Friday, June 27, 2008

Jake in black and white. In black and white.

Jake sure looks good in technicolor, doesn't he? But you know what else Jake looks good in? Black and white.

What is it about black and white photography that captivates us? How can it communicate so much with so little? Absent (techni)color, photographers shooting in black and white have to impact for other reasons and be sure the elements are strong - such as the design, shadow, pattern, light, interpretation, perspective and angles. Of course, having a subject like Jake Gyllenhaal to photograph can only enhance the process.

By removing color from a composition we are left with fewer details to consider, so our attention must focus on the other aspects of the shot: a slanted sidewalk, patterns of a rug, sconces on a wall, the pattern of a shirt.

The late theorist, novelist and filmmaker, Susan Sontag said, "photography teaches us how to look at the world, those photographs of heroes and celebrities gradually motivate us to associate black and white photography with heroes and authority, and color photography with celebrities and transitoriness. Thus, black and white photography conveys a great man’s character better than ephemeral color photography."

Black and white photography conveys a great man's character better than ephemeral color photography. A wonderful quote.

While preparing this post I thought about one of the most acclaimed photographers of this medium, Ansel Adams, and wondered what he had to say about his craft. I admit I didn't get very far once I happened upon this photograph entitled Dogwood Blossoms

and thought how familiar it looked. The only thing missing from that Ansel Adams photograph was Jake's portrait in the middle of it. So flash forward 45 years or so. . .

I leave you with my favorite black and white of Jake, bar none.

Photos courtesy of IHJ and the Ansel Adams Gallery

Monday, June 23, 2008

Technicolor Jake

Sometimes, even a paparazzi picture can be art. Of course, when Jake Gyllenhaal is the subject, that's a good start. But Jake photos taken last weekend were notable not just for the subject, but also for the beautiful burst of color in the background.

We thought it would be fun to find some other photos where Jake shares the stage, but is never upstaged by, a vivid backdrop. First, the doorway series:

Red hot:

The waterworks:

Jake goes green:

Desert fire:

Blue on blue:

And back to California orange:

Click on the pics for the true color experience.

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wearin' o'the green

No, it's not St. Paddy's Day. It's Jake Gyllenhaal celebrating the Boston Celtics 17th NBA title. A game which started, coincidentally enough, on the 17th.

Look how happy Jake is that the Celtics beat the Lakers! It'a a thing of beauty!

He's so happy for the Celtics he's even signing autographs. Better check that autograph. It might say Kevin Garnett.

Better watch out Jake, I think the Celtics fans are onto you.

Looks like Jake just remembered he was a Lakers fan.

If I squint, the print on his board shorts looks just like the Celtics shamrock logo!

Congratulations Boston Celtics on an amazing season and an awesome final!

Photos courtesy of IHJ. Logo courtesy of The World Champion Boston Celtics.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sneak peek?

New photos of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon at an L.A. studio yesterday. Jake's mother and Jim Sheridan, the director of Jake's upcoming movie, Brothers, were also there. An advance screening perhaps?

There's word from a poster on a Natalie Portman board that there was a sneak of the movie in Las Vegas, and that the film got excellent ratings across the board. With all the Nailed drama and the Prince of Persia news, it's good reminder that Brothers will be out next. I can't wait!

It looks like it was a bright, sunny, California day. Hope everyone enjoyed the show, if that's what they were all doing there!

Oh, and a friendly reminder now that we're in Brothers territory again - no spoilers in your posts, please!

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ and Celebutopia.)