Friday, September 14, 2012

Pressing on

As the End of Watch promotion continues,* we have more videos from Toronto. First up, snippets from an interview posted on Getty interspersed with snippets from a nice interview with Jake Gyllenhaal:

Toronto E o W by GyllenBabble

I am interested in anything that has a heart to it. To me, it's about variation always. That's what turns me on. I don't know if I am looking for anything specific, I am looking to work with great artists -- people who are committed and disciplined and ready to put in hard work, because that's what I am ready to do. Inevitably, after you do one kind of movie, everybody starts thinking you should play this kind of role, the role you played in the last one. For such a creative environment, there's not a whole lot of creativity in that.

It seems sort of silly too, because isn't that the point of acting? Having the ability to play different types of roles?
Well it should be, but I don't know if the craft is what's important to the business, you know [laughs]? I think there are other elements. I just think it's about the community and the family you make when you make the movie, and the collaboration and being able to support each other and cheer each other on and have no ego about it. And sometimes that's rare to find.

How close were you to being cast as Spider-Man and Batman?
My whole thing with that is, I think that in passing, once actors get roles it's their role. To talk about it in any other context is strange. Though I totally understand the interest. It feels like when you talk about a movie that somebody else has done and it's their role and it's the character that they created, then you're glomming on to the character without having any justification or any legitimacy to doing that. Do you know what I mean? It's theirs. I mean it's fascinating, particularly for fans of those movies, but I was never apart of those movies, so it's hard for me to talk about them.

You mentioned the films you're most proud. Which ones are those?
It's funny, I see movies as representations of a period of time in my life -- who I was, who I wasn't -- so it's hard to pick a favorite or ones that are favorites because they were these experiences that have been in my life since I was 15 years old. There are times that I've had that have been amazing, like when I made "Jarhead," it was an incredible experience. It was such an honor to be working with that caliber of director and to be surrounded by those types of people. But I am blessed to say that about a number of movies that I've been involved in. I look around my surroundings when I make a movie and I go
Wow, how did I land up here with all these people?

Here's an interview with all the cast members. Some fun stuff:

CTV - Scroll to 21:35:

Fan photos:

End of Watch featurette:

NBC's Today Show:

106 & Park on BET 6:00 PM


UltraViolet said...

Some play tweets and posts:

Last night I went to see the new Play "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" which stars Jake Gyllenhall in his American stage debut. I was very impressed by his performance in the show. He is quite good in the role--he really has the character down. This show from The Roundabout Theatre Company is in previews and opens on September 20th. Also, the set and the use of water in this show is quite interesting.

Just saw "If There Is..." So great! First show since I've lived here. Pleasantly impressed with Jake Gyllenhaal's acting as well as the rest of the cast. The overall concept and direction was soo cool as well.

ya done good Gyllenhaal, ya done good. #ifthereisihaventfoundityet

I found Jake Gyllenhaal's British accent to be entirely convincing at tonight's show/A really enjoyable play in an excellent space - I'll def look into whatever the Roundabout Theatre is doing next time I'm in NY

And it looks like Anderson Live is today?

tomorrow morning i have tickets for a date with the silver foxxxxxx, jake gyllenhaal, richard gere, aaaand my boyfriend. however will i choose?!?!?!??!?

And from this blog:

After the taping, after meeting Anderson for one hot minute and getting a photo with him, we headed out and I get all these emails about new Twitter followers, retweets, and favorites by the show. They liked my 360 reference! But I also get a message from my friend who works at the show and I didn’t get to see because all the PAs said she was working in the field that day. She offered me VIP tickets for tomorrow’s show, because a man she and I both love will be there for the meeting.

Jake Gyllenhaal.

Now, y’all know how in love I am with him. I’m talking like an over-a-decade-long commitment. I am so wildly enamored with him and so many friends have met him in this city EXCEPT ME and I’ve been praying for the day to come. And it’s here. So my friend scores me tickets to come back and see his movie and meet him and then see Anderson Live again. So that’s my plan for tomorrow.

UltraViolet said...

Tweet from Shondrella:

#Jake Gyllenhaal on David Letterman talking about #EndOfWatch @EndOfWatchMovie he is sportin a beard! Still #Hot! Happy I worked w/him! FUN!

On FB:

Eating at ippudo--and jake gyllenhal is sitting 30 ft. from me. ummm HEYYYYYY. ;) — with Matthew Kern at Ippudo New York.
11 hours ago


My subway just broke down & Jake Gyllenhaal was in my car. Either BUCKET LIST COMPLETE or Clive Owen's about to be on my Acela.../Yes the only item on my bucket list is to see a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal try not to panic.
4:32 PM - 13 Sep 12

last time i wore this dress to work, i collided with jake gyllenhaal on the subway on the way home. here's hoping that happens again. ;)
4:17 PM - 13 Sep 12

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh /yeahh I'm in NY and I saw him in the subway, that just totally made my life!! He is sooo cute!/I'm literally obsessed with him now! He is perfecttt
4:24 PM - 13 Sep 12

Bobbyanna, I'd love to see Jake on Inside the Actor's Studio, but I would want him to give specific answers. IT's sort of frustrating in all these EoW interviews that he speaks in such vague generalities.

