Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dude, where's my raucous sex scene?

As the Prince of Persia promotion goes into the home stretch, we're finally getting interviewers who ask some fun, different questions. Witness the great interview from the last post and reposted below. It's fun to see interviewers taking a chance and seeing Jake roll right along with it.

Shortlist, a UK men's magazine, got Jake to open up about past auditions and one unique sex scene:

Are there any other big movies you missed out on?

These are horrible stories. So many, man. I’ve been acting for 15 years, since I was pretty young, so there have been tons of different things. My flummoxed audition for Dude, Where’s My Car?

You really auditioned for that?

Oh man, I gave such a good audition. Such a bummer. It was so good.

Be serious, because we’re going to print this...

I’m serious. Totally serious. I came in and they were like, “We don’t want it to be like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, we want it to be different.” I was like, “I got it. I got it.” I’d worked on it. I knew exactly what I was going to do. And I was like [puts on dorky accent], “Dude, where’s car?" That was the character. That was who I was going to be. And they were like, "That's, can we try it again without the accent?" And I was like, "That's all I got...That was what I've got for it." That was a movie I would have loved to have done.

Donnie Darko was your big breakout. Can you explain it to us?
What do you want to know?

Well, it’s one of the most brain- boggling films ever. Can you reveal what it’s actually about?

Yes. I mean, I can tell you what it’s about to me. To me, it’s just about a young boy trying to find himself and discovering that the world is a much more dangerous place than he thought. And that in every day and every hour and every week and every year, we have different deaths and we have different rebirths.

Do you believe that?

I do. I feel it. Don’t you? Aren’t there things where you’re like, “Oh, I’ve let go of that part of myself and I’m somebody new”? Like different incarnations all the time.

Your next movie is called Nailed. Other than the fact it’s about a woman with a nail stuck in her head, can you tell us why we should watch it?

Yeah, there’s a pretty raucous sex scene with me and Jessica Biel. It’s so brilliantly shot, crazy camera moves and a lot of choreography on our parts. That was all from the mind of [Three Kings director] David O Russell. I think it took maybe 40 tries to get right.

Jake is pushed to answer the Celtics v. Lakers question, and also discusses some of his activities at the Celtics game last week:

Have to go do some work now, but check back, as we tend to add to the posts these days!


FluorescentLamp said...

Great interview, good find, UV. You left out a very important bit, important to all our World Cup Euro and SA friends...

England play USA in their first game. You'll definitely be watching it?

Yes, I'm going to watch it. I'm thinking I may go to South Africa. Maybe.

Oh Jake, do it! Do it!

sheba said...

Now that would definitely make me want to watch the world cup, just for a glimpse of Jake (Jamaica didn't qualify :( boohoo). I love how he says he can now [with great pride] cheer for his country at last. That must be a good feeling for everyone. sports do play a huge part in National Pride, there's not much over here at the moment.

I read your quote from Lainey UV, isn't she just fucking hateful, even with her backward compliment to Jake. Thank God she's in the world because it shows you just what you Don't want to become - just hateful and vicious attention seeker like her.

Give me big Lego Jake. I want it so much.

I took my little one tonight to watch PoP and he loved it. He gave it 10/10 AND he says he wants to watch it again. He was even explaining parts of the movie to me, it was just what I dreamed of, us having this conversation. My fear now is that my staircase and landing are no longer safe - thanks Jake :~

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That was a great interview, thanks for finding it UV. Lot's of new questions and tidbits. He audtioned for "Dude, where's my car"??That is some funny shit, I can't imagime him being interested ui something like that!!

I heard about the Batman audition, he still sounds bummed about that:((

I have to catch up on all the other interviews and the videos, I just had a chance to watch he Kimmel one so far. He does a good Russian accent, and I loved the giant legos!

Jake should go to SA!! I never knew that he was such a big soccer fan.

I ahve to chuckle at all the bad reviews SATC2 is getting, although the reviews won't effect the BO. It's just confirmation that from trailers, it looks awful.

2 more days!!!!

bobbyanna said...

That was a great interview! I do hope Jake gets to the World Cup in SA!

