Thursday, September 26, 2013

British invasion

Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman (above with Lorraine from ITV) made the rounds across the pond to promote the UK release of Prisoners. Here's a roundup of photos, videos and audio. First up, from Total Film, the bromance continues: Jake and Hugh gush about each other; Denis chimes in, as well.

And here he is watching a parody Miley Cyrus video made by the DJ, who really got on with Jake:

Jake goes meta:

Jake and Hugh with MyMovies/Virgin UK. I can't remember who that is with Jake above, but we'll pair it with this video. They are pretty funny in this one:

(What did they do to Jake's voice in the film clips?!)

Audio of Jake on the Mgic Breakfast, where he reveals vague plans to be on the NY stage next fall.

Audio from Jake's very entertaining KissFM interview.

Not UK, but Canada is still in the commonwealth, yeah? More from Alicia Malone with Jake, Hugh and others. She's recruited Hugh to her efforts to become Mrs. Gyllenhaal:

In unembeddable news: Another straggler from TIFF. And the AP also interviewed Jake and Hugh.

Jake and Erin Gerasimovich, who plays Anna Dover, Hugh Jackman's onscreen daughter. From an interview with her mother:

There were so many highlights in making this film it’s hard to know where to begin. The lifelong friendships Erin and I have made, the incredible honor of being in the presence of so many incredibly talented people working together, the delicious catering (I think that would be Erin’s first answer). Hugh [Jackman] would hand out lottery tickets on Fridays to all the cast and crew, and one Friday Erin won $2! Jake [Gyllenhaal] gave us a gift of cookies and cupcakes and when Erin wrote him a thank you she gave him our home number, just in case he wants to call and say “Hi.” The director Deni [Denis Villeneuve] was fabulous. He was so good with Erin and would tell me how happy he was with her. Erin wrote Deni a thank you note [after production wrapped] and signed it “Your favorite, Erin” and he loved it!

Erin is a smart girl!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prisoners and Enemy territory

Prisoners promotion moved across the pond to the UK. But Stateside, Warner Bros. is letting American audiences know who's number one:

Some photos from the Apple store event in London Monday. Hands on your knees, boys:

Jake seems skeptical:

I'll take it from here, Hugh:

I'm not crazy, I swear!

A short instagram video. And a youtube clip.

And a new poster, for Brazil.

This is from TIFF, I think. You've heard some of this before from Jake, on how he went about creating his character. But the interviewer really gets into it, and so does Jake. Some funny, insightful stuff:

This interview is funny, because Jake gets lost in his own babble:

In typical Jake Gyllehnaal fashion, during this onslaught of Prisoners promotion and goodness, we are goven the first official peeks at Enemy, poster, short scene and teaser trailer:

Enemy director Denis Villeneuve and star Sarah Gadon attended the San Sebastian Film Festival:

Oh, how nice it would have been to see Jake in that beautiful setting. A shame he did not go.

Some reaction to the film from Spain:

Late tweet: The Enemy is fantastic... The film every film student wants to make. Gyllenhaal is great... And a killer ending. Sleep tight.

Translated, from RTVE:

Little more can be said without spoiling Enemy for those who have not seen it. The plot development comes through shocks and and symbols, and makes you revisit the movie backwards, looking for some reassuring interpretation. Sexual desire and family are issues that weigh heavily on an atmosphere of unreal, yellow Toronto.

Virtually all the media, except those who were at TIFF last week saw Enemy for the first time at the screening last night. And it played well. In recollection, the film earns its structure and introspective, overwhelming aura. Nobody can deny the visual talent of Villeneuve, whether or not you like the movie.

According to this story, the movie was interrupted by applause several times, even though many caution that the film has to be seen and then absorbed. They also called Jake's performance "impressive."

Here's the Enemy poster in San Sebastian:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Clip show/Cop Show

Fans of long-running sit-coms know the phenomenon: As a show goes into its later years and the ideas dwindle, you end up with the clip show, thirty minutes of highlights. Inside the Actors Studio gave us a version of that last night: An hourlong series of clips from Jake Gyllenhaal's career, interspersed with questions from ITAS host, James Lipton, and answers from Jake on his life, his movies and his costars, including, most touchingly, Heath Ledger.

Plus baby photos!

Like a good clip show, we got to appreciate the talent on display, laugh at some of Jake's recollections and gasp or cheer at others. Sadly, like all clip shows, it had too many commercials and left viewers wanting more. Luckily, the folks at Bravo have posted segments that didn't make the show.

Maybe someday, they'll release the full shows on DVD. It was great to spend that hour with Jake but it would have been even better to see the uncut version. Meanwhile, you can watch clips of the show here, as well.

Don't forget that Prisoners opens today. After you see it, come back and leave a review.

Nice feature in USA Today. In case you missed it, there's a funny video of Hugh and Jake accompanying the story.

It's been great to watch the Jake and Hugh show, especially this second clip where Hugh and Jake read back what each has said about the other:

Not only are Jake and Hugh hilarious with each other, but Jake realizes that he's probe to GyllenBabble!
Jake imitating Denis Villeneuve on set:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bits and pieces

There's a lot to chew on this week, as Jake Gyllenhaal does the talk show circuit to promote Prisoners. But before it's all just a distant memory, some cool/fun/goofy/glam shots of Jake from TIFF and from the movie premiere in Los Angeles.

I know he did double duty at TIFF, but how many arms does Jake have?

Jake on GMA:

Jake answering fan questions at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:

Camp confessions:

Friday, September 13, 2013

Prisoners premieres

Prisoners held its Los Angeles premiere tonight, and the whole cast was there, along with director Denis Villeneuve. After Toronto, you might think they are sick of each other. But everyone seems very happy to be there. Must be all those rave reviews!

Jake with a Freudian slip/misstatement. He is energized and enervated, I think:

For anyone who missed the link in the last post, here's a good chunk of the Q&A following the Enemy premiere in Toronto: Really? The Wrap asks which cast member they would want to be held hostage with: They really are like brothers - neither Jake nor Denis can give a real answer! And like little kids: