Friday, May 1, 2015

Early rounds

The boxing world is focused on Las Vegas this week, as Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather hit the ring for a long anticipated fight. The Weinstein Company is using the spotlight to ramp up Southpaw promotion, with a new TV spot airing:

Shots from fight day and fight night:

Jake and Antoine interview:

In case you missed it, here's Jake on Ellen, in an early Southpaw promo visit:

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Boxing promoter

That's the first official poster.

Eminem kicked Southpaw promotion into high gear this week. The trailer has over two million views on his youtube page. And The Weinstein Company's version is approaching a million:

The intense trailer has also yielded some impressive gifs, screen caps and even a fanmade poster:

That will do until we get the official one, I guess!

Is this official?

(Screen caps and gifs courtesy of My New Plaid Pants and Rachel Mcadams Daily.)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Star Power

Constellations ends its three-month run today. A collection of stage door photos, tweets and posts. Congratulations to the whole Constellations company.

A performance and a story that hits so close to home for me while linking a love story to the quantum multiverse theory. It gave me hope, closure and a reminder that there are infinite possibilities to one relationship, however, there is one thing that remains consistently important: time. We are all dying. Learn, love and live as much as you can in the dimension you're in.

Constellations on Broadway. Modern. Realistic. Hilarious. Destabilized.

Dizzingly hypnotic in text, direction and performance. Bravo.

Incredibly dynamic performances from Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson in "Constellations". Watching them both coexist on a blank stage with no set was like watching a master class in acting. See this show.

Show was dark, artsy, funny, I loved it. They are amazing actors.

Beautiful story, beautifully done, beautiful characters.

Thought provoking, unique, and incredibly well acted.

Just watched Constellations on Broadway. Speechless. Reflecting on all the choices we make.

Constellations was amazing. Moving and captivating. I cried. Jake Gyllenhaal was sensational. Ruth Wilson was terrific. Loved it.

Absolutely brilliant. Talk about beautiful/devastating

What an epic theater week. #TheHeidiChronicles wowed me and tonight #constellations on broadway broke my heart.

#Constellations at @MTC_NYC is impossibly and exquisitely beautiful. Stunning performances by Jake Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson.

Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal were totally perfect in every way. Ugh. #constellations

Constellations: Jake Gyllenhaal did a surprisingly good accent. Very brainy. Many tears. Loved it! Ruth Wilson was dynamic.

My heart was broken by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson.

I enjoyed the play a lot and I talked to the people next to me as we exited and they also liked it. The two actors helped to make the show engrossing. I did find the last scene a bit abrupt.

#Constellations at @MTC_NYC is a straight up 70 min MASTERCLASS in acting. Ruth Wilson! Jake Gyllenhaal! Out of this world script & cast.

Great short play that literally packs multiple lifetimes into 72 minutes; Ruth Wilson is charming, lively and intelligent and Jake Gyllenhall, out-Gwyneths Gwyneth by pulling off English accent in a very word-driven piece (I know that sounds obvious but if you see it you'll know what I mean - same lines delivered in subtly different ways very rapidly), but more so shows depth, range and convincing emotion in the less overtly kinetic role. As if "Nightcrawler" didn't prove it already, he has serious acting chops - the real deal for sure.

Date night with Jake Gyllenhaal and @dianaaltman03. So mesmerized by this play. The complexity was truly unique and engaging. An insanely brilliant physics love story and another example of beautiful theater.

Constellations at @MTC_NYC is impossibly and exquisitely beautiful. Stunning performances by Jake Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson.

Money wise, you get to see great feat of acting creating many possible versions of a story. Heart wise, you get constellations of love bursting at the seams. #constellations #beautiful #jakegyllenhaal #ruthwilson #greatchemistry #broadway

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson in Constellation on Bway- multidimensional performances that wow with their depth and dexterity.

Wow, Constellations was incredible. Jake Gyllenhall and Ruth Wilson both utterly incredible.

Constellations is so incredibly moving and special. Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal are a giving the performances of a lifetime.

#Constellations @MTC_NYC was absolutely beautiful. So happy to finally catch it on stage. Stunning performances.