To answer an earlier question about Jake's comments about the "drummer's girlfriend" I watched the entire interview with that George person, on CBET's The Hour, and I think he asked it.

I sincerely hope SATC2 comes in third behind PoP and Shrek. Fourth will be even better! Maybe How to Train Your Dragon will place 3rd. It's been maintaining it's popularity for quite a while.

SATC2; 2 thumbs down! said...

This has to be the best and funniest review of SATC2 I have read so far. Bless you Roger Ebert!:

Go Dastan and Tamina!!

Monica said...

Great interview, UV. Thanks.
I can not see him in the role of Batman, but would have been very happy if he was part of a movie of the bat.
If he had been chosen for Batman, he wouldn't have acted in BBM, because the shooting occurred at the same time.
I have an article that talks about it.

I read in Jeffrey Wells that SATC is 143 minutes!!

RT tomatoes listed the 10 best films of the career of Jake, based on reviews. BBM is not first:
Jake Gyllenhaal's Best Movies

UltraViolet said...

Added an ESPN video to the post.

Also, Entertainment Weekly gave PoP a B, which was much higher than I expected. Sadly, the LA Times review really dogged Jake. I really don't get what some people see - or fail to see - in Jake sometimes.

FL, I've heard Jake say a few times that he wants to go to South Africa for the World Cup. I think that would be great, especially if he sees more than just soccer.

Sheba, I love it that your son loved PoP. And you know what? That 10/10 would really make Jake smile, more than if the stupid LA Times reviewer had praised him, I bet.

I don't think Lainey was being hateful, was she? She can be, but I really think she was just gushing about JAke, and not in a backwards kind of way. But I might have misread it.

OONP, that Batman shutdown was interesting. I guess he is still bitter. Since I thought Christian Bale was awful, it's interesting to imagine Jake in the role. Much happier he did BBM, if Monica's right that they were in conflict. And I'm happy I dont have to watch any of the movies, except TDK, of course, which I did see.

Bobbyanna, can you tell us anything else interesting that was on The Hour? I wonder if anyone will post it to youtube?

The SatC hate is fun. I can't believe it's 143 minutes? What is it - War and Peace?! Crazy. And Ebert really slammed it. More fun.

I saw that list, Monica. I assumed Zodiac would be on top; interesting that it was October Sky. That wouldn't be my order, but it was a good perspective.

Tweety said...

An interview where they don't ask the same questions, this is a fantastic find UV! I'm trying to picture Jake in Dude, where's my car and I have to tell you before this press junket for Pop, I would say no way, but now I can definately see it! He has been so funny in his interviews!

Love the Bonnie interview, so he would choose Ben as his AR partner?? A good choice for the reasons Jake pointed out and Ben obviously thinks highly of Jake.

He should go to S. Africa, what an experience that would be for him!

Looks like Jake is back in L.A. after conquering Canada:

sabrinarachael: Chicken Salad while watching Jake Gyllenhaal:D
about 2 hours ago from web ·

suvee said...

Even though I understand that reviews and box office $ are not necessarily related, I was still happy to see EW's Lisa Schwarzbaum give PoP a decent review. She doesn't single Jake out for praise, but she doesn't trash him either. IMO, she's a pretty objective and fair movie critic.

hasan.gary said...

I like that review from Ebert about SATC2 Lol, but no matter what A LOOOOT of females (mostly older women) from where I live are gonna see it and I can't help feel that it will get more money than POP. I hope I'm wrong.

suvee said...

UV, this just isn't my day for adding a comment..... posting the EW review at the same time! But, I was pleasantly surprised at her grade, too.

I didn't think Lainey was being hateful at all. But, I might have been blinded by her appreciation for Jake's sexy smirk. :)

Get Real said...

Tweety, Jake filmed Jimmy Fallon tonight, he and his drummer tweeted about it, which tapes around 4 or 5pm EST. Even if he was headed back to LA I doubt he is there already so I think that tweeter had a case of mistaken identity.

I do think Lainey was complimenting Jake.

I hope Jake goes to SA for the World Cup!

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to comment on the Dude, Where's My Car? thing. It's so funny to imagine Jake in that movie. It is easier to imagine after this round of movies, but I'm kind of glad he didn't do it. Would love to see the audition reel someday!

