Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pop Week, Day 5: Exhaustion sets in

No, not for Jake Gyllenhaal, for me! I can't think of anything witty or fun to say for this post. Jake does not have that problem, as you know from witnessing the multitude of interviews and appearances he's done. Last night it was Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and it was a classic.

Here's the Karate Hedgehog dance

Thanks to the amazing Stephanie, here's Jake on The Early Show. A bit of a flat interview, but Jake looks good, as always:

Jake on KABC, doing some comedy:

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Not sure if anyone will upload this to youtube, but you can watch Jake's appearance on The Hour. Jake is on in the second half. Some familiar territory covered, but some fun stuff, too. Including a fun game of True or False.

Here's another Canadian interview. Not much new but a nice shout out to Canada at the end. Jake interviewed by G$, for the gamers.

And another installment in the PopSugar Huge Fan series. The interview with Jake should be up tomorrow.

Look: Jake without The Jacket!

A shot of Jake in Boston:

And in Toronto:

(Fallon video and some photos courtesy of IHJ.)


OONP said...

Reposting from end of last post. Both OONP and Leonor posted as I was ending the post.

Ha, ha, I saw that last night! I'm not a fan of Fallon but that was brilliant! Jake is really good at doing sketch comedy, that's how his brother-in-law got his start.

I remember the sex scene in Nailed from the script, and it sounded um, very physical and raunchy. Damn I want to see that film!

Along with Batman and Spiderman I thought that Jake auditioned for Superman as well.

You can tell that he was disappointed in not getting Batman the way he just cut off the subject.

That is a really good interview. He's been more open, funny, honest and so charming doing press for Pop, it's like after 2 years of being off the big screen, he is making up for lost time (I'm not counting the non-publicity for Brothers).

LOL! At El Guapo's review, I guess he liked it, I was too busy laughing!

Lisa at EW gave it a B, but she mentioned Molina more than Jake.

So Jake was forced to pick the Lakers! It would be awesome if he did go to SA for the WC.

It looks like SATC2 will win the weekend but I hope that Pop comes in a solid second.

Tweety said...

The Fallon appearence is my favorite so far! Hedgehogs and karate? And Fallon kicked the Prince in the gut, Jake is such a trooper and funny as hell!

I hope that all of this really pays off at the BO because Jake has been promoting the hell out of this movie. I can't wait until tomorrow!

Read the review at Latin review, it was tounge in cheek and a riot but I think he is recommending it!

I know that there is so much I missed .Thanks UV, you have been doing a fantastic job keeping up with everything, no wonder you are so exhausted!

I will have plenty of time to catch on stuff, I have a half a day today at work and then I'm off for the long weekend which will include seeing the Prince on the big screen!

He's still in N.Y.:

tessa619: why yes, jake gyllenhaal is in front of me getting coffee. omfg! #fb
19 minutes ago from txt

jenniferspaeth: Shoot! Jake Gyllenhaal just walked by me at the Ace Hotel and I wasn't even paying attention.

Leonor said...

Today is the day of Principe Jake in Buenos Aires!

Good luck Jake!

P.D. I hate to criticos of the daily Clarín, they do not know anything of the work of Jake. They only write foolishness

May 27, 2010 8:43 AM

UltraViolet said...

Hi Tweety. Off for the weekend sounds nice! Jake really has worked hard promoting this thing and obviously making it. I really really hope it does well.

Tweets for it are out of control! I hope that translates.

BTW Carla and Sheba and Chica also posted on the last post this morning. I feel bad if folks miss things!

lawgoddess said...

Loved the Jimmy Fallon interview; Jake is a trouper and such a charming man.

Thanks for all the info and updates, GB.

UltraViolet said...

He is indeed both, LG :)

Just posted the Early Show vid, thanks to Stephanie.

mary said...

after watching jake on the early show i was flipping channels i caught sir ben kingsley on the good day la show nothing new he was asked about jake not being persian question he replied thats alot of nonsense seems like its just been jake and sir ben that have been doing all the promotion for pop

Sag actor said...

Jake and Ben have been doing all the Pop promotion here in the US, too bad Gemma wasn't avaialble. I'm surprised I haven't seen Molina do any of the NY shows since he is there doing a play.

That was a funny bit on Fallon. I'll probably see Pop on Saturday.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah ,they definitely leaned on Jake and to a lesser extent, Ben. I wish they'd flooded the air a little more, the way SatC has. But Jerry B hasn't taken any of my calls for marketing advice!

That Early Show interview was the first one that fell flat. I think Jake might be nearing the end of his PRope.

mary said...

yea jake is probably glad that was his last inter view that we know ofim sure hes probably pretty exhausted hes been on the road for almost 3 weeks promoting i wonder if he stay in new yorkfor the holiday weekend or fly back to la?

Extra said...

