Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tattoo you

Fan photos from the stage door of "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" have given us a better look at one of the tattoos Jake Gyllenhaal is sporting for the role. And Jake on his cigarette break during the play shows us his forearm and hand tattoo.

This isn't the first character Jake has tatted up for:

And the tattoo is not always on his neck:

Now we just need pictures of Terry's bicep, forearm and hands.

Great footage of Jake smiling, signing and posing with and for fans outside the Laura Pels Theatre:

And more of those shots:


UltraViolet said...

Repeating some of the tweets at the end of the last post:

Celeb sighting. Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Yes I'm the creep sneaking photos.

The love of my life Jake Gyllenhal is at the same restaurant as me in NYC. I'm dying.


Totally met jake gyllenhaal today and died inside, spoke To us and talked to emili lol she's starstruck, so sexy..he was so nice!

A few more tweets/posts:

1. So I just saw this amazing show that had Jake Gyllenhaal in it! Better yet, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Bernadette Peters were in the audience. I love New York.

2. OMG! JuSTttt sPottED (()))JAke Gylenhall((()$$$(( smooching sum floozie on w25th n 7th.../ ceLllEB
1:13 AM - 2 Sep 12

3. Success! Seeing jake Gyllenhaal in person? Done! Him waving at me and @7IttyBittyMen? Super hot bonus 😍

I'm standing outside of a building where I know jake Gyllenhaal is. Omg. Is this what a heart attack feels like??

4. Play was decent too. It was entertaining.

He was real cute. Beard and all. Absolutely loved him.

Jake Gyllenhaal's English accent wasn't terrible. It was unexpected but not totally awful

5. Go see this. My boyfriend #JakeGyllenhaal is great in it. Really strong performances all around. …

6. @BroadwaySpotted Katie Holmes at If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet.
2:57 PM - 1 Sep 12

UltraViolet said...

And some tips for those trying to get Jake's autograph or photo:

is it hard??

not at all so easy he comes out takes pics signs autographs he does everyone then his security takes him back inside.he is super nice

better get him now before he's deep into his play cause the crowd would only get bigger when the days go by

wow that's amazing guess I'm going this week

u jus can't ask him on the way into the show or when he comes out for a cigarette break.u can only wait after the show

dats wikid

haha how long does it take??

He comes out like 830 to smoke a cigarette then te show is over 915

don't worry he is so easy to get

UltraViolet said...

Reposting this from the last post, as well. I missed it somehow. Thanks, Hagen, for posting it:

Variety about "An Enemy": But for Villeneuve's follow-up to "Incendies" he is venturing into new territory. After a decade of French-language filmmaking in Quebec, the director is taking on the English language, with two major projects on his plate.

The first is "An Enemy," an adaptation of Jose Saramago's novel "The Double." The film -- a Canadian-Spanish co-production starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Melanie Laurent -- was shot in Toronto this past summer. "It's my most personal project," Villeneuve says. "We are editing right now and it's going to be finished for 2013."

In the midst of editing "Enemy," the director is also prepping his first wholly American production, "Prisoners." Set to start shooting in Atlanta in January, the film has Hugh Jackman attached to star in the lead role of a small-town carpenter whose young daughter and best friend are kidnapped."Both are not easy films," Villeneuve says of "Enemy" and "Prisoners. "I'm taking a lot of risks."

I can't wait to see what this movie is like.

Viv said...

OK......I am dead.XD

And I am trying to get EOW 9/24 advanced screening ticekts in my country.Hope I can get it!!

Tweety said...

The tats look good from what we can see of them! Love all the fan interaction, he looks like he is more comfortable with it then before.

From twitter:

Kaitlin ‏@kgeo413
Celeb sighting. Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal (+ unknown woman). Yes I'm the creep sneaking photos.
7h ago

Anonymous said...

Old woman kisses Jake. In the eyes of most here i'd be "an old woman". Something you learn as you get older is that you pretty much are still a person and you feel the same as you always felt and if you don't stop being a fan after say, age 25. Whatever your interest are as music or movies or t.v. or whatever, its still there.
After all his mother is "an old woman" and don't usually see her as referred to that.
I think its because when "old" is used it is used as a disperraging thing (or however you spell it).
A simple "older" make it sound just like that..someone who is older.
Get off my soap box here.

Hagen said...

There are seven new publicity pics of EoW on "I heart Jake". Less than one week to go until the movie will premiere.

Love all the fan interaction, he looks like he is more comfortable with it then before.

I'm glad that all those controversies about Jake's attitude towards his fans seem to be fading away.