I think in general, he seems to not want to look back on what might have been these days. His focus is on the future, and on his own plans and accomplishments and I can understand that part too.

Very good point. And I wouldn't want him dwelling on what might have been. A good reminder for all of us!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm having a hard time keeping up with your posts UV, you have been outstanding during this time, bravo!

Thanks for listing Jake's appearences, Park on BET is his first time on this show. Very good marketing and i love that they are not just doing the usual talk shows this time around.

I would love for Jake to appear on the Actor's Studio although the show lost points with me when with some of their guests lately

I don't it's good for Jake or any actor to dwell too much on parts that he missed out on,it's best to focus on the present.

bobbyanna said...

Just saw Jake on NBC. I thought it went very well. David Gregory was a surprise. (Not a fan) Didn't know he did interviews with actors about movies. :) With all the time they spent with "Gangnam Style" I wish they'd have given Jake a couple more minutes. I like Jake's very humble answer to "Why off-Broadway?" "It's a good place to start."

They showed even more of that very harrowing(!) scene where Taylor & Zavala are trapped in the apartment shootout. I was almost hiding my eyes.

I can't get that one video clip to work, UV. The Kevin McCarthy Show with all the cast. I saw it last night and couldn't get it to work then either. I think it might be my computer.

Anonymous said...

Still not sure about Anderson today, Jake is not even mentioned on ANderson's website unless he is the "beloved surprise guest". Maybe its for next Friday or sometime next week because twitter accounts are indicating Anderson's audience screened EOW.

Mary said...

Im waiting to watch Jake on today.

Very confusing about Anderson but im off today so Ill turn his show on just in case.

UltraViolet said...

Anderson is at least taping today:

@Anderson: Hi Jake, which of your movies are you most proud of and why? #AndersonLiveTweetSeats

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Kun ‏@stephkun
#AndersonLive The audience is loading and music is PUMPIN!! We're gearing up to tape with Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Pena! Show airs 9/21

UltraViolet said...

Added the Today show video - thank you, Stephanie!

Finally, an answer. No need to tune in today, Mary:

#AndersonLive The audience is loading and music is PUMPIN!! We're gearing up to tape with Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Pena! Show airs 9/21

I am having trouble keeping up myself, OONP, thanks :) Inside the Actor's Studio does seem like it has lowered its standards!

Bobbyanna, the clip works for me, so it must be your computer. Weird.

The Today Show interview was too short, as usual. But Jake seemed in good spirits.

:) said...

Stephanie Kun ‏@stephkun
#AndersonLive @Alyssa0605 just says to me "I just saw #jakegyllenhaal. He smells so good!!" #LOVE @EndOfWatchMovie

Monica said...

Anna Kendrick News ‏@AK47news
PREMIERE: #EndOfWatch Los Angeles premiere is Monday!

Hagen said...

EoW will be released in between 2600 and 2900 theaters (Boxoffice Mojo: Theater Counts, September 21st Estimates).

UltraViolet said...

Someone or many will be live tweeting the interview:

Dreamy (and a little drool haha) RT @stephkun #JakeGyllenhaal is walking to the studio #AndersonLiveTweetSeats

Also glad someone finally answered the :what does he smell like" question :)

UltraViolet said...

Cannot believe I am so close to #Jake Gyllenhaal. Fghdjddjdk. #AndersonLiveTweetSeats

Love the dynamic between #JakeGyllenhaal and #MichaelPena. Too cute. #AndersonLiveTweetSeats

@EndofWatchMovie was intense. Sooo good. #JakeGyllenhaal and #MichaelPena were wonderful. #AndersonLiveTweetSeats

You can follow along here:!/search/realtime/%23AndersonLiveTweetSeats

UltraViolet said...

More tweets:

#jakegyllenhaal's face as he watches himself on screen is priceless! #toocute #AndersonLiveTweetSeats @Anderson

Seeing @andersoncooper, #jakegyllenhaal and #michaelpena should be the way everyone is greeted in the morning. #AndersonLiveTweetSeats

#MichaelPena and JakeGyllenhaal just said @intelligentsia was their favorite coffee in LA! #AndersonLive

#JakeGyllenhaal speaking about being an incredible uncle #precious #AndersonLiveTweetSeats

#JakeGyllenhaal do you ever feel obligated to turn down roles so there is a chance for up and coming actors?

#JakeGyllenhaal "totally embarrassing" -- on breakdancing in a room full of cops! #Ha #AndersonLive @EndofWatchMovie

Interview is over, apparently. Seems like it was about a half hour. Who knows what will make it to the final show. Tweeting along was fun!

