Friday, September 7, 2012

Police, women

This featurette for End of Watch focuses on the women of the movie: Anna Kendrick and Natalie Martinez, who play the love interests for Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena, and America Ferrara, who plays a police officer in the film.

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Some photos from the play and the screening on 9/7:

So, yeah, Jake Gyllenhaal and I were in line getting lunch and we starting chatting and he tells his bodyguard, "She's cool." So, I guess I must be cool cause Jake said so.....swoon


bobbyanna said...

UV, this is such a great clip! I love seeing a glimpse of their relationships with the women characters. I'm really, really looking forward to this movie so much!

I've seen nothing so far that makes me anxious,and I have to admit, when I first heard Jake was making a cop movie with David Ayer I was skeptical.

But no more. I think this movie is going to be very successful, and it looks like it's very well done.

I'm wondering if the critics who complain about the "found footage" aspect ever saw the movie, bcz I distinctly remember Ayer saying he used several different shooting techniques and that was only one of them.

bobbyanna said...

Just wanted to add that Jake looks very appealing in those wedding photos. : )

Monica said...

EXCLUSIVE: End of Watch TV Spot

UltraViolet said...

Already added that, Monica :) Thanks

I was wary, too, Bobbyanna. But it feels like it's going to be okay. The reaction continues to be really positive. I'm eager to see what the TIFF-goes think tomorrow.

From twitter, looks like Jake was at the Shake Shack today:

I mean, I just helped Jake Gyllenhaal at work. #nbd
6:09 PM - 7 Sep 12

She works at someplace making beverages.

Jake Gyllenhaal was at Shake Shack today...and I wasn't. Probably for the best though, my groupie status would've been on 100
6:20 PM - 7 Sep 12

That amazing moment when you lock eyes with Jake Gyllenhaal #HOLYSHIT

new york ohmygod I'm dead.

like the one time I don't have my phone in my hands haha! But I Will next one I see ;)

Added a nice gif to the post, as well :)

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

My phone has been dead so I totally forgot to say, Jake Gyllenhaal was at Live With Kelly & Michael pre-taping an interview today! #sohot
7:41 PM - 7 Sep 12

I wondered why Jake would want to be doing that on the day the play opens, so this makes sense.

Also, Jake at the Shake Shack:

LUCKY U:("@Saration_ saw Jake Gyllenhaal in ShakeShack today!! Woohoo!! #shake_shack#NY#Jake #Gyllenhaal @ Shake Shack

You can see the bicep tattoo :)

bobbyanna said...

Damn he's sexy in these EoW pics! That Shake Shack photo, his hair looks shorter. Lookin' very good, JBG!

I've got my fingers crossed for TIFF!

Anonymous said...

Angela Papaioannou ‏@angepapa
Jake Gyllenhaal at End Of Watch screeningšŸ˜ movie was awesome

11:01 PM

UltraViolet said...

From FB, about EoW:

What a great movie. Thanks to the movie producers for allowing LAPD officers a sneak preview. Well worth your time.

I can't wait to see the special screening tonight in NYC and too meet Jake Gyllenhall.

I wonder if Jake made the screening after or before the play, or if he didn't go.

From someone who went to the play tonight:

Jake Gyllenhaal is the real deal, y'all.
about an hour ago via mobile ·

It's good, eh?


He touched me.

I'm obsessed with him. He is my one and only celebrity crush.

Hope the original poster comes back with some details.

UltraViolet said...

I guess he did go!

UltraViolet said...

Guess who met Jake Gyllenhaal today? THIS GIRL! asdfghjkl he's so dreamy *O*
10:35 PM - 7 Sep 12

If you want a sneak peek of Jake on Kelly:

Torture sent to me by my parents

Her parents were at the taping and taunting her, lol.

Here's Jake leaving the theater tonight:

UltraViolet said...

Just saw "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" @rtc_nyc. Very powerful. I highly recommend it! #lovemesomejake
8:44 PM - 7 Sep 12

awesome to see jake gyllenhaal in @rtc_nyc play tonight
11:29 PM - 7 Sep 12

amazing #ifthereisihaventfoundityet
11:41 PM - 7 Sep 12

This cracked me up:

END OF WATCH is premiering at TIFF tomorrow and chur girl will be there!

JAKEY, i’ll be the one in the wedding dress.

