Sunday, September 9, 2012

TIFFunny Faces

There's a deluge of photos from the red carpet, screening and party for End of Watch at the Toronto International Film Festival We posted a flood of them last night. So for something different today, we'll go for the quirky over quantity.

First up, courtesy of Movies With Dor, pics from last night's Q&A:

From the blog:

I will say that the Q&A was super awkward and annoying - someone asked if they could take a picture with Anna Kendrick, someone later asked the entire cast if they were already preparing their Oscar speeches, etc. C'mon people.

As you can see, the actors remained charming and calm. Me, cringing in my seat, cursing my fellow moviegoers? Not so much.

Looks like America and Anna agree!

More from "I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here!:"

It's futile, Jake!

These last two fit the law enforcement theme of EoW. First up, Jake signing autographs in what looks like a prison situation:

The cast all looking like they are in a police line-up:

Six new clips from End of Watch, courtesy of Trailer Addict. I won't post them all - too many spoilers. But I can't resist this one:

And a video of Jake and company on the red carpet:

More red carpet vids:

Jake talks about getting to know and love LA more:

(B&W photo courtesy of Kooconcept. Crowd photos courtesy of DaintyGirl. Q&A photos courtesy of Movies with Dor.)


UltraViolet said...

A couple of tweets:

Q&A session with the cast and director from last night. Jake is even more perfect in real life.

J. Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena got tased in preps for their cop roles in #endofwatch. #dedicationormadness?

And from the last post, via Hagen:

Emanuel Levy's positive review of EoW (Grade: B): "Shying away remarkably from stereotypes and accepted conventions in depicting cops, Ayer the writer digs deep into their lives, showing in detail their work routine as well as their leisure activities, while socializing with the women in their lives, a new aspect for Ayer and the genre at large."

Monica said...

Jacob Soboroff ‏@jacobsoboroff
Jake Gyllenhaal told me he personally asked L.A. councilman & mayoral candidate @ericgarcetti to play L.A.'s mayor in END OF WATCH. #TIFF12

Hagen said...

Fred Topel's review on Crave Online is pretty positive, too: "I don’t know about a found footage cop movie. End of Watch is a legitimately powerful drama on its own, and I’m used to found footage now so I can tolerate it. Maybe writer/director David Ayer felt guilty about making a third genre movie so found footage was his 'hook.' "

Hagen said...

Clint O'Connor from Cleveland Plain Dealer: "'End of Watch' a must-see for action fans - Director David Ayer ("Street Kings") plants us in the front seat of an LAPD cruiser as the fast-paced horrors of the world woosh by. His film is shot from the perspective of small digital and hand-held video cameras that create not just cinema verite, but cinema very jittery.

In lesser hands, this could have been annoying and over-indulgent, but Ayer makes it all part of the story and it works perfectly for his gritty, fast-paced, seat-of-the-pants crime thumper. The technique does not overwhelm the story, it enhances it, as it should."

Hagen said...

Anna Kendrick ‏@AnnaKendrick47

End of Watch screening was breathtaking; audience response was INTENSE. Congrats to Jake, Michael, David Ayer. I'm proud to be part of it.

Gyllenbabble said...

Thanks for the reviews, Hagen. I posted that wonderful Anna K tweet last night. It's great that she engages on twitter. She answered a tweet from Mermon, a great twitter Jake fan who lurks here, I think. (Waves to Mermon.)

About the post: I find these pictures hilarious. I might go back tot ry to write a caption story for the Q&A ones.

Some tweets:

#TIFF12 And to add to the list - another fan of @DieAntwoord: Jake Gyllenhaal. Nice guy - has a calm kinda presence.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Greg Kinnear and Dennis Quaid sightings (close ones) all

Jake Gyllenhaal + Salted Caramel Macaroons at #TIFF12 = Oh Sweet Heaven! Tx to @GreyGoose @SohoHouse

Jake Gyllenhaal told me he personally asked L.A. councilman & mayoral candidate @ericgarcetti to play L.A.'s mayor in END OF WATCH. #TIFF12

#EndofWatch was superb, always a joy to watch a Gyllenhaal at work! Plus, fab review for Wasteland: Well done chaps.

Go see End Of Watch in theaters when it comes out. It is the best cop movie in the last 20 years. Sooo good

End of Watch was amazing plus the Director showed up for a Q&A session after the movie - so awesome! #tiff

If you ever want a reason not to go to LA, see END OF WATCH

End of Watch was AWESOME. Funny, intense and heartbreaking. #TIFF12

End Of Watch is EPIC bro #TIFF12

Just saw 'End of Watch' at TIFF. Thoroughly impressed.

gregoryellwood ‏@HitFixGregory
Just spoke to Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena and the always charming Anna Kendrick about the fantastic End of Watch.