Now I'm going to have that Hedghog karate song in my head all weekend, LOL!! That was funny and weird, the best part is that woman in the audience and her reaction to Jake and Fallon blowing in her hair!

That first pic posted of Jake, Kimmel and their giant legos is classic.

I like the pic of Jake & Co in Boston, I bet that was taken after the Celics/Magic game.

Yeah, I think Jake has pretty much run out of steam with the last interview for CBS this morning.

What a marathon, and you have been doing such a fantastic job UV!

I admit that i'm a bit nervous about the BO for Pop over the weekend. I have stopped going over to boxofficemojo:(

I think SATC2 will win the weekend BO despite the shitty reviews, but I hope that enough people are in the mood for a good popcorn movie and just want to have some fun aliong with their families, like me!

get real said...

Jake was so hilarious on Jimmy Fallon!! Seriously he just is so good at comedy and has great chemistry with most of the late night guys. :)

UV, I bow to your awesomeness with all these epic posts! You have been on fire during the PoP promotion.

Monica said...

But Jerry B hasn't taken any of my calls for marketing advice!

JB / Disney campaign committed many errors with this film. Starting at that poster of "Courage".

I see that the biggest complaint is with the story that was modified by two writers who had worked in bad movies.
The original story written by Jordan Mechner, they say, was much better than it ended up on screen.

UltraViolet said...

Extra, I'm really hoping not to get Hedgehog earworm!

I've tried to stop going to BOM, too. It's too depressing and confusing. I don't think they really know what will happen, but it's not looking good.

Get real, I like the Courage poster. I think JB's first mistake was comparing it to PotC. It's never gotten out from under the weight of that.

They have done a lot of good marketing, as well.

I hope audiences surprise me and prove JB right.

The story does sound like a bit of a mess, so that's disappointing. And sort of surprising. I'm reserving judgment on that until I see it.

Sadly, the US reviews are coming in, and they are pretty poor. Roger Ebert didn't like it, which is a bummer. And a lot of the newspaper reviews are not positive.

But again, I am pretty sure none of that will matter when I am in the theater. I'm going with sheba's son's 10/10!

Oh, and thanks for the nice words, get real and everyone else. I won't know what to do with myself after this is over!

UltraViolet said...

Movieline has been really snotty about Jake over the past few weeks, so this positive review was a nice surprise:

We’ve all laughed derisively at his brooding stare and anachronistic rock-star tresses. But Gyllenhaal gets the last laugh in Prince of Persia: He’s having a great time, he knows he looks awesome and he gets to ride horses. Plus, in the end his character gets the girl, a stunner of a princess named Tamina (though I immediately forgot her name and could henceforth think of her only as Princess Hummina Hummina). If you think you’re above Prince of Persia — and until I saw it, I certainly did — then it’s time to come off your not-so-high horse.

Anonymous said...

Plus, in the end his character gets the girl, a stunner of a princess named Tamina (though I immediately forgot her name and could henceforth think of her only as Princess Hummina Hummina).

:) I have a feeling we're all going to love it.

Shondra said...

My hubby and I and our sons are going to catch Pop on Monday, Memorial day becasue we are going away to see family on Friday - Sunday. We probably won't get a chance to get to a theater.

The hell with the critics, this is the type of movie that families go to see over the holiday and I can't wait to see it. My sons watch the disney channel and have seen enough promos that they are as excited as their fangirl mommy to see it!

Jake's appearence on Fallon has put a big, goofy smile on my face! The whole things was just hysterical. Jake should do more comedy, seriously he is a natural.

The CBS this morning interview was a bit awkward, she threw him for a loop with the stage question.

A big round of applause to you UV, you have done an outstanding job covering everything and I still haven't watched all the videos or read all the interviews posted here on GB!

But I will and catch up, what are we going to do when this is all over and Jake goes underground, sigh.

All Gyllenhaalics must turn out this weekend for Prince of Persia!!!

Anonymous said...

I almost got the earworm too, but the Hedgehog skit was hilarious. ;)

Carla said...

UV, you have done a wonderful job during the last weeks and we cannot thank you enough for the time & inspiration you spend for Jake and us.
It is nearly over now and I hope you will enjoy PoP.

I have no complaints with the story - it is not worse than the POTC one. Just what you expect from a summer blockbuster - nothing complicated. Action, parcour, a love story, good supporting roles, creepy bad guys.....

Usually I don´t care about Box Office - as a Jake fan I am expecting interesting, challenging films but no blockbusters.

But here he is the leading character and I am not sure if this one bombs how this will affect his reputation as a leading man.

Good to see that his next films are already getting good buzz.

But perhaps those "experts" are all wrong and all the families who don´t care about "tracking" or "Box Office Reports" are just going to the cinema, buying tickets for the film and enjoy it.

mary said...

ben kingsley received a star on hollywood walk of fame today

UltraViolet said...

