Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Jake Gyllenhaal Spent His Moscow Vacation

Update: Audio of Jake's roundtable interviews in Canada this morning. In two parts.

After a couple of NYC appearances, the Prince of Persia promotional circus rolls into Toronto on Tuesday. Jake Gyllenhaal will be making appearances on MTV and the CBC. Monday night, Jake appeared on the David Letterman show.

Jake gave Dave a lesson in Russian etiquette - as we saw and heard on the photo call, the PoP folks were told not to laugh or smile.

Jake took that advice to heart:

I hope the Canadians don't mind if Jake busts out the laugh and smile!

A German interviewer quizzes the PoP cast. Jake and Ben need some after-school study, I think!

More from the E! London session with Jake, an extended version of the "loincloth" interview:

I just like the image of Jake with the London Eye in the background:

A few more Jake interviews. This one can't be embedded. Here's one from the PopSugar screening, but in clearer form. But here's one with French subtitles!

Members of a dance class from Nebraska got to meet Jake on their trip to NYC:

Not only were they noticed, they were ushered inside to join the studio audience and got a surprise bonus — meeting the guest celebrity Jake Gyllenhaal, there to promote his new movie, “Prince of Persia.”

During commercial breaks he walked around to greet the studio audience and posed for photos with delighted fans. Desiree reported that he was genuine and gracious, and her group was thrilled to meet him.

Thanks to Stephanie for the full Letterman video!


Carla said...

Jake was his charming self on that "Morning Show" and he was wearing The Shoes....:-)) I like him in his grey suit.

The Moscow part of the Letterman interview was funny - Don´t laugh and smile! On the first picture Jake looks like a typical tourist with the cap and that horrible jacket....!

Hopefully Jakes appearances will get some butts on the seats next weekend - it is depressing to go over to BOM - if they are right it does not look good for our Prince.

If the WOM is good the film should have good legs - the weather will be mixed over here the next days and I hope the oversea box office will also increase.

I really want this one to be succesfull for Jake (and all the other people involved)- they worked so hard. But we will only get a sequel if the film makes at least around 400 M WW.

Anonymous said...

I saw PoP last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, I hope people take it for what it is, a fun popcorn movie. The person I saw it with really enjoyed it as well and said Jake's English accent was so much better than Russell Crowe's in Robin Hood (which he thought was terrible btw).

I was a bit worried when we got there as there were just the 2 of us and another couple but by the time the film started it was over half full, not bad for a Monday evening I thought.

sheba said...

It's already starting on the playgrounds as we speak. My son tells me they're all talking about Jake as the Prince, the girls love him and the boys love the girls so there's lots of boys leaping around showing off their parkour skills. Unfortunately we have a street dance movie that's come out at the same time and is intense competition.

Letterman doesn't even try so Jake just lets him get on with it by answering his questions with a question (I saw it on Frasier - is it really the jewish way?)

I loved the E! extended interview, the interviewer seemed so at ease teasing Jake and that's very risky. Who cares about the State Opening of Parliament or the Queen's Speech going on at the moment, give me my Prince.

It seems Jake just had to cough and people laughed their asses off on GMA, gosh he really is beloved. I expect he'll soon become a national treasure if he's not already.

I have supreme faith in PoP and Jake that it will do well. WOM is happening and watch out next week.

Oh, and thanks to those of you who are taking up my challenge. I love pie charts :D

Josie said...

I caught Jake on Letterman last night and the whole Russian bit was too funny!

He looks like a typical tourist with that tacky hat and jacket. I wish his segment was longer though, it seemed a bit short.

Most interviewers seem charmed by Mr. G, they really enjoy iterviewing him.he is having so much fun promoting this movie, I really hope that it does well. WOM is a key factor .

What great news Sheba, I can see the kids really digging Dastan!

Helpthisgoviral said...

Nah not that one, this one. Genius


Thanks SarahT from IHJ

mary said...

jake was very funny on letterman ow we know why they werent smiling at the photo call

Anonymous said...

what is WOM?


