Thursday, September 27, 2012

ALMA Jaker

The ALMA Awards were shown last week, and I completely missed them. Let's make up for that now.

Jake gets his flirt on:

ALMA Awards red carpet by GyllenBabble

Jake loves America. Ferrera, that is:

ALMA Awards MUN2 by GyllenBabble

Jake and Michael present:

Stuff white people like:

People End of Watch review and quick interview with Jake:

Great American Cinematographer article about Roman Vasyanov, End of Watch's cinematographer. It's very jargony, but there are some nice bits about Jake and Michael. But lots of spoilery photos!

Can Jake write his own ticket?

Anna likes scruffy Jake:

People chronicles Jake's changing look:


UltraViolet said...

Guys, you have to listen to the "Stuff White People Like" video. I say listen because it's a radio interview and we don't see Jake and Michael mostly. And when we do, it's in a mirror, so Jake's backwards. But it's hilarious.

Funny tweet:

#Justsaying #JakeGyllenhaal could quit is #acting job and become a #Cop he was so good at it in #TheEndofWatch.

Monica said...

tapley replied:

Kristopher Tapley ‏@kristapley
@Monicabbm He was fantastic.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV! The article on the cinematography was technical,but also very interesting. I was fascinated by the description of how they created and shot the housefire, and they showed how the inside of the police car really looked with all the film/sound equipment.

It was pretty jarring to read that they actually used a real crack house for the crack house scene, too. Good stuff.

Love the videos! "Brother from another mother." LOL! The radio interview was low budget,but lots of fun.

I love Anna Kendrick. : )

Monica said...

Exhibitor Relations
Wednesday's top movies: 1. END OF WATCH - $1.2M ($17M) 2. TROUBLE W/ THE CURVE - $1M ($15M) 3. FINDING NEMO - $725k ($32M)

Mary said...

Thanks for all the videos love hearing about all these little details about how things were fimed
and that EOW continues to be number 1 !!!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks for following up, Monica! That's a great response from Tapley.

I think Curve's numbers are being inflated :)

#1 all week, Mary. It won't last through the weekend but it's fun for now!

I love the part in the video when Jake's phone goes off. Classic. "Stuff white people like" is going to crack me up all day. "Taking a year off!"

Anna has been great fun, hasn't she. Who knew.

Bidding for a backstage photo with Jake is at $1550.

Mary said...

Yeah I know it wont last but hopefully it will be 2 or 3 it should if the good WOM continues.

Anonymous said...

It won't be 2 because of Looper and the horror cartoon movie, here's hoping for top 5 with at least 1/2 last week's box office. Trying to be realistic.

Scott said...

"Bidding for a backstage photo with Jake is at $1550."

$7.00 bucks for a magazine where he is not even the cover (should have been), a $100 bucks for a play, 15.00+ for a movie, $1550 and up for a photo with Jake.

Loving this man ain't cheap.

Hagen said...

EoW has grossed $38,499 in Turkey and enters the Turkish box office chart at #10 (Source Code: #3, $343,888). The movie might turn out to be Jake's most American movie.

Mary said...

Anon I not being unrealistic EOW wasnt expected to be number one at the box office either i figure Looper will be number one but you never know

Anonymous said...

I just saw EOW and I thought it was GREAT. I won't be surprised if it gets some award nominations (and hopefully some wins) I don't know how much more of a realistic cop movie you could make than this and Jake and Michael were over the top. Very realistic performances.


Anonymous said...

Oh no Mary I wasn't trying to be negative. I hope more than anything that I am wrong. Besides those 2 other new movies, one being a kiddie flick, there is Pitch Perfect and the Wallflower movie due for expansion, two geared toward women.

Scott said...

I don't know what it means or if its significant but EOW tv spot number 1 in America.

Tweety said...

Thanks for posting this UV, I totally missed the ALMA awards. My head is spinning with all this great stuff coming from Jake!!!

