Sunday, September 16, 2012

West Coast Time

Jake Gyllenhaal has ventured back to Los Angeles to promote End of Watch. The movie's premiere is Monday night, but he and castmates Michael Pena and America Ferrera attended the ALMA Awards Sunday evening.

Jake and Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti, who plays the LA mayor in End of Watch, at a fundraiser for Garcetti.
Jake with Garcetti and LA city councillor Joe Buscaino.
Jake with Gayle King in the green room at CBS This Morning.

End of Watch featurette. Another interview from TIFF. Watch for Jake's favorite police movies at the end.


UltraViolet said...

LOL. I've been wanting someone to ask if Jake and Michael are still friends. Here is an answer, sort of:

“Unfortunately, we didn’t have anything in common at first,” Pena says. “But we did a lot of training together for this film and became great friends. We really had each other’s back. I can call him about anything. He’s a good guy and a complicated dude.”

Ayer adds, “Once the relationship between the two of them clicked, they wouldn’t shut up, which informed any of the scenes.” ...

The ride-alongs weren’t for the faint of heart. “We wore bulletproof vests, but you could still get shot in the head, face or arms,” he says. “The interesting thing is Jake only got recognized once, and that was at a restaurant.

UltraViolet said...

Added some nice video of Jake arriving. His eyes are very twinkly.

Mary said...

Thanks UV. Boy. Don't think I could handle all that confusion and every one calling out your name at the same time.

UltraViolet said...

Enter Drama League charity auction to win tickets to If There Is and a backstage photo with Jake.

Seems like David Denby liked EoW:

“End of Watch” is an exciting movie about the hazards of working as a cop in South Central Los Angeles, a neighborhood of sullen streets and treacherous alleys overrun by a Mexican drug-cartel gang that kills anyone who gets in its way. There’s a history of cop-buddy, cop-rivalry movies behind this film, including “Training Day,” which was written by David Ayer, who wrote and directed “End of Watch.” But none of the earlier projects were so completely dedicated to the companionability and the terror of police work.

This is a really cool photo from twitter. Non-Jake-related and no idea if it's real. But it's the kind of reminder of beauty in the world that we can use tonight!

Anonymous said...

maddiecarina ‏@maddiecarina

I was 10 feet from jake gyllenhaal tonight. i cried.

Anonymous said...

Cate Park ‏@scatepark

Private screening of @endofwatchmovie w/ Jake Gyllenhaal & @ericgarcetti #mayorofla #e @ WME Screening Room

UltraViolet said...

Just posted that one, as well as one from the show and one of Jake signing something backstage.

TIFF director

Others he predicted on the way to acting kudos include Julianne Moore in “What Maisie Knew,” Elle Fanning in “Ginger and Rosa,” Jake Gyllenhaal in “End of Watch” and Joaquin Phoenix in “The Master.”

“It’s a strong year in terms of actors. It always is and I think it’ll be very interesting to see what the Academy, and I guess what the Golden Globes also, nominates.”

Still not getting my hopes up.

A quick glimpse of Jake on his way to the Today Show.

I can't believe no one has commented on JAke and the Target dog. That photo cracks me up.

UltraViolet said...

From tumblr:

I saw “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” in NYC today with my sister, a play that’s currently in production on Broadway with Brian F. O’Bryne, Michelle Gomez, Annie Funke and in his Broadway debut, Jake Gyllenhaal. It was AWESOME. All of the actors were great, I LOVE LOVE LOVED THE SET, they used water raining down as a curtain at the beginning and flooded the stage (Water a motif for rebirth/starting again was AMAZING and that kind of thing gets me all kinds of theatre-hot-and-heavy), and all of the set pieces were piled up and taken off/thrown around as they were used as the family and Annie broke apart. It was gorgeous and powerful and beautiful, and everything from the sound to the set worked perfectly to parallel the play’s themes about a fifteen-year old’s depression and her family breaking apart.

Everyone did a fantastic job, and I don’t know about the other actors, but bravo to Jake Gyllenhaal for doing a fabulous accent. Seeing his adorable face live on stage, and to see that’s he is seriously such a talented actor, was AWESOME.

