Pop reviews but the negaive reviews don't slam Jake (at least the ones I read).

I have to play catch-up on some of the incredible posts UV, he has worked so hard promoting this and you have worked just as hard keeping up!

I hope he is having some down time this weekend and I hope you are too UV (except for seeing the Prince on the big screen)

My fingers are crossed for a surprise weekend for Po, not # 1 but a really healthy showing.
I had

JF said...

I'm surprised that the critical reception for POP is mostly bad. I watched the film two times with two other people and we all thought it was an enjoyable movie.

I hope Jake isn't too diappointed. He was really good in POP, got the accent right and was as athletic as the figure is supposed to.

Now my fingers are crossed for LAOD.

UltraViolet said...

JF, the word of mouth seems to be very good. I'm just not sure in this depressed movie summer that it will make a difference. I hope so!

Sheba baby, you're persuasive! I hope your friends enjoy it - that's pressure for you.

I'm off to see it tonight, as well. Fingers crossed for a fun night for all of us.

Updated the post with some video of that GQ Times Square photo shoot. It's fun to see Jake in the crowd, and the photographer got some nice shots.

Carla said...

Thanks for the links, UV. The young lady was a bit insecure and nervous - seems to be the usual behaviour in Jakes presence....:-)

The Prince has indeed arrived in the US now and all Gyllenhaalics should forget about critics and box office and simply enjoy two exciting and funny hours.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful time with our Prince Jake!

sheba said...

"The Prince has indeed arrived in the US now and all Gyllenhaalics should forget about critics and box office and simply enjoy two exciting and funny hours."

Carla, that's wonderful, let's all enjoy the ride.

Marketing results:

2/10 people knew about PoP and what it was about
1/10 had seen it
5/10 knew of Jake
6/10 said they would go see it.

Looks promising. Going to see it again next week with my friend and her 3 boys, then again with another friend and her son.

Can't wait to hear your comments everyone :D

Chica said...

LOL@ the 2nd pic posted, I remember when it was first posted here.

I'm seeing it tonight with my BF. Word of mouth has been good based on tweets so hopefully that will help with the turnout this weekend.

Yes Carla, screw the critics, all Jake fans and movie fans that enjoy pure escapism should see Pop this weekend!

Extra said...

I will be seeing this in about 2 hours, I can't wait!

here are my marketing results:

I spoke to 9 people and 7/9 heard sbout it.

5/9 plan on seeing it and two of those people will be seeing it with me tonight!

Thanks for posting the scan of the Elle article UV, I love him in that suit.

Review probably tomorrow!

Lola said...

Well i made plans to see it tomorrow, and im not the type of person who likes to go to the movie theater. But im actually excited this will be the first time i got a chance to see him on the big screen! What he says about Ramona is so cute and also about Reese and her children it makes me wanna be more respectful of her cause i can get nasty towards her sometimes.

DarkShadow19 said...

I just saw Prince of Persia (SPOILER)

I'll tell you this. Just because it's Disney does NOT mean it's for kids. In fact I forgot it was a disney movie during 1/4 of the movie. A bit more bloodier, and a darker, less funnier tone than the Pirates films (even 2 and 3). If you think it should be PG rated then ratings are oficially dead.

I'd say overall this movie is actually faithful to the video game, in fact you won't think it's a game adaptation at all. You'll quite know the characters, but it's just an Old-fashion adventure film with the feel of Pirates, LOTR, and Aladdin. It's nothing like The Mummy like everyone says. Jake portrayed the The Prince surprisingly well. Almost like Heath Ledger as the Joker. Though his accent seemed a little unusual at first, but it gets better dramatically later on. He also did a lot of stunts himself. You'd HARDLY see any stuntmen doing any stunts. Oh, and the action is FANTASIC. Pretty fast, and real though the camera speed and angle change was a little too fast. Still I was really impressed for the most part. Especially with Dastan fighting Garsiv, the two whip dude, the snake guy, and his uncle Nizim. Gemma also does a fine performance as well. I like when she whines, acted feisty, and just plain cool. The acting was A class. There are times when they don't take things seriously, but when it get serious I was amazed on how they acted. I didn't had to be concerned with the lines too. Ben Kingsley was incredible aswell. The way he played the villain was a surprised for me. First you don't have much attention to him, then in 2/4 of the movie everything is revealed. I have to say, the way slit Tus's throat like nothing left a low of surprised gasps in the theater. He did a better performance in this film than Shutter Island. Also Alfred Molina was very funny. Kept whining about tax and he loved ostrich racing (he even kissed an ostriches neck)He also had a dark side as well which surprised me. He didn't do very much action (except punched Dastan), but he is funnier and more serious than Doc Oct in SM2. Along with many other splendid performances. This film also has one of the BIGGEST realistic environments I have ever seen in any movie. The story was also fine as well, I don't really understand what people said that it's too complicated. It does have a lot going on, but I think I was one of the few people that knows what's going on, and managed to keep up. The ending was also predictable, but worked out well just like the game (it shows flashback of the whole movie) and I wasn't confused at all. I think the problem was that the scenes felt very trimmed and too short. Like they were sort of rush to this situation to the next, and there is like A LOT of scenes that were deleted from what I've seen from the trailers, and featurettes. And about the "seen it before." I think that's sort of because of the screen color, the realistic environment that makes people part of that world, the tone of the acting, and it makes you think "this popcorn tastes familar." but It's hardly something that people have seen before.

