Saturday, September 15, 2012


Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena taped Anderson Live yesterday.

Find out about Jake's break dancing debut… and what Michael Pena says is the craziest thing about working with Jake! Plus, Jake opens up about his family, famous sister, Maggie, and being an uncle to his two nieces.

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Does anyone have a pen?

Funny, interesting tidbit about filming a crash scene for the movie:

In the movie’s climactic sequence, Pena and Gyllenhaal are chasing down a perpetrator when he pulls to the curb and flees on foot. In the driver’s seat, Pena wanted the wheels to squeal as they skidded to a stop, but wound up crashing into the parked vehicle.

“I stopped early — six seconds of screeching — crashed into the car,” Pena told Celebuzz. “We got out and finished the scene. It’s in the movie.”

Gyllenhaal, who executive produced End of Watch with a mini-budget of $7 million, found several things flashing through his head as the car careened out of control.

“We only have one car, we only have one stunt car, we only have on dash-cam shot-car, it’s going to be hours before we can fix the hood of the car,” sighed Gyllenhaal, when he chatted to Celebuzz.

Link to a podcast where you can listen to one of the End of Watch roundtables from TIFF. We've seen some of the responses in print, but it's a fun listen.


UltraViolet said...

Jake's head must be spinning with all this promotion. There was a SAG screening and Q&A last night.

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch. Wow!!!! Probably the best cop movie I've ever seen./The Q & A at the end of the screening was insightful, funny & full of theatre references. I'm so glad I just had that experience.

Just got back from a preview screening of End of Watch. Surprisingly good, thought provoking, and impactful.

From a different screening:

Just saw a screening, the audience was completely stunned at the end, you could hear a pin drop. I am not kidding. See this movie. It is worth every cent and then some. Performances were Top Notch, and call me crazy but this has Oscar all over it. It torched The Hurt Locker as far as suspense and realism. This one is a cant miss!!!

From the play last night - don't know if this means Maggie went to the show:

Roundabout theater go jake gylenhall n company. Hi Maggie ;)

Let me know what you think of the show. I saw it with a friend a couple of weeks ago and we didn't think it was so great. The cast was good, but the show itself, just "so so".

I agree with u. I didnt like the show that much. I thought it was ok. I liked the cast.

Me too. They were all talented. Jake did a good job. It was his American stage debut!

Cool I agree they are talented

Preview of Films Opening Next Weekend said...

Predictions for the Weekend of September 21-23, 2012
There are four new films opening in wide release next weekend: Relativity Media unleashes creepy, horror thriller The House at the End of the Street (HSX: ENDST $10.50) starring Jennifer Lawrence in her first post Hunger Games role, Warner Bros. goes to bat with baseball drama Trouble with the Curve (HSX: TCURV $15.60) starring Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams, Open Road Films releases gritty, cop drama End of Watch (HSX: ENDWT $15.00) starring Jake Gyllenhaal and finally Lionsgate releases Dredd 3D (HSX: DREDD $15.10) based on the popular comic series starring Karl Urban. It’s a tough call as to which film will land on top of the box office heap as they all appeal to different audiences, but The House at the End of the Street probably has the best chance among the newcomers.

Who is right?

bobbyanna said...

I'm looking forward to everything!! I'll definitely be there opening weekend for EoW. Thanks for the pics from Anderson. Hope we get tweets/photos from the "official" opening night of the play, too.

Anonymous said...

I just hope like Jake's last movie Source Code, EOW has good staying power. It's really up to the movie's target audience, I hope not to jinx the movie itself, I think EOW will out stay Lawrence and Eastwood. Lawrence's target market is her fanbase for her other movie and Eastwood is the older crowd. Dredd and EOW will probably have stronger staying power of all the releases.

UltraViolet said...

I just have no idea how the movie will do. Tt has succeeded my wildest expectations critically so far. I hope the box office will do the same.

From FB:

Attended SAG screening of "End of Watch" last night -- an amazingly realistic film of what it's like to be a cop in South Central L.A. -- followed by a talkback with star Jake Gyllenhaal. He said his biggest challenge was to be believable as a cop, in and out of the uniform. He succeeds brilliantly. David Ayer directed the film.
about an hour ago ·


Saw him last night at his show for Roundabout. He was very good.

Co-star Michael Pena was also at the talkback. Both actors do brilliant work. Utterly believable as partners, capturing the complexity of the relationship, and the stresses (and humor) of extreme situations.

Anonymous said...

Morgan Schiff ‏@MorganSchiff1

Jake Gyllenhaal is at the restaurant I'm in right now. #holyfuckingshit #marryme

Anonymous said...