I wonder whom Jake would bring as his non-celebrity Amazing Race partner?

Suvee, it's just our great minds thinking alike! I was very happy with that review, though it was odd she didn't really say anything about Jake.

And the smirk thing really made me smile.

Hasan, I'm afraid SatC will almost certainly beat PoP. I don't understand it, but some women are clamoring for it. Let's hope PoP has better legs.

We know Jake does :)

UltraViolet said...

I wondered about Jake being in LA, since I saw something on Facebook about a cast and crew PoP screening at the El Capitan tonight. But like get real, I tried to do the math to see if it was possible, and it didn't seem likely.

They seem to think Jake is attending, so I hope people won't be disappointed.

Tweety said...

Ah, another case of mistaken identity, thanks Get real!

How come I never run into any Jake look a likes??

That is a good review from EW, weird that she doesn't really mention Jake though.

SATC2 is 143 minutes? WHY???

Anonymous said...

Well, he may be able to make an after party or something by the time change and everything.

I just didn't think he would have been in LA earlier in the day.

Glad to see a good EW review although leaving Jake, the star out of the review is odd. I hate when reviewers do that.

LOLing at Jake auditioning for "Dude Where's My Car"!

Get Real said...

The above Anon comment is from me. :)

Monica said...

UV, Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors before he acted in Batman. In my opinion he is the best Bruce Wayne, but I know many people dislike him, especially his voice in TDK.

Here is the article:"What If Jake Gyllenhaal Had Been Batman?"

MARY said...

plus jake is scheduled to appear on the early show tomorrow so he cant be back in LA

FluorescentLamp said...

Well okay, I think that ESPN First Take interview that UV just posted is probably my favorite. Must be something about a woman talking sports with Jake...mmmm.

And, Monica, thanks for linking that Rotten Tomatoes summation of their favorite Jake films. I don't completely agree with all their choices (hey! where's Booble Bouy???), but it was well done regardless. :)

Monica said...

POP review by El Guapo:
Latino Review

Great review!!

Anonymous said...

I think that RottenTomatoe list is based on critic scores.

UltraViolet said...

Is everyone okay out there? Not one person has mentioned the raucous sex scene!

I liked the video, too, FL. Some people on twitter were commenting that the interviewer seemed smitten. Another one falls!

Good point, Mary, though that could have been taped. Get real, I think you were right, since someone tweeted that they saw Jake in NYC tonight. I was just trying to figure out if it was possible, but that's too much time travel even for the Prince!

The El Guapo review is priceless. I wonder what his IHJ screen name is :)

FluorescentLamp said...

El Guapo RULES!


If we had an army of Gyllenhaals, America would be ruling this planet right now with a billion Jakes watching the Earth, making sure nothing bad ever happens to it again. Oil spills would be non existent because we could send in a hundred Jakes to soak up the oil with their chest hairs and recycle it back out as pure, filtered drinking water.

He's hilarious!

Monica said...

Is everyone okay out there? Not one person has mentioned the raucous sex scene!

I remember this scene when I read the script and found it funny, especially the things he speaks.
I think it's that she has an orgasm in Portuguese.
I hope this film sees the light of day someday.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the problem with Lainey's comment was. She is saying how people who are around celebrities a lot and haven't always liked them and they kinda think they won't and then Jake comes along and he wins them over. Don't see anythng but a comment about how it was.
Just watched Jake on the Jimmy Fallon show. There he is in a singing and dance routine, as it were...Too cool.
And through the whole interview he adapted to Jimmy's humor and they had a fun time. And Jimmy said for him to come back anytime.

sheba said...

Did I get it wrong about Lainey's comment? I thought she was taking a sideswipe at bloggers. Perhaps I misunderstood her American humour, if so I apologise.

Anyhoo, I was so pumped up from coming home from the film, seeing that wonderful article and Jake's interviews. I sometimes don't get American humour so sometimes I don't know whether he's being serious or facetious which I guess is part of his charm.

