Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fit for a Prince

Update: The LA Times has a story about Jake's move into potential franchise territory. There's some good stuff:

On a recent trip to promote the Disney adventure film, Gyllenhaal seemed wide-eyed but also amused by his career detour into blockbuster madness. He grinned at more than 4,000 fans who cheered him at a pop-culture expo called WonderCon but also kept an ironic detachment from the scene; during a question-and-answer session, a fan asked the actor what moment in history he would visit if he could turn back time (as his character in the move can do), and after a pause he answered with a straight face: "I would go back and watch my birth."

Clearly, Gyllenhaal is not taking himself or his new movie too seriously, although he gushes about the movie's dazzle, adrenaline and vintage movie-serial soul. "I actually jump out of a window and land on the back of my horse, just like in the old movie, Zorro-style," he said with the expression of a teenager who just hopped off, like, the best roller coaster ever. It's no surprise that the athletic actor, who was nominated for an Oscar for "Brokeback Mountain," finds himself going from indie-spirited work into the Comic-Con cinema zone; that's the template after the success of Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale and Tobey Maguire in summer franchises.

Newell, who has known Gyllenhaal since he was a youngster, said the actor is ideal for the role because he has an aura of effortless charm around him and an almost boyish sense of wonder. "He puts a human heart in the middle of a movie that will absolutely need one to connect with the audience," he said.

He says his time in the desert was, on one level, really just a wardrobe experiment. "I grew up with filmmakers and I consider myself a filmmaker, sort of, but as an actor taking on a role I know that I'm just a piece of a situation. What I mean by that is you become part of the story that will be up there on the screen and that makes you want to try a really wide variety of situations. You try on a coat, you wear it for a while and you give it back. That's what acting is.... Sometimes as an actor you just want to try something on."

Or take something off :) These photos of a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal filming a scene for Prince of Persia have made their way around the internet. But even if you've already seen them, I think they deserve a post of their own!

Found some photos of Jake at the post-WonderCon party. More of Jake and his bevy of admirers here:

Posted this in the last post, but if you haven't read this Daily Beast story on Nailed, it's definitely worth a look. Depressing but informative. In other non-uplifting news, an early and middling PoP review. Good words about Jake, at least, though some of this could be seen as faint praise:

Of the cast, Jake Gyllenhaal does an admirable job as the titular Prince Dastan. To avoid the furore that would doubtless have enveloped the film had this Persian Prince spoken in an American accent, Gyllenhaal delivers his lines in an accomplished (if equally out of place) English one. As an action hero he neither fits the type of the muscle-bound bore (like say, Sam Worthington or Gerard “charisma vacuum” Butler) nor the weedy, pretty-boy (like Orlando Bloom) and therefore manages to avoid being hateful as the film’s conventional, in-offensive protagonist figure.


UltraViolet said...

Jake will be on Jimmy Kimmel in May. No specific date.

Gemma has some nice words about Jake:

Gemma said: “Jake was a very, very funny guy. He’s really nice. He’s quite serious when it comes to his work. He works hard and he is a perfectionist. But he likes to make jokes and he’s fun. He’s funny. And he is fit, of course.

And this journalist also has some nice things to say about Jake:

I’m a little behind on posting my published articles, aired interviews and such, but I did manage to take a snap of the new L’Ecran Fantastique magazine. I did a press day with Jake Gyllenhaal a couple of months ago for this. He is such a nice, easygoing, good guy. It’s nice too see ‘fame’ hasn’t changed him (the first time I interviewed him was on Donnie Darko and Moonlight Mile, back in the early 00′s!). [I put 'fame' in quotes, because it's not like he's Tom Cruise or anything… but everyone can pronounce his last name, and that's saying something].

bobbyanna said...

The new pictures are great!

I read the entire review and now I just want slap the little creep who wrote it.

Only Jake & Alfred Molina got what could be described as positive reactions from the blogger.

(I won't even legitimize him by saying he's a film critic.) I wanted to stomp on him for what he said about Gemma:

"Arterton is alright in her restrictive role as proud princess/romantic prop, but at a time when the likes of Marian Cotillard, Carey Mulligan and Penelope Cruz possess a magnetic charisma and intelligence (as well as beauty), it is doubtful she will become an enduring star."