Hagen said...

Celebrity Gossip: Jake Gyllenhaal's Off-Broadway Smoke Break

Anonymous said...

Jessica Machado ‏@jessmachadox

Just met Jake Gyllenhaal! Now I have a new crush, what a beautiful man <3

Anonymous said...

Anni Renae ‏@annirenae

Oh, hey Jake Gyllenhaal, looking good❤

Anonymous said...

Eunice Lucero ‏@eunichiban

Can I take a picture and/or make you happy forever? #jake #iheartny @ Laura Pels Theatre

Monica said...

I don't know why, but I like to see pictures of him smoking.

UltraViolet said...

Viv, I hope you're revived before the movie opens :)

Tweety, good to see you again! The tats are great - just posted another photo where you can see two more.

Annie, I think a lot of Jake fans would apply that moniker to many of us. It happens to everyone, if your'e lucky :)

Hagen, he seems to be more relaxed, which is nice.

Monica, I think a lot of people agree with you :)

UltraViolet said...

Lots of nice tweets and photos today, though one unhappy fan:

Biggie pumping in Café Habana. Nothing better... Oh, except for meeting Jake Gyllenhaal earlier. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE
4:27 PM - 2 Sep 12

Just met Jake Gyllenhaal! Now I have a new crush, what a beautiful man <3
3:08 PM - 2 Sep 12

Jake Gyllenhall is great in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. But the play needs to go deeper. And it needs a tighter plot.
5:30 PM - 2 Sep 12

(from the yesterday) Went to see "If It Is I Haven't Found It Yet" at the @RoundaboutTheatre. With @JakeGyllenhaal in his NYC debut! Very Good!!!
5:19 PM - 1 Sep 12

Waiting after the play today to meet J Gyllenhaal and wish I hadn't #ruinedillusion
4:23 PM - 2 Sep 12

And from actress Judith Light:

Getting ready for the fall theatre season. Got my tix for "Chaplin" & "If There Is, I Haven't Found it Yet," with Jake Gyllenhaal.
8:57 AM - 2 Sep 12

bobbyanna said...

Damn, he looks good taking his break! Wish I could have caught that! : ) I just got in from NYC a little while ago, but I still feel like I'm sitting outside in that plaza by the Laura Pels theatre. Watching Jake. : )

A few more impressions:
The theatre itself is only about 450 seats, I think, so there really aren't any bad seats, except if you sit way off to either side, I guess. It's an intimate space and it was perfect for that size production. They did a good job with music for the play, too. Wanted to comment on that.

When Jake left out of the theatre, even though he had his hat on, with the marquee lights shining down, his hair looked lighter than it does in photos.

And yes I saw tats crawling up his neck, but I didn't pay much attention. I'm assuming they are for his character.

He seemed relaxed and warm towards his fans, upbeat. I was impressed with the fans, too.
So many of them thanked him, and were courteous, and of course he was too.

I think the way he carries himself sets a tone. He really has a lovely vibe. He's really a sweet guy.

I still can't believe I saw him live, in person, acting on stage. I probably won't get back there to see it again, and I'm very grateful to my Daughter. : )

OK. I'm done. : )

Anonymous said...

nice fan pics. Being a stage actor is very different than being a movie actor, more interaction with the fans. He looks so relaxed with the fans. He is smiling more. I am happy for him.

It's nice that he and Maggie are hanging out. I wonder if his whole family has seen the play(we don't see much of his dad. I wonder if he's seen the play yet)

I wonder how big the crowds will get once it officially opens?


Chica said...

I'm glad you made it home safe and sound Bobbyanna!

Thanks for adding some more of your observations, I will be adding my own and my review when I see it at the end of the month. I wonder what type of changed it will go through by then.

Love reading all the tweets and checking out the fan pics, I think he is settlong in :)

UltraViolet said...

Haven't had an EoW review in a while:

EndofWatch is real quality, Michael Pena deserves more roles like this. Loved it, two thumbs up!

Some tweets:

Hanging out with Jake Gyllenhaal tonight. #TomAndJerrys #SoHo
9:56 PM - 2 Sep 12

just met Jake Gyllenhaal #notabigdeal ;)
9:54 PM - 2 Sep 12

I don't know if it was intentional, but this L&OD screen cap makes it look as if jake is sitting at the edge of the popcorn bowl. Hee.

Saw a TV ad for EoW tonight. Nothing too exciting. I'd say it's a shorter version of the first trailer. But it was fun to see it finally.

Anonymous said...