Hopefully EOW will at least come in @ # 3 at the BO this weekend with Looper and Hotel Transylvania opening, have my fingers crossed!

UltraViolet said...

Another celeb endorsement for the play:

MichelleTrachtenberg ‏@RealMichelleT
If u get the chance everyone must see the play "If There Is I haven't Found It Yet" in NYC The performances r amazing especially Annie Funke

From twitter:

Still in shock that I was sitting directly next to jake gyllenhaal on the subway. Holy shit that's tight

shoulda challenged him to paper rock scissors or something cool like that

thought about something cool but I didn't wanna bother him

yea probably a busy dude

seemed nice tho he smiled and waved at the girl back. Crazy shit


Just met Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC :D

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Scott. But the real question: Is Jake worth it?

Also, not sure what you mean about the TV spot. Is there an ad that says EoW is the #1 in America?

Lily, so glad you saw the movie and liked it. It is really good. And it's wonderful that it's getting such praise.

Hagen, I bet EoW will do better than Rendition internationally :)

Tweety, the ALMA Awards somehow got lost in the shuffle. I wish the whole clip was online. I wonder if Stephanie posted it. I'll have to check.

Viv said...

EOW is a very "American" movie.Even though I believe Jake's name can bring some people oveseas' attention, they won't eager to see this one,esp. in this difficult situation outside US(you know what I mean....)

But I never doubt Jake is pretty popular overseas, not Tome Cruise or Johnny Deep's popuplar, but still.

If EOW can earn over 8 million this weekend, this will be a damn good hold!!!Finger crossed.

Viv said...

It seems like openroadfilm will focus on US box office and won't put lots money on promoting EOW oveseas.

EOW will release this weekend in my country and I don't even see a single ad so far !!! Only posters putting "starring Jake Gyllenhaal" in theaters....

Anonymous said...

50 screens added to EOW, probably would have been more except Looper extended it's screen count.

You know something strange is going on with Eastwood's movie,in particular the screen counts, box office and fan interest. Something stinks.

Hagen said...

It seems like openroadfilm will focus on US box office and won't put lots money on promoting EOW oveseas.

Open Road Films distributes EoW only in North America. The production company had sold the international distribution rights at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 before the shooting started:

Screen: "Exclusive Films international sales chief has licensed rights to thriller End of Watch for the UK (Optimum), France (Metropolitan), Australia / New Zealand (Roadshow), Italy (Videa-CDE) and CIS (Paradise). Deals also closed in Latin America (California), Scandinavia (Nordisk), Benelux (Independent), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Singapore (Golden Village), South Africa (Nu Metro) an Thailand (M Pictures)."

The German distributor of EoW (Tobis) for example has specialized in movies that yield a rather modest box office, like Woody Allen's "To Rome with Love", "Jane Eyre" and the upcoming "Hyde Park at Hudson".

So far I've only watched a small part of Conan's interview with Jake, but Jake's surname seems to be a constant source of joy over and over again. :)

Monica said...

Jake on Conan:

Jake Gyllenhaal On Getting In Shape For "End Of Watch"

Jake Gyllenhaal Rode With The LAPD For Five Months

Nobody Says Jake Gyllenhaal's Name Correctly

Chica said...

I missed the Alma awards too, Mucho Gracias UV!!!

Thanks for the recaps on the Conan appearance Monica, I saw only a bit of the interview. Nothing really new but a fun interview.

With Looper and Transylvania entering the BO this weekend, I think EOW will probably come in at #3.

Hagen said...

EoW added $1,046,554 to its box office on Thursday (total U.S. gross: $18,168,632).

UltraViolet said...

I was hoping it would go up on Thursday. But still over $1million.

Another celebrity endorser for Eow:

Patton Oswalt ‏@pattonoswal
Wow. END OF WATCH. Brutal & brilliant. Not for everyone -- and I mean that as a compliment. #followmeintothehouse

Hey Twitter dipshits -- I'm cool with you disagreeing with my gushing opinion of END OF WATCH, but could you do it sans spoilers?