End of Watch is incredible. Recommend that everyone see it! Wish I could see all the #TIFF12 films. Director Q&A time! #surprise

End of Watch was Really good! Strong character development and Great Action! Surprise Q&A w/the director David Ayres comin up!

Saw best cop movie I've seen in years , END OF WATCH stars jake gyllenhall and Michael pena super intense. Creator of training day. WOW

Rachel said...

Thanks for that great out of the norm photo selection, UV. Some keepers there, especially the b&w lineup shot. :-D

Gyllenbabble said...

Updated the post with a clip of the wedding dance from the movie and a link to more clips. We are definitely getting spoiled this weekend!

Gyllenbabble said...

Thanks, Rachel :) The line-up one kills me.

And in case people don't see it, the first one is funny for Jake's reflection.

Saw best cop movie I've seen in years , END OF WATCH stars jake gyllenhall and Michael pena super intense. Creator of training day. WOW

And this is interesting:

Everyone's very open about Jake + Michael not really clicking in real life..when they play BEST friends on-screen! #TIFF12 #EndofWatch

We've heard that they didn't get along at first; this makes it seem like it went beyond that.

She also says this:

Staring at this carpet while waiting for @jakegyllenhaal. Might as well tweet about it. #TIFF12 #messinwithmymind

But I don't know what red carpet she means or if this is a time-warped tweet.

Anonymous said...

Life is Beautiful
‏@Elgirrl 2m So,this is Jake Gyllenhaal, yest. when he came outside after the play.He was very nice & friendly,shaking hands w/ ppl

Monica said...

WTF this dance?

Gyllenbabble said...

Um, it's just a fun, funny dance. Not sure how else to explain it.

Here's Jake interviewed for No embed code. And not the funny Tribute interviewer we've seen before with Jake.

Tweet to Jake's TIFF stylist:

Congrats @samspector on your styling tricks. Jake looks handsome !!! Xo PG

Daniela said...

UV Hi, hi girls!
Loved the pictures,
How many people, Wow!
And the video, really could not resist lol
kisses for all!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I know that dance.

Not all, but a lot of the same elements from the Apolo/Juliane dance from Dancing with the Stars in 2007. Though A/J performed it to Bust A Move. They did dance to Salt 'n Pepa's Push It but different choreo.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Interview - End of Watch

Anonymous said...

Also re the dance, I spy John Lesher one of the producers in the background, directly behind Jake and Anna, as a wedding guest.

bobbyanna said...

Great shots! Damn. Love the crowds!
Opening weekend is prime in the TIFF line up,too.

OK I watched the clips. All but one. I'll save the "apartment shoot out" for when I see the movie. Loved the wedding dance scene.

Jake and Michael seem to get along OK in these photos. Not BFFs, but I think clearly they've broken thru whatever differences they walked into the project with. They seem friendly, if not friends. I would love to have some audio to go with the series of photos from the Q&A.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the dance info, anon. I'll have to go back to look for John Lesher.

Bobbyanna, it would be great to see Jake and Michael interviewed together. And I'd love to see some video or get audio from the Q&A.

End of Watch (4/5 Stars)- A fun mindless action popcorn flick with incredible dialogue & chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.

Just meet #JakeGyllenhaal my #TIFF2012 is complete

12 days until #EndOfWatch hits theaters! If you like awesome, action-packed, mind-blowingly amazing movies, you should see it

loving jake gyllenhaal's @prada #EndOfWatch premiere look, as styled x soomy&co. / @samspector. #YEA

Q and A with the director of #EndofWatch at #TIFF12. Awesome movie.. All new #respect for what #police go th Q and A with the director of #EndofWatch at #TIFF12. Awesome movie.. All new #respect for what #police go th

End of Watch (4/5 Stars)- A fun mindless action popcorn flick with incredible dialogue & chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.

Great time at #tiff yesterday!! Waited for End Of Watch red carpet for 3 1/2 hrs and was WELL worth it. @AnnaKendrick47 you looked stunning!

End of Watch was a great #TIFF12 pick - J. Gyllenhaal can do no wrong and he's not too bad to look at either :p

Interesting talk with David Ayer and Nigel Sinclair (one of the producers):

How did the international buyers respond?

NS: Jake has an international following and he’s very good at promoting his films. He’s very popular with the buyers. We said this was a post-American cop movie. It transcends genre. It has all the excitement but it has a human story that will translate into other countries.

How did Open Road get involved?

NS: They are a young company and everyone who is there has made a choice to be at a new company. When we screened it there were various bidders at the reception afterwards and Tom Ortenberg stayed there and didn’t leave while the bidding was getting heated. I was impressed by that. Right from the beginning it was clear he wanted this movie. We arranged to bring Jake, David and John Lesher [Pena couldn’t make the meeting] into a meeting with them and from that point forward it has been a very open process. They bring more open-mindedness to get talent involved in the marketing. The campaign is cool.”

bobbyanna said...