After watching this movie you might go watch resident evil just to feel better from the cheesiness, but comparing this to other game adaptations is like comparing this to sh**. Not only is this by far the best game adaptation yet, but much better than Clash of the Titans, Robin Hood, and quite possibly Iron Man 2 IMO. Great popcorn flick! Though it a little too dark, and felt very rushed in the most parts. It only feel long because there was a lot of events.

Still I give it a solid B+. One of the better action/adventure films. I'll go see it again tomorrow.

mary said...

i will be seeing pop tomorrow with my daughter and sister cant wait im off till wednesday now so ill probably go see it again ontuesday

sheba said...

Gosh, I can't sleep, just so anxious for PoP to do well and all your comments to come in. I wonder if Jake is watching PoP somewhere tonight, if he snuck into a local theatre. Look out for him folks.

Thanks Extra, hope you had fun and thanks for taking part. Hope you enjoyed the film too. Perhaps just putting the word out about PoP will help.

Dark Shadow, I love your honest review. From what little I played of the game and watching others do it, yes it did follow closely with the game.

I didn't think there was much blood at all, only probably just not even 10% of the movie. There was much more implied.

Wasn't the parkour and other stunts fantastic as well as the sweeping landscapes. My big complaint was like you, scenes felt rushed and some camera angles were very, very annoying.

I'm so happy you got the story first time around. Did you fall for the Prince? Doesn't he just suit the role of Dastan? And Gemma, she made me fall for her too. Sir Ben was superb. That you know most of the characters already shows your emotional investment of the film, it's easy :) Delighted that you want to see it again as it really does stand on it's own merit.

Monica said...

It's getting bad reviews
It's not about the review. It's about bad marketing that Disney did.
The only movie that has a chance to have the best reviews is Inception. Or it will be the biggest disappointment of the year.

Movies are like that. Jake believed in the potential of Jerry and the formula. But it does not work, patience.
He still remains a great actor anyway. And it has to lift his head and think about the next movies: laod and Source Code.

sheba said...

I agree Monica that the marketing was very wrong and for Disney, very amateurish. I shall never forgive them for not allowing Prince of Persia to have it's own premier in the US. But Jake can and should be very proud of this work.

Oh, and forgot to say I loved that Celebrity Spotlight EXTN interview with the cast. Sir Ben in particular. UV, you've done such a fantastic job, I'm amazed at your tenacity.


It reminded me of the scene where Dastan meets Nizam and hugs him, both genuinely look haunted by recent events, only for Dastan to realise Nizam's real intentions. That was such a good scene.

Hope everyone is having a great time out there tonight.

Monica said...

I shall never forgive them for not allowing Prince of Persia to have it's own premier in the US.

I agree. Should have been a premiere in Los Angeles and New York.
It would have been much better to have too premieres in Rome, Madrid, Paris, Berlin and Japan. Premiere via satellite was a big mistake.

There are many other errors that Disney made. So it's not Jake's fault.
He did a great job during the promotion of the film.

Jeannie said...

Well, hopefully all of the pessimists in this blog will be proved wrong as a crowd report on imdb says lots of 70-100% full theatres, including early sessions and matinees.

Oh, and can we get rid of the WFT escapee please??

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks so much for you review Dark shadow. I'm surprised to hear about some of the dark/violent scenes, but I will be seeing this layer today with some friends and they are all over 21!

And Jack, I hope you deleted all those nasty comments about Reese you made on her IMDB page, tsk, tsk.

sheba said...