John Staton ‏@John_Staton

You all know how I like Jake Gyllenhaal... Well guys... That's Jake Gyllenhaal.

Chica said...

End of Street has the same audience as The Possession which is curently in theaters so it will be interesting if they flock to see the new one despite Jennifer Lawrence. Outside of the Twilight series, Stewart, Pattison and Lautner have so far proven they can't open a film.

I will be there on opening day too, can't wait!

I have never watched Anderson's show, can't wait!

When I see the play, it will be "offically" opened :). It will be interesting to see what type of changes were made since previews.

I read enough of the reviews from the previews to maybe see if they were changes made.

Hagen said...

Rotten Tomatoes has added Pete Hammond's very positive review of EoW (Box Office Magazine, 4 out of 5 stars): "Unforgettable pair Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña give Oscar-caliber performances - Fans of police dramas will gravitate but if queasier viewers can get behind some of the vivid violence, David Ayer's smartly written and directed film could cross over to upscale audiences looking for award-level entertainment. With top critical response, End Of Watch could turn into a mid-sized hit for Open Road that could even figure down the road in the Oscar race."

Scott said...

Kind of worried that rotten tomatoes is still not showing more reviews for EOW. Dredd already has twice as many reviews and not to mention Looper which does not open until the 28th. It's generally a bad sign if a movie's does not have many or any reviews on Rotten Tomatoes at least a week before it's release and we all know many critics have seen EOW.

Mary said...

okay guys I have more TV appearances for Jake:

09/17 cbs morning show(which we saw last week that he taped)

09/21 anderson and jimmy fallon
09/27 conan

and we were afraid Jake wouldnt be
able to do much promotion for EOW :)

Monica said...

End of Watch: 85/100 (4/4 stars) on BFCA.

Anonymous said...

Hmm funny how wallflower is not doing that great on RT. And really funny how Jake has managed to turned me into a miniature film pollster.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Mary! I assume Jake is going to tape Conan when he's there. That's good news. As much as people don't like Leno, I wish Jake would do that one again. And Ellen, too. But I assumed we wouldn't get any LA-based shows, so this is a plus!

Scott, Trouble with the Curve didn't have any reviews last time I checked. Yes, we know there are more reviews than appear. But we also know many of them are positive. So while it's true that they don't have several of the negative reviews, they aren't showing all the positive ones we've seen either.

Not that I think the rating is going to stay over 90%. But I don't think it's going to plummet to rotten.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, that's a good showing, Monica!

Also, I saw earlier on the weekend version of Access Hollywood that their critic (whom I had never seen before, so no idea of his rep) picked EoW as one of his five favorite films at TIFF.

Some play reviews:

Wow! Another fantastic play! Just saw IF THERE IS I HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET @RTC_NYC. Fantastic play & production. Go see it!

Jake Gyllenhaal is making an impressive stage debut in @RTC_NYC's If There Is..., but Annie Funke is a revelation.

This is a funny exchange:

about to go watch do a play jake gyllenhaal do a play a roundabout. my female companion is going to squee. i will most likely just sit there

You don't squee for Jake? I mean, I don't play for the straight team, and *I* squee (a little) for Jake.

i'll squee if he's actually good on stage. quietly. to myself. i'll keep ya posted. :)

he's really good. So is the play. #squee

Yay, he squeed. Hee.

And from the Broadway World Jake fanatic:

Let me say that I saw IF THERE IS... again last night and they've really used the preview period to improve the show, which is something you don't see much anymore. The show is about 15 minutes shorter and flows much better than it did before. It's getting a better audience response now than I've seen any of the other 4 times I saw it, too.

I saw IF THERE IS... last night and liked it. I went in with low expectations because of poor word-of-mouth, but left the theatre happy that I had gone.

I feel bad for al the tweeters today hoping to see Jake at a TIFF screening for EoW.

UltraViolet said...

Link to a podcast where you can listen to one of the End of Watch roundtables from TIFF. We've seen some of the responses in print, but it's a fun listen.

LOL, anon 8:45. It's funny what you can become expert in following Jake!

bobbyanna said...

"Erin Carlson‏@ErinLCarlson

@annakdavies All good! Rosanne says hi. We're at dinner in east village and Jake Gyllenhaal just walked in with mystery blonde..."
29min ago

Viv said...

the fantastic reactions of EOW really exceed my expectations.:)

Hope these good reviews can get some moviegoers' attention.

I know people will dismiss EOW at first, just like this one XD

Anonymous said...