Anonymous said...

I'm taking it from that "review" that the author is not much of a fan of these types of films.

bobbyanna said...

Didn't see your post before I posted, UV. The critic I was referring to was the one you linked on the main page.

I can't wait for Jake to visit Kimmel again! I wonder if he's doing Letterman or Jon Stewart. Or if Ellen will make him take his shirt off again!:)

bobbyanna said...

The reviewer ragged on Bruckheimer,
ragged on Ben Kingsley, feels that Gemma has no future, and ridiculed Jake's British accent. Mike Newell will probably never make another movie again after the way his skill set was assessed.

What an asshole.!

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I thought he said Jake's accent was credible, no? He just doesn't like the idea of all of the actors being white and British.

I hope someone points out to him that Persians WERE white and not Arabs. I understand his point, but it does undercut the argument when people don't know what they are talking about.

The reviewer definitely seemed predisposed not to like the movie. And he did say some positive things. The stuff about Gemma was jerky.

I assume Jake will do Ellen this time. Letterman and TDS too, I hope.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone points out to him the same thing, UV. Also, he's a bit prudish sounding and unfair when talking about Gemma (made to feel uncomfortable - oh please). :) He's comparing a light, summer movie to more serious films also, and perhaps giving it or expecting a more serious-sounding message than it may have intended. At least he said some nice things about Jake, which I liked - not a muscleman nor a pretty boy - just perfect, especially in these new pics. And that Jake's accent fits well, which it does. :)

bobbyanna said...

You're right about the accents. I was just ranting. (My computer's works!:))

I meant to say earlier, Chica, I SO envy you, seeing Dr. Zhivago on the big screen! I love that movie!

Anonymous said...

I loved Dr. Zhivago too - :)

Extra said...

Oh man he looks so got in these new pictures!

Someone should tell "film critic" Beames that Persians/Iranians are not Arabic so hiring a actor of Arab descent to play a Persian makes no sense.

And what he said about Gemma made no sense either. Comparing her to Cruz and Colliard is like comparing apples to oranges. And he was actually offended at a shot of Gemma's cleavege, LOL!!

He left his "praise" for Jake and Molina.

Yay!! Jake will be on Kimmel again, and I always love reading about how nice and down to earth Jake is.

Extra said...

PS: Those admirers were so lucky that day!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Jake made it into the next round of the PopSugar 100. He's now up against Ryan Reynolds in the "sweet 16." Go over and show some love.

MARY said...



Anonymous said...

ManMadeMoon tweets:

It's a wrap! Source Code...Shot!
30 minutes ago via tweetDeck.

lawgoddess said...

Gorgeous pictures!

I expect to be very happy with PoP. It isn't the kind of movie designed to get critical acclaim, I don't think.But it will make a lot of money and make Jake a household name.

Loved reading the nice things about Jake in UV's comment.

As always, thanks for the info.:)

UltraViolet said...

Just updated the post with a link and some snippets from an LA Times story about Jake, whom they interviewed at WonderCon.

It's a nice piece - a little early. Similar to the story they did about Tobey before Brothers came out.

I love Newell's quote about Jake's "effortless charm and boyish wonder." Beautiful description.

UltraViolet said...

LG, I love reading all the nice comments about Jake, too. And you're right that this movie probably isn't going to get critical accolades. But that reviewer just didn't seem to have an open mind at all. As one of the anons said, he sounded oddly prudish.

Extra, those admirers were lucky! I love how they were surrounding Jake so adoringly.

And yeah, the interviewer's taking offense at seeing Gemma's cleavage was odd. From what I can tell, we get some shots of Jake that are pure eye candy, too. So it's equal opportunity fun!

And yay for Jake making it into the next PopSugar round. Here's the direct link to vote for him.

And congrats to Duncan Jones and all the Source Code cast and crew for a job hopefully well done!

UltraViolet said...

This photographer was in Times Square when Jake was doing his GQ photo shoot, and he got some shots of his own. He doesn't want them used without permission, so I'm just linking. They are pretty good.