Go see #Constellations with Ruth Wilson & Jake Gyllenhaal at @MTC_NYC. Acting at its finest.

amazing! I haven't seen a show this good in years it was great! They have such good chemistry and both so great w fans.

#Constellations blew my mind with its compression, use of time, intensity. 70 minutes. Gyllenhal and Wilson were beyond impressive.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson totally brilliant in #Constellations. The play is short, smart and both sad and sweet. #Broadway

Saw Constellations @MTC_NYC. Fascinating play that gets more interesting the more I think about it. Ruth Wilson & Jake Gyllenhaal wonderful.

Fantastic play, wonderful performances, spare and beautiful set. It sticks with you. Go see this ...

He is starring in a play in manhattan... Constellation- it is about the decisions we make and do not make how they shape our lives, how our reactions to situations help determine the outcomes of things.. anyway. i have always had a crush so i stayed after in the cold hoping and waiting - i came close to giving up but didnt.. and ironically his family was visiting him there so the chances of him eventually coming out were slim.. but then he showed..he noticed my candy heart for him immediatly said "awe thats so sweet" he signed my playbill and then i asked for a selfie. he said "hugs and kisses awe.." and with that i handed him my heart.....

My heart is still pounding from CONSTELLATIONS. Go see the brilliant and hilarious #JakeGyllenhaal and #RuthWilson . We have all the time we’ve always had.

Dang all you romantic people who sold out #Constellations Broadway on Valentine's Day!! Now what am I supposed to take myself to?

Jake Gyllenhaal in #Constellations on #Broadway. Smart and intense show! And he is so nice (and hot).

#tbt to last week when I watched #JakeGyllenhaal and #RuthWilson attempt to lick their elbows as they jumped through time and space and in and out of love in #Constellations @mtc_nyc. What a beautiful and confusing non-linear play, with inspired performances by two Broadway n00bs. Also, balloons!

Jake Gyllenhaal !! My Day Could Not Have Gotten Any Better #jakegyllenhaal #constellations #broadway #bestday #bubbleboy

Jake Gylenhaal and Ruth Wilson gave an incredible performance in Constellations yesterday. Not your typical linear storyline which made the piece unique to other Broadway plays. An insane appreciation for the actors' specificity in each of their performances and a huge congratulations to an amazing Broadway debut for both of them.

And the show that was the reason for this whole trip, the incomparably daring and heartbreaking "Constellations". It truly isn't an easy feat of a script but this production was sublime and brilliant!

#constellations was great! I don't usually go to plays but this one was hilarious and the acting was great. The theater was so small and pretty. And they come out afterwards.

jake gyllenhaal is TALENT
acting, direction, set design, lighting design, costume design, playwrighting all on point. everyone go see constellations.

literally can not believe I came face to face with my all time favorite actor and celebrity crush tonight, he's even more beautiful in person and was amazing in his broadway show

Constellations at @MTC_NYC is as superb as I remember it from @royalcourt. Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson have a great chemistry.

A little Gyllenhaal Wilson action in 'Constellations'. A master class on the effect of our most minute of daily choices and, of course, acting.

Run don't walk. They are beyond description. So well written, so well acted.

tamarabraun Um... #nickpayne, #jakegyllenhaal , #ruthwilson, #constellations incredible. Thank you.

I just saw CONSTELLATIONS at @MTC_NYC. Or maybe I'm still seeing it. Or maybe I never saw it at all.

I want to personally thank you for taking this photo with me. Having the opportunity to meet you in person was an amazing experience. I really appreciate your time and energy to meet and greet with the public after the play. It shows that your an honorable person who cares deeply about his fans. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

Sat close enough to see up Jake G and Ruth Wilson's noses. They're def winning tonys.
They signed my balloon! This might not mean anything to you but trust me it makes me super cool. #Constellations #Ihaveaballoon

About to be in a room with Jake Gyllenhaal. 13-year-old me is dying.
CONSTELLATIONS is inventive, beautiful, and short enough for this lady to get home before 10. A+.

Just saw @JakeG_Online in #Constellations, such an amazing play. Definitely makes you think about life and time. #mindfulness

Ruth Wilson & Jake Gyllenhaal were utterly entrancing and energetically brilliant in #Constellations how do they do it???!!!!