Not to jinxed but youtube.....a nice little jump in views

Anonymous said...

I just hope this does not end of being all about Michael Pena.

Viv said...

I am not worry about that.People always tend to ignore Jake performance even though he is great in it(sadly but true) and Pena always plays a small role or being underused in his past works.Maybe this is the first big role he ever has.I am glad people think he can do better because of this movie.Jake will also proud of it.As long as this movie did well(boxoffice and critics), Jake will no doubt be the most beneficial one.

Viv said...

One more thing,people already expect Jake shoud be giving a good performance in his movie, but it's sad there isn't really one good or approved latino actor or actress in Hollywood so far.

Viv said...

Oh,maybe Penélope Cruz .Is she a latino actress?

Anonymous said...

Monica said...
I don't know why, but I like to see pictures of him smoking.
me too. He seemed relaxed :)


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Mark me down as "guilty" for liking he pics of Jake smoking :) Add that with the tattoos well....

Again thanks for sharing your review of the play Bobbyanna, you are so lucky! Hope you also enjoyed time with your daughter, what a wonderful gift she gave you!

I think the crowds outside the theater to see Jake will get bigger once it officially opens, I hope it gets good reviews.

I didn't take notice of people praising Pena over Jake in EOW, it's hard to think that Jake will be overshadowed in this. I just hope he hits all the NY outlets to promote the hell out of it!

Wishing all a Happy Labor Day!

Stefanie said...

I tHi everyone I went to see the production yesterday and had a great time. The play was very good and it was a very small theater. Jake was is very handsome in person but also is a normal size guy I was very happy about that. He is probably 6 feet a little over. When we got to the theater I had conversation w the guy you see Jake showing his tatoo too. He said we just miss ed Jake by 2 minutes so I said oh ok not a bigdeal and I think I surprised him by me saying that, but I would not have bothered the guy. The guard was really nice and asked where we were from and i told him Boston of course he made a Red Sox joke, I laughed and we went in.
Back to the play: It lasted about 1 hour and 35 minutes no intermission. The girl who plays Anna won me over in the first scene she was great, I wanted to go on the stage and hug her. Jake character did swear a lot but I didnt find it that bad. A very touching story about a family and how everyone in a family unit effects one another. There was a bath tub scene involving Anna the young girls character. In the first 5 seconds of this scene I knew where it was going. I had to leave the theater because the scene hit too close to home for me. The usher at the mezzanine doors saw that I was white as a ghost and asked if I needed anything he got me a water and escorted me upstairs for fresh air and to my surprise Jake was coming back in from the main enterance i assume he was having a ciggarette,and he quickly turned around and opened the door for me, gave me a smiled and a "hi" and said hi and I smiled back. I went out side w my new friend the usher for some air. I started to feel better and to my surprise, got a little encounter w Jake.The usher escorted me back inside when the scene changed. I thanked him for being so nice and he said well I couldn't let the pretty girl pass out on me that would have not been good.
I watched the rest of the play and when we walked out side, people were already at the barriers like frenzy fans, these people didnt even go see the play. My friend that I was with told me I should try to get a pic but I told her about what happened when I left during the play and that was good enough for me. :) the play was great and I had a great time even got a smile and a nod from Jake Gyllenhaal who was inches away from me. :)

bobbyanna said...

Awww, it's so cool that you had a chance to see Jake apart from all the fans, Stephanie! He's a real sweetheart, and yes, impossibly good looking. Glad you enjoyed the play too. : )

Yes, OONP, Happy Labor Day to all!!

Mary said...

Thanks for the report Stefanie so gald you were able to see Jake close up like that.

Happy Labor Day

Anonymous said...

kiss eszter ‏@eszterk78

Jake Gyllenhaal after the show

UltraViolet said...

Wow, Stefanie, that is amazing. It's so cool that this break in Jake's stage time has allowed for these spontaneous encounters.

And how nice the usher was, too! It's great to hear stories of personal kindness.

I hope that didn't interfere too much with your enjoyment of the play. Sounds like you enjoyed it, anyway.

I'm curious if you could gauge the audience response. Most of the twitter reviews I've seen are positive, with kudos for the actors and some gripes about the play itself. Nothing like that initial burst of a negative thread on Broadway World.

Thanks so much for your reprt, with bonus Jake sighting :)

UltraViolet said...

I'm fully prepared for some critics to say that Michael Pena outshines Jake. It's the new normal for Jake. I will be very happy to be proved wrong.

Happy Labor Day to everyone from a very proud Union household.