Another EoW review:

Just saw End of Watch early screening, and it was so good. It did everything a movie should do: make you laugh, cry, and grab hold of you.

The first negative reactions. First up,

“End of Watch,” if you compare it to an average episode of, say, “Criminal Minds,” is pretty good. You don’t have tears in your eyes by the big, blood-soaked ending, you don’t have feelings. I’m simply unsure of what this movie’s point is. I’d like to say it’s a genuine slice-of-life drama, but then why the forced antagonists? Why a bad guy almost as laugh-inducing as Bane? If cop stories are your thing, you may find some extra merit in this film based on an interest in the subject matter. Others may simply be anticipating the “End of Watch.”

Grade: C

And another:

End of Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael PeƱa star as two tough South Central Los Angeles cops in End of Watch, always finding drug rings to bust and looking for opportunities to fire their guns or get into a fight, all under the watchful gaze of their personal cameras. Despite the solid performances and a mildly effective twist right after the big finale, this is a plotless exercise in found footage filmmaking that is loosely held together by action movie clichĆ©s. The film is punctuated by video game style set pieces that range from confusing to just plain unpleasant, providing plenty of graphic brutality seemingly just for the sake of it. The conceit of it all being filmed by the characters only adds to the confusion, as director David Ayer often forgets the gimmick and shows us things from an unexplained second camera. The lovely Anna Kendrick provides some much needed scenes of levity in a supporting role, but her moments on screen are unfortunately few and far between. There will be some people who enjoy End of Watch and all the actors do the best they can with the material, but the film just didn’t really work for me.

This is what I was expecting. I hope other critics go back to surprising me.

UltraViolet said...

I am loath to mention Taylor Swift, but this video has some footage of Jake outside the theater, including an adorable moment with a little old lady. There's also some nice footage of him at the beginning, without just some nice scruff.

Also, Taylor sang a song on the Stand Up To Cancer Benefit tonight, about a young boy who had neuroblastoma. The boy's mother wrote about Jake's coming to Sloan Kettering to visit the kids a few years back. Sadly, her son died. The song is very poignant.

First EoW review on Rotten Tomatoes said...


“End of Watch” is not the formulaic fare that you’ll find on the endless episodes of “Law and Order,” but an intense tale that gives us in the audience some insight into why people literally on the firing line can barely sit still to enjoy moments of meditation. The two partners are like Jeremy Renner’s character, Sgt. William James, in Kathryn Bigelow’s movie “The Hurt Locker,” a guy who comes back from Iraq, looks at eighty brands of cereal lined up in the local supermarket, and decides to reenlist.

Hagen said...

Another negative review of EoW: "TIFF 2012: ‘End of Watch’ never rises above the call of duty"

Hagen said...

Cinema Scope doesn't like the movie either: "That End of Watch blows open essential assumptions about the operations of cinematic narration speaks more to its depthless tedium than its aspirations to anything like complexity. Rote in its skittish action sequences, buddy-cop camaraderie, and predictable plotting, not even its stupidity is profound."

Hagen said...

And yet another negative review on Toronoto Film Scene.

Chica said...

I love the gif UV, they do look good together! The reviews are going to be mixed for EOW, but most people don't pay too much attention to reviews when deciding to see films nowadays.

I saw that too UV, I was so sad to hear that the boy Jake visted at Sloane passed away:(

Hagen said...

A mixed review from MSN Entertainment (3 out of 5 stars): "But PeƱa's scenes with his wife, Natalie Martinez, and Gyllenhall's with his girl Anna Kendrick, have warm and relatable moments. And Gyllenhall and PeƱa have chemistry together and charisma individually. "End of Watch," with its style and sleaze and action and suspense, will leave you with a great sense of how Ayer feels about L.A.'s truest, blue-st cops; its directorial energy and very suggest that if Ayer weren't interested in that one color, and offered some different shades to the viewer, he could have given the audience a story and a movie instead of just well-intentioned and extremely engaging manipulation and myth-making."

bobbyanna said...

You know, that Cinema Scope review trashing EoW is a perfect example IMO, of somone who is infatuated with their inflated position of "critic" and uses their questionable writing skills, really delights in using them to trash and destroy.

I understand a critic not liking a movie, or not liking a genre, or an actor or a director. But to engage in such an orgy of condemnation is pretty ridiculous.