UltraViolet said...

Can we get #JakeGyllenhaal back out and do an accent-off with #HughLaurie?! #AndersonLiveTweetSeats

I added an EoW featurette. For some reason, a lot of youtube videos don't have the play button if you're inSafari. And those DailyMotion videos I posted, which have incredibly annoying ads at the beginning AND end, don't play on Safari either.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the featurette, I quite enjoyed it :)

I've given up on the DM videos - they play once but then my Safari shots down completely after. Very annoying!

Similar IT topic... I wonder if there is some way I can stop the ET Canada video (posted some days ago) from starting automatically whenever I open this site? The sound has shocked me a few times! And with all the new information I now have to scroll quite far down to turn it off each time! I guess it will stop automatically once that post moves to previous blog page (hopefully).

UltraViolet said...

I can probably remove it at this point. IT is really annoying - apologies.

The DM videos play in Firefox, if that helps. And the last one especially is pretty cute. The interviewer asks Jake if he actually got to go to a quinceanera.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone just ready for the film to just be out? It's becoming anti climatic, almost too much marketing and yet another week to go.

Anonymous said...

Alicia Quarles ‏@aliciaquarles
I ran into/chatted with, Jake Gyllenhaal earlier today who has a deep soul. Check our piece from the Toronto Film Fest tonight on @ENews

Anonymous said...

SKEETER ‏@SkeeterSez

Holy crap! Jake Gyllenhall just walked past and bumped me! #SoRandom

Anonymous said...

UltraViolet said...

I only saw the beginning of the 106 & Park segment, but apparently, Michael Pena just got on twitter. The hosts were urging Jake to do so. They asked how he keeps in touch with his fans and he said "I try to make good movies."


(He did also say he's thinking about Instagram. Baby steps, Jake!)

Anonymous said...

"I try to make good movies."

HA HA Go Jake!:)

Chica said...

Thanks for the Today clip,it was short but Jake was good and looked really pumped about the film. Can't believe it's coming out next week!

UV, I think BET airs 100 & Park again over the weekend, I wo have to check.

I really don't want Jake to go on twitter,instagram maybe.

Mary said...

What is instagram?

Rachel said...

Here's Jake and Michael (@realmichaelpena) on 106 & Park

Right at the beginning of the segment they talk about twitter and how Jake doesn't have it and is thinking about instagram.

Can someone tweet this clip to the fake Jake on twitter? ;-)

UltraViolet said...

Play tweets throughout the day:

Lost in the actors' performances in "If There is I Haven't Found it Yet". Amazing job #jakegyllenhaal #anniefunke #incredible #talented

Caught "If There Is..." @RTC_NYC on Sat. Good family drama w/ stellar cast and layered, effective & fascinating design. Great production!

Im worried everyone sloshing about onstage in the english anxiety play "if there is i havent found it yet" will catch cold #JakeGyllenhaal

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal tonight in this show. His hair is beyond.

Unemployment plan A: look good, make Jake Gyllenhaal fall in love w/ me tonight. #noplanb/Um.... Jake. British accent. Tiny theater. Dying./sadly I am going home alone/I like to think Jake spotted me in the last row or the theater & thought so too. #wishfulthinking

And I assume everyone has seen some variation of this. Slightly mean but funny.

I added that fan photo posted above, thanks, anon, as well as a photo taken outside the Today Show today. And added the BET video.

And yes, please, someone tweet that clip to FakeJake.

UltraViolet said...

Mary, Instagram is a photo application that a lot of people use to post photos. Most post-play photos are on Instagram:

nstagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network that was launched in October 2010. The service enables users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users they are connected to on the social network as well as on a variety of social networking services.[3] Instagram currently has 100 million registered users.[4] A distinctive feature is that it confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images, in contrast to the 4:3 aspect ratio typically used by mobile device cameras.

It would be fun to see Jake's photos!

UltraViolet said...

BTW, if anyone else is having Safari/youtube issues or issues with those Daily Motion videos, reinstall Flash and that might help. It did for me, though the DM videos are still iffy.

Alicia Malone (hug woman):
My five fave films amongst the ones I saw at #TIFF12: Cloud Atlas, Argo, The Place Beyond The Pines, Looper, End of Watch.

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in Times Square. Holy he is hot in real life!!
11:25 PM - 14 Sep 12

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch. Wow!!!! Probably the best cop movie I've ever seen.

Ran into a Backstreet Boys concert and Jake Gyllenhaal within 2 hours today #CelebritySightings

Hagen said... has revised down its box office projection for EoW again.

Opening weekend: $11 million (previous projection: $13 million)
Cumulative gross: $29 million (previous: $35 million)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, well. An $11 million weekend for a $7 million movie is pretty good. We'll see how it's spun. Hopefully, the movie will do even better.

New post.