Avoid my "@" mentions for a bit. Some about-to-be-blocked assholes are spoiling the brilliant END OF WATCH.

Love his hashtag!

Thanks for the videos, Monica. The Conan interview was hilarious, as usual. They have a great rapport.

Gangster little Jake being the boy from Jerry Maguire was too funny.

UltraViolet said...

BTW, Stephanie did have the full ALMA presentation, so I put that in the post.

From FB:

I'm literally a stones throw away from Jake Gyllenhaal!!! I'm dying!!

You guys are breathing the same air!!!!
about an hour ago via mobile

Yeah, I basically had lunch with him. Lol!


Just saw jake gyllenhaal on the street. That almost never happened when I lived in arkansas.

Saw him on subway a few months ago , he's cute

Was he delicious in person?

And the FB post of the day:

FB post of the day to Jake:

I would so totally have your love child if I still had a uterus. Haahaahaa. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Nella Vera ‏@spinstripes

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal last night at a bar and totally fangirled him. He was very gracious and bore with my babbling. #jacknasty

Monica said...

End of Watch ‏@EndOfWatchMovie
NYC! See Jake Gyllenhaal at the Regal Union Square tonight & tomorrow night for a LIVE Q&A following the 8:10pm showing of #EndOfWatch!

bobbyanna said...

Saw several tweets: Jake & America Ferrara are doing the Q&A right now @ Union Square.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, and look - she went to the play:

In NYC about to watch "If there is I haven't found it yet"...A couple rows behind you @AmericaFerrera! Can we be friends?
7:31 PM - 28 Sep 12

Anonymous said...

Daniela Cimo ‏@danicimo

Ladies and gentlemen, the beautiful Jake GyllenhaalšŸ˜ @ Laura Pels Theatre

Anonymous said...

Daniela Cimo ‏@danicimo

please marry me @jakegyllenhaal

Hagen said...

Box office projection for this weekend:

#5 End Of Watch
Friday $2.1M
Weekend $6.9M
Cume $25.2M

The box office of EoW will drop by an estimated 48 percent on its second weekend. Not great, but not that bad either. and Boxofficemojo both warned that police dramas usually don't hold up well on their second weekends ("Street Kings" and "Brooklyn's Finest" both dropped by 66.5 percent). And obviously there's intense competition by "Looper". EoW will probably fall behind "Trouble with the Curve", not sure about "House at the End of the Street" chart position.

Anonymous said...

Eow did come in 5th behind Trans and Looper, Curve and HAtes but only 100,000 less than both Curve and Hates who I believe are once again inflating their numbers. On Twitter EOW was sold out in some locations beating even Looper. I think its another case of waiting until actuals on Monday.

Monica said...

Exhibitor Relations ‏@ERCboxoffice

Anonymous said...

I think many movies will lose out when the Hobbit movie comes out (I think in Nov? not sure. I just hope that all people who make up the list of nominees for the awards do not overlook EOW


bobbyanna said...

Lily, I'm looking forward to The Hobbit, too, & to Les Miserables. I think those two along with Ben Affleck's Argo will get nominations for BP. I really don't see EoW getting a BP nomination from GG or AMPAS. Anything can happen but not getting my hopes up.

I'd love to see Jake & Michael get some recognition. I'm not getting my hopes up for that either, but who knows! SAG, GG, even AMPAS or Indie Spirit. They just might pull it off.

The critics and the fans both love it and it's doing really well, so that's a lot to be happy about. it will be interesting to see how the awards season shapes up.

I think we'll see Anne Hathaway nominated, even two noms in separate categories. I think this might be her year.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I won't get to excited about awards for EOW, I don't want to get me hopes up but I'm sure thrilled with the response! Deadline predicts that it will come in at # 3 this weekend which is fantastic!

Plan on seeing it again tomorrow.
The Hobbit comes out in December Lily, can't wait for that! Hearing great buzz dor Annis for Les Mis.