Enjoyed #Constellations thisaft &lucky 2attend post-show disc upclose w/ #JakeGyllenhaal #ruthwilson .So open & generous in their reflections.

fast and graceful, thought-provoking and original. They were both great but she was incredible.

If you want to experience something at the theater that is exhilarating and unique - see Constellations starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson. A short 70 minute play that packs in a lifetime of experience - an excellent show! Don't miss it.

Just had the pleasure of witnessing brilliance front row and center. In awe of #RuthWilson and #JakeGyllenhaal's craft... #theUniversehasitsways #Ilovebeingmovedbywhatothersarecreating

I loved #constellations, but the review from the old people sitting behind me was that it was confusing and hard to hear

Jake's scruffy hotness aside, Constellations was a fascinating play and I can't stop thinking about it. Okay, back to Jake's scruffy hotness.

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the most moving actors I've ever seen. Bravo. @JakeGyllenhal #Constellations #Broadway

Constellations was breathtaking. Please see it if you can manage to get one of the few remaining tickets. You don't want to miss this beautiful production.

Thanks to my friend, I was able to see CONSTELLATIONS tonight. Gorgeous production, interesting play with a fascinating premise and OUTSTANDING performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson.

Jake Gyllenhaal looking hot giving a beautiful performance-- I mean really beautiful. With a British accent. And... I'm done. /Right??? Not always a fan, but damn. He's good in this. And HOT. Ruth is magnificent./I was there tonight! Man oh man, what a beautiful show, and the both of them were fantastic.

#JakeGyllenhaal and #RuthWilson are so remarkable in #Constellations! Such a beautiful play. Perfect…

#Constellations is superb. #JakeGyllenhaal and #RuthWilson are stellar. Heartwarming and heart-tugging! #frontrow

On vacation I saw the play CONSTELLATIONS with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson. Wow. I confess I wept at the end

My friend invited me to this play last night. He paid for the tickets, so I can't say with absolute impunity that it was worth the price of admission, but I will say this: theoretically, let's say I'd paid for my entire row. Even that would have been worth the price of admission. Constellations is that good. That smart. That well-acted and beautiful. Don't miss it.

Saw a very interesting play last weekend, in New York. "Constellations" with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson(" The Affair"). Two people meet, over and over again, re-enacting the manner in which they relate and date. Truly rested on their shoulders to pull this subtle piece of theater off, but they did so, majestically.

Saw "Constellations" tonight at Manhattan Theater Club with Jake Gyllenhall and Ruth Wilson. Great short play that literally packs multiple lifetimes into 72 minutes; Ruth Wilson is charming, lively and intelligent and Jake Gyllenhall, out-Gwyneths Gwyneth by pulling off English accent in a very word-driven piece (I know that sounds obvious but if you see it you'll know what I mean - same lines delivered in subtly different ways very rapidly), but more so shows depth, range and convincing emotion in the less overtly kinetic role. As if "Nightcrawler" didn't prove it already, he has serious acting chops - the real deal for sure.

Best play I saw all year. Would love to interview you about it smile emoticon You have TRULY out down yourself as an actor. I am in awe. I am coming again on one of the March shows at 10pm. Would love to speak to you.

Still thinking about the play Emilie and I saw last night. Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson were absolutely brilliant. I was positively enthralled and loved the sequence changes as the story wove in and out of parallel universes. It was also quite funny while still making me cry at times. If you're in NYC, check it out!

Much respect to Jake Gyllenhaal, Ruth Wilson & @MTC_NYC for adding the late-night shows for us under-30s. Constellations was SPECTACULAR.

Saw #JakeGyllenhaal and #ruthwilson in #constellations @MTC_NYC amazing accomplishment from both actors. Really glad to experience it

My fellow #HarvardWestlake high school alum, #JakeGyllenhaal, is amazing in the play #Constellations. Great job dude!

PutneyStudentTravel ‏@PutneyST 8h8 hours ago
Congrats Putney alum #JakeGyllenhaal on Broadway debut #Constellations! PSTdirectors & Jake’s #France leader in #NYC

Jake and Ruth on Theater Talk:

Radio interview with Jake, Ruth and Nick Payne.