Friday, August 31, 2012

Full carnal knowledge

That got your attention :) Watch the clip below and it will make sense.

MTV interviewed Michael Pena for End of Watch, focusing on the work Jake Gyllenhaal and he did to portray a convincing partnership.

MTV: How did you and Jake build a strong relationship on set?

Michael Peña: David Ayer was really adamant about us spending time together and talking about the characters and what we want to do and plan it out. He has an older sister, and I have an older brother. We just remembered how they'd fight and bicker. I was like, "I remember that totally," and he says, "But you still love the person." In a way, we just kept talking about it and designing how we were with our siblings. We were getting to know each other, but at the same time designing the friendship and the brotherhood. At the end of the day, you have to believe these guys are real partners, and they spend a lot of time together and they have each other's backs. Instead of saying that, showing that is what's really exciting about the script. When you have the action sequences, it really pays off. You're like, "I really don't want these guys to get hurt. I don't want one of them to get hurt."

Love this German teaser. You "get it" even without speaking German:

The first good video I've seen of Jake leaving the theater after "If There Is..."

The poster traveled from Rio to visit NY and to see the play. You can read his story here. Well, Monica and Paula C can read it. The rest of us have to google translate :)


UltraViolet said...

Some IF tweets:

Scruffy Jake Gyllenhaal is gorgeous in person. English accent needs practice, but I forgive him so hard.

Very much liked Jake Gyllenhaal's perf. in previews on W.46th St; he's a natural stage performer--see him-- a good ( but not great) play.

I still can’t believe I got to meet Jake. He’s been one of my favorite actors for years, and this performance just strengthened that.

@HIPTIX @RTC_NYC Really enjoyed If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. Brilliant cast & clever set design. #dysfunctionalfamilyatitsbest

And another EoW review:

ust Saw this movie at a Press Screening, with a Q&A after with Michael Pena & Natalie Martinez! One of the best movies I seen this year! VERY BRUTAL (Don't take the kids)! But very well worth it!!!!

Jake arriving AT Letterman. I don't know when we started saying "arrive to" in English...

Sorry, pet peeve.

Paula C. said...

Full carnal knowledge just sounds so good coming from Jake's mouth :)

Nice trailer!

UV, thanks for posting that fan video, he was lucky!
I don't have time to translate everything, maybe Monica will, but in resume the guy was going to arrive in the morning of the 29 of August to NY, and a couple of days earlier he saw on tv that Jake was debuting a play and the previews were open to public, so he decided to check the site of the theater and realized there were still tickets available,but only in the back seats, the best seats for the previews and opening night and the days after were all sold out, except one seat in the first raw available for the 29 of August for 14.p.m
The guy hesitated whether he should by the ticket or not because if the flight was delayed he would lose the ticket and the money, but he decided to take a chance and bought the ticket, luckily everything went well and on the day he arrived to NY he saw the play sitting right in front of Jake. He then decide to wait outside for Jake but Jake had to be on stage that same night so he did not leave the theater.
The fan then decided to wait for him outside the theater that same night and was surprise to see he was the only one with a iPad to record the encounter, after the play Jake come outside to greet the fans and the fan asked another guy to hold the camera and start shooting, then Jake approached him and he said to Jake he came from Rio that same day to watch the play and asked Jake if he ever went to Rio, Jake said no and the guy said to him he should visit Rio, that the city was like him , cool and positive.

I´m sorry in advance if someone didn't understand my translation!

UV,It's getting really close, i'm tired of being pregnant, these days i wish my belly had a zipper!! I have a feeling maybe at the end of next week I'll have my daughter.

bobbyanna said...

"Full carnal knowledge just sounds so good coming from Jake's mouth :)"
Oh, Paula!! LOL!You are SO right! I have to wonder whether that conversation was improv. : )

Perfect headline for this post,UV.

That's a sweet story from the fan from Rio!

bobbyanna said...

Meant to add that Paula C. I am wishing you all the very best, I know this is the time of great impatience!

Mary said...

Love the title but I couldnt see the video didnt work for me.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Paula, thanks so much for the translation. Much better and nicer than Google! Jake did seem to say "No way!" when he heard the guy was from Rio, but it's hard to see if he's actually understanding the guy, lol.

The stranger who took the video did get a little jumpy, as the guy says. But it's the only video we've seen so far, so good on them both.