Anonymous said...

^^^ Word of mouth I think.

UltraViolet said...

Just quickly before I run out, I updated the post with the Letterman videos. Thanks, /stephanie!

UltraViolet said...

Back. Yes, WOM means "word of mouth." It seems to be very good for PoP, so I hope that translates into big bucks.

As you said, Carla, Jake and the whole PoP team worked so hard on this movie. And from accounts, it seems like a worthy effort. I hope it gets the box office success it seems to deserve.

That first picture cracks me up so much. The jacket is horrible, which makes it all the funnier.

Thanks for the PoP report, anon. Glad to hear the theater filled up a bit more. Doesn't sound bad for a Monday night.

Sheba, I love the playground report! That is so adorable.

I'd never heard of that street dance movie, and it seems like a bit of an embarrassment for PoP that it was beaten by it. But let's hope that street dance movie has no legs, pardon the pun.

Oh, there's other news in the world, you say? Something besides Jake appearances? I'll have to look into that.

Josie (and sheba), hosts and fans alike really do seem charmed by Jake. He has that certain something!

UltraViolet said...

Viral/Sarah T, I wondered if you had linked the wrong video yesterday. We have also watched the one you posted today and enjoyed that one, too. It would have been perfect for Kimmel, but I think that has already been taped.

Maybe Jimmy Fallon will see it!

Mary, I remember reading in broken Russian translation that the reporters had to persuade the PoPers to smile. Now we know why they were told not to. Hee.

Updated the post with a new picture of Jake, as well as a couple of videos one link/one embed).

FluorescentLamp said...

Jake on air with Ryan Seacrest this morning.

bobbyanna said...


Cute story about Jake's visit to ABC yesterday morning. Apparently he had a lot of fun with the studio audience during the commercial breaks.

UltraViolet said...

I had posted that at the end of the post, Bobbyanna :)

Thanks for the Seacrest link, FL. I kept seeing tweets about how funny Jake was. Which is true. But unsurprisingly, not a lot of new ground covered. I do love to hear Jake laugh.

Interesting take on the Damn Yankees project. Jake sounds more or less enthused/committed depending on the interview.

FluorescentLamp said...

Interesting take on the Damn Yankees project. Jake sounds more or less enthused/committed

To me it sounded like this is a dead deal.

UltraViolet said...

I didn't mean he sounded more or less committed but rather with different interviews, he sounds more committed or less. This was definitely less.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Loved Jake's travel log from Russia, I never thought I would see Jake posing with Homer Simpson over there!!

I love when Jake is on Letterman, he was charming and funny as usual but Letterman seemed a bit off IMO.

Same here Carla, Jake has worked his ass off promoting this movie, he's everywhere. Hopefully the end result will be a great weekend at the BO.

What a bunch of lucky girls at the taping of GMA!!

I liked the extended E interview, hell I don't think that Jake has given a bad interview so far on this junket. We still have Kimmel, Fallon (bleh) and Kelly and Regis(double bleh) to go along with CBS this morning.

Has Jake ever done a Canadian show to promote any of his movies before?

I have to catch up on the some videos I messed here and check out the Seacrest interview, thanks FL!

bobbyanna said...

Didn't realize you'd posted about Desiree's Dancers, on GMA. That mom certainly had her priorities in order! :)

FL, I enjoyed the Seacrest interview. Thanks.

Kimmel has been doing some pretty crazy stuff lately, so I'm hoping he and Jake worked up a skit.

Anonymous said...

There's not a lot of time on some of these shows to do any type of in-depth conversation about making the movie so it's going to be pretty much the same stuff.
Also because we see every interview it seems like a lot (which is good) to us but appearing on these different shows is because not everyone sees everyone. I know someone who watches Regis but doesn't see the late night shows. Some people may just see the ABC interview.

UltraViolet said...

Didn't mean to be sensitive, Bobbyanna :) I probably overreacted after my annoyance at seeing a few things taken from here and reposted elsewhere, without any credit. The same people do that all the time, and it really bugs.

