Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Toronto presser

Jake Gyllenhaal and the crew from End of Watch have people talking all over the internets. A slew of positive tweets and a current 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes have created very positive buzz for the film. We've gotten a lot of videos from the red carpet and the junket but no reports from the press conference. We do have photos of a typically animated Jake:

Here's a surprise: Video from the 2003 ACLU Torch of Freedom Awards, where the Gyllenhaal family was honored:

Fran Drescher went to see If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet and had a good time:

Just saw @jakegyllenhaal in his off Brdwy play "If there is I havent found it yet" he's so talented and whatta babe!

In Toronto.


Fran Fan said...

"I don't know who's Fran Drescher, but good to know she likes him.:

She is a heck of a lady and great comedian. You should look her up on the internet, I think you will be moved by her spirit and how she has not been broken.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry about that - accidentally disabled comments for this post!

Jake to host private EoW screening for LA mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti.

So turns out Jake Gyllenhaal is every bit as talented and even more gorgeous in person #IfthereisIhaventfoundityet

Hell, if Denzel can win an Oscar for TRAINING DAY, Michael Peña better get a nod for END OF WATCH. Outstanding work. (Jake is great, too.)

END OF WATCH is a gripping, visceral rollercoaster ride of a buddy cop action procedural. Tremendous camaraderie between Gyllenhaal & Peña.

End of Watch: Pure police story aptly told by David Ayer. Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Peña have genuine chemistry.

End of Watch was tough! Make sure y'all go see that when it comes out next week!

End of watch almost made me cry....makes me think of all my brothers. Blood or not

Just saw End of Watch. Wow, it was great! It has my stamp of approval.

Ayer's 'End of Watch': Potboiler ode to men in blue, accented by sharp/seedy camerawork. Gyllenhaal, Pena own it. Rises above expectations. What surprises me about a movie like 'End of Watch' is how self-aware it is. It's aware of its own machismo, and it can laugh at itself.

Happy that End of Watch exceeded my expectations. Not a lot of movies doing that lately. Go see it!!

Ended the day with a free screening of End of Watch which I liked alot. Familiar territory lifted by Ayer's authenticity & strong acting

IEnd of Watch - Very funny, touching, and intense flick about two cops in L.A. The best buddy-cop movie I've seen. Harrowing, too. Go see it.

There's that word "harrowing" again, Bobbyanna!

Anonymous said...

only 8 days till EOW (it's almost midnight)


UltraViolet said...

Yup, it's getting close. Where did the time go?!

Added another photo at the top of the post and another from after the play.

Also, a surprise flashback video from the ACLU 2003 award ceremony with the Gyllenhaals.

Why don't these things come out in our drought months?!

More tweets:

Just saw a screening of #EndOfWatch a week before its released and WOW A movie with a heartfelt realistic story. A must see good action film

End of Watch: very good film. David Ayer: high quality action director. Jake Gyllenhaal: best performance of his career. Michael Pena: solid as usual.

Jake Gyllenhaal owns!!! Sorry, Prometheus you just got knocked down a step as my favorite of 2012. This movie is fucking great!

Just saw the movie End of Watch. It was amazing, emotional, funny, dramatic, touching, get the idea.

Remember Chandler's girlfriend Janice from Friends? With the laugh? Pretty sure she saw the sneak preview of "End of Watch" with me tonight.

Oh, that poor person!

saw Jake Gyllenhaal in his Bway play yesterday. The play was no big deal, but Jake was:)

Torontonian reviews said...

It’s a good thing the chemistry between Peña and Gyllenhaal is excellent, as the two are side-by-side on screen for the film’s entire duration. When the stakes are low, Taylor and Z crack jokes (mostly racial) and recount chestnuts (mostly graphic) with each other. But when lives are on the line, the pair command attention with their laissez-faire police tactics and level-headed cool. On the road, between these ups and downs, the two also wax poetic about life: working with the LAPD, their relationships at home, and the prospects of the future. These police cruiser conversations are engaging and thoughtful; at times bordering on profundity.

Despite the initial silliness at the top of the film, End of Watch becomes so engrossing that we roll with its gimmicks, giving in to the sheer adrenaline and shaky-cam octane. The whole “found footage” thing is getting old n’ busted, but End of Watch shows some promise as the new hotness: Ayer has combined traditional filmmaking with handheld footage to create a truly riveting cop drama, going further and deeper than most ever do.

Hagen said...