Does anyone else wonder if/worry that the reason Nailed hasn't been finished is that Russell, et al., don't think it's worth bothering? Like maybe the movie isn't worth saving?

Anonymous said...

Twitter from Malaysia

1st impression of Prince of Persia: Great action, but about 30 minutes too long. And did Persians talk in British accents?

Anonymous said...

More from Malaysia, Malaysia

We were among the first in the world to preview 'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time'. It was rather disappointing, sadly. Review coming up!


Had mixed feelings about 'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time'. It was rather disappointing, although I must say that the CGI was top notch

I thought it was kinda boring in the middle :S RT @SherGoh: Prince of Persia was alright....liked the CGIs better than anything else

Yup, not really up to expectations. But Gemma Artenton is smokin'! :D RT @quenqon: @nickleschow Is the movie really that disappointing?

Just watched Prince of Persia. Awesome! Stand chance to win tix and merchandise at @ruumz coming soon!

I wish I could use the Sands of Time to cut short the running time of Prince of Persia. Good action but TOO DAMN LONG!

Carla said...

For films like PoP critics usually don´t matter (although I am hoping for at least some decent reviews) but WOM is important.

I hope people will like the story and the actors not only the CGI...

With the early screenings and twitters we will get a good feeling on how the film will be accepted.

Thanks for all the links and the new pictures. I like the LA Times story.

Carla said...

I forgot to say "Congratulations" to Duncan Jones and everyone involved in the filming of "Source Code"!

UV, I just read your "Nailed" comment and I was thinking the same - it is such a surprise that we never heard a comment or something from Russell - he simply moved on to the next project and it never seemed that anyone was fighting for the film.

I know some people are happy that the movie probably will never get released but I thought the script was funny in a sick way - there was not one likeable character but it is so different from everthing we have seen from Jake so far (not to mention his involvement in some absurd sex-scenes.....) - I really want to see this, even if it is not finished.....

Anonymous said...

Think the "critic" thinks every movie should be serious academy award nomination like.
And comparing each actor to others is kind of odd. Just see it for what it is.
The movie early on was shown to various audiences and it received high praise among a varied group. They seemed to like it.
The movie going people are just going to want to see a fun summer movie and are not going to be nit-picking on everything in it... As an over-important to himself "critic".

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks, I think, for the early tweet reviews. I'm not a gamer so I'll be going into that movie with zero expectations of how well it stacks up against the game. As far as the complaints about it being too long? I'm a Jake fan, the longer he's on my movie screen the better. :-)

So, a lot of movie = a lot of Jake + gorgeous scenery + gorgeous set design/decoration. Sounds like a win/win to me.

bobbyanna said...

"So, a lot of movie = a lot of Jake + gorgeous scenery + gorgeous set design/decoration. Sounds like a win/win to me."

What she said! :)

As I recall, didn't POTC 1 get mixed reviews?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The longer the movie, the more we will see Jake on screen, and the problem with that is?????

The reviewer went into seeing this with certain expectations it seems and was dissapointed.

I'm not a gamer either FL, so I will go into this with zero expectations as well.

More drool-worthy, shirtless Jake? Did I mention how much I love Disney's marketing of Pop?

I recall the first POTC getting mixed reviews too Bobbyanna when it came out and we all know how well that turned out!!

I would love to see Nailed too Carla and it does sound like Russell really isn't interesthed in trying to complete the film. It's a shame because I was looking forward to seeing Jake in that.

SC wrapped, what a quick shoot!

Jake was funny as hell on Kimmel last time, I hope he does Letterman and the Daily show as well.

Love the L.A. Times story posted, thanks!

Anonymous said...

You try on a coat, you wear it for a while and you give it back. That's what acting is.... Sometimes as an actor you just want to try something on.

I love this quote from Jake. I know that Prince of Persia is going to be enjoyable. I think that maybe the interviewer expects too much - I don't think that the dagger of time is a metaphor for weapons of mass destruction - but Jake's body is a weapon of mass distraction. He looks .... gorgeous! Even that doesn't express it properly. He's got great cleavage too. ;)

I hope the interviewer gets to see a movie that really is exploitative of women one of these days, and that he finds out just how uncomfortable, and maddening, that is. They don't make 'em like they used to in that way, so that's a good thing. This sounds to me like maybe the camera is showing how Dastan is starting to become attracted to Tamina, or maybe it's just showing the necklace. We'll have to see what we think when we actually see it. Gemma's wet clothes are hardly overly revealing, from what I have seen. Sensual doesn't have to be overly sexual. It sounds like a beautiful fantasy to me.

