Saturday, September 8, 2012


Photos from the premiere of End of Watch at the Toronto International Film Festival. It started out like this:

But got better as the evening went on. A fun night for everyone, it seems.

Reaction tweets are in the replies, but here's the reaction from the theater. A standing ovation:

Will update with photos as they come in. For now, we'll settle for these beautiful photos of Jake after the play this afternoon:


UltraViolet said...

Reposting the anticipatory tweets for Jake:

Hope we'll get pics soon:

A very beardy Jake Gyllenhaal has finally turned up here at @GreyGoose @SohoHouse. All smiles and hugs and chatting to ppl. #TIFF12

To those who gave up on Jake Gyllenhaal @GreyGoose @SohoHouse, he just turned up. And it was glorious. #endofwatch

The line of rowdy fans go beyond the block here...all chanting for Jake Gyllenhaal #EndOfWatch #TIFF12

First #TIFF12 experience. Currently waiting in the longest line of any line ever. Just heard cheers. Jake Gyllenhaal might be here?

At the #endofwatch premiere for #tiff2012 about to interview #jakegyllenhaal :) can't wait! #playitcool #nervous

Can we just see Jake Gyllenhaal already?! Anxiously waiting in line. #TIFF #EndOfWatch @aysecali

We've arrived an hour beforehand at Princess of Wales Theatre for #EndofWatch and the line is already wrapped around the building.. #TIFF12

Fans outside the Princess Of Wales ready for #EndOfWatch !

In line for End of Watch at #TIFF12 ... so many ladies waiting to see Jake. High heels and short dresses everywhere.

Longest line up for End of Watch! #jake #TIFF12 #princessofwales #excited @alishasawhney

Jake Gyllenhaal along w/ #EndofWatch cast just left the GREY GOOSE @Sohohouse screening party and are headed to the red carpet. #tiff12
9:23 PM - 8 Sep 12

Thank goodness Jake made it!

Anonymous said...

Another one of Jake on the red carpet

bobbyanna said...

Wow, what a great turn out!!!

UltraViolet said...

Added a real photo, finally.

Anna kendrick doing interview with the press while the crowd cries for Jake Gyllenhaal #endofwatch @endofwatchmovie #TIFF12

I'm not going to lie this anticipation of seeing Jake Gyllenhaal and this film is killing me #TIFF12

Caught a view of @AnnaKendrick47 and Jake Gyllenhaal arriving at #TIFF... That's my night fulfilled.


Just saw Jake gyllenhaal. #omg #TIFF2012 #fangirling #hot

Though all the stars of #endofwatch are coming straight down from a vodka party at @sohohouse , none of them is high ! #TIFF12

Jake Gyllenhaal is super hot in person! Even with his lumberjack beard! #TIFF2012

Nothing better than seeing jake gyllenhaal

Rachel said...

I don't see Michael Pena.

UltraViolet said...

Seems like a really big turnout, Bobbyanna!

Thanks, anon. I got a clearer one from ET Canada, too.

Monica said...

Josh Horowitz ‏@joshuahorowitz
Tomorrow's TIFF interviews: @EmWatson @LoganLerman Lily Collins, Jake Gyllenhaal, @AnnaKendrick47 Mark Ruffalo. Send questions if you like

UltraViolet said...

I can't imagine Michael Pena not being there. He's been on the EoW tour! I hope he's there.

Jake Gyllenhaal takes time to greet roaring fans...many of them are in tears... #endofwatch #TIFF2012

Jake Gyllenhaal bats his LONG eyelashes at @stayfabulous on the End of Watch carpet. #beautywithabeard #etalkTIFF12

jake gyllenhaal and I just made eye contact #TIFF

got stuck behind a black car in slow traffic...Then it stopped and JAKE GYLLENHAAL got out!!! :D Cue Blanca and I throwing ourselves out of our vehicle. Now we're stranded because we don't know where our driver went. BUT SO DREAMY. ♥

YES! hello! i see you, jake gyllenhaal! #tiff @mita_pie

Jake Gyllenhaal literally got mobbed by press #tiff12 #endofwatch ! Everyone wants a piece

Rachel said...

got stuck behind a black car in slow traffic...Then it stopped and JAKE GYLLENHAAL got out!!! :D Cue Blanca and I throwing ourselves out of our vehicle. Now we're stranded because we don't know where our driver went. BUT SO DREAMY. ♥

Oh my god that is HILARIOUS! Totally something I would do.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I think that's Michael Pena on stage. I feel better now.

