Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blanc et noir

The Cannes Film Festival ended a week ago. Before the memory fades, a look at its old-fashioned glamour in black and white.

Jake and Sienna Day One BW:

Non-formal black and white:

Even more casual shots:


As most of you know, Jake is on the July cover of Esquire UK. The interview is fascinating. The photos are gorgeous. And on point:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The 68th Cannes Film Festival is officially over. The prizes conferred by the jury were met with a fervent mix of appreciation, confusion and resentment. But the nine jurors, including Jake Gyllenhaal, seemed to look back on the 12 days as a wonderful opportunity to explore cinema and expand horizons.

Some snapshots from the final day, plus video of the jury on the steps of the Palais:

Some fun shots:

The jury out for pizza after the closing ceremony:

Jury members Jake, Rossy de Palma and Sienna Miller at the Calvin Klein party:

Short video of Jake leaving the Palais.

Great backstage video of some of the jury singing along to Besame Mucho:

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jury duty

Today is the final day of the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival. Twelve days of tuxes and tales have come to an end. Jake Gyllenhaal and the other jury members have been in deliberations since Saturday night. Their selections will be announced Sunday evening. The official site interviewed all the jurors. Jake's video is finally up today. There is an article and a video:

How do you consider your role as a member of the Jury this year ? Do you appreciate a film with your head or with your heart?
From the very start, the Coen Brothers said to us that the most important thing is to be positive. If you allow yourself too much power, you start to judge. I think I am here to be guided rather than just express an opinion; I want to learn from people who are wiser than I am. It's hard to judge art since people put months and sometimes years into developing their projects.

The article and the video have different questions, FYI.

Before the jury's final say, let's look back on the past few days of Cannes.

Jake and Karl Lagerfeld:


Jake with Tom Ford:

Jake with fellow jurors at the annual Aioli lunch:

Jake and Mary J. Blige at the Southpaw screening:

Poor Jake, if this is really his place card at the amFar gala. It was posted on Instagram:

A couple of very brief user videos from the Roger Deakins celebration on Friday night in Cannes. People who've worked with Deakins were asked to talk about their experience.

Roger Deakins celebration in Cannes
Roger Deakins celebration in Cannes

Jake interviewed on the red carpet before the amFar gala:

More Cannes atmosphere, also from amFar, plus Jake going to lunch on Friday) at this link. They gave reports from every day at Cannes. I haven't watched them all.