Tweety said...

I almost didn't see that dog UV, he blends right in, LOL!!!

Looking forward to seeing Jake and Micael at the ALMA Awards and the premiere of EOW tonight In L.A.

He is looking really yummy in these pics I gotta say. Thanks so much for your updates UV, you are so quick and on the ball!

Happy Rosh Hashanah to all that celebrate.

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Tweety! Good to see you. And thank you :)

Here's some video of Jake on the red carpet, but the narration is in German. We'll need Hagen to let us know what's being said :)

I forgot to remind folks that Jake is supposed to be on the CBS Morning Show today. Don't think he's been on yet.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for all the new photos and the heads up, UV! The CBS interview was fun. It came on a little after 8:30. Very relaxed. Charlie Rose & Gail King love Jake. : )

UltraViolet said...

Updated the post with a photo from the green room and video from CBS This Morning. Thank you, Stephanie! (Plus a nice candid red carpet and another photo from the fundraiser.)

A couple of tweets: End of Watch was a great way to end #Tiff12. Great story, acting, character development... plus Jake Gyllenhaul is beautiful.

"Terrifyingly real" is what I am hearing about the premise of the forthcoming cop flick #EndofWatch. Wonder what @LAmurdercop thinks...

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld are still supporting Jake. From the Mrs:

Best ride along you'll ever take: @endofwatch movie. @JerrySeinfeld and I can't wait to see it again next weekend. #jakegyllenhaal kills it.

Apologies if the post formatting is off. Blogger changed their interface and it's way hard to read through all the html they've added in.

UltraViolet said...

That was sort of a fun interview, Bobbyanna. Nice to see different people asking Jake questions. They were definitely fans. Good to get some press in for the play, as well.

Chica said...

I love CBS this morning, love Gail and Charlie. It was a good interview :)

Thanks for all the great updates, it's kinda hard to keep up but I'm enjoying it!

Yeah Jerry!!

Anonymous said...

That was sort of a fun interview, Bobbyanna. Nice to see different people asking Jake questions. They were definitely fans. Good to get some press in for the play, as well."

And Charlie beat Jake by saying 5 months of ride alongs.

Hagen said...

Here's some video of Jake on the red carpet, but the narration is in German. We'll need Hagen to let us know what's being said :)

Nothing exciting I'm afraid. :)
The narrator just says that Jake presented an award and translates his comment about the ALMA Awards (not sure you can understand his statement). Jake thinks the ALMA Awards make sense. It's very important for the Hispanic community to be represented in the entertainment industry as they are the fastest growing population group in the US. There's great talent that should be honored and there's nothing better than an award show to do that.

Matt Singer's review of EoW (Screen Crush, 7 out of 10): ‘End of Watch’ may not pass muster as a documentary but the actors more than sell the partners as brothers in arms. While most found footage movies take place within a prescribed set of time — a few days lost in the woods, or a series of nights in a couple’s haunted bedroom — ‘End of Watch’ sprawls over months and months of patrols, giving Ayer the opportunity to flesh out Taylor and Zavala’s quirks and foibles.

The way these men shoot the breeze, the way they make fun of each other’s skin color and family customs, the way they toast each other at weddings and vow to defend each other to the end of their lives — it all adds up to a really compelling portrait of a friendship and a partnership. If ‘End of Watch’ had lost the found footage gimmick, it could have been really something. Instead of stripping away the artifice, it just adds one more layer."

bobbyanna said...

Just an FYI( on some stuff I found interesting about Eric Garcetti who's mayoral campaign Jake's supporting:

His Mexican/Italian father was Gil Garcetti the famous L.A. DA. His mother is Russian/Jewish.

Eric is 41, attended Harvard Westlake, and got his MA from Columbia University in International Sutdies. He's a Rhodes Scholar.

UltraViolet said...

Wow, Hagen, thank you for doing that! Figured it was nothing exciting, but it's good to know for sure :) Here's the German poster for EoW as a reward!

Ah, that is interesting, Bobbyanna. I thought the last name was familiar. Another Westlake connection, too.