Jessica Bianca Sula ‏@JessSula

Strange seeing Jake Gyllenhaal playing a character with a cockney accent, I liked it though.
To see a British play in New york and you laugh at some of the references which no one else gets #Imisshome

Anonymous said...

AndrewAndrew ‏@AndrewAndrew

Reviewing "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" with the stage debut of @GyllenhaalJake. Last time we saw him was at a nightclub in Paris!

Hagen said...

The US box office slump continues: Box Office Mojo estimates that this weekend total US box office is down by about 18 percent compared to the same weekend last year. Box Office Magazine and have once again overestimated the box office gross of the new releases ("Finding Nemo 3D" and "Resident Evil"). I really hope EoW will gross at least $10 million on its first weekend, but right now I'm rather sceptic.

Anonymous said...

jasa stone ‏@jasastone

Jake gyllenhaal in the house #owow #388 @ally_heun

Anonymous said...

Hegen predictions for Resident Evil and Finding Nemo was wrong too

Finding Nemo 3D Sep 14, 2012 Disney

Resident Evil: Retribution Sep 14, 2012 Sony / Screen Gems

So we can just wait and see:)

Anonymous said...

Damn! *Hagen not Hegen

sorry again:)

Extra said...

Jake's isn't the only one with his head spinning, not that I'm complaining! It sure beats the droughts.

I'm a bit nervoius/anxious about the BO for EOW. They keep downgrading expectations. I hope WOM keeps it afloat for some oscar buzz.

Love the b&w pics of Jake, Michael and Anderson but I always thought that Anderson looked like a ferret and he really looks like one here, LOL!!

Based on the tweets posted about If there Is I haven't Found it Yet, they made some improvements. I hope that it gets good reviews when it officially opens.

Viv said...

Now I am convinced by Hagen.

I think EOW will open below 9 million on OW and gross under Brothers.I am seriously....

But for now I want to enjoy great reaction from people and good reviews.I knew Jake made another great film again.:)

Anonymous said...

Ah Viv you are going to be very wrong.

Scott said...

"DatOneDrunkGirl Jake gyllenhall's End of watch movie will be the Beginning to the longest orgasm ever ;) "

I concur

Anonymous said...

I think EOW will open below 9 million on OW and gross under Brothers.I am seriously....

Why Viv?

Viv said...


Calm down.XD

Doesn't prdiction site says EOW is opening 9 million dollars??I don't know.

But I will go to theater on first weekend without doubt.XD

Viv said...

also....I don't think I understand film taste of Americans anymore....

They will crazy about Magic Mike or 21 jump street(two cops,too?! ) but they won't give any chance to a good movie like EOW....sign...

Scott said...

Hi Viv,

My comment was the anon at 9:30. As for the anon comment at 9:41 that was not me but I don't think the poster was being defensive or rude. I think it's a valid question. Resident Evil is the fifth installment, people are tired of it. The re-release of NEmo was way too soon in my opinion, they should have waited for a new generation to do that. The experts are just proving that it's a guessing game pnly they get overpaid for it.

Yes EOW may tanked or it may not, we just don't know anymore when it comes to original movies that are not revamped overly testeroned 80 year old comic book characters which is sad.

Anonymous said...

Viv :)

It's too soon for predictions to me, just wait and see:)

End of Watch - Opening Weekend
15.08 for

12 for "film go" and 11 for

I don't know who is right.

bobbyanna said...

I'd also love to see it do well at the box office, and I think it will not embarrass at all. The producers, distributors, etc. have realistic expectations, and they're marketing it well.

Sometimes an advert. campaign stops cold on opening weekend. I hope they will at least keep pushing for it a couple of weeks following.

They usually use tracking polls as the basis for these predictions. Have no idea about BO right now. Probably around $8-$10M if things remain slow.

But right now, the thing I'm so, so impressed with, is that it's been getting a lot of compliments for being well done, and so well acted.

Thank goodness awards season buzz and acting nominations aren't based on BO.

Jake has such a great week ahead, starting tonight with the LA premiere of EoW, then later on the play, and the wide release of the movie back to back! Yaaay! It's been a while!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for those numbers, 10:08. Pits it in perspective. : )

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I was concerned that Jake wouldn't have time ro promote EOW but it seems like that isn't the case at all which is great!

I try not to pay too much attention to any of the BO predictions, too nerve wracking for me.

I just hope that it holds it's own and has a really good word of mouth and the good reviews keep pouring in.

This is going to be a big week for Jake and his fans :) :)!!!

UltraViolet said...

It's nerve-wracking and frustrating waiting to see how EoW will perform. We have to remember that even if it males only 9 million on opening weekend but does steady business, that's a good return on investment. I really hope it does better, of course.