I don't need credit for finding something that anyone could find on google. But when you know someone found it here or outright took it from here, would it kill the person either to credit GB when they repost or to pipe up here to say thank you?

Not that you were doing that, Bobbyanna. Just that it all happened at the same time.

Okay, rant over :)

OONP, I kind of like Jimmy Fallon. Sure, he's a terrible interviewer, but he gets the guests to do some fun stuff. I'd love to see him do charades with Jake.

And Bobyanna, same with Kimmel. Hope he cooks something fun up for Jake.

The Canadian tweets are as full of Gyllenlove as all the other places from the PoP tour. From the Canadian ET interviewer:

Just inv'd Jake G again! This time he's here in Toronto. He's all class and charm. he's one of my fav. invs.

She also posted a terrible photo. I hope it was taken by a small child and not a media professional.

UltraViolet said...

Some more tweets:

AliyaJasmine Giant sigh of disappointment as I walk out of MTV and mob of paparazzi realize I am not Jake Gyllenhaal

DarynJones Just pre-taped with jake gyllenhaal. What a great guy. Very funny. Check it tonight at 6 and 11.

GabyHenderson Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal shooting his interview for @mtvcanada & yes he's totally gorgeous & really funny! Just fell in love a little bit

Also, did I mention that I posted another video? Jake, Gemma, Ben and Mike are quizzed on stats from the movie. Jake and Ben do not fare well!

UltraViolet said...

Sorry for the triple post, but I updated with links to a couple of youtube audio clips of Jake's Canada interviews today.

I lobe the family song, and the fact that Jake got to show the clip for his cousins. Very cute.

And I forgot this tweet:

Jake Gyllenhaal just rocked MTV Live - showing that celebrity interview lightning does strike every 9 months at the Temple.

Chica said...

Thanks for the liks to that Canadian interview UV, he covered a lot of ground. Love the bit about his cousins at the screening and how they starting jumping and leaping like Dastan afterwards , off of safe heights of course!

He sounds very non-commital about Damn Yankees, we haven't heard him bring up that Hans Christian Anderson project again.

He's charming the Canadians now and it's back to NY!

He was great on Letterman, the pics of him un Russia are classic!

hasan.gary said...

I saw a new POP commercial. This one had critics opinions.

"A must see"

"Action-packed, romantic, adventure"



and so many other comments I missed and can't remember. That's actually amazing for a game movie.

Tweety said...

It's hard to keep up with all the tweets of Jake in Canada! They all say the same thing: he's charming, funny and sexy, you know the usual, LOL!!

I'm going to miss all of this and we get the usual Jake drought, sigh.

Thanks for posting the Letterman interview, I missed it last night. Funny stuff, I like when Jake is on, they have a great rapport. I think the pics of jake in Moscow wieh H. Simpson and weary that tacky tourist gear are my favs, LOL!

How cool that those girls got to meet and take a pic with Jake on GMA.

Found this clip via twitter via ONTD: Jake on the George S show in Canada. He talks about Peter in this interview!:


Off to listen to his Canadian interview you linked to, thanks UV!

Extra said...

A report about Jake's appearence on MTV Canada. Sounds like a rowdy audiencs::))


He is hitting all deomgraphics in the home stretch. The audio link to his interview he did earler today in Canada is one of my favorites(Thanks UV). It was short but they didn't re-hash the usual stuff, he gave funny and smart answers.

Love the family song too!

The first photo on this post is funny, check out his deadpan expression!

I have my fingers crossed for a big weekend, I know my ass will be in the theater this weekend!

suvee said...

I'm still trying to get caught up on all the latest Jake goodness of the past few days!

So far the thing I've enjoyed most is the MSNBC article...... it was wonderful to read those pro's opinions of Jake as an actor. IMO, very high praise from people who should be pretty good judges of actors. That was a great find, UV. Thanks!

The Canadian audio clips were great. Love that he shared the story about his young cousins. You just know he loved watching their reaction to PoP.