According to EoW will open in Russia on September 20th, one day before its US release. (Emmett-Furla Films, the company that produced EoW, is financed by Russian oil magnates; Hollywood Reporter.) We'll find out pretty soon how EoW pares in overseas markets.

WOW! :) said...

Allison ‏@Allie_Life
Seriously though, @endofwatchmovie makes you regret watching all other cop movies - its THAT amazing! Can't wait to see it again Sept 21st!

Chica said...

Jake and the Nanny, I love Fran !

The reviews are overwhelming and I'm so psyched about the film opening in a few weeks. Harrowing, sad, yeah that's some of the words used to describe the film. I have a feeling I will need some tissues after viewing.

He looks really good and relaxed in these photos.

Dina said...

This is one of the best Jake fansites on the internet. You always have so much information. I don't know how you manage to keep up when it's so busy, or keep things interesting when things are slow, but you do.

I like IHJ, that is the tops, and I would be completely lost without it, but this is a very very close second. I just want to say thank you.

I don't like when Jake hides his beautiful face with the beard. I hope when he is finished with this play the beard will go away.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Seinfeld ‏@JerrySeinfeld
I'm very strong on new Jake G. power packed new one, "End of Watch". Here's trailer.. #fresh #exciting #to me

bobbyanna said...

UV, it's puzzling to me that TIFF hasn't posted the news conference for EoW. I love the photos a lot. Checking the TIFF list of press conferences they posted makes me wonder why they didn't put up EoW.

Twitter said...

On any given night Jake Gyllenhaal dines at Cafe after his show at Laura Pels theater on 46 Street. The play...

Twitter said...

Behind the scenes w/ Jake Gyllenhaal..his movie #EndofWatch looks amazing!! #lovemyj @ CBS Broadcast Center

UltraViolet said...

Well, Cafe Un Deux Trois, I'm not sure he'll be having his meals there from now on!

Was Jake on the CBS morning show? Hopefully someone caught it on tape.

Thanks for the nice words, Dina. It can get overwhelming on weeks like this, so it's good to hear that people out there appreciate it!

But as you said, IHJ is the real prize, and I know it's even more work for Stephanie and crew there. We'd all be lost without IHJ!

Bobbyanna, I was confused that EoW didn't seem to have one over the weekend. Now it appears they did, but it wasn't taped. A shame. Maybe it will pop up.

People did see the ACLU video, right? No one has commented on it, but I think it's a great flashback to a very different time for Jake and his family.

Anonymous said...

Adrianna Cacciato ‏@AudryCacciato

spotted: jake gyllenhaal in the rock center concourse. should have invited him to hang at dtv for the day. #swoon

Hagen said...

EoW has a good start on (71 out of 100) based on just four reviews. (They are rather picky in which reviews are considered.) I'm glad that the reviews won't hurt the movie's chances at the box office.

Sheba baby said...

I remember some photos from that ACLU event UV. Nice to see the video and what a great find UV, thanks for posting it! So much has changed for the Gyllenhaals since then.

Let me add to my appreciation for this blog too, don't know what I would do if I didn't have this place along with IHJ to catch up on all the Jake news!

Love all the fan and backstage photos and I can honestly say now that I really did the beard look, it suits him and he wears it well. He just has to try and keep it trim IMO.

Jake was on CBS this morning today? Missed it, but the video will pop up.

The good reviews are sure pouring in for EOW, I have my fingers and toes crossed that it's a critical and $$$ hit at the BO!

UltraViolet said...

Vanity Fair interview with Jake. There are interviews with the other EoW folks, as well. Similar territory and brief, which is a shame. Jake is shot left profile, which is nice. Maybe there's alonger piece they'll put up later. He is funny talking about how he and Michael weren't allowed to fight each other because they beat the crap out of each other. And Michael totally crushed him.

The great tweet reviews for EoW continue. Just can't keep up with them!

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining - but way too short - interview from VF. Pretty sure that interviewer has a crush on him! Thanks for the link.

Hagen said...

Rotten Tomatoes has added another 'fresh' review (Cole Smithey, Grade: B-) and yet another praise for Jake and Michael Peña: "Finally, the film’s bloody denouement is built on a cartoonish plot element about a gang of Hispanic outlaws who have it in for Taylor and Zavala for some overblown reason that the audience is not privy to. “End of Watch” is nonetheless entertaining for the praiseworthy performances of its ensemble. Gyllenhaal and Pena are exquisite together, and Anna Kendrick works her disarming charm to every advantage."

