Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tudo vai ficar bem

On Friday, everything will finally be okay for Monica and the rest of Brazil. They will finally find out:

Hopefully the movie will be an explosive success, not a bomb:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another time

There's not much Jake Gyllenhaal news out there, tumblr is full of beautiful Brokeback Mountain stills, reimagined to reveal even more beauty.

And this last one, which I'd seen before and looks photoshopped:

This is compilation of BBM highlights from the Oscars. It's at once painful and sweet to look back on that night:

It's fun to watch for Jake and Heath in the audience on the clips. Since it's only the highlights, you don't see the losses for Jake, Heath and the movie. Someday I'd like to see that awful final moment again. Or maybe not...

I also found this photo on Facebook:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This and that

Not too much happening in Jakeland, so let's clear out some of the miscellaneous file!

That's Jake over the weekend at Four Bear, er Barrel Coffee in San Francisco. Unique decor.

Speaking of bears... from Mr. Grylls:

Back in July, fans of the hit Discovery channel show "Man vs. Wild" watched Jake Gyllenhaal fight through hurricane-force winds and treacherous winter terrain in Iceland, but according to the show's star Bear Grylls, Gyllenhall got exactly what he wanted.

"He said, 'Don't hold back with me' and he got it," Grylls told Wonderwall. "We had some of the toughest conditions I've ever known on 'Man vs. Wild.' We took him to Iceland in winter. There were literally 100-mph-plus winds up there. Both of us were blowing like tumbleweed, but he really rose to it. It was great to see his confidence grow as he went on. I take my hat off to him. He worked really hard. He's one of the fittest guys in Hollywood."

Grylls says he tells all guests to train some -- but to not go too crazy before appearing on the show. The key is to stay injury-free and at full health before entering the wild. With the combination, he says, good things will happen. Both Gyllenhaal and Will Ferrell, who appeared on the show in 2009, followed Grylls' instructions and had successful experiences.
"The wild rewards commitment, and both of them really threw themselves into it," he said. "Will was far out of his comfort zone, but he really threw himself into it, and I admire the way he did that. I said to them beforehand, 'Just come on your own with no entourage, and trust me,' and they did that. They both say it was a landmark time in their lives, and I think they felt really proud of what they achieved."

Someone on tumblr posted this old photo of Jake:

Not sure where this one came from:

Hadn't seen this Australia interview for L&OD before:

A nice collage of Jake and Anne from tumblr:

Don't forget to vote for Jake in the Scream Awards!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rendition rewind

Found these gorgeous Rendition stills on flickr and it reminded me of these old videos I never uploaded. Apologies for the watermark, but I didn't feel like paying $30 to get rid of it, which is why I never put them up. But it's a fun look back, I think.

From the Rome Film Festival premiere of Rendition; interviews by Dutch site Films & Sterren. It "tickles" me to share them:

Another red carpet report:

A Reelz Channel interview, with a rare bit of Omar Metwally:

A report on Hollywood dealing with the war on terror in the Culture Show. The segment was done by BBC correspondent Frank Gardner, who was paralyzed after being shot by al-Qaeda sympathizers in Riyadh. Jake appears only briefly, but it is worth a look.

(IHJ has the Jake stills, but they were in gigantic size on flickr. The last two aren't on IHJ because Jake isn't in them. But I think they are gorgeous shots. I loved that segment of the movie, which I think, sadly, turned many moviegoers away.)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Business matters

Jake Gyllenhaal was papped visiting Murakami Sushi in Hollywood. Though from the video below, it seems like he might have arrived early.

We're all hoping that's a hot new script under his arm.

In case you haven't, vote for Jake in the Best Science Fiction Actor category in the Scream Awards:

Wondering what's happening with Nailed? Well, the producer's creditors made an appearance in Bankruptcy Court this week.