A couple of play reviews:

I also saw “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet”. Fantastic. Dark and very serious but fantastic. I was very impressed by Jake Gyllanhaal but all four actors were phenomenal. And the set was ingenious. So good.

didn't hate it, didn't love it. I could go into a lot of detail about what I liked/didn't like. Jake was honestly a high point./the accents were a big issue for me. They were pretty hard to understand and all 4 people sounded different.

Rachel said...

LOL when was the CBS interview done? Two years ago? Jake is now claiming he was on the West End stage eight years ago. My rudimentary mathematics tell me 2012 minus 2002 = 10 years.

Hagen said...

Here's the German poster for EoW as a reward!

Looks very odd to me. Is there a chemical plant in the background? Why don't they use the American one? "Every moment of your life they stand watch" was replaced by another English sentence: "There's no such thing as an ordinary hero." Oh well.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it wasn't much of a reward, Hagen, I'll give you that :)

And LOL, Rachel. Jake needs to change something about the interviews, so instead of the anecdotes, it's the numbers!

Hagen said...

Yeah, it wasn't much of a reward, Hagen, I'll give you that :)

Thanks anyway! :) Russians use the original poster with a weird catch phrase: "Where adrenaline rules there's no room for fear." (It's easy to notice that Jason Statham is very popular in Russia. LOL)

I don't care too much about the posters, but it annoys me that Germany will be the last country to release EoW on December 20th ( It's a hardly a happy holiday movie.

Monica said...

Anna Kendrick:
True-to-gracious-form, Anna immediately shared credit with her co-star, for whom she shows flowing ardor. She describes Gyllenhaal as “a very sincere person,” with generosity and patience that inspire her fawning. “Jake should direct actors immediately. I think he would get the most stunning performances out of people. He’s just so connected and so willing to go the extra mile to help everyone out in their performance. He doesn’t think like an actor, he thinks like a director and it’s really beautiful.”

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. Isn't that a great quote? There are some other nice quotes from Anna in an Ain't It Cool piece. I swear I posted those along with that quote. I guess not. So here they are:

Alright, well, let me ask you about END OF WATCH, because the film is kind of able to add a layer of humanity to police officers that we typically don’t see in movies, or generally in real life. That they’re not just cops. They’re husbands, they’re wives, they’re fathers, brothers, etc. What did you learn from doing your research for the film about police officers and how they and their families are able to reconcile what they see on a daily basis in order to have some sort of a normal home life?

Anna Kendrick - Well the really interesting thing for me was when I came to the movie, I felt really underprepared because not only had the guys done a little training and a little research, they’d basically become cops. I remember Jake [Gyllenhaal] talking to a traffic cop and describing all the training he’d gone through, and the guy kind of stopped him halfway through and he was like, “So you’re a cop now, like you’re actually... You’ve done everything you have to do.” So, obviously, that level of preparation was kind of intimidating, and when I came in, it actually ended up being this really beautiful thing where it was sort of a life imitating art situation, because we got to shoot chronologically, and when I came in, it really felt like Jake and Michael [Peña] were people who were fully entrenched in this world, and that they had this long standing relationship, and because of the naturalistic style of filmmaking, I got to really just react to that, and feel a little out of place, and feel a little naive, and even envious of the relationship that they had. And I think in turn, that made Jake extra protective of me, that day and the character and as an actor, and that... The way you would be if you were introducing your new girlfriend to some of your best friends, so it created this really great dynamic, and then as we kept shooting, it felt like every day, for me, but then also for my character, it felt like a new lesson in just how strong I was going to have to be to give my heart to somebody who does this and to start a family with somebody who puts their life on the line.

The Kidd - Did you have conversations with cops girlfriends or wives about...?

Anna Kendrick - No, I didn’t get to... that’s what I mean. I was filming two other movies at the time and so I came in feeling like I’d kind of screwed myself, but that’s what I mean, I think it worked out perfectly. Sometimes that kind of thing happens for a reason because I think it just would have gotten me into a different head space where I’d be thinking “Okay, how do I exhibit the qualities that i found to be present in these families,” when actually Janet is just figuring out how to do that herself, and comes in, and is constantly realizing what this is. The scene in the wedding, when Michael Peña is giving this speech about how you have to be strong to be a cop’s wife, and the way that everybody on the force becomes part of your family. You know, I really was feeling that so much, and looking around at the crowd and being kind of humbled by the fact that I was being accepted into this family. All of that felt so real and so immediate. It actually ended up working out really well. ...

