Thursday, September 6, 2012

Entrances and exits

More photos from Jake Gyllenhaal's American stage debut in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet.

A look at the scene off-stage. You can just spot Jake working the line:

More photos with fans, including this encounter:

As we were walking down the street from our hotel to Times Square, we passed the stage door of a theater where people were waiting for the stars to come out after a show. Jake Gyllenhaal was in the play so I figured he would be coming out to meet the crowd and sign autographs. We waited a few minutes and then he came out and made his way along the fans. When he got to me I asked if I could get a photo of him. I was very surprised when he took my camera from me and took the picture of the two of us himself! How cool is that?! You know I love my star-sightings, so this was really fun!

He walked off down the street with some friends - if I'd been alone, I would have followed him just to see where he was going to eat. I wonder if he was going to Joe Allen where many of the stars go to eat after a show. (I had just eaten there the night before but didn't see anyone that I recognized.)

Crave Online has another new look at Eow. And a new clip from myspace:

End of Watch - 'Truth' Exclusive TV Spot

TrailerParkToo | Myspace Video

On tonight's Extra, Ben Lyons interviewed Jake and the cop who trained him for End of Watch:


UltraViolet said...

Reposting from Hagen, at the end of last post:

The found footage style could be a deal breaker for quite a lot of people that dislike shaky handcams. 'Found Footage' seems to be somewhat more popular in the U.S. than overseas (Box Office Mojo: Found Footage).

Apologies for the autostart on the EoW clip. I'll try to fix it or take out the video.

UltraViolet said...

A couple of tweets about Jamie Lee Curtis at the theater last night, one from someone who says she met Jake. So it looks like perhaps she went to see Jake last night.

A thread about Jake at the stage door. Seems more negative than other reports we've gotten, including him signing PoP stuff. FWIW.

Monica said...

Seems more negative than other reports we've gotten, including him signing PoP stuff.

Funny comments. And about POP, wow I think he wants to forget that he was in this movie.

bobbyanna said...

UV, thanks for the heads up on the Ben Lyons interview. He and Jake usually have fun.

That Broadway thread was kind of silly. I don't know what they expected. Jake comes out, he's polite, he smiles, he signs, takes photos, sheeesh!

He's just finished work. And if it's a matinee day, two performances. I don't know of too many actors who sign before a show. They're preoccupied with being on time, and preparing.

I'm jut guessing, but these four or five 'stage door pros' seem to have it in for him because he's "from Hollywood."

As for the PoP stuff, I saw a lot of people with stuff to be signed and he hardly noticed. He just signs. Are these people developing their own "folklore?" ;)

Anonymous said...

❥ Sara C. ‏@ClassicalRebel

Omg Jake Gyllenhall just called me beautiful!
And he came up to Tiffany and Katherine and me and omg

Hagen said...

And about POP, wow I think he wants to forget that he was in this movie.

Apparently he signed PoP pics in Berlin this February. I'd be surprised if he refused to sign them now.

Monica said...

^^I guess he changed his mind.

UltraViolet said...

Updated the post with the Extra video - thanks, Stephanie! A pretty useless report from Ben Lyons, I must say. Nothing about the play. Nothing much at all, really.

Also added a different EoW clip, one that doesn't automatically play when you open the page.

UltraViolet said...

From FB:

Omg Jake gyllenhaal just cane to my store. Omg yes. My. Co worker blew home up on the spot so it was a turn off. But Omg Omg!!!!!!
2 hours ago



OMG Where are you working at now

Rockefeller center ♥ dudes he was so hot. And he has mad tats tambien and his eyes..Omg. I called Chase for something and told the customer service rep and she's like Omg too XD

And twitter:

Just met the sexy Jake Gyllenhaal... I literally turned red blushing.
5:44 PM - 6 Sep 12

Jake Gyllenhaal came into my job today. Omfg #starstruck. I tried to not make a scene when he was there but.. I love you!!!
5:24 PM - 6 Sep 12

I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal. My life is officially complete.
4:39 PM - 6 Sep 12

Casually standing outside Magnolia's w/ Grace waiting for Jake Gyllenhaal to walk out :'((
4:33 PM - 6 Sep 12

Anonymous said...

OMG is Jake's new middle name.

Anonymous said...

Urban dictionary OMG- oh my gyllenhaal

bobbyanna said...

UV, Ben Lyon's spot was very disappointing. : ( Maybe there'll be more of it online.

The enthusiasm of these NYC fans makes me smile.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The NY fans are the best, love their enthusiasum! For me the pics and stories of meeting him after the play are one of the high points of him doing the play!

So happy to hear that Jaime was there to see Jake. I don't think he minds signing POP stuff, probably wasn't in the mood to sign anything that night.

The Lyons interview was ho-hum.

Saw the trailer for EOW during the Giants vs Cowbots game ast night :)

Back to watching the Convention....

Anonymous said...

Hillary Wilson ‏@hilwil51

Just met Jake Gyllenhaal - incredibly nice guy and even more incredibly talented actor! #IfThereIsIHaventFoundItYet

37 m ago

Mary said...

Thanks UV I was working so wasnt able to catch the extra clip but like you said i didnt miss much.

I saw Jamie lee on the today show the other day and wondered if she would catch Jakes play imm glad she did

UltraViolet said...

From FB:

just came back from "if there is, I haven't found it yet", the whole cast was pretty good, including Jake Gyllenhaal.
22 minutes ago

Jake will be on Regis and Kelly on Thursday, 9/20. And they are repeating his Letterman appearance on 9/13.

Amateur video reviewof If There Is. Positive for Jake, mostly positive for the play.

And a twitter review of EoW:

"End of Watch" - 3.5 stars (out of 4). Great script and acting. Unique perspective on police life. One of the best movies I've seen all year

Hagen said...

New picture from EoW on Collider.

Anonymous said...

Gary M King ‏@GMKing79

Just saw "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" with Jake Gyllenhaal #rtc_nyc

Chica said...

I had a business lunch near the Roundabout on Wednesday, matinee day and there was a bunch of fans there with stuff for Jake to sign. It was obvious that they were there to wait for him and not see the play.

That happens all the time,I used to do the same. I just hope that some of them decide to see the play like I plan to do.

I'm impressed with the EOW promotion so far, or should I say shocked, LOL!!!

Lyons is a tool but anything that promotes EOW is fine with me.

Anonymous said...

i'll go to see the play a couple weeks later, hope i would get a signing from Jake...finger cross


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying all the reports about the play, fan encounters and EOW.

Kelly has a new co host his name is Michael Strahan. So it's Kelly and Michael (it's hard to get used to that)

I'll have to mark down Sept 20th on my calendar.


Anonymous said...

Annie Olson ‏@annieolson3

ahhh seeing Jake Gyllenhaal #mylifeiscomplete

Anonymous said...

SARAH POTEMPA ‏@sarahpotempa

Just spent the morning with the talented and charming Jake Gyllenhaal and can't wait to see him on stage in NYC this fall!! #lovemyjob

UltraViolet said...

I think that's a stylist who has styled Jake for other projects. I wonder what this job was for.

MonaLisa, I can't wait to hear your report. I hope to go in a few weeks myself!

I don't think I'll ever call it Kelly and Michael, lol. I can't get used to that.

New post.