I tried to ignore the vitriolic statements spouted but I've got to let this one out. Firstly, we [as in some of us] have not all been ragging on Reese, if we have personal views about the disintigration of their relationship we have kept it to ourselves. When they were together, we were happy for Jake. Now they're not, we're happy that Jake is not taking the break-up too hard but he's enjoying his life and taking us on the journey temporarily with him. But to rag on Jake and crow about what you do not yet know is pathetic. Jake and Reese do not deserve this.

Secondly, we are not 'The Collective' here, we're not Borg (yes, I know they don't exist) but what I like to think we are here is we are 'The Ecclectic'. We're Babblers who love to hear the Gyllenbabble, silliness, fun, crazy, heartfelt beauty that is the chameleon, Jake Gyllenhaal. When just the thought of thinking about someone makes you smile not just with your lips but with your heart, that is a very special person.

Do you see Jake and Reese ripping on each other? No. They have decided to keep their private lives private. Relationships are a two way street and none of us knows what went on but I'd like to think they still have deep respect and affection for each other. Hving to have your business public is bad enough. Try treating them like human beings.

"Although, to be fair, The Source Code still looks like it could be a cool film. Maybe Jake should go back to doing good movies and forget trying to be a movie star, that's my honest advice.

That made my blood boil. Are you a professional Careers Advisor? How dare you! Jake can be whatever the heck he wants to be. If it doesn't work, at least he tried. No matter what, and inspite of themselves, people respond to him and he, nor anyone else should not be limited by creed, colour, race, gender, sexual orientation nor disability.

Anyway, rant over. I hope my fellow Babblers had a fun time last night.

Nikki Finke said...

Pop projected to make 42 million over the weekend in 3rd place:

Anonymous said...

SITC will probably see a major drop next week. POP will continue being out there and people will go.
It will do really well on DVD.
That is something that continues too as after it's on DVD it will be seen,as in being rented, continually for quite a long time.
Johnny Depp was in his 40's before he was in a really big money-maker. I can think of only 'Edward Sissorhands' that might of been called a big hit but at the time had no idea how much money it made, etc.
But everyone respected him as an actor and he always had a movie to do.
LAOD is getting that good buzz but it doesn't look to be in the "big boxoffice" type of relm. This isn't a "family movie".
Source Code not sure yet other than think it will be reviewed well.
Also the majority of people who go to movies really aren't that involved in knowing what was #1 or not - they may see it mentioned but they could care less and that's about as much in depth as it gets. I have a friend who goes to movies a lot and she has no interest in how movies are doing, she just goes to see what she wants to see. (she and a friend and her Mother went to see POP).
Jake has such an impressive list of movies and performances before the age of 30. He also doesn't spent his time dancing on tabletops and causing a lot of trouble which would get him in the tabloids all the time and people would know him from that.

Tweety said...

Well said Sheba. I don't recall any regular posters trashing Reese here, just some anon. posters.

Thanks Dark Shadows19 for your detailed review, my daughter and I will be seeing it this afternoon.

BO is a bit disappointing but not unexpected. I think this will pick up in the coming weeks with wom reviews like these:

Ella_Jacobs: Ok just have to say Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia is Fuckhot!! *fans self* yep especially on the big cinema screen *drools alittle*
33 minutes ago from Twitter for iPhone

michiyojun: Prince Dastan// Jake Gyllenhaal is so handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I keep clutching @vivalaviktoria's hand.

The_Faye: Went to see Prince of Persia instead, which was kinda hard to follow because I kept getting lost in Jake Gyllenhaal's eyes.

sreya90: Jake Gyllenhaal..the man who has it all..and Prince of Persia couldn't have had a better prince than Jake...!!

kissesmanabat: watched PRINCE OF PERSIA with shieka. 2 thumbs up! Jake Gyllenhaal is Love. *u*

2hard4lose: Prince Of Persia !! Amazing Movie ~ Lanjut apa yah ?? Hmmm.... ( Ega Style)

Jeanissaa: I wanna -_-* RT @_sheilae: I wanna watch Prince of Persia again.. Who wanna watch it again?

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Returned encouraging of chat!
It is his work!
Better not to answer!

UltraViolet said...

Wow, somebody needed some attention last night. Thanks for the defense and kudos to all of you who pointed out his factual errors, utter hypocrisy and just general bullshit.

I'd love to keep the posts revealing his true nature and pointing out his epic FAIL, but the personal insults (from him, as usual) are too much.

Brothers Spy-Jack-Jeff, we'll see you again, I'm sure. And it will be as easy as it always has been to spot you. And to delete you.

