Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coming soon: Prisoners

Prisoners promotion gears up with the release of the first trailer for the film:

There is also a (bare-bones) website and Facebook page. And a one-sheet:

Some screen caps courtesy of IHJ:

If you want to revisit the ET First look from last month:

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's time for summer!

The last post was getting as long and unmanageable as Jake's beard. Mercifully, both are in the past.

This weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer, so let's hit the sun and sand.

The cold weather will be here fore we know it...

... might as well enjoy the view while we can!

(Post shamelessly cribbed, with slight alterations, from a previous GB entry.)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

To celebrate, a cinematic retrospective of mothers in Jake's movies:

Cheers to mothers near and far, in distance or in memory.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Playing dress up

Jake Gyllenhaal attended the Costume Institute Gala, aka the Met Ball, last night. Here he is with Marcus Mumford, leaving before the clock struck midnight and he was forced back into those green cargo pants.

Of course, the photo doesn't actually show his trousers...


Jake was decidedly dressed down at the Lucille Lortel Awards on Sunday. He got to present the Featured Actress Award to his If There Is costar, Annie Funke:

He also took a photo with the very excited members of a dance troupe that performed at the awards:

From Facebook:

Enjoyed dancing with these talented dancers and checking Jake Gyllenhaal of my "sexy people I want" Bucket list. You can't see but my arm is wrapped around his leg like a snake. Specifically like a boa constrictor or any other animal tgat grabs on a little too tight.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

In dreams

In a new article, Jake Gyllenhaal describes the dreams and nightmares, asleep and waking, that haunted and helped him in making End of Watch:

My dreams are often very intense. After waking up, it's mostly just individual images left behind, and above all, moods and feelings. Sometimes they are so strong that they accompany me for hours through the day. Particularly intense dreams provide a link between our consciousness and our unconscious. They illuminate who we are, and make us think about ourselves, which is not always pleasant. Successful movies, in my opinion, do the the same thing.

The police action took place mostly at a time when I am usually sleeping. It was a unique, dreamlike atmosphere to drive in the early morning hours through the city, where so many people were sleeping peacefully. I was with police who had to be wide awake and had to deal with all the nightmares that came crawling out of the shadows. Inside the patrol car, I felt like I was in an enclosed space, like a protective bubble, safe and secure, as in a dream. Leaving the patrol car to confront the threatening reality each time was a kind of awakening. A strange feeling.

When I came home in the morning, after the end of the shift, I often couldn't sleep. When I eventually managed to fall asleep, those images haunted me in my dreams. That was a kind of catharsis. The dreams helped me cope with the experience. All these nightmares, real and in sleep, cast a new light on my own life, which I've learned to re-appreciate and enjoy.

This Railroad Revival Tour photo shows Jake in the opposite state of hirsuteness from the article photo:

Andythet Photography || 35mm || *Stowaway Diaries* RRT 2 Year anniversary :: DAY 4 :: April 24th, 2011 Marfa, Texas || One Crazy Easter

(Thanks to IHJ for the scan.)