I wonder why he said 'dating' the drummer's girlfriend was a euphemism. You bad boy, Jake :D

I so want that PoP sequel and the merchandise and Disney ride that will come with it. If it doesn't happen I will be hugely disappointed but I remember Troy and the fabulous performances that were largely ignored so it's a film that will stand up on it's own. I don't want Jake to be limited in anything he wants to do if he feels he can do it.

Come on PoP, trump that Sex :))

Carla said...

What a great interview - I had to look up "Dude, wheres my car", I thought it was joke...

Yes I know the "raucous" sex scene - I have read the script. It is unbelievable that we won´t be able to watch this on the big screen.

Perhaps we get to see some of this badass Jake, being sexy and funny and some "raucous" sex scenes in LAOD.

Lainey always had a little crush on Jake - and from what I have seen and read she was right - Jake won everyone over. IMO most of those bloggers are useless, but they have a huge audience and I prefer Lainey over those who are spreading their nonsense towards Jake.

SATC will win the weekend - many screenings over the weekend are sold out, from what I have read. But hopefully it will drop next week - the target group is limited. No male I know would go to watch it. I am the target group but I never understood the appeal of these four shallow women.

Hopefully Pop will have good legs and the Oversea Box Office will be better especially in the asian and eastern european market.

Carla said...

I forgot to add:

Jake, go to South Africa and watch the football game - you won´t regret it! The athmosphere will be fantastic with some exciting games!

sheba said...

OMGosh, I've just seen this clip of Jake on Jimmy Fallon. This guy is amazing LMAO. (sorry if you've got it up already)

Chica said...

Raucous sex scene eh? Nail sounds more risque than LAOD! I do hope that we get to see that one.

Jake was doing more than dating that girl, that's why he was kicked out of the band:)

I love this interview. I actually paid to see Dude, and yes I can now see Jake in it after all of his interviews too!

I have to read the EW and El Guapo review , but I did take a peep at the clip of Jake on Kimmel, thanks Sheba!

Ok, that was hysterical, a hedgehog doing karate! Jake really is busting a move there and that poor woman in the audience,LOL!!

And yes Jake, go to South Africa!

Carla said...

This is one of the funniest videos of Jake I have seen...

He and Jimmy Fallon and the "Hedgehog doing Karate" song are a riot.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Today is the day of Principe Jake in Buenos Aires!

Good luck Jake!

P.D. I hate to criticos of the daily Clarín, they do not know anything of the work of Jake. They only write foolishness

UltraViolet said...

It really was hilarious! Stephanie has it up, so just put it in a new post.

Sheba, I think it's easy to imagine Lainey's being hateful because she so often is. But she does seem to like Jake, for the most part. And she was definitely gushing yesterday.

I haven't read the Nailed script - I hope reading it isn't the only way I'll ever "see" that raucous scene :)

New post.

UltraViolet said...

It really was hilarious! Stephanie has it up, so just put it in a new post.

Sheba, I think it's easy to imagine Lainey's being hateful because she so often is. But she does seem to like Jake, for the most part. And she was definitely gushing yesterday.

I haven't read the Nailed script - I hope reading it isn't the only way I'll ever "see" that raucous scene :)

New post.

UltraViolet said...

Oops - hello, Leonor. Are you going to the movies today? I hope it's a big success there.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Ha, ha, I saw that last night! I'm not a fan of Fallon but that was brilliant! Jake is really good at doing sketch comedy, that's how his brother-in-law got his start.

I remember the sex scene in Nailed from the script, and it sounded um, very physical and raunchy. Damn I want to see that film!

Along with Batman and Spiderman I thought that Jake auditioned for Superman as well.

You can tell that he was disappointed in not getting Batman the way he just cut off the subject.

That is a really good interview. He's been more open, funny, honest and so charming doing press for Pop, it's like after 2 years of being off the big screen, he is making up for lost time (I'm not counting the non-publicity for Brothers).

LOL! At El Guapo's review, I guess he liked it, I was too busy laughing!

Lisa at EW gave it a B, but she mentioned Molina more than Jake.

So Jake was forced to pick the Lakers! It would be awesome if he did go to SA for the WC.

It looks like SATC2 will win the weekend but I hope that Pop comes in a solid second.