Now go back to IMDb where you belong.

Cathy E said...

Hooray! Now that's more like it. Leave it to TIME to write a fair review. :)

Anonymous said...

At it again - entertainment side of Huffington Post - Prince of Persia is played by a white guy -
Of couse some people have talked about how some Persians had fair skin..etc..
But a nice mention of the fact Jake resembles the video game character down to the blue eyes would be good.
What if they got an actor who decided to go against the muscles and had brown eyes now there might be something to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Just got on - and looked at the Time review.
Does it seem to everyone like Jake was a surfer type who sounded like every sentence should end with Dude?


UltraViolet said...

Oh, and to get back to why we're here: Jake. Thanks for the reviews and discussion so far.

Dark Shadow, great summary!

I saw PoP last night. Almost full theater, great crowd reaction.

I thought Jake was incredible. Dashing and witty, passionate and prideful. Every inch the Prince, dispelling any notions anyone had that he wasn't a good fit for the part.

The movie itself does have problems. I can see why some critics would complain, but not to the extent some have. I got into it as the movie went along, especially because the crowd was so into it.

I don't think the story was set up as well as it could have been. And there was too much slo-mo/quick cutting for my tastes. (Yes, video game movie, I know.)

But overall, it was great to see Jake running and jumping and fighting and flirting.

Jake has great chemistry with all of the other actors in the movie. And he did a great job of having fun with the part but also delivering in the serious scenes, like the confrontation with Nizam.

Loved the accent. He did a great job, even if people can I'm sure point out occasional slips. To me, it was a total success. I was especially impressed when he had to deliver lots of dialogue in serious scenes.

I'll probably post more specifics once I've seen it again, but I have to talk about the kiss. All of the near misses were killing me, and apparently the audience. As it seemed about to happen for real, someone yelled out, "Just kiss!"

And then when they finally did kiss, the audience actually whooped and applauded! It was fantastic.

That was a new experience at a Jake movie!

I wish the box office numbers were better. And I think Jake was let down a bit by the director, as well as Disney marketing. But I hope the very positive WOM will keep this going. Jake should be very proud of himself.

UltraViolet said...

No, Anne, I didn't think that. That annoyed me in the Time review. Some critics just can't get past Jake's modern sensibilities. Fair enough if it's true. But I think many of them assumed Jake would be a bad choice and just can't acknowledge that he is actually good.

Cathy E said...

As it seemed about to happen for real, someone yelled out, "Just kiss!"

Awwww, that's a great sign. I'm off to see it tonight, and am so looking forward to it. Tamina seems like such a great character, and it goes without saying that Dastan does too. Alfred Molina is incredible from the clips.

Sag actor said...

That is a good review from Time. I thought my wife and I were going to see it today, but we have a B-Q to go to so we hope to catch it on Sunday.

Thanks DS19 and UV for your reviews.When there are more than one writer attached to a script that spells trouble, too many cooks spoil the pot. That said, I still want to see it, sounds like a a perfect popcorn movie.

Anonymous said...

If you get an audience involved with a movie they'll like it and feel it was a good movie. And they will tell their friends.
Maybe some critics expect Jake to do serious films and they don't usually care for popcorn type movies and so they won't be very receptive to anything about it.
Whatever happens, as one review said, Jake will come out of this smelling like a rose.

Anonymous said...

Read where the first SATC movie made 27 million its first day so this one is quite a bit behind that.
Think Shrek is holding o.k. & will because it is a family movie that is established.

Sheba baby said...

Ok,here is my review:

Jake made a perfect Prince: handsome & heroic. He and Gemma had a really nice chemistry. She was a bit annoying at first, but she won me over and I was rooting for Dastan and Tamina.

Molina stole a lot of the scenes, he was really funny , Ben played the typical Disney villian, and played it well.

The costumes and cinematography and soudtrack were outstanding and the stunts and parkour scenes were out of this world.

And unlike some movies where there are a lot of stunts, you can see that Jake did most of his own stunts and does a fantastic job.

There were parts where you can tell they must have edited it for time, some of the action scenes cut back and forth and lost the flow IMO.

Jake's accent was a bit off at times and the hair, well sometimes it looked just perfect, but there were some scenes where it looked like he was wearing extensions. Minor quibbles.

I can see the criticism of the script by the critics, but honestly It wasn't that bad to me anyway. My friends had a time following the plot but overall they gave it a thumbs up.

It's not a faithful adaption of the video game but Disney wasn't really selling it as such. The audience were really into it and the theater was full. Lots of kids and they really ate it up, they especially loved the ostrich racing scenes!