All that said, the guys is entitled to his opinion, I guess. I'm really impatient to draw my own conclusions! :)

UltraViolet said...

I really liked that quote, too, anon. I really do think Jake is out to find as many experiences as possible. It's surprising to me that so many people are surprised Jake would do a role like this. Most actors want to try different things.

And yes, I'm very impatient to be able to see for myself!

Also, some actors don't seem to want to "give the coat back" after a role. (Jeff "Crazy Heart" Bridges, I'm looking at you!) Thankfully, Jake hasn't gotten stuck in any of his on-screen personas.

OONP, glad you liked the LA Times story. I did, too. I like the attitude Jake has and as I said above, Mike Newell's description of him.

Carla, glad to know I'm not the only one a little curious about why it's taken so long to finish Nailed. If it really is just a day or two and the movie was worth it, it seems like something would have been done.

Of course, Bergstein is the wild card. I guess I'd like to know how hard anyone has tried to finish it.

Ditto to FL, OONP and Bobbyanna. When I read the complaints about the length, I thought, "Won't be too long for me!"

mary said...

yea never enough jake for us:)

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Mary, never enough Jake :)

Saw this on FB:

I expected Prince of Persia to suck but it so didn't! Non-stop action, dishy Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arteton not that annoying. 4 stars!

Also a Malaysian reviewer.

Anonymous said...

You can see by that last review that some go in with such a negative feeling about it and some come out of it with the same and then some come out surprised it wasn't bad at all.
Of course it was already established but the last X-Men movie got terrible reviews from a majority of critics and that made not a bit of difference with the audience. They liked it.

Anonymous said...

Also for some who have been against the casting of the movie and just plain - the movie - and put it down whenever they could if they see it now and they might actually like it how many are going to admit to their "following" that they might be wrong. Just a thought.

Chica said...

I had a crappy day so gazing on a sweaty, shirtless Jake has lifted my spirits this afternoon!

Prince of Persia, is going to be a fun, popcorn movie, nothing serious and i'm looking forward to seeing it.

I think we are going to see a lot of mixed reviews for this movie but it will be a big hit IMO. That review posted is all over the map.

I love the pics of Jake and his fans at WonderCon!

I want to see Nailed! I know some people think it's similar to his role in LAOD (similar themes) but I read both scripts and they are not.

It was an incredible experience seeing Dr. Zhivago Bobbyanna, I would love to see Lawrence of Arabia, another Lean film on the big screen too!

Jake was so funny on the Kimmel show last time he was on, can't wait!

DarkShadow19 said...

I think I kinda see the pattern here. If you think this movie will be the best movie ever or win a nominee. You'll be disappointed(which is stupid IMO), but if you think this movie will suck. You're gonna like it.

UltraViolet said...

I hope most people are going in with realistic expectations. Anyone thinking it's going to be an award winner is deluding him/herself!

The LA Times author says this is a longer piece than what will be in the paper, but as far as I can tell, this is the only added part:

It fit in with his earlier, offstage comment that "Prince of Persia" director Mike Newell might be using the new Lego toys version of Gyllenhaal for X-rated activities in hotel rooms.

Cheeky, Jake :)

Jake is losing the battle of the summer abs to Alexander Skarsgard, if you want to vote.

Anonymous said...

What? No way. I admit, way back when I first saw early pics of Dastan, I wasn't sure - but now, his abs (and everything else) are perfectly gorgeous. You couldn't dream of a more beautiful body, at least for my tastes. That latest pics are beautiful. :)

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Jake will be appearing on the Jonathan Ross show next week - can't wait! BBC 1 at around 10.35

UltraViolet said...

Anon, it's true. AS is leagues ahead of Jake in the abs race.

Hello, Leonor! I'm hoping the Ross appearance will be fun :)

New post.