Monday, January 23, 2017

Marquee March

Jake Gyllenhaal participated in the national Women's March on Saturday in Washington, DC. He joined hundreds of thousands of people on a day of hope, joy, anger and determination. Here's his Facebook post:

I was so proud to stand with the women, men and children at yesterday's #WomensMarch on Washington. After months of fear and shame, the gathering was full of joy, defiance and hope. It was more clear than ever that women are the real stewards of our country's soul, and I will continue to follow their lead and show up.

Jake got to meet his media hero, Van Jones:

Fun with signs:

The marquee for Sunday in the Park is up at the Hudson Theatre:

And the playbill:

Life will open in March, and some promo has begun. Jake, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson were interviewed on Sunday. A few tidbits:

When asked if he can give a demonstration of his co-star Jake Gyllenhaal’s zero gravity performance, he obliges. “I’ll tell you what Jake does. It usually involves this…” He falls over onto the table with a loud crash. ...

Reynolds: What’s awesome, it’s actually not in his control because we’re being puppeteered by wire cables. For whatever reason, the first few days Jake’s guys were just like, “Let’s throw him right into the wall.” In the middle of a scene, “What the hell?”

Gyllenhaal: Every other take I just hit the edge of something and I go f–king spinning and I hit a wall.

Reynolds: You’re in the middle of a scene and you hear a car accident behind you and you’re like, “Do I look? If the camera didn’t see it maybe I can just keep going.”

Who's who in the cast?

“He's a doctor, sort of the internist on the ship and he's been there the longest. He's the bad guy... no I'm just kidding. He's just the doctor and makes sure that everybody's healthy.”

More from all the actors here. Some fun stuff.

And don't forget to take a look at Jake's SAG conversation. It's funny and goofy and good:

Monday, January 9, 2017

A new year - a new post!

Happy 2017, GBers. Awards season has begun, and so we begin the slow parade of watching other people get awards that should go to Jake Gyllenhaal.

Last night kicked things off with the Golden Globes. Jake was there to present and to laugh and to inspire memes, so all was not lost. A look at some of the highlights.