UltraViolet said...

Second part:

The Kidd - Between END OF WATCH and also PITCH PERFECT which is coming out, we’re getting to see more of your musical skills. I know you have a background in doing musical theatre, but how much preparation went into the singing scene in the car? Did you have a choice as to what it was you wanted to work with?

Anna Kendrick - Well I’ll tell you how much preparation went into that. Zero percent! That was on the... We were doing this road trip to Vegas, and the idea was to shoot something once we got to Vegas. Dave [Ayer] was in the back with his camera, and he was just shooting out the window sometimes, and we’d just have conversations, whatever, just passing the time, like we were on a road trip. It was just Jake driving, me in the passenger seat, Dave in the back, and that song came on Jake’s iPod, and Jake and I realized that we both knew it by heart and we started singing, and Dave very stealthily put up his camera and started filming us. And at a certain point we realized that he was putting us on film, and we were, “Okay, so we’re Janet and Brian now, not Anna and Jake,” and that’s in the movie. It’s not like he said, “Okay, can you guys start the song again and do that again, that was great.” It was just that it happened and now it’s in the movie. The music supervisor was just... breathed a sigh of relief that we could clear that because I think Dave really wanted to use it.

Full story here.

I might have realized it was too long for a reply, lol!

Anonymous said...

CBS This Morning ‏@CBSThisMorning

Jake Gyllenhaal on film and theater:

UltraViolet said...


Final #TIFF12 film tally: 24. Top 6: Sightseers; Disconnect; Much Ado About Nothing; The Place Beyond The Pines; Rust & Bone; End of Watch.

Jake Gylenhaal was the man interview coming soon

Saw #IfThereIs @ Laura Pels Thtr. Jake Gyllenhaal, Brian O'Byrne, Annie Funke and Michelle Gomez were GREAT! Stage design was WOW! Go Go Go!

Here's the English version of the video Hagen translated for us.

Monica said...

Jeff Sneider
Time to start leaving for END OF WATCH. Tweet me any Q's you have for David Ayer, Jake Gyllenhaal or Michael Pena. Hoping to interview all 3

Tweety said...

End of Watch ‏@EndOfWatchMovie
We'll be LIVE TWEETING during the #EndOfWatch Premiere tonight from @LALIVE! Be sure to stay tuned to catch up on the latest!

Anonymous said...

CarolaR ‏@CarolaR
End of watch premiere. Jake Gyllenhal

Anonymous said...

The Terminator was the EOW premiere, video at Popsugar with Jake G of course.

Monica said...

Busy Philipps ‏@Busyphilipps25
I'm really excited to see #EndofWatch right now!

UltraViolet said...

Aww. I hope the night is a great success.

UltraViolet said...

Some tweets:

Guys im standing like 10 feet away from Jake Gyllenhaal... I can't. Breathe
11:11 PM - 17 Sep 12

Jake Gyllenhaal is way dreamier in person than I expected. Also, feeling embarrassed that I just wrote that.

mary said...

thanks UV had to work so wasnt able to see the video from the morning show till now also working on thursday so will miss him on kelly and micheal thank goodnees for videos.

Mary said...

Local news out here tonight showed some of the EOW premiere talked some with Jake and Michael

bobbyanna said...

That's great mary! WireImage has posted a lot of photos from the premiere so you can get a feel for who was there. Hope they'll post more.

Saw a tweet earlier that Conan surprised his audience today by having Jake on.

Monica said...

@akstanwyck End of Watch is as good as my peeps in toronto said it was. Must-see. Gyllenhaal, Pena, kendrick all nailed it.

^^ Anne Thompson.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, nice! That's a good good review to get!

Glad you got to see Jake and Michael on the news, Mary! And glad we have Stephanie to tape all these morning show appearances for us!

Thanks to everyone for posting updates. Just made a new post.