It's overkill and makes me wonder what their problem really is. That bullying style certainly wouldn't persuade me of anything.

Looking forward to more balanced reviews in the days to come. The Cinema Scope reviewer show a complete lack of respect for the filmmakers. And I bet he probably had maybe three film classes to become such an expert.

UltraViolet said...

I'm perfectly happy for Jake to have a box office hit that isn't a critical one. I hope it can be a bit of both, but as I said, I've been expecting these reviews.

Not a rave, but overall positive for jake and the movie from the Hollywood Reporter:

Macho swagger is justified by some adrenaline-producing encounters in cops vs. cartels drama.

The voiceover with which he opens End of Watch starts off street-tough, then pivots: "beyond my badge is a heart like yours," he says, continuing to speak of his inner yearnings. David Sardy's score turns melodramatic alongside him, sounding like ironic commentary on this self-aggrandizement, but eventually it's clear Ayer's film buys what Taylor's selling. Viewers may too, as Gyllenhaal thoroughly inhabits this problematic personality.

Even better, Karen Wolek liked the play:

Stunning Roundabout production of 'If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet' with wonderful Jake Gyllenhaal @ Laura Pels theatre. Very powerful!

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I do enjoy a good rant and that's a complete takedown. I can't dismiss it entirely, since I don't know the author's prejudices. But The Film Stage apparently didn't like it, and that's no surprise, since they've been telegraphing their assumptions for weeks.

These folks loved it:

The conversations between the two stars come across so rapidly, it’s conceivable that some of them are improvised. The action scenes are riveting, the ensemble spot-on (including the look at Officer Orozco played by America Ferrera), and the whole project an ideal one for the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.

I have wondered if this is festival fare, especially with the gushing reviews for more arthouse films like The Place Beyond the Pines and The Master. But there should be a place for everything, I guess.

Hagen said...

Positive review from Variety: "Like a knife in the eye, "End of Watch" cuts past the cliches of standard police procedurals, serving instead as a visceral ride-along with two thrill-seeking cops (Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena, both terrific) covertly documenting their beat in South Central L.A. Faux-found-footage approach already feels a little dated, but amplifies the authenticity in what feels like a cross between "Cops" and first-person shooter-style vidgames. Sincerely dedicated "for all that fight evil so we may not know it," David Ayer's moving tribute to the men in blue should earn its share of green once word of mouth kicks in."

UltraViolet said...

Yay, a rave from Variety:

Like a knife in the eye, "End of Watch" cuts past the cliches of standard police procedurals, serving instead as a visceral ride-along with two thrill-seeking cops (Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena, both terrific) covertly documenting their beat in South Central L.A. Faux-found-footage approach already feels a little dated, but amplifies the authenticity in what feels like a cross between "Cops" and first-person shooter-style vidgames. Sincerely dedicated "for all that fight evil so we may not know it," David Ayer's moving tribute to the men in blue should earn its share of green once word of mouth kicks in. ...

With an ear for the vernacular and an eye for intense but unglamorized violence, Ayer depicts the way well-trained professionals boiling over with both adrenaline and ego respond to potentially life-threatening situations, incorporating footage from other cameras, including chilling "top-secret" surveillance video and clips pulled from an iPhone-documented drive-by. Ultimately, the mock-doc device works because Gyllenhaal and Pena so completely reinvent themselves in-character. Instead of wearing the roles like costumes or uniforms, they let the job seep into their skin, a feat without which "End of Watch's" pseudo-reality never would have worked.

Tweety said...

I also wondered if EOW was the right type of film to be at TFF UV. The good news is that it will get a lot of publicity and hopefully good buzz.

I have no problem if EOW gets mixed reviews but is a BO hit, Dredd is the only real competition for the EOW audience and i don't expect that movie to get stellar reviews.

Love these new clips of the women of EOW!

Jake at a screening of EOW in NY. From the look on his face he looks pleased!:

Hagen said...

Pretty positive review from Screen Daily: "With his screenplay for the Denzel Washington Oscar-winner Training Day and his subsequent features Harsh Times and Street Kings, writer-director David Ayer has meticulously chronicled the dangerous, ethically slippery world of the Los Angeles Police Department. His new film, End Of Watch, doesn’t break much new ground on the subject, but it’s nonetheless an intensely rendered and acted drama."

Dredd is the only real competition for the EOW audience and i don't expect that movie to get stellar reviews.

