Monday, April 27, 2009

Boy on the Side

Found a few more pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal from Coachella, prompting a little retrospective. Though Jake obviously loves being in front of a camera, he's more than happy to take his place behind the scenes - or on the side:

First from the Fleet Foxes show:

Then more from Jenny Lewis:

In 2006, Jake went to ACL and grooved to Ray LaMontagne - note, you might want to turn the sound down!

If you just want to see Jake and Lance dance:

There's also a tiny glimpse of Jake on
this video.

Some shots of Jake around ACL and environs:

With John Mayer

At Gnarls Barkley

With the devil, apparently

Tooling around

And in 2005, Jake dropped by to watch his friends in Maroon 5 perform at the
Now and Zen fest in San Francisco:

Back in front of the camera: Spinal Tap member Harry Shearer
reveals that Jake owes his showbiz career to the band, since he made an appearance in a trailer for "This Is Spinal Tap." Can you spot him?

Finally, the inimitable Stephanie at IHJ has asked for donations to help keep the site running:

As you all know, for the past 6 years we've worked hard here at to keep everyone as up to date as possible on Jake's day to day activities. ...

However, as time goes on it has become quite an expensive endeavor, time wise and cost wise as well. That's why we've decided to ask for some help from you, the visitors. In order to keep this site running at optimum levels, we are going to be adding a donation button to the site.

No amount is too small and every little bit will help. Please understand that donations are entirely voluntary and you are under no obligation to make any. This is merely an option for those visitors who enjoy the site to help with the cost of running this expensive fansite. We do plan to continue providing you all with the latest information and photos of Jake here at!


I know times are tough, but I am so grateful to Stephanie/IHJ for all she does. So if you can donate something, please click the button. If the link doesn't work, go to

Jake at LAX on 4/27:

(Coachella photos courtesy of
lickety_split and gabecentric and anonymous.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cinema swan songs

Premiere has a story on Stars Who Die The Most in their movies. But there is a glaring omission: Jake Gyllenhaal.

Three of Jake's characters have met an untimely fate - more than both Will Smith and Harrison Ford who are at the bottom of the list. Jake's percentage of character deaths is higher than most people on the list.

More importantly, each character is unique and truly memorable, despite Premiere's amnesia. But we remember...

Donnie Darko

Holden Worther

Jack Twist

Let's hope Jake's next three characters have a happier fate.

The Coachella tidbits continue. You had to wonder if Reese minded Jake looking at his old girlfriend so wistfully...

I guess not!

Reese is rocking! From an observer:

Jake Gyllenhaal (omg HOT) and Reese Witherspoon were side stage watching the whole time. Seriously, they were the most adorable freaking couple. They were both singing along to some of the songs. I got a June Carter Cash moment watching Reese rock out to Jack Killed Mom. And when Jenny slowed it down, she put her arms around his waist and they looked so happy it made me smile.

Thanks to the blogger and youtuber for the reports.

Happy Earth Day!

(Photos, as always, courtesy of IHJ.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Past and present

Lots of fun pictures today. Check back later and we'll have some fun with Jake Gyllenhaal at Coachella. But I couldn't resist posting these - Jake and Reese stageside for Jenny Lewis:

(The last one is at the Fleet Foxes show.)

Too many pictures to sort through at this late hour - I don't know how Stephanie does it! But we'll have more later today.

Say goodnight, Donnie.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday in the Park with Jake

Hobbled by a "basketball"** injury last year, Jake gamely attended the 2008 Los Angeles Conservation Corps. Annual Luncheon at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

**(of course I still contend he injured his foot in parkour gone wrong)

This year finds Jake looking incredibly similar to last year minus the pinstripe suit and in better footing as he attends the 2009 Los Angeles Conservation Corps. Annual Luncheon.

More than 600 people gathered today at the Los Angeles State Historic Park to celebrate the Los Angeles Conservation Corps' 23rd anniversary and pay tribute to the organization for their groundbreaking work with at-risk youth and environmental conservation. Shell Oil Company and sports clothing innovator Patagonia were honored at the annual Luncheon Celebration, which raised more than $400,000 for the Corps. Outstanding LA Corps members, students, and alumni were also recognized for their great work with college scholarships.

You can see more at IHJ.

New bromance?

I got a tweet yesterday morning that Jake and Chris Martin of Coldplay were spotted together at the Bruce Springsteen show at the L.A. Sports Arena Wednesday night, 15 April. I wonder how they ended up there, together... "Hey Max Weinberg, since you bought my parents' house at a steal hows about you throw in a couple of tix to a show?" Yes, I'm sure it went down just. like. that. Sadly, no pics of them at the concert have emerged yet. Still looking.

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's a special day!

Singer/Actress, Mandy Moore

Actor, Charlie Hunnam

Musician and former Stay Cat, Brian Setzer

Actor, Omar Sharif

Musician and former Ratt, Warren DeMartini

American Activist, Claire Booth Luce

You're probably asking yourself what all these people have in common. Well I'll tell you. They were all fortunate enough to share a birthday with my friend and co-conspirator, UltraViolet.

Let's see what Jake was doing on various April 10ths.

In 2005, while still filming Jarhead, Jake took a meeting and had lunch at The Ivy.

And in 2007, Jake was spotted running in the Hills.

Since Jake only allows himself to papped every two years on April 10th, I fully expect a glut of pictures sometime today, which I will happily add to this post. Right here.

joyeux anniversaire, mademoiselle

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just another day

New, though unexciting, pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal. It's been a while since we've seen anything more than the side of Jake's face, so it's cause for a new post!

I think there's the hint of a Gyllensmirk in the middle there, I'm not sure. Among the frowns.

Found some new video of Jake and Reese, including the Paris dress-up day. Short but sweet.

No idea what the narration says - any translators out there?

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brother Sister Act

It's been a slow week in Gyllenland, so let's explore some old news. Last month, Forbes Magazine ranked Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal as the second-hottest set of Hollywood siblings. Though the Wilson brothers were top-ranked, the magazine wisely chose the Gyllenhaals to grace the story page.

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal
The Gyllenhaals were born with Hollywood blood, the children of a director and screenwriter. Maggie first appeared on film in her father's movies, while Jake was only 10 years old when he filmed a role in City Slickers. Since appearing together in the cult hit Donnie Darko, the duo have both enjoyed commercial and critical success.

Certainly not the best shot of the sibs. Not like this one from Interview Magazine, February, 2003:

Some new scans of Bruce Weber photos from that shoot have been floating around. Here's one with a couple of new angles of Jake and Maggie from that session:

Some fun shots of the sibs:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)

And finally - Happy Birthday, Heath.