UltraViolet said...

Now in the longest line on the planet for End of Watch starring Jake Gyllenhall.

Today was the best day omg i met cody simpson bradley cooper jake gylenhaal ryan gossling susan sarandon and high grant #freakingout

"End of Watch" is a gritty action-thumper with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as L.A. cops. Intense. In #cle 9/21. #TIFF

Jake gyllenhaal is sitting 3 feet away from me #tiff12



Added a photo that has Michael in it, so that's good to see. He looks like he needs a new suit, lol.

UltraViolet said...

Wasn't that car story hilarious? I hope she posts more, lol.

bobbyanna said...

I'm loving this! Really catching the excitement, and yes, jumping out of the car! Absolutely! LOL!
Really happy for Jake that he's getting such a huge welcome from the fans @ TIFF!!!

UltraViolet said...

Ticket? $40 standing in line? Hrs. Jake Gyllenhaal sitting 5 aisles down from me at the #endofwatch #TIFF12 premiere? Priceless!

#EndofWatch with Jake Gyllenhaal at #princessofwales #tiff12 @ Princess Of Wales Theatre

"End of Watch" drowning in testosterone, but Anna Kendrick, Natalie Martinez, America Ferrera, Cody Horn (from Magic Mike) also shine. #TIFF

It's worth noting that Michael Pena, who is always good, absolutely steals End of Watch. Maybe his best work ever.

Just overheard at the 'End Of Watch' premiere that Jake Gyllenhaal has requested the volume be turned up - the Jake has spoken #TIFF

So you know whom to blame if your ears bleed!

UltraViolet said...

Added a few pro photos :)

Jake Gyllenhaal looked me in the eyes...and I had to look away. #TIFF12

Indiewire pretty much predicted they wouldn't like EoW, and they don't.

UltraViolet said...

L.A. mayoral candidate & city councilman @ericgarcetti & #LAPD chief Charlie Beck both make cameos in Gyllenhaal's END OF WATCH. #TIFF12

Interesting - I think we heard that Jake had given Garcetti a donation.

David Ayers, our Peckinpah? "End of Watch" is new & uncompromising. Michael Pena for Best Supprting Actor.

Scott Weinber'gs review:

If Mr. Ayer's goal, after producing a series of "dirty cop" movies, was to craft a film that showed the low-key honor that most police officers possess, then he's done a damn good job of it. End of Watch covers a whole lot of emotional ground for such a "basic" cop story (the plot: our heroes stumble upon a human trafficking ring in South Central), and the result is a suspenseful, intense, and surprisingly touching ode to America's inner-city peacekeepers.

Monica said...

Jacob Soboroff ‏@jacobsoboroff
Questions for Jake Gyllenhaal and/or @AnnaKendrick47? I'll be chatting with both tomorrow about END OF WATCH for @AMCnews. #TIFF12

Keith Simanton ‏@IMDbKeith
David Ayers, our Peckinpah? "End of Watch" is new & uncompromising. Michael Pena for Best Supprting Actor.

bobbyanna said...

Indiewire really took Ayer to task.

UltraViolet said...

Smiley Jake at today's stage door. I hope some of that earlier perception is changed, because Jake seems to be doing it quite happily. Someone on Broadway World mentioned that many actors don't come out after the matinee.

Manny the Movie Guy: I quite enjoyed HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, but I was totally mesmerized by END OF WATCH -- Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena rock! Truly one of the best films of the year, I've never felt this intense and terrified since SILENCE OF THE LAMBS...yup!