Full carnal knowledge just sounds so good coming from Jake's mouth

There are too many puns to make here... ;)

From FB:

Yep. Def just walked past jake gyllenhaal. Look all...normal n shit. Le sigh.
22 minutes ago

Uhm Jake Gyllenhall just walked in — at Cafe Minerva.
about an hour ago

UltraViolet said...

Mary, you can try it directly on MTV's site here. I hope it works for you.

Paula C. said...

UV, he did understand when the guy said he came all the way from Rio to see him and I love Jake's reaction " no way".

Bobbyanna thank you for your wishes.

Just want to add that one of my dreams is going to Rio some day, that city must be a masterpiece of nature.

Daniela said...

UV, loved the video of the Brazilian, I also did not need a translator lol.
He told the story right, Hopefully the way he invited him, so tenderly, Jake feel comfortable in visiting us at least in Rio, I will'll feel closer to him

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the guy from Rio got to talk to Jake and told him he has to visit Rio. Was it a bodyguard or security that told the guy to move it along (was there a problem with his camera when the photo was taken?)


UltraViolet said...

Added a new fan photo from the play. A couple of tweets from today:
Spoilers in this thread about the play:

This original poster is very critical of the play and the acoustics but calls Jake a standout:

Another woeful Laura Pels experience (on the heels of COMMON PURSUIT) We look forward to the return of actors who can get the words across, clearly and distinctly. Did they have to keep this Nick Payne play in its English setting? What does that add? The actors struggle with bizarre accents (and the two females fortunately lose theirs from time to time to this listener's delight). Add to this problem that O'Byrne's character stutters a lot and Gyllenhaal is forced to do a drunk scene, as well as appear in other drugged states.

Most ridiculous set - the actors toss the furniture, for no apparent reason, into a stage-front trough filled with water - the inevitable splashing requires that the front center row of seats at the Pels is taped off. We sat in front row side: didn't get splashed and had much much trouble understanding what they (especially Gyllenhaal and Michelle Gomez)were saying. Again I ask - (as I did for the awful BULLET/ADOLF piece) don't directors think the actors should speak more slowly - and louder - when they are trying to speak English with strong foreign accents?)

Despite some papering (yes!), there were plenty of empty seats (I would estimate about 100). The 20 or so folks on the General Admission Line were seated in prime orchestra down front locations (except for that taped off front row).

If the piece is intended mostly as an acting exercise, then so be it. The cast is excellent, with Gyllenhaal the standout - bringing life and energy onstage. But, the author has several themes - the prime one expressed by O'Byrne's character...something about whether the earth is worth preserving if people are unwilling to change.

Also - there must be some theme involving water - there's a rain curtain at show start, the water trough mentioned above, a bathtub scene followed by a stage filled with water (quite an achievement) and a scene at the end on a cliff overlooking the sea. All that nurturing water for a play as dry as sandpaper!

Altogether - a dismal hodgepodge...just this side of awful!

A couple of responses:

Michelle Gomez was born in Scotland and raised in England, so I'm not quite sure how you can say she "lost" her accent when she's speaking with her own natural voice?

For the record, I loved it, and I thought the dialect work was spectacular across the board, particularly from Gyllenhaal.

When you say the "stage is filled with water," can you describe it? On Sunday the bathtub spilled and water ran down to the trough, and as the cliffside scene started a layer of mist rose from the water and spread on the stage floor, but (except for the girl in the bathtub obviously) there were no wet actors or water-filled stage...I'd love to know the full effect we missed.

I don't think it's very good, but I'd say despite the stylistic playfulness it's a conventional play with tidy lessons.

I had no problem hearing or understanding anyone from much farther back.

I imagine there's some sort of thematic connection to Hurricane Katrina and its flooding, as mentioned by one character in the opening scene of the play.

The imagery of the stage flooding was quite striking, but overall the play left me quite unaffected, despite excellent performances.

Some tweets today:

Seen jake gyllenhaal today at my job...real cool dude
2:15 PM - 31 Aug 12

Creepin' on Jake Gyllenhaal in the city right now! #StarStuck
3:05 PM - 31 Aug 12

UltraViolet said...

Daniela, I didn't see your reply. And I didn't mean to leave you out of the needs-no-translation club! How nice would it be for Jake to go to Rio!

Lily, I think the camera operator just wasn't used to using the iPad and probably got a little flustered.

UltraViolet said...