That first Moscow pic is a classic! :)

Anonymous said...

Kinda thought this "persian" thing was over with but Huffington Post has a deal about it.
Its funny when people explain things it seems no one reads them and goes into the same old stuff.
But, again, means nothing to the majority of people who will go see it.

Tweety said...

Here is a direct link ro the George S interview;


Leonor E. G. Núñez said...



Get Real said...

Ahhh, so much goodness!! :D

Jake was so cute on Letterman and I was lmao at the Russian pics of him trying not to smile, LOL!

Have to say how awesome it is to keep reading how much people who meet Jake are charmed by him and fall as hard as we do for him!

Thanks again for all the updates.

bobbyanna said...

If you live in an area that gets CBET, the Canadian station, Jake was listed as a guest on a program that airs at 11:05 PM tonight.

Monica said...

I have not seen the interview on Letterman and GMA, but thanks for the links.
The story with the dance group was very beautiful. Jake is a lovely person.


Bobbyana, SATC is with 0% on RT. But still the fans will attending the cinema to see this movie.
He is like twilight. It's bad, But it makes success.

POP will need lots of good word of mouth.

UltraViolet said...

Gosh, I almost forgot about Jake on Jimmy Kimmel tonight p it really is overwhelming!

Bobbyanna, I think that is the George S show someone posted. I'll put that clip in a new post. Haven't even had the chance to watch it yet.

I have to say I love, love, loved reading the stream of tweets about Jake in Toronto today. I especially liked the tweet from someone who couldn't figure out why Jake was all over his twitter feed!

Tweety and get real, people are absolutely gushing. It's crazy. Well, it's Jake, no it's not crazy, hee.

Suvee, I think that MSNBC article was really wonderful. I read a long article about Ben Kingsley and his career leading up to PoP and wondered why no one did that for Jake. The MSNNC article came close.

The Canadian roundtable was good because we got to hear Jake unedited and also because they seemed to try to ask different questions.

And Chica, I loved the idea of Jake's cousins jumping off the furniture while the aunt(s) wondered what Jake had gotten them into!

Hasan.Gary, I saw that ad, too. I was happy to see the raves in the ad. No idea if it makes a difference to potential moviegoers, but it's still nice to see.

Leonor - two new clips! Thank you! Trying to resist until I can see the movie on Friday!

Extra, that was a wild audience! I hope we get a clip of that. Poor Jake :)

Oh, and just to clarify my earlier comments - they were not aimed at anyone who posts here regularly. It was a lurker who never comes out to play.

UltraViolet said...

Monica - missed your comment. I know the 0% on Rotten Tomatoes won't last, but it makes me smile to see it for now!

Oh, and PoP is at 60%, which is Fresh. Probably won't last either, but I like it.

Monica said...

Disney sent a promotion for my forum and forums on the movie in Brazil. The winner will win a trip to Morocco and placed second to tenth will win a kit of the film (T-shirt and two pairs of tickets). The result will be on June 7.

The commercials of the movie are everywhere here. It was shown during the interval of Lost.
They put the movie poster in the mall next to the University where my friend studies. She just missed faint.

Today(June 26) is the birthday of my forum on Jake Gyllenhaal (on orkut). Is celebrating 6 years!

UltraViolet said...

That is very cool, Monica! Can you enter? I hope you win :)

And Happy Jake-versary. It's a good day to have, since there will be a lot of Jake news.

Glad to hear the movie is getting some good promotion there.

Monica said...

Yes, everyone can participate. The promotion was posted directly on a thread.
It was a nice surprise for me,because I was missing it here.
Disney made a special website for the promotion.

I want to win T-shirt and tickets!

Monica said...

I used the wrong word. Was not sent, it is certain is promoted in my forum and other forums related to the film.

So, everyone can participate!

Sometimes I get confused with some words in english.

UltraViolet said...

No worries, Monica. Your English is fine :)

Sounds like a cool contest. Good luck!

New post :)