From twitter:

I laughed. I cried. And I have no idea what just happened. #EndOfWatch #TIFF12

Pointing at the best eyes in Hollywood. Jake Gyllenhaal looks like he is looking into your soul when he speaks to you.

Just got out of press screening for 'End of Watch' - loved it. So well made and great performances: Michael Pena is so fantastic! #TIFF12

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. I think I nicked a photo of yours, too :)

Indiewire has been skeptical about this movie for months. Lots of "We hear it's good, but we're not convinced." I would have been shocked to read a good review.

bobbyanna said...

Justjared posted photos from EoW presentation. Anna Kendrick, Natalie Martinez, and America Ferrara look beautiful.
America's look is my favorite. Gorgeous.

Monica said...


Sheri ‏@SherandtheCity
Unfortunately Twihards are in the audience because of Anna Kendrick. And she just told one to shut up. Awesome. #tiff12 #endofwatch


Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal and the cast of End of Watch receive a standing ovation in Toronto. #tiff12

UltraViolet said...

Kevin McCarthy ‏@bdkreviews
@mayradiasgomes LOVED PERKS! and yes, Emma was amazing to talk to! have you seen #EndOfWatch yet?!? WOW! that was intense

#EndofWatch is absolutely awesome!!!

Wow. Take that, #Courageous. #endofwatch #TIFF2012

END OF WATCH "is a visceral, adrenaline rush embued with warmth, humor & staggering poignancy." My review: @FrankGrillo

End of Watch. Unbelievable #TIFF12

Argo the best thing at TIFF12 so far. End of Watch and The Master the biggest disappointments.

End of watch was so good #TIFF

Incredible performances from Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena in End of Watch. #TIFF12

may or may not be in the same theatre as JAKE GYLLENHAAL. cross it off the bucket list. happiest girl alive. #tiff

Cops meets YouTube on End of Watch. At least Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Pena make a good comedic team. Unsure if that was the goal #TIFF12

@TIFF_NET just finished seeing End of Watch. Great film, a must see in my opinion. Good story, solid acting.

First movie of TIFF - End of Watch, with Jake Gyllenhaal. Fantastic movie with excellent camera work.

The amazing cast of "End of Watch" at #TIFF2012 - amazing movie!

Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena, "End Of Watch" So film @ #tiff12, so far...just sayin'

You don't have to believe me but Jake Gyllenhaal is in this photo

End of watch was brilliant. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena were amazing. #TIFF12

End of Watch sickest movie. David Ayer is brilliant

Jake Gyllenhaal and the cast of End of Watch receive a standing ovation in Toronto. #tiff12

Uploaded a few more photos, as well.

Mary said...

Sp glad he made it to Toroonto and happy for the good reception EOW is getting

UltraViolet said...

Wow, the Twihards try to ruin everything, don't they? LOL.

I love the shot of Anna and Jake, and that side shot of Jake, even though it's blurry.


I'd love 5 min for counterpoint w/ the lady who told the cast of End of Watch during Q&A that it was each of their best films ever. #TIFF12

End of Watch: intense and gritty first-person cop drama set in the streets of LA. A highlight of Jake Gyllenhaal's career. #TIFF12

Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena, "End Of Watch" So film @ #tiff12, so far...just sayin'

@GreyGoose thanks for the #EndofWatch tickets! Such a tribute to street officers. Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing in person #tiff12

#tiff EndofWatch #premiere.cast intro.Jake Gyllenhaal,Michael Pena&Anna Kendrick were awesome!!

Jake Gyllenhaal - as handsome as he looks like on the big screen #tiff12

@etalkCTV jake gyllenhaal is gonna be at ryerson theatre at 3 right?????

Wow, End Of Watch was gripping, funny, and emotional. Laughed and hysterically wept. And @AnnaKendrick47 was fab. #TIFF

End Of Watch was intense. Great film #TIFF12

Jake Gyllenhaal. I think I love him even more now after that fantastic 30 min Q&A for End of Watch. #TIFF12

End of Watch, what an excellent motion picuture, a tear jerker too! 2/2 solid films so far at TIFF.