Here are a few tweets from tonight's playgoers:

From one tweeter:

Oh ya know, just hanging out waiting to go backstage with Bobby Carnavale and @HollyWanaCraker


Lucky woman! It's cool that Bobby Canavale went to the play. That's a whole lot of hotness in one room.


Just met jake gyllenhaal. You can say I had an amazing day.

I KNOW! He's in a play in the city. You can meet him too haha

my laziness is kicking in lol. I can try. I'm only good at meeting 1D. was he nice!? I;m so happy for you!!

aw you're too funny. Yes he was very nice. He took the photo on my phone of us and it came out really blurry. Oh well

This series is hilarious:



I can't even I wasn't letting him leave without getting a photo I legit cut everyone off like K HI JAKE HEY PICTURE OK AND HE WAS SO NICE



And hopefully we'll get some details:

Ongomgomgognhsskhsd I'm at the same restaurant as kayne and Kim AND jake gyllenhaal!!!!!!! Freaking out
9:58 PM - 31 Aug 12

Monica said...

lucky fans. I enjoyed all these stories.
Good to know he is being praised for his performance in If There.

UltraViolet said...

Leaving the theater, still can't get over the intensity and beauty of the show. Having Jake Gyllenhal 20 ft away for 2 hrs wasn't bad ei ...
9:22 PM - 31 Aug 12

Anothr All That Chat post:

I agree. The accent work is very, very good. Mr Gyllenhaal's London accent is one of the very best I've heard on any American stage, film or TV production. I lived in London for a few years and it is painful to hear the London accent mangled by actors over here and it has always puzzled me why it is so often bad. Yet, many American actors can do very good Standard British. Go figure.

In my opinion, the play and all the performances were excellent. However, I can see why the play may not be to everyone's taste. Whatever floats, or sinks, your boat I suppose.

Cute photo of Annie backstage, from the Bobby Cannavale tweeter.

More tweets:

saw Jake Gyllenhaal and Snoop Dog tonight on the streets of NYC #funtimes
10:05 PM - 31 Aug 12

just met jake gyllenhall had a beer with him super cool dude have a great wknd
11:24 PM - 31 Aug 12

Hagen said...

Variety about "An Enemy": But for Villeneuve's follow-up to "Incendies" he is venturing into new territory. After a decade of French-language filmmaking in Quebec, the director is taking on the English language, with two major projects on his plate.

The first is "An Enemy," an adaptation of Jose Saramago's novel "The Double." The film -- a Canadian-Spanish co-production starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Melanie Laurent -- was shot in Toronto this past summer. "It's my most personal project," Villeneuve says. "We are editing right now and it's going to be finished for 2013."

In the midst of editing "Enemy," the director is also prepping his first wholly American production, "Prisoners." Set to start shooting in Atlanta in January, the film has Hugh Jackman attached to star in the lead role of a small-town carpenter whose young daughter and best friend are kidnapped."Both are not easy films," Villeneuve says of "Enemy" and "Prisoners. "I'm taking a lot of risks."

Chica said...

Well that blurb certaily got MY attention UV :)

Love the Pena interview. I really hope that he and Jake are able to do some promo together for EOW but it may be difficult with the play.

A really interesting mix of reviews, can' wait to see it in a few weeks, looks like it will be 1/2 price at TKTS.

bobbyanna said...

OK. (deep breath) Yesterday afternoon I flew into LGA, and last night I spent two hours with Jake!!!!!!!!!!!
My daughter treated. I was absolutely delighted!

I worried that I wouldn't be able to deal with his accent, but after the first two minutes, he was so in character, I hardly noticed at all. He was perfect.

The stage is open, no curtain except it's raining, and the props are all piled in the center sort of. All the actors set up the scenes, but it's very quick and fluid, and doesn't hurt the pacing.

There's this sort of ditch surrounding the stage like a moat, and it's about one third full of water.

After a very critical scene in the play, water spills all over the stage and runs down into the moat, almost filling it. This happens in the last 3rd of the play and the actors involved in the scenes do slosh around a little.

The acting is really incredible. All of them do an amazing job. Not a weak link. Personally I felt like the mother's role was somewhat underwritten, but as the play progressed she seemed stronger.

The dialogue was very well written, and the young teenager, Annie, and Jake have wonderful chemistry.

Jake does nuance very well. I was curious to see how his acting style "translated" to stage since he's done so much film work, where less is more. Well, he was just perfect.

Jake's lines are laced with F-bombs. He has excellent comic timing, and the audience was very responsive to the humor.