Surprisingly Dredd has a 100 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (from 28 reviews).

bobbyanna said...

I don't have any problem with mixed reviews either tweety, UV, etc, but I do find a few of them to be very negative, unnecessarily vicious jerks.

Really surprised and happy to see Variety's review. When I was @ TIFF years ago, Variety was passed out every single day to all the "delegates" at the festival.
Would love to be TO this weekend!

Hagen said...

So far the rating of EoW on is pretty decent: 7.3 (from 513 users)

Hagen said...

Screening Room about EoW (Grade: D): "It’s too bad Jafar Panahi has already taken “This is Not a Film” as a title, for this is the most succinct way to describe David Ayer’s End of Watch. But while Panahi’s film lived up to this subversive title, creating statement against the Iranian government, Ayer simply lacked vision for his found-footage mash-up. And perhaps an editor, too."

So far smaller blogs tend to dislike EoW whereas bigger sites such as Variety, Hollywood Reporter and Screen Daily feel more positive about the movie.

Hagen said...

The Film Stage on EoW: "Ayer tackles many familiar themes in Watch, such as a code of honor – handled surprisingly well in an opening scene voiceover from Gyllenhaal. While trite, he pulls of an earnest portrayal of family life as Pena deals with a baby on the way and Gyllenhaal finally finds a relationship he can invest in with Anna Kendrick, delightful as always in an small role. Unfortunately the dismal technical execution provides a new low for the handheld aesthetic, collapsing the potential for Ayer’s first worthwhile entry into the crime genre he clearly adores."

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Tweety!

I hate to harp, but that Film Stage writer has had a negative comment about EoW every time he has mentioned it for months. The Screening Room review? Ouch. Funny but brutal.

It's probably better for the movie if the big names like it, so that's good. David Ehrlich was also not a fan, though:

END OF WATCH: moves well but fatally lacks conviction in its found-footage conceit, compensates with *insanely* problematic representations.

Anonymous said...

Another major autumn release also premieres at Toronto over the opening weekend. "End of Watch" is a cop buddy movie, but simply naming the genre is unfair to it. It's more about a relationship between two men doing an impossible job. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael PeƱa give two of their best performances in careers with lots of them, as Taylor and Zavala, Los Angeles street cops in a tough, largely Mexican-American district.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the EOW stuff and Jake tweet pics. Wasn't Jake supposed to be at TIFF?

I plan to see EOW (since I can at least do that since I can't get to see the play :(


UltraViolet said...

I love it that Roger Ebert likes the movie. Someone also posted that yesterday. Very cool.

Lily, one assumes Jake is leaving after the play for Toronto. The premiere is at 9:45, so on a normal day, no problem. There is bad weather in NY today, though. There was even a tornado. So it will be tight, if he does make it.

Oh, Jake must be so jealous:

9/7/12: Actor and Southside native Michael Pena throws out the first pitch before a White Sox game and talks about his new movie

From playgoers today:

Just saw the rather under-developed "if there is I haven't found it yet" with Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal was amazing!! @ Laura Pels Theatre

Added a couple of photos from today and last night.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake took some time with the fans - I was afraid he'd jump right into a car for the airport!

A cute one:

My name is Jake Gyllenhaal and I'm a good actor! @ Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre

Great show! Difficult drama, but well acted and interesting set. :) @ Laura Pels Theatre

The staff laughing at the press of the crowd around Jake Gyllenhaal post- show. :) @ Laura Pels Theatre

Anonymous said...

Billy Jolie ‏@billyjolie

OMFG! It happened... I met #JakeGyllenhaal

UltraViolet said...

Waiting for Jake... My heart is beating so fast, hands shaking... I really crazy!

OMFG! It happened... I met #JakeGyllenhaal

A TIFF viewer:

#EndOfWatch was fantastic. Gyllenhaal and Pena give phenomenal performances. #TIFF12
4:53 PM - 8 Sep 12

This is a cool story - added the photo, too:

So, yeah, Jake Gyllenhaal and I were in line getting lunch and we starting chatting and he tells his bodyguard, "She's cool." So, I guess I must be cool cause Jake said so.....swoon

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm in Ireland can't see the women featurette vid are there any other links?


Anonymous said...