Going with the whole family, shondra! That's great. Does your husband know the real reason you're going :) it's fun to be able to share it with the kids.

You'll be able to catch up when all of this dies down!

Carla, I hope all the families and gamers turn out based on the good word of mouth. The tweets have been overwhelmingly positive.

I don't usually care about box office so much either. But it's so tied into the success of PoP that I can't help it.

BTW, the NYTimes and Mahnola Dargis gave the movie a good review. She had good words for Jake. She didn't take it seriously but in the right spirit.

Get Real said...

"Get real, I like the Courage poster. I think JB's first mistake was comparing it to PotC. It's never gotten out from under the weight of that."

That was Monica who mentioned the Courage poster, UV, not me. :)

Glad at least Mahnola Dargis at the NY Times gave it a good review. I have to say I am nervous about the BO. Hoping that Gyllenhaalics and families who don't go to summer movies for the reviews will be out in force of POP!

UltraViolet said...

Oops. Sorry about that, get real. I reread the review and it does have a mocking tone. But I think it comes down on the positive side.

Thanks for the info, Mary. Too bad Jake couldn't be there for Ben's. I bet it was more fun than Jerry B's.

Anonymous said...

However much it took to make the movie I am sure it will make that back and it won't be a bomb.
People gave it a not good personality?
Is an article on him. And a good answer to personal questions.
Anyway, as mentioned somewhere before when someone is reviewing a film you never know what their prejudices are as in do they just not like anything from Disney or Jerry. I know there are critics who never give a good review of a Michael Bay film.
There are some actors who have mentioned no matter what they've done good or not as good they never will get a good review from them.
Once again people are going to enjoy it. As mentioned with the NYT review (which i haven't seen yet) it was understood what the movie was and reviewed it on that level.
The movieline one that did like Jake. But were wondering how he would do in that role cause folks had to laugh about that - his look and all. Jake would of fit just fine years and years ago when making movies because people saw actors do every type of role there was just about and it wasn't "odd" for them to do it.

suvee said...

I'm a bit disappointed in the bad PoP reviews. But it seems like most of the bad reviews I've seen rag on the movie (script, etc.) not Jake's performance specifically. So that's good, right?

My city's movie critic's review is a good example. He had quite nice things to say about Jake...... "Gyllenhaal is a hugely watchable actor..... his presence keeps things focused.... until it becomes obvious the screenwriters haven't come up with anything very interesting for him to do.". He pretty much lays the blame at the feet of the writers and to a lesser extent, M. Newell (good director, but no affinity for big budget epics).

I'm so hoping WOM gives this movie some legs. It really does look like a great movie for families...... and Gyllenhaalics!

Anonymous said...

Entertainment Weekly on-line has an article about what the box-office might be this weekend.
POP in 3rd but when I looked someone had said they felt those predictions didn't seem right.
Lets get some positive comments about the movie and Jake over there if we have the time.

Anonymous said...

Foreign BO for Pop as of 5/26:
$28, 300,000.

Anonymous said...

With a $200 million budget, i'm afraid to say that Prince of Persia might be the first big flop of the year. It's still too early to say for certain, but it's not looking good.

They should have made it PG and sold it as a kids movie. They started doing that in the past week or so, but it might be too late.

I don't think it makes Jake look bad though given all the press he's done and attention he's brought to the film. At this point the only reason to watch the film at all seems to be Jake himself. In situations like these many lead actors would have abandonned ship a long time ago, but that he stuck it out, and seems to be willing to go down with the ship, is probably appreciated by Disney.

Anonymous said...

Jake enjoyed making this movie and he has always talked about how kids will enjoy it.
Hit or not it won't hurt his career. He will always have an acting (and someday Directing) career.
Saw Russell Crow on a number of talk shows and Robin Hood isn't the hit "they" thought it would be.
And he's a "big name".

And found this - Brad Pitt movie -
'Not that the news was entirely warrior-worthy. Troy, which is said to have cost $200 million, failed to clear the $50 million mark (as Van Helsing did the previous week), which a movie hyped to this extent should have, according to industry observers."

It's going to be enjoyed by a lot of people and remembered fondly.

A different Anon.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

I agree Suvee!

..."a great movie for families...... and Gyllenhaalics!"

But. certain. ..el written is confused...

Jake-Dastan is magnificent!

Anonymous said...

First off the budget was $150 million not $200 million.

Second it is projected to make $45 to $50 million this weekend, which is not bad. It also opens in thirty foreign markets, in addition to the twenty where it has already opened. $30 million in twenty markets is actually good. The only country where it didn't seem to do well was Britain for some reason. It actually did very well everywhere else.