An attorney for Raspberry Financial, an entity that recently took control of the assets of the unreleased movie Nailed, insisted that his company is separate from Tutor, although it appears Tutor still holds some interest in the movie. Although the director of Nailed, David O. Russell, has left the project, the rep for Raspberry insisted they are spending at least $750,000 more, beyond $7 million already invested, to complete the movie.

Some Nailed photos, the first above and last below are new to me:

That's a lovely ensemble, Jake!

(Last Nailed photo cropped from a Just Back flickr shot. Murakami pic courtesy of IHJ.)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's National Kiss Day

So let's celebrate!

No, no, no. Not that kind of Kiss day.

That's better, but apparently, July 6 is International Kiss Day.

That's right. Today is National Kiss Day. So let's look at some Jake Gyllenhaal kisses and commentary, mostly made in the USA:

This woman knows how to take advantage of a situation!

She's always been very tongue-in-cheek has Gemma Arterton.

So there was a surprise in store for co-star Jake Gyllenhaal as they filmed their love scene for new flick Prince of Persia.

The Kent girl, 23, told us: "There's an unspoken no-tongues rule on set. But I got so carried away it kind of slipped out. Everyone said I was lucky to be snogging him, but he's the lucky one."

Honestly, can you blame her?

Gemma joins Emmy Rossum in the line of very smart woman who've seized the day - and the Gyllenmouth.

"I went over to him and said, 'Look, I know it's 9 a.m., but is it OK if I kiss you?' " Rossum recalls. When he consented ("He said, 'It's never too early!' "), she obliged. "I knew if I didn't do it, it would seem like I was scared. And I wanted to kiss him. He's very, very cute."

A history of Jakes movie kisses proves at least one thing...

... Jake kisses shouldn't be filmed in the dark.

If you prefer your kisses in motion:

(Famous Paris kiss photograph by Robert Doisneau; Times Square kiss by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Most other photos courtesy of IHJ. This post used material edited and updated from a previous post.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End of Watch set report

Collider had the chance to visit the End of Watch set towards the end of its shoot. And we get the chance to learn a little more about the making of the film, as well as seeing the first two official images.

Check out the Collider report for 20 facts about EoW. A few of note:

The cameras are referred to in the actual film, as Gyllenhaal’s character straps a small webcam-like camera onto his chest. The way they’ll get away with this is Gyllenhaal plays a cop going to night school and he’s taking a filmmaking class. So he gets Pena’s character to also wear a camera as he’s planning on making a short film (or something like that).

Writer-director David Ayer is going for an “in your face” POV style. At times it will feel like a first person shooter video game. In addition, the movie will use camera footage from unorthodox sources like gang members’ cellphone cameras, dashcams from inside cop cars, TV news footage, citizens’ cameras, and surveillance cameras. However, at some points, the movie will look like your typical film with Ayer shooting select scenes with normal coverage. He’s going to mix it up. The thing to know is that it’s not all found footage.

They approached the material like a play, and Gyllenhaal likened the script to a David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross.

Gyllenhaal, who also notably shaved his head for the film, got so immersed into the character and preparation that he no longer uses his right hand when he’s out because he’s been taught that his right hand always needs to be free to reach for his gun.
Because Gyllenhaal and Peña had prepared so much and for so long, Ayer would write pages on the spot and the two would be able to nail scenes on the fly.

The film will always follow the point of view of Gyllenhaal and Pena’s characters. We’ll never leave one of them during the movie.

End of Watch will have plenty of levity mixed with the drama.

The set-up (having Jake's character taking a film class) seems lame. Like the idea of the different sources of video, though I hope they find a seamless way of integrating it so it's not all disjointed and jumpy. These details are pretty encouraging, and intriguing.

Oh, except for the David Mamet thing. I'm not a fan.

Thanks to Collider for the report and the photos. What do you think?

PopSugar has photos of Jake and Anna Kendrick. They seem to think Jake and Anna are just hanging out, but it looks like David Ayer is with them. (And Anna could be filming with her iPhone.)

Or maybe Jake and Anna got married in Vegas! (See Jake's left ring finger.)