Adeline Tan ‏@itsmeAddieT
The amazing cast of @SilenceTheMusical was at Jake Gyllenhaal's play today!! :) great that they get the day off to see a show together.

11 m ago

UltraViolet said...


Alex Billington ‏@firstshowing
End of Watch - Found footage meets badass cop flick. Fuck that was INTENSE. Don't like Ayer's past work, but this is his BEST hands down.

From twitter:

Look who I met today ..his play was awesome and he was very nice to meet all the fans who waited. If in NYC see it

And this series:

Hey @RandyHarrison01 great seeing u enjoying the play If there is, I haven't found it yet today on broadway! :) #random #NYC

The amazing cast of @SilenceTheMusical was at Jake Gyllenhaal's play today!! :) great that they get the day off to see a show together.

just met @JakeGyllenhaal my life is pretty much complete! :) his play was brilliant!!! Such a talented actor!!

UltraViolet said...

Nice review of Jake's play from an IHJ regular, Evie:

He was wonderful! What a joy to see him working live. I think he was born for the stage. He’s very dynamic there, very comfortable, totally free. Film doesn't capture the impact of his energy and passion. It’s easy to believe he’s having a glorious time playing this role. The character of Terry is for me one of the best things Jake has ever done. Terry made me think of Tommy in Brothers, because both are a bit of a mess and do stupid and reckless things, but are also sensitive, loving, needy. But where Tommy is quiet and uncertain, Terry is all over the place, handing out advice and reliving his own misadventures.

Jake’s physicality alone is worth the ticket. His natural quickness and flexibility serve the staging of the play, but he has also developed gestures and postures for Terry that reveal his inner self. Above all, Jake is genuine and truthful. The part of Terry could be played superficially, with a lot of bluster and cute tricks. Jake transforms himself into Terry with such commitment that, after the initial distraction of actually seeing him in the flesh, I forgot it was Jake. His British accent sounds perfect to my American ear. I’d like to know what a native Brit thinks of it. And he never loses the accent; it stays in place throughout. The down side of this is that I sometimes had trouble understanding what Jake was saying, and thus missed some of his funny dialogue.

She was much less enthusiastic about the actual play.

Chica said...

Love Judith's lights thumbs up for the play, she is such a down to earth and passionate, one of the truly nice actors you would ever want to meet.

Yeah, the weather is freaky hear, expecting more bad weather and possibly another tornado! Hope Jake managed to escape in time!

And a thumbs up for EOW for Ebert, yes!!!

UltraViolet said...

Stay safe, Chica!

Forgot to say how cool it would be if Randy Harrison (Just from Queer As Folk) was at the play. One gay icon watching another.

More tweets:

#EndOfWatch: The rare opportunity first-person-shooter works in film. #TIFF12

END OF WATCH full of humour, but also violently immediate. Drew me in without fail, although bad guys a little too caricatured. #tiff12

Man, it's hard to keep up with all this, but it's fun!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks to tweety, Hagen and everyone helping us keep pace with the tweets, posts and articles today and these last few weeks.

Play tweet, from one of the photo peeps:

He was brilliant, funny, and has a very convincing British accent.

And a very positive Guardian review:

It should seem ludicrous, this top-heavy blend of action and drama, but Ayer whips us along, outpacing implausibility at every turn. It helps that Gyllenhaal and PeƱa are immediately likable as introspective Taylor and his bullish sidekick. Ayer's dialogue bolsters the quieter moments – a career-born hybrid of police code and street slang that's perfect for two regular cops shooting the breeze. On the sidelines stand Anna Kendrick and Natalie Martinez as Taylor's scientist girlfriend and Zavala's pregnant wife, but they're LAPD WAGs – on hand only to contextualise how strongly these family guys feel for each other. ...

You could fill the charge sheet with such plausibility issues, yet End of Watch is a hard one to take down. The director has talked about the film as a thought-piece – a comment on inner-city communities forced to police violence with violence, but it's not to be taken that seriously. Switch on the siren, put the pedal to the floor. Revel in the pace and passion of a film-maker policing a field that is now unquestionably his.

bobbyanna said...

Chica!!! Please don't let the tornadoes get you! : ) Hope everyone in the NYC area is doing OK.
Love all these tweets about the play and EoW! UV you're doing a great job, as usual: ) Good times.

Evie does a wonderful job describing Jake's Terry, and I love her observations abut Jake.

Hagen said...