Both the film and the cast were amazing! Great Q&A afterwards with Ayer, Gyllenhaal, Pena, Ferrera and Kendrick! #EndofWatch

Hope someone took a video of it!

UltraViolet said...

Saw jake gyllenhaal today within 3 metres distance from me and it may or may not have made my life

Jake Gyllenhaal #TIFF12

End of Watch - real, bloody, Jake Gyllenhal. #TIFF12

End of Watch was really good #TIFF12

End of Watch had one of the best Q&A minus a few dumb questions

End of Watch was amazing. Jake Gyllenhaall was gorgeous. An amazing end to my #TIFF2012 experience

Jake Gyllenhaal being about 1 foot away from me made my life #happytashana ☺

Aww, from Anna K:

End of Watch screening was breathtaking; audience response was INTENSE. Congrats to Jake, Michael, David Ayer. I'm proud to be part of it.

She seems like a pretty cool chick.

Monica said...

She seems.

Monica said...

Mara Buxbaum again and it seems we have a new BG.

Anonymous said...

M. Hamid ‏@marham99

@CP24 Jake Gyllenhall

Anonymous said...

Jay Stoney Jay Stoney ‏@FrankRizzoWerks

Jake Gylenhaal #tiff2012 @ Princess Of Wales Theatre

Anonymous said...

A suspenseful, intense, and surprisingly touching ode to America's inner-city peacekeepers.

2:13 AM said...

Ooops already posted, sorry:)

UltraViolet said...

No problem - it's way too hard to remember what has and hasn't been posted!

New found love for Jake Gyllenhaal after seeing the premiere of an amazing movie #EndofWatch tonight.

From the producer of "training day" ...End of watch gets two thumbs up!

Everybody has a Plan, No one lives (#MM) and End of Watch #TIFF12 - can I just say that End of Watch was Brilliant!

End of Watch was a good movie with a great Q&A after #TIFF12

seriously. everyone go see 'end of watch' when it comes out in theatres. best film I've seen in a very long time.

End of Watch was very entertaning. This was a very good day for watching films.

wow still thinking about end of watch. hands down my fav film of the festival so far. breathtaking. oh and @AnnaKendrick47 is the shit

End of Watch screening owned at #TIFF2012...can't get over the awesomeness that is @AnnaKendrick47

TIFF Day 2: End Of Watch. So far my FAV film of 2012 and BY FAR the best cop movie ever made. Raw. Emotional. And a fun ride-along of a film. At the World premiere with cast Jake Gyllenhall, the underrated Michael Peña, the beautiful Natalie Martinez, America Ferrera and the adorable Anna Kendrick.

Back from 'End of Watch' which turned out to be quite a surprise. Very tense and entertaining, definitely not what I thought it would be.

if & when END OF WATCH comes out in theaters....GO SEE IT! Incredible movie!! #TIFF2012

Tonight, I waited in line for about an hour and half to "rush" for #EndofWatch Totally worth it! Great movie, and great Q&A! More celebs!

Funny exchange:

@MarkChuraman I'm uber jealous that you were in the same room as #JakeGyllenhaal! Shame his grisly beard was covering his beautiful face! ;)

I was totally fangirling haha! I wasn't a fan of the beard at first, but I learned to love it by the end of the night lol.

LOL! I would be fangirling too! Big time. Glad you had a great night! :)

A report from the NYC screening - was that just last night? I can't keep it straight, I wonder if Jake is getting confused!

You can see the crowd waiting for Jake in a video called "CP24 top stories: Stars shine at TIFF events" at CP24.

It's worth watching to see the chat with the Jake fans, as well as the reporter's butchering of the actors' names. It's towards the end of the segment.

Looks like they had a live stream - not sure if we could have seen the EoW premiere or if there will be a press conference, which they also cover. It's not on their listed schedule for tomorrow.

A glimpse of the madness.

And in case it was missed in the maelstrom, a very nice video of Jake after the matinee on Friday.