UltraViolet said...

Jake Gyllenhaal was excellent in his NYC stage debut, in the very effectively staged If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet at @RTC_NYC
10:28 AM - 3 Sep 12

Another follow up to a tweet yesterday:

All the actors were really quite good. The play itself is occasionally touching, but it doesn't break any new ground.

This is surprising:

Agree with Seeseveryshow that there's really not much of a play, although the characterizations are nicely drawn and the performances fine, notably Annie Funke's. She is a very brave and accomplished young actress, and I wish her well in future vehicles.

I found it ironic that Jake Gyllenhaal's rapid-fire British accent--very expertly done to my American ears--accounts for about 90 percent of the problems with understanding key bits of dialogue; whereas Ireland-born Brian F. O'Byrne (giving yet another excellent performance) is much more intelligible.

I cannot understand how they ready the stage for the following performance. Unbelievable! Another surprise: AS I exited, I expected to see a flock of JG admirers at the barricade. Don't know if yesterday was an anomaly, but I saw only about four people waiting.

Always looks as if there are more people waiting. And from tweets, it seemed like there were more.

Responses to that:

the actor I had trouble understanding was the mother, who kept swallowing her words.

I agree the performances were better than the play-not bad, but the title is an apt description of my response to it.

At last Wed. matinee there were about fifty of us waiting for Jake Gyllenhall to exit the theatre. He was the only cast member to remain inside and we were told he was not coming out between shows. The entire cast did a fine job and the flooded stage was an extra surprise.

Monica said...

I'm fully prepared for some critics to say that Michael Pena outshines Jake. It's the new normal for Jake.

Me too. hahahaha

Stefanie said...

Hi ultraviolet oh I didn't mind at all I just didn't want to pass out so I am thankful to the usher. As I exited jake looked at the usher and the usher said that I needed some air. Jake ok and smiled at me. All I kept thinking was oh my god do not pass out in front of jake Gyllenhaal.

Stefanie said...

As far as the play I thought it was fantastic and it really held you attent I laughed, I was heart broken over and over it was a sea of emotions hence the water effect and the staging. I feel that people in my age group responded well tans was fully engaged at identified w the characters and there situations. The father really bugged me though.
I think anyone from 25 to 35 fully understood and identified with the play. But there were a lot of 60 aboves that prob would not. I thought it was great and my friend who is a big theater person raved about it. Put it this way I saw Peter and the star catcher Saturday night on broadway and I kept nodding off during the first act and this play had rave reviews. Then jakes play sunday I was fully engaged and so engaged that tub scene upset me. So I call that good theater and the whole should be raved and the play write and director. It was a great weekend ;)

Stefanie said...

I forgot to add this: as far as the reviews for people I take those with a grain of salt, everyone has an opinion and everyone has a right to that.

Hagen said...

Jake on Buzzfeed

At first he resembled Paul Ryan, now it's Obama.

Just Call Me O! ‏@StayPressed
Finally: I was CRYING at 3 AM last night reading reviews from a preview of Jake Gyllenhaal's play. Apparently it's shit. I was howling.

Billy Jolie ‏@billyjolie
@StayPressed NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm going on Saturday!

Just Call Me O! ‏@StayPressed
@billyjolie Apparently he is okay but the shit doesn't make any sense and it's staged awkwardly. People were cracking me up.

Billy Jolie ‏@billyjolie
@StayPressed Clearly, I'm only going for him. Just gonna sit and stare, sit and stare.

Just Call Me O! ‏@StayPressed
@billyjolie he's only in 2/3rds of it muhaha


Hagen said...

Entertainment Weekly about EoW: "The result is an unsettling exploration of friendship in the face of dangerous working conditions."

Anonymous said...

Coco ‏@onshoez

I Just Bumped Into Jake Gyllenhaal At Openning Ceremony. Dope!

Anonymous said...

Stacey Griffith ‏@Staceykgriffith

As I peer into a men's jewelry case someone comes and stands next to me looking alongside. As I glance up I realize it's Jake Gyllenhaal...

Anonymous said...

emily shen ‏@emmulate

Hanging with the homies and Jake Gyllenhaal at Saturdays Surf.

bobbyanna said...

"Happy Labor Day to everyone from a very proud Union household."

Me, too, UV, Union all the way!

A few thoughts:
I'm not at all concerned that anyone will outshine Jake in EoW.
I'm glad Michael Pena is getting acknowledged. I don't think it diminishes Jake, and I don't think any legitmate critics will portray it that way.;)

people will go to the play for various reasons, but anyone who's going "just to look at Jake" and expects the play to be bad is truly missing out on a great opportunity.