About the play:

Jake Gyllenhaal was fantastic! The hair...oh dear, the hair! — with Carissa Mitchell at Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre./If you're wondering, yes, Jake Gyllenhaal really IS that good looking up close. Chatted him up we did.

Had a good day saw If there is I haven't found it yet at the roundabout theatre/To see a British play in New york and you laugh at some of the references which no one else gets #Imisshome/Strange seeing Jake Gyllenhaal playing a character with a cockney accent, I liked it though./I have my first ever playbill so I will keep it ......this makes me excited.

@RTC_NYC #IfThereIsIHaventFoundItYet play w/SM. Roundabout Thtr #JakeGyllenhaal great. V enjoyable! Bring umbrella ;)

The director of Man Who Walked Between the Towers went to see Jake's play:

Friday night I saw a new play that starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Brían F. O’Byrne. Called If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, (what a bad, unmemorable title) there were excellent performances from all four actors, but the play was a ghost of a show. Something about bullying an overweight high school girl in England. Mix that with something about global warming and have a set with a glass tank of water in the front of the stage. The furniture which is piled in a junk heap center stage is there for the actors to pick and choose the pieces they want to do the scenes with. Then they throw it into the tank of water at the end of the scene All scenes end with this violent action. When the girl tries to kill herself in the bathtub, water overflows leaving, on purpose, at least a couple of inches of water on the set. The actors play the last ten minutes ankle deep in water. (At one point, I actually wondered if the tank were going to overflow and water would come into the audience. I was sitting in the fifth row.) I think this is supposed to be a metaphor of some kind for the mess global warming is doing to the world which is a metaphor for the mess the world is making of families.

The play was not good. The actors were. They all play with Brit accents and all do well at it. I thought of waiting for Jake Gyllenhaal at the end of the show to say hi after Man Who Walked Between the Towers. However, there must have been a hundred people crowding the front of the theater to get a look at the star. I got outta there.

Scott said...

I am so angry right now, how do you report something on Facebook? Someone has commented on the End of Watch facebook page that Jake raped a 22 year old girl. I have a pretty good idea its a Taylor Swift fan but rape should never be accused as a social media gimmick. Its disrespectful to rape victims not to mention Jake.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely disgusting!!!


Soctt said...

IT is, i am so fuming.

Anonymous said...

This person is too stupid for words,
Scott don't waste tour time with such ab idiot :)

Anonymous said...

Its just ridiculous Scott really is


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to send a direct FB message to the EOW page? Someone should alert them so the posts can be deleted asap. If this suddenly goes viral (e.g. hits the larger gossip sites) it could become a total nightmare. Even when such allegations/rumors are 100% unfounded, they’re hard to shake off again. I really hope Jake’s “people” get on to this.

Scott said...

Anon, I don't know but usually someone monitors the page and I am a bit worried that no reply has been made and the silence from this blog. Can it be true?

Anonymous said...

No Scott its not true don't be ridiculous

Anonymous said...

I think it's about to blow up somehow...

Something is odd about the FB users who are "growing" the story though - they all seem to be young women with FB accounts that only allow to see their "walls" which only contain info about this topic. Something seems "off".

Anonymous said...

I'm sure someone does monitor the EOF FB page regularly - but they may not be on to these comments yet - those are very recent posts.

Monica said...

Not from a Swift fan.

UltraViolet said...

Let's not obsess over this. The story as posted makes no sense. I hope and assume there is no truth to it. Let's not spread it any further.

bobbyanna said...

I reported it. It was fairly easy to do,Scott, there's a "report abuse" link right there.

"Anna Myst" and the only other poster talking about it seem to be similar to the foreign girl who posts garbage about Jake being her boyfriend once in a while.

Whenever he has something coming out, it unleashes the crazies. She had a sidekick then, too..

People do need to report it. The more people who report it to FB the better. I sincerely hope that FB will not only block, but can take legal action on people who engage in this sort of garbage.

For anyone to suggest there's a grain of truth to this O fond that pretty disgusting. It's illegal to defame people, and the person who did it is calling down hell on their head. They can count on it. It's not at all hard these days to trace posters and find out where they originate. : )

People can say a lot of insulting things, but when they spread rumors like this, accusing someone of a crime,that's slander,it's a crime and that takes it to another level. CNN indeed.

I checked and there were two people doing this. Just like last time they tried to start something. Altho this is a new low even for them.

Monica said...

Exactly, Bobbyana.
It is the same person who I unmasked a few months ago on IHJ. She always does that.
Creates fake profiles with false sightings of Jake Gyllenhaal. Worse is that she uses photos of real people who are on sites like facebook for create the profiles.

bobbyanna said...