So I give Pop a solid B!

So Sheba, here is my marketing results are :

5/5 heard about Pop

4/5 heard of Jake

3/5 have seen Pop (the 3 saw it with me. They had to be talked into seeing it, but they enjoyed it)

Josie said...

I'm loving the reviews here, I will probably see it sometime next week.

Everyone I know is either going to the beach, going to AC or going to or having barbeques or pool parties.

I don't want to see Pop solo, so I will probably go after work next week with a few co-workers.

Some of the critics reviews are a bit harsh but that won't doesn't bother me one bit.

It's been a very busy few weeks in Gyllenland, thanks UV for keeping us up to date!

The ratings on Yahoo and other places is postitive so I hope word geta out that this is a fun film to see over the weekend.

sheba said...

Your reviews are good to hear guys, even the parts that didn't work well, it's great to hear. Thank you. I love that the audience are interacting with the film. Even if you didn't like it, it's ok, you went paid your bucks and we'd like to hear about your experience.

Thanks Tweety, I loved seeing these especially "Jake Gyllenhaal is Love" and "I wanna watch Prince of Persia again.. Who wanna watch it again?" I want to put my hands up and say me, me, me.

And thanks too Sheba baby for taking part in the marketing. It's a little daunting but fun isn't it to ask total strangers questions :) So glad you liked PoP so much.

mary said...

i definitely plan on seeing it more than once

Monica said...

The opinions of the public in RT is 73% and Metacritic is 9.
And on twitter I saw that most comments are positive. I don't have hope for a sequel, but it would be good if he did a decent box office.
I think JB is thinking in 3D this time.

Yesterday I saw the five commercials of the movie on TV.
A member of my forum, who lives in Portugal, said the film is good and that her friends had fun enough. She said the public was involved with the film.

I'm going to the mall to buy a phone and I take advantage and buy my ticket for Prince of Persia. I'll see on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

As this was toward the end of the previous "update" don't know how many saw it but going to put it back up.
The Wall Street Journal review is not overwhelming for the movie but
'For those of you - of us - who've been rooting for Jake Gyllenhaal to prevail as a romantic hunk in Price of Persia the news is pretty good. He may not be another Douglas Fairbanks or Burt Lancaster, but his dashing Dastan drives this action adventure...with a sense of fun that was missing from "Robin Hood,"
and a winning demeanor that encompasses light irony and poetic melancholy.."..then it does say a slightly bizarre English accent..huh? guess the folks in the north of London (help me out) will have to deal with that one..ha.
USA Today had a mixed review - found things wrong with it but also said it would be good family entertainment and Jake proves himself a worthy action star.

Cathy E said...

I just loved it - he does prove himself a very worthy action star, ITA. Did I say I loved it? I'll see it again.

Monica said...

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Jake is in third place!!

I found this news on I'm Stalking Jake!
Thanks, PG!

Chica said...

I loved it too Cathy E! I just popped in for a second. I'm in the middle of family activities now so I don't have time to give a detailed report right now, but I will when I get home tomorrow!

bobbyanna said...

Hi, guys!!! I've had no access to a computer for the past few days and I've really missed out! OTOH, I've been hanging with my daughters and some friends etc. and I'm happy to report we saw PoP...twice!

I pretty much agree with most comments I've read here. Far from perfect, but a fun ride and the cast worked really well together. One of my girls said it was much better than HP Goblet of Fire, and for a video game adaptation it was fine. The other said "It was bad at all!"

There are some people I know who might have been inclined to see SATC under "other circumstances" but they have been 'strongly discouraged' from going near it for the next two weeks, and they have agreed. They are too old for Shrek! ...:)

Hope everyone's been enjoying their holiday weekend as much as I have. I am very proud of Jake! He did an amazing job on this movie!

bobbyanna said...

I meant to type "It WASN'T bad at all!"

Paula said...

That's great Bobbyanna! I spent the day at the beach all day yesterday but I will be seeing Pop later on today.

And you saw it twice already! I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I'm "older" and enjoyed the Shrek movies. Missed the Dragon movie but wouldn't of mind going to see it. Saw Nemo on the screen and also Toy Story.
Sometimes someone might be too young to see certain movies but don't think there's a too old to enjoy whatever type of entertainment they might like.
These "cartoons" are not just for 8year olds anymore. One of the most touching movies is "Up" and to not see it because its a "cartoon" and that means only for kids would be missing a fine movie.
Princess & the Frog was pretty cool too.