Anonymous said...

YOu can always tell which critics really wanted to hate the movie but the little bad boy in them couldn't. Cole seems like one.

Hagen said...

'I heart Jake' has added some new stuff. I think I prefer the American poster of EoW to the French one.

bobbyanna said...

saw this blurb @ broadway world .com:

"IF THERE IS I HAVEN’T FOUND IT YET’s Jake Gyllenhaal will be a live guest on NBC's "Today Show" tomorrow, Friday, September 14, 2012, between 8 and 9 a.m."

Wonder if the Anderson Cooper Live taping airs tomorrow.

UltraViolet said...

It's perplexing that we can't figure out the Anderson taping date! His site continues to say it's the cast of Arbitrage. Maybe there will be two movies done? I was hoping for the whole show for EoW, but that's probably not realistic. I don't know how the show works; I've never seen it.

Hagen, I'm not crazy about the French poster, either. And I wonder if the official site updated. It's down for me.

The Vanity Fair interviewer was terrible, I thought. As she was when she interviewed Jake for the VF cover shoot. And she's pretty bad in all the other interviews I watched.

Interesting interview with Jake. So refreshing to read different questions. I'd love to see someone push Jake a little on the Batman question. I do believe his answer - I think it's genuinely the way he views acting. But he has to wonder what might have been.

bobbyanna said...

Found another news release:


Monica said...

Thank you, Fran fan! I'll look!

I'd love to see someone push Jake a little on the Batman question.
I also love to know more.

I remember two or three interviews on laod, where he used quotes from Batman Begins, which made ​​me think he likes batman movies.

Er, sorry again, but who is Anderson Cooper?

The name of End of Watch here is Marked to Die! er ...

Stefanie said...

FYI Jake will be on Anderson Live on September 21 at least ghats what my direct Tv guide says. Thought I would pass along.

UltraViolet said...

Yikes, quite a title, Monica! I don't remember Jake using Batman quotes. But I wouldn't recognize them.

Anderson Cooper is a CNN anchor who also has a talk show. The cast of EoW is supposed to be on this month.

Sheba baby! I forgot to say hello earlier. Hope all has been well. Thanks for the nice words :) And thank you for answering my question. I think that video is priceless. I thought people would get a kick out of it.

Thanks for posting that, bobbyanna. I wonder if Jake will tape something if he goes to LA for the premiere.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Stefanie! I wonder if it will be live or taped.

Jake has a lot going on these days!

Anonymous said...

I thought the premiere is the 17th and Anderson is live on the east coast now and Jake is set for Friday the 21st which is when Anderson ususally has movie guests. This friday it's Richard Gere and Susan S. (jake's former co-star). Anderson now has guest co-hosts, maybe Jake will be one. And yes I watch Anderson daily, Jake and he have met in the past.

bobbyanna said...

Interesting. I agreed with the answer to the Batman/Spiderman question, but,I also remember him talking about auditioning for Moulin Rouge, (Heath did too.)for Ewan McGregor's role. Of course that wasn't a successful franchise.

I think in general, he seems to not want to look back on what might have been these days. His focus is on the future, and on his own plans and accomplishments and I can understand that part too.

Judging from all these interviews, Jake seems like he is in a good frame of mind to do Inside the Actors Studio.

He seems ready to do that now, to have a serious discussion about his filmography, his techniques, what he's learned, etc.

Maybe the other thing to consider, is that if he had elaborated and revealed something interesting, it could have changed this entire interview.

His answer could have generated a "news" story that had nothing to do with Jake's thoughts on being an actor, the roles he's played, or on EoW. It wouldn't have been about Jake anymore, but about Tobey Maguire, Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, etc.

I do wonder how any actor copes with the disappointment and even anger and frustration at not getting something they really try for and work for.

I could never work in that profession. It takes a special kind of patience and resilience to handle all the rejection.

Anonymous said...

Marissa Garza ‏@marissagarza012

"@Who_Is_Chasity: Saw Jake Gyllenhaal twice tonight. @marissagarza012 and I agree that its a sign that he and I are meant to be. #Paramours"

Anonymous said...

David F Porteous ‏@dfpiii

I found Jake Gyllenhaal's British accent to be entirely convincing at tonight's show @GYLLENCRAZY

Anonymous said...

JakeG Argentina ‏@JakeGArgentina
Jake y el Cast en Grey Goose Vodka Party para 'End of Watch'.