Dysfunctional families and isolation are oft told tales, but this one really explored the collateral damage to other people, in terms of how one person's behavior impacts other people. It had strong, interesting characters, and spot on dialogue, and used Hurricane Katrina and the environment as very effective conceits.

Monica said...

End of Watch
Check out special previews for #EndOfWatch tonight on @ETonlineAlert at 7pm PT/7:30pm ET and on @extratv at 7pm. Check your local listings!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about your experience at Jake's play, Stephanie. I'm glad you were feeling okay after you got some air and some Jake magic (I'm sure once his gaze locked with yours you were feeling better :D)

As with any project whether it be a play or movie you're going to hear all kinds of stuff good and bad. But I haven't ever heard anyone having any major hangups on Jake's performance.


Extra said...

Thanks everyone for posting your reviews of If there Is I, I Haven't found it Yet. I'm so envious, to see Jake up on stage and in an intimate setting ( I had no idea it was a 450 seat theater).

It sounds really intense, I like what they do with the water from the reviews.

Stephanie it must of been wonderful to run into Jake like that, he sounds so cool. That part of the play really upset you, thanks so much for sharing that with us.

At first it bothered me to see Jake smoking, but not so much now.

Thanks for the heads up Monica on the sneak peek of EOW on E!

And I hope everyone is enjoying what's left of their Labor day from another proud Union member!

Stefanie said...

@Extra I would say more about the scene but I don't want to ruin the play for anyone. The others that have scene the play they know what I am talking about.

It was really awesome to run into him like that its weird to see someone you have only seen on Tv or movies. He was very nice he could have just kept walking.
Definilty excited about EoW coming out soon.

bobbyanna said...

Guess Jake was out shopping around, today. I saw that Saturdays Surf sells a line of grooming products that includes a hydrating shaving cream, and an aftershave balm...

They also sell beard combs. : (

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Bobbyanna. You live in hope.

Also, to be clear, I don't think Pena will outshine JAke in the movie. I think people will say he does.

A couple more tweets from today:

Wait - Jake Gyllenhaal is hella sexy in person. Like......FUCK ME DUDE. #literally
2:32 PM - 3 Sep 12

Just Bumped Into Jake Gyllenhaal At Openning Ceremony. Dope!
2:27 PM - 3 Sep 12

Thanks to Monica for the heads-up on the entertainment shows. ET was just a quick preview. Extra had Ben Lyons talking about Jake's prep for the movie. Nothing really new there, either. They were both part of segments on fall movies.

I saw somewhere that JAke will be on the Today Show on Friday, 9/14.

Chica said...

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor day weekend, I spent the day at the beach with some friends!

I'm not too worried about Jake being overlooked in regardsto his acting and EOW. The reviews from the screenings so far mention how good he is (along with Pena).

He should be hitting all the NY talk
shows, thanks for the heads up on the Today show!I don't know if he will do Letterman again but there is Live with Kelly and he will appear on Live Anderson so far.

I saw Extra, nothing new but I was happy to see the segment.

Thanks Stepahnie for you review,I can't wait to see it!

Viv said...

twitter time:

Jonathan Campbell ‏@SoundbiteCultur
@EndOfWatchMovie Saw #EndOfWatch last night, starring #JakeGyllenhaal - perfect antidote to the ridiculous "cops 'n robbers" of #TheSweeney.

Monica said...

Exclusive TV Spot for End of Watch
Coming Soon

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, monica! These trailers are harrowing! Sheeesh! I can't wait for this movie.

(UV,walking to the theatre, I noticed, I think it was on 6th near 46th, there's a store devoted to shaving stuff. You have no idea how tempted I was. : )...Of course I didn't, bcz I know Celebs often get gifts from fans, and usually they're seldom looked at, much less used. LOL!)

bobbyanna said...

"The Art of Shaving" on Madison
@ 46th. LOL!

Viv said...

From FilmSchoolRejects:

The 5 Must-See Movies of September 2012

End of Watch

We can’t say too much about this title on the site, but needless to say, Kate Erbland and I are both fans of David Ayer‘s cop drama. Ayer’s films, even Training Day, are simple B-movies. They’re fun, but don’t contain half the emotion and power End of Watch has, especially in the movie’s third act.

Anonymous said...

There are some photos of Jake on stage at Broadway World:

Monica said...

^^ thanks

UltraViolet said...

Yup, just put up a new post with them :)