Monica said...

Bobbyana, happy that your friends enjoyed the movie. I've read many positive comments about the movie on twitter and I hope he has a good word of mouth.

mary said...

i saw pop yesterday with my daughter what can i say the movie was funa nd jake was great and looked fantastic my daughter really liked the movie too said jake did a great job and she is a film buff went to film school for a year,anyway the movie i say was 3/4 filled also at my theater pop was playing in 3 theaters and satc was playing in only two on another blog some one said that satc was leading but pop was close behind hope thats true i really hope it does well fingers crossed but jake will always be our action hero no matter waht happens at the box office i plan on seeing pop again on tuesday if not next weekend

Anonymous said...

Prince of persia has got $30.2 million so far in America. That's good right? :D

Anonymous said...

Shrek is still the movie most parents will take their kids to. Then would hope they would go see POP.
One of the things i esp. like about Jake and his TV interviews like David and Jimmy, etc. is he does tell different stories. Sometimes we hear something we already the Maggie story. But that was the only place he told it. On this one entertainment site they will put up maybe 4 iterviews an actor or actress has done and its because they say the exact same thing as they did in all the others.

Anonymous said...

Jakes back in LA, new pics at Just Jared.

Anonymous said...

Looks like SATC faltered. They don't do full reports until Tuesday.
Expected Shrek but its 3D and take away the three or so extra dollars for a ticket and would be interesting to see where it was.
For people who don't know video games and hear its from a video game might think its something they wouldn't care for.
(and they've been told enough times that movies from video games usually aren't very good).
Still think the people who see it will mention to others it was a good time.

Anonymous said...

Back in time for the Basketball Championship games with the Lakers and Celtics. So be watching.
I'm sure some will be all a twitter because he is seen with Austin..but then Austin's girlfriend is with them.

Anonymous said...

I fell bad for Jake because you could see he really enjoyed himself filming PoP. RT has a community rating of 72% and on IMDB it's 6.9, so it seems that most of people who have seen it, like it.

Can I also say that Jake certainly does not deserve what some are saying on certain boards.

Carla said...

Yes, obviously the people who saw it, liked it. Unfortunately not enough people saw it...:-(

Only hope is that the film will have some good legs.

I saw the film again yesterday with three friends and they enjoyed it too.

Yes Jake had fun , also with the promotion of the fim so I am sure we will see him in such a kind of summer movie again.

Jake does not look exactly like a happy camper in those new pictures but it is good to see him staying friends with Sophia and Austin. He deserves some free time - the last weeks must be exhausting for him.

Anonymous said...

I imagine if you go on boards with every actor you are going to find people who are just plain hateful.
But since we're focused on Jake and knowing he doesn't deserve it, it is bothersome to say the least.
But he is doing his job as an actor and working as hard as anyone could and caring about what he does and for those certain people I'd like to see them do what he does. Some people are jealous of others who achieve things that they will never have. And so they strike out at them.
Meanwhile Jake will just go on with his career. He has the respect of the people in the biz who understand what it takes to do what he does.
Bringing up Johnny Depp again as others have. He has made movie after movie for however many years and only a handful of them have done well at the boxoffice. But good actors continue to act and do things they think are interesting.
Doing good work is success in itself. If POP stays in 3rd - that still doesn't diminish the fun he had making the movie.

Anonymous said...

From Box Ofice Mojo

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time ruled the international box office this weekend with an estimated gross of $59m. And Sex and the City 2 made a strong international start with big openings in the UK and Germany.

Prince of Persia took its weekend haul from 47 markets, ranking top in 41 of them, said distributor Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI). The $59m take pushed the fantasy adventure’s running international total to $87.5m, 39% ahead of National Treasure in the same group of markets and time frame, 1% behind Iron Man and 24% behind Clash of the Titans.

Carla said...

Thanks anon, I just wanted to post the link - those are good news! And hopefully it will be doing well the next week too.

I agree with you, Annie - and I have learned to ignore the haters - you will find them everywhere and Jake is not the only target. For ex. the sarcasm and hate spread towards the SATC women is unbelievable.

Jake will go on with his career - he has two different films in his bag and both already getting good buzz.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the links and posts, you guys. It's been a hectic weekend, and I haven't been able to respond, but I appreciate especially the PoP reviews. I might transfer them to the next post, so they don't get lost.

I'm off until this evening, but I did put up a new post with a few new goodies.

I was very pleased to see the good overseas box office for PoP. It was nice to get some good news after all the gloom and doom over at BOMojo.