Yes monica, I remember that. : )She got banned from IHJ.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell there are 4 FB accounts involved – all similar in terms of the information they show. 2 are definitely linked as they have similar posts about Jake leaving a hotel on Dec. 6th (worded slightly differently). I suspect some (if not all) are run by the same person + they also have similar writing styles / mistakes.

I find it really weird why someone would want to start such a thing – it actually seems quite elaborate and pre-planned. It takes a while to go though the FB accounts and figure it all out, so I worry to the “casual onlooker” it looks somewhat like legit conversation. I hope they get it deleted soon. I’m glad to hear it’s been reported.
And yes, indeed it must be illegal. I hope some action is taken against her/them.

Scott said...

Hi Bobbyana, I did report the Myst person. It was pretty obvious the other post was from her too. Same dialect or lack there of, no offense. But normally someone is watching that page, not sure what is going there now.

Its just really upsetting and sick, could she be the stalker Jake has dealt with in the past?

Scott said...

I reported all three posts because they are so similar. I just marked each (so far only 3) as offensive. The crazy is obviously trying to make it seem it's viral. I hope the movie studio and the police deal with this person although it might be difficult since she or he is probably in another country.

Anonymous said...

Okay, make that 5 different FB accounts now!

I really hope the insanity stays contained on the EOW page until it's removed.

I wonder, are people just reporting the individual posters to FB or has someone also sent a message directly to the EOW site so they can delete the posts? I guess they might not be monitoring it too closely on a Sunday!

Jake had a serious stalker?! Now I'm curious!

Stefanie said...

Wow I saw the post on FB total fake! !! I hope someone contacted facebook. If I was Jake I would sue!!!

That's aweful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it’s getting even crazier! Two of the fake posts (posters) have been deleted and she has instead added a fake (and very badly written) “news report”!

And – apparently she is now talking to us directly. I do feel honored!

Stefanie said...

Obviously she did not take her meds this morning wow there are craziest everywhere! !!! I say we make a fake newsreport about her.

Mary said...

This is awful how could someone do that hope they can find out who's behind all this.

Daniela said...

I knew it! So many comments like this for a Sunday night lol
For something this ridiculous story serves to ,make me laugh.
But I hope you stop by there, if not totally lose the grace

bobbyanna said...

I love it that most fans are smart enough to call her out as a fake to her many faces. She looks like a reall silly ass right about now. She's the joke.

Chica said...

I'm not even going to bother to click on that shit. Hope the comments are deleted.

I know that Jake has some demented fans but this girl needs help, pronto.

UltraViolet said...

Can we talk about other things, please. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Can we talk about other things, please. Thanks."

Ok, how many times during the next week of promotion will Jake say "we trained for 5 months riding along in a police car"?

bobbyanna said...

I agree, UV. The subject is exhausted.

I saw a tweet that Jake is "in the house" at the ALMA awards! : )

Monica said...

Shana Tova to all who are celebrating!

Mary said...

Oh so the alma awards is precorded then I didnt relize that thought it was live.

And yes that topic is exhausted hope we dont hear any more about it.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, anon 9:39. I think we can all sing along with him when he says that. I like to see if he'll vary the time they were with the cops. Usually it's 4PM to 4AM, but sometimes he says 5 or 6 :)

Oh, I forgot about the ALMA Awards.

And yes, Monica. Shana Tova to all.

UltraViolet said...

Here's a photo of Jake at the awards.

Monica said...

he looks great!

Mary said...

Yes he does Monica.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV! My, my, my. He looks smokin hot! Being interviewed by HuffPo. : )

I checked Getty images earlier and there was no sign of Jake, but I did see Michael and America Ferrara. She looks beautiful.

Sh ana Tova, to all who celebrate!
I was looking at recipes earlier, and I 'd love some brisket and some kugel. : )Stuffed dates, latkes, Apple cake. Rosh Hashana traditions are delish.

Anonymous said...

They must have just loaded Getty images because he's there now.

I will reframed from twitter, facebook and fandango this coming week and will not stress over box office mojo this coming weekend. I will just see the movie and be a Jake fan.

Monica said...

Michael posted a picture of him and Jake:
Michael Pena ‏@realmichaelpena
At the #Alma awards with the beautiful @evalongoria and @georgelopez-check out #endofwatch Friday September 21st

UltraViolet said...

Good idea, anon 10:30. LEt's let everyone else do the analyzing and prognosticating. LEt's just enjoy the bounty for Jake fans!

Thanks, Monica.

New post.