Well, who ever is marketing this movie's doing a pretty good job so far. I'd like to think that Jake Gyllenhaal, Executive Producer,(!) had some involvement, some input in the marketing plan. Jake is always willing to sell his movies and do the press junkets. It's nice to see a marketing campaign that supports the actors and the movie.

UltraViolet said...

They are doing a great job, seemingly, with the marketing. Fingers crossed that it pays off.

It was nice to see someone acknowledge Jake's international appeal.

I have to say that it was sad that Jake didn't have an answer for what movie he's doing next at the end of that Tribute interview.

Extra said...

I'm exhausted trying to keep up with all these posts UV, thanks so much , you have been doing a bang up job!

Excited about the response to EOW, and they have been marketing this film well. The crowds in Toronto for Jake have been amazing.

Love the interviews and Jake and Michael seem to be getting on well.

Jake is so busy, I think this is the first time that he has been envolved in 2 things at once, the play and promotoing EOW.

Anonymous said...

"@sfairbai: SPOTTED JAKE GYLLENHAAL QUEEN WEST" his smile made my day

5 m ago

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Conn ‏@CherylMurph
I can officially die a happy girl as tonight I saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Terrionis #iminlove #biggestcrushever

17 m ago

Mary said...

Those pics are really funny thanks for posting.

See hes back to one of his favorite CZ.

UltraViolet said...

Some new red carpet video added to the end of the post.

Cool photo:

TIFF PICS: Incredible view of the Toronto skyline from @THR's party on the roof of the Thompson Hotel

More tweets:


I legit was standing five cm away from Jake Gyllenhaal today. We made eye contact and he gave me a very confused expression.

absolutely LOVED End of Watch. its an instantly classic cop movie. #TIFF12

#EndofWatch proves how great the underrated #MichaelPena is. Gyllenhaal is damn good too. Not a fan of the found footage approach though.

I have to say, watching Jake Gyllenhaal & Anna Kendrick rap along to Cam'Ron's "Hey Ma" kinda made my whole week. #sup #endofwatch

Terroni again, LOL. Who would have predicted that?!

UltraViolet said...

Aww, what a good friend:

Adam Levine ‏@adamlevine
Everyone make sure they go and see #endofwatch. It's one of the most real, raw, emotional, and amazing movies I've ever seen.

Michael Pena talks about forging a friendship with Jake.

Anonymous said...

Adam Levine I love you!!!

UV you are great! thank you for all this amazing job!!!! :)

Chica said...

The b&w police line up photo is my fav, LOL!!

Great job of updating the blog UV, kudos for keeping p with the rapid-fire news coming from TIFF! We are getting spoiled with all the Jake goodies coming our way.

I'm anxious about the BO for EOW,would love for to open at #1, the buzz has been awesome.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Definitely a police line up photo.

Looking forward to more reviews & interviews.
So far Rotten Tomatoes posted five critics' reviews, and gave EoW an 80%. But 96% of their posters (about 3,000+) are looking forward to seeing it.

bobbyanna said...

Another day of TIFF press begins:
From Twitter:

MSNca Entertainment‏@MSNca_Entertain

Just to confirm: yes, Jake Gyllenhaal is very pretty.

13m Fred Topel‏@FredTopel

Bearded Jake Gyllenhaal walking through the hall of the Intercontinental. #endofwatch #tiff12 #gyllenholic

13m Tara Henley‏@TaraRHenley

Side note: Jake Gyllenhaal loved all the new food he got to try while filming on location in South Central L.A. Foodie in me was pro

Anonymous said...

Emma Katic ‏@safeword_apples

I met #JakeGyllenhaal last Friday...asdfghjkl I'm still giggling. Marry me, Jake, please.

Anonymous said...

Gillian F ‏@gillsaurus

Just jake gyllenhaal walking by. While I freak out inside.

UltraViolet said...

Added a couple more videos to the end of the post, including one in which Jake says that making the movie helped him to know and love LA more, a place he grew up in and thought he knew.

Thanks, anon 3:40. I'm trying :)

Bobbyanna, glad to know we got the confirmation on Jake's looks :)

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Yes, UV and from MSNca. Entertainment no less! Very credible. : )

I'm remembering what my ex-hubby's grandma once said about a famous local newscaster she saw in person:
"He looks just like himself!"

And he does: ) I have to say. He can grow a beard, let his hair grow, wear horrible, shapeless, baggy clothes. Baseball cap, sunglasses, etc. Or not. Whatever. It doesn't matter.
He is a true beauty. Could look at him all day long.

Anonymous said...

Janet Nepales ‏@jrnepales

Jake Gyllenhaal was eloquent and intelligent today as he answered questions for his latest movie END OF WATCH...

UltraViolet said...

Good lead-in for the new post. Gathered the videos and added some pics.