Positive review from "The Guardian" (4 out of 5 stars): "By now David Ayer knows this beat. He's patrolled cop fiction – at a clip (Training Day – 2001) or a plod (Street Kings – 2008) – for most of his career. End of Watch, another sun-blanched sweep through the hood with the writer/director's handsome, honest incarnation of the LAPD – is his best work yet: an all-out sprint around a very familiar block." has revised down its box office prediction for EoW:
Opening weekend: $13 million (instead of $14 million)
Cumulative: $35 million (instead of $39 million)

Mary said...

Thanks everyone for keeping up with all the tweets and pics good times is right

Anonymous said...

Alessia Cannarile ‏@Alessiaaaa_
Waiting in line to see my babe Jake Gyllenhaal! #endofwatch #TIFF2012

5 m ago

Rachel said...

Si Si Penaloza ‏@SiSiTravels
Sigh. End of Watch party brews on w/o Jake Gyllenhaal, who is stuck on the tarmac at LGA. America Ferreria holds down the fort

Thought that might happen with the bad weather in the NY area. Hope he gets there at some point.

UltraViolet said...

Ciara, I missed your post. I don't see a youtube link. I'll look around and if I don't see it anywhere else, we can try to upload it.

Some tweets:

End of Watch is fucking intense. The chemistry between the leads is the best I've seen all year.

Just saw End of Watch at #TIFF12. Brilliant! I'm physically tired after being so immersed in the film.

Love Michael PeƱa and LOVE his new movie End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal. Check it out in theaters Sept. 21st!

Excited to get to talk to the cast of #endofwatch tomorrow in Toronto. The movie is hardcore.

UltraViolet said...

Damn! I was afraid of that, too.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Damn, I was wondering if he would make it to Toronto, weather is a mess in NY:(

Thanks so much everyone for all the updates and reviews for EOW and If There is I Haven't found it yet.

Love the latest pics from EOW, Jake looks really good in a uniform does't he?

UltraViolet said...


A very beardy Jake Gyllenhaal has finally turned up here at @GreyGoose @SohoHouse. All smiles and hugs and chatting to ppl. #TIFF12
9:02 PM - 8 Sep 12

Rachel said...

Phew! And yay!

cjoanporter ‏@cjoanporter
A very beardy Jake Gyllenhaal has finally turned up here at @GreyGoose @SohoHouse. All smiles and hugs and chatting to ppl. #TIFF12

UltraViolet said...

Definite Phew. Love this one:

To those who gave up on Jake Gyllenhaal @GreyGoose @SohoHouse, he just turned up. And it was glorious. #endofwatch

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay! SO Happy Jake is there!!!

Looking thru justjared, it seems like everyone in the world is in Toronto tonight! Several films are screening, Cloud Atlas, Ben Affleck's there with Argo, another David O Russell movie with De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper.

Kate Hudson's movie opened and her cast is partying at SoHo House, too.

I noticed in THR that there've been several deals announced too, for various film projects. Lots of industry business gets done in Toronto.

I'm very glad Jake is part of TIFF this year.

UltraViolet said...

Hope we'll get pics soon:

The line of rowdy fans go beyond the block here...all chanting for Jake Gyllenhaal #EndOfWatch #TIFF12

First #TIFF12 experience. Currently waiting in the longest line of any line ever. Just heard cheers. Jake Gyllenhaal might be here?

At the #endofwatch premiere for #tiff2012 about to interview #jakegyllenhaal :) can't wait! #playitcool #nervous

Can we just see Jake Gyllenhaal already?! Anxiously waiting in line. #TIFF #EndOfWatch @aysecali

We've arrived an hour beforehand at Princess of Wales Theatre for #EndofWatch and the line is already wrapped around the building.. #TIFF12

Fans outside the Princess Of Wales ready for #EndOfWatch !

In line for End of Watch at #TIFF12 ... so many ladies waiting to see Jake. High heels and short dresses everywhere.

Longest line up for End of Watch! #jake #TIFF12 #princessofwales #excited @alishasawhney

Jake Gyllenhaal along w/ #EndofWatch cast just left the GREY GOOSE @Sohohouse screening party and are headed to the red carpet. #tiff12
9:23 PM - 8 Sep 12

Thank goodness Jake made it!

Anonymous said...

Natalie Martinez arrived ahead of the group.