So much of the pacing and the effectiveness of the play depends on him, and he is just amazing! His character also loses his temper a time or two and he handled that just right.

Even my daughter, who is not a Jake fan in the strict sense... : ) said she had tremendous respect for him as an actor after seeing this.

He was flawless. Truthfully, all of them were. It's a very strong cast. Brian O' Byrne and Jake's scenes together were very well done.

I think maybe there were two times in the play that he and Michele Gomez, and he and Annie broke character, trying not to smile or laugh, but it was an absolutely smooth performance from all of them.

The audience applauded very enthusiastically, at the end, and they took several bows. Jake looked very happy.

One thing. Jake's jeans were extremely baggy. He had to keep pulling them up, and I was worried (!) they'd slip off.

No, really. : )

When we left, there were a lot of people outside the theatre, and Jake and the rest of them came out and signed, and took photos with fans.

We stood back, off to the side, and just took it all in. He looked great. Had this long-sleeved, greyish blue shirt on with his baseball cap, and eventually was sort of escorted away.

Didn't notice Bobby Carnavale at first, until I overheard him say something to someone. I recognized the voice! LOL! As we were leaving I finally realized who he was. He's pretty tall in person, too.

Honestly, seeing Jake in person is very "addictive." He looks wonderful. His beard isn't as full as I have seen it in photos at other times, but it is full enough...

I was struck by the fact that his longish hair seemed to curl up a little under th baseball cap. OK. That's all I can remember for now. : )

Daughter wants to go to breakfast then we are off to BK to hang out. I would love to just hang around the theatre and observe and see the play again, but I have to act like a grown-up.: (

I'm leaving Sunday. Already trying to think of a way to sneak back to NYC sometime in the Fall...

Monica said...

Awww Bob, I'm so happy to know that you watched!
Very nice to wake up and read that you were there. And good to know you had fun.

Paula C. said...

Bobbyanna, I'm so happy for you ( and a little jealous)!

Your description of the whole experience is amazing and we all understand just how addictive Jake can be.

Enjoy the rest of your days in NY with your daughter, try to drink a lot of coffee, maybe you will run into Jake again.

Chica said...

I'm so happy you got to see the play Bobbyanna, thanks s o much for you review!

Too bad you are leaving tomorrow,I wpuld love to get together with you. Maybe we can if you manage to to come back to NY in the Fall:)

I plan on seeing it in a few weeks.

Thanks so much for your translation Paula C, I love reading about fan encounters with Jake.

And next week you may be a brand new mommy, i'm so thrilled for you!

UltraViolet said...

Woo hoo, Bobbyanna. Thanks for the great report! I also wish I could have joined you and your daughter. I think my favorite part might be that she now has genuine respect for Jake as an actor. That's pretty cool.

Bobby C is going to be on Broadway soon, I think.

You should have gone to the Blue Bottle this morning!

so jake gyllenhaal was just getting coffee in front of me @ blue bottle thank god 4 slow drip! ummm, wow
10:42 AM - 1 Sep 12

Anonymous said...

John Gregg ‏@JohnGregg2

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal he walked right by me

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

You are so lucky that you got to see Jake on stage Bobbyanna, you have a fantastic daughter!

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the play and your review. I would love to see it and i'm trying to make it happen.

Thanks so much for posting the clip of Michael Pena UV. Sounds like it was real intense filming the movie, can't wait untill it opens on the 21st.

Count down time Paula, i'll be thinking of you. Best wishes to you.

Mary said...

I'm so happy for u Bobbyanna and a little jealous too.My son is in NY this weekend for a wedding wish I could of gone with him

Anonymous said...

Kaitlin ‏@kgeo413

Celeb sighting. Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Yes I'm the creep sneaking photos.
Kaitlin ‏@kgeo413

The love of my life Jake Gyllenhal is at the same restaurant as me in NYC. I'm dying.

Anonymous said...

Sam Preston ‏@spampreston

Dinner with Jake Gyllenhal! @kateisraelski @mari_saurus

Anonymous said...

Sebastian T.G ‏@setagu

Totally met jake gyllenhaal today and died inside, spoke To us and talked to emili lol she's starstruck, so sexy..he was so nice! Pics on fb

Sebastian T.G ‏@setagu

Signing stuff for us ;D jake gyllenhaal

Anonymous said...

Sebastian T.G Sebastian T.G ‏@setagu

Jake gyllenhaal