Also, don't underestimate the Saturday, Sunday and Monday matinees where families will be in attendance. I think Sex and the City has an advantage number-wise out of the gate given that it had a midnight showing and then opened a day before POP, but the last SATC didn't have any legs whatsoever. Half of the money it made its first weekend was made in its first day. I expect the same thing to happen here. When the numbers from the matinees come in, POP may be more competitive than people expect.

So even if initial numbers favor SATC, don't be discouraged.

Anonymous said...

"First off the budget was $150 million not $200 million."

$200 including PR, advertising.

"Second it is projected to make $45 to $50 million this weekend, which is not bad."

From HW: "On Friday, Disney debuts the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced adventure fantasy "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," with tracking data suggesting a four-day bow north of $35 million."

Thats what you call "major bomb"!

"$30 million in twenty markets is actually good."

No, it is not - the OS opening was horrible.

"Also, don't underestimate the Saturday, Sunday and Monday matinees where families will be in attendance."

The movie is PG13 - families with younger children won´t go.

Agreed with anon 11.48:
"They should have made it PG and sold it as a kids movie."

It won´t hurt Jakes career - but bye-bye sequel....

sheba said...

Ugh, I don't like hearing about BO numbers. That's not a true reflection of how much it's been seen. Very worryingly and annoyingly, some people have said they know of many people that have downloaded copies and have seen the film already. Marketing of the film has been very, very poor. I'll be back later with my 10 results from our little market research project.

I wish all you Babblers in the US a great PoP day, have fun and if you don't get it the first time, go watch it again, its magic :)

And remember, some things you don't usually see..... A hedgehog doing Karate :D

DarkShadow19 said...

I checked the Yahoo ratings for POP so far(to me, that's the rating conclusion).

Critics: C+
Users: A-

That's really great for a game movie. I expected much worse. Most of the reviews are B graded. And who knows, this could be one of the those movies that would've deserve better (Like Shrek 4). Can't wait to see.

Monica said...

Anne Thompson published an article about BO. It is obvious that POP is not the winner, but there is an interesting excerpt:
With Sex getting a leg up on its Thursday opening, Disney foresees a level playing field from Friday onward, not to mention an eventual boost when more children are released from school in weeks ahead. Industry estimates are putting Prince of Persia‘s opening gross in the lower-to-mid $40-million range over four days.

Most of the time, Bruckheimer films, particularly in the first chapters of a new franchise, tend to have long legs. The first Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl made 23% of its total $305.4 million domestic haul over its Wednesday through Sunday period, while 2004’s National Treasure minted 20% of its $173 million during its opening weekend. The average tentpole typically makes as much as 40% upfront.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monica, if those numbers hold true then POP should make around $200 million or so in the US.

As far as that anon above, it only opened in 18 markets abroad, only two of which were "large" markets (Britain, Germany). It didn't do that well in Britain, but it did well in the other markets where it was number one in 17 of them.

It opens in thirty markets this weekend, including some very large ones like China, Japan, France, etc. Let's see how it does there.

Paula said...

The day is finally here, I can't believe it! I'm going to go see it after work today with a few friends.

I'm a bit disappointed in some of the reviews but the criticism seems to be with the script and pacing, Jake seems to be getting good reviews.

Thanks for that link Monica. It's clear that SATC2 will win the weekend but Pop will have legs in the weeks to come.

It's been an incredible few weeks for Jake and his fans. I loved all of his interviews and TV appearences and I don't know what the hell that hedgehog karate song was about, but Jake was so funny and dorky!

You have done a steller job UV with your great posts, videos, interviews and photos, thank you so much!

I will be back with my review, I hope everyone here sees Prince of Persia this holiday weekeend!

Anonymous said...

The Wall Street Journal review is not overwhelming for the movie but
'For those of you - of us - who've been rooting for Jake Gyllenhaal to prevail as a romantic hunk in Price of Persia the news is pretty good. He may not be another Douglas Fairbanks or Burt Lancaster, but his dashing Dastan drives this action adventure...with a sense of fun that was missing from "Robin Hood,"
and a winning demeanor that encompasses light irony and poetic melancholy.."..then it does say a slightly bizarre English accent..huh? guess the folks in the north of London (help me out) will have to deal with that one..ha.
USA Today had a mixed review - found things wrong with it but also said it would be good family entertainment and Jake proves himself a worthy action star.
If there are no sequels then i think Jake will find other things in his career to do. There will be no problem there.

ihj said...

Elle scan of Jake's interview:


UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the comments and links, folks. It's been a hectic day here, so I finally put up a new post!

It's a shame that the critical reception is so poor. But I'm hoping the American audience has fallen/will fall for Jake's charms and surprises the BO prognosticators.

Fingers crossed :)

I hope Jake enjoys his weekend and some rest!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Friends excuse if they saw it before, but is so funny! I say provided that Jake is the new one C. Chaplin.