Chica said...

Whoa, there is a lot of coverage to catch up on, and it was done ao quickly, thank you UV and everyone else your your speedy updates!

Love the fan response to Jake at TIFF he looks good but yes he needs a new suit!

Can't wait to see the critical response to EOW at TIFF.

Anonymous said...

Si Si Penaloza ‏@SiSiTravels

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick share a hug before End of Watch

Anonymous said...

You think you know the story, but you don’t. Intense and intimate, this is a haunting look into a type of brotherhood we’ve never seen before captured on film. It places the audience in the front seat of the in-your-face action. Ayers also gives us a surprising amount of tension-relieving laughter that helps viewers care about the characters. Gyllenhaal and Peña are nothing short of amazing, and I suspect they will earn some well-deserved awards buzz.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Soboroff ‏@jacobsoboroff
Good day from #TIFF12. Talking w Jake Gyllenhaal, @AnnaKendrick47, Michael Peña & @AmericaFerrera about END OF WATCH soon. ?'s for them?

5 m ago

bobbyanna said...

UV, a lot of Babblers have been tweeting and posting, etc, but honestly, I just have to say you have done an amazing, amazing job of harvesting all these photos so quickjly, and putting together a coherent post! I feel like we are "eye witnesses" LOL! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Josh Henderson ‏@HendoTweets

Just interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal's beard. Seriously, that thing consumes his face. My beard was envious. #beards

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thanks, Bobbyanna. It helps that fortunately (?!) I have been sick all weekend and haven't left the house much!

Some more tweets from last night and today:

Both myself and the audience loved the movie! During the Q&A, Jake was in good spirits. Joked around + shared stories from the set.

Still thinking about End of Watch last night. Wowser!

Went to the #tiff12 premiere End of Watch last night and it exceeded all my expectations. Celebs, Q&A with the director and cast...
Our 2nd film. Cast of End of Watch. It was gritty but we really liked it. #TIFF #EndofWatch

Just interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal's beard. Seriously, that thing consumes his face. My beard was envious. #beards

A very short glimpse of Jake last night in this video.

From Alicia Malone, a celeb journalist from Australia who loves Jake:

New Jake Gyllenhaal hug alert!! I said "what would you do if I came at you with an awkward hug?" he said "I'd be defenseless" Love. #TIFF12

UltraViolet said...

Also, apparently End of Watch was trending at some point, because there are a bunvh of those weird tweets that get autogenerated with a trending topic. Wish I'd seen that on twitter!

UltraViolet said...

Trying to put up another post, but in the meantime, some more tweets:

Jake Gyllenhaal was bearded, beautiful and gave good quote. Just the way I like him. #twobabesoneday

@joelive @PaulNortonHair END OF WATCH is awesome! Viceral, powerful, gripping, intense! #SeeIt #tiff

#tiff #endofwatch #tiff12 @ InterContinental

<"We shot this movie in 22 days. We had to focus to make sure it went to a special place" #jakegyllenhaal #endofwatch #tiff12

"it took five months of training to make a movie like this" #jakegyllenhaal #endofwatch #tiff12 And it shows! Great movie.

#jakegyllenhaal #endofwatch #tiff12 #pressjunket >

Can't get over it, #EndOfWatch premiere last night exceeded our expectations - not bad for my 1st TIFF experience #TIFF12

Our 2nd film. Cast of End of Watch. It was gritty but we really liked it. #TIFF #EndofWatch

.. Unreal surround sound, and a serious buzz going on at the event. Great movie too #tiff12 #endofwatch

Guess Jake was right about the sound, lol.

Hagen said...

Emanuel Levy's positive review of EoW (Grade: B): "Shying away remarkably from stereotypes and accepted conventions in depicting cops, Ayer the writer digs deep into their lives, showing in detail their work routine as well as their leisure activities, while socializing with the women in their lives, a new aspect for Ayer and the genre at large."

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Hagen. Nice to see another positive review! I'll copy that over into the next post, up now.