I was tempted to see Maggie and Viola Davis' new film Won't Back Down despite the union bashing theme but when I heard about one of the people funding it and the free screenings for Tea Party types I said no way :(

Sorry to get political here but I have to draw the line with this.

UltraViolet said...

I wasn't really even tempted, OONP, but once I heard about the financing, no way. It's not doing too well, but I don't know if that's because of the politics or the subject matter. The reviews have been brutal.

I think EoW will have to do better at the box office to get serious awards consideration. I can definitely see Michael making it in for Supporting Actor, despite the fact that they are both leads. Would love to see Jake in there, but will try not to think about it!

Some tweets/posts from last night:

I just asked Jake Gyllenhaal a question at a q&a. Does this mean we're married now?

Ben Lyons ‏@iamBenLyons
NYC! Go see @endofwatchmovie Saturday at 815pm at the Regal Union Square. The actor who plays Officer Brian Taylor will be there to do a Q&A

meeting Jake Gyllenhaal and America Ferrera after their AMAZING new movie #EndofWatch >>>>>>>>> #holyshit #amazing

At Q&As people always announce their life story. Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't care you go to NYU. He won't want to hook up with you afterwards./Jake Gyllenhaal and America Ferrara Q&A after #EndofWatch last night were funny, patient and kind despite real a-hole New Yorker questions.

UltraViolet said...

Lucky Katie:

Katie Couric ‏@katiecouric
With Jake Gyllenhaal at the @GlobalFestival! #GlobalCitizen

UltraViolet said...

Jake's definitely packing a lot into his days! Another tweet:

K'naan and Band of Horses blew me away. Also was almost close enough to touch Jake Gyllenhall and Petra Nemcova. :)

This is funny - talking about the NHL lockout:

Katie Strang ‏@KatieStrangESPN
#CBA Two sides will meet again tmrw. May go over HRR again, but sounds like Sunday's discussions will center on legal issues, grievances etc

On an unrelated note, Jake Gylenhaal just emerged from theater next door, causing a fan frenzy. Tough act for (NHL Deputy Commissioner) Daly to follow
3:02 PM - 29 Sep 12

bobbyanna said...

Yeah, Jake sure gets around! : )
Cute pic with Katie C.
The Global Citizen Festival concert is ivestreaming from Central Park right now:

Twitter said...

Kept it semi-professional at Q&A with Jake Gyllenhaal in Union Square. Confused Jake afterwards: "You were actually nice to me this time."
Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite
9:47 PM - 29 Sep 12

Monica said...

Josh Horowitz ‏@joshuahorowitz
To clarify, jake g was joking. He's truly one of my favorites to talk to. And he's having a great moment with "end of watch". Well deserved

bobbyanna said...

OT: Anne Hathaway and Adam Schulman got married in Big Sur tonight, confirmed @ justjared.

Congrats and best wishes to them!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Anne, too bad Jake wasn't there. I wonder if she and Michelle are friends. Hollywood is so strange when it comes to relationships at all levels.

Anonymous said...

Derek Stupski ‏@Derek_Stupski

Me and @Dwalsh_2 just met and hung out with jake gyllenhaal

perpendicular. ‏@unparalleled__

Just saw End of Watch & did a Q&A with Jake Gyllenhaal. What a beautiful man

Anonymous said...

Amy King ‏@iamamyking

MMy first celeb since moving to NY...and it just happens to be my future husband Jake Gyllenhaal

Monica said...

Anne Mackenzie
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Williams outside in NYC - Couldn't think of a good way to go say HI :)

Hagen said...

"End of Watch" didn't win the "International Feature Film Competition" at the Zurich Film Festival, but it got a 'special mention' for its cast ensemble (press release in English).

Hagen said...

The updated box office projection is more favorable for EoW than the first estimate:

#3. End Of Watch
Friday $2.3M, Saturday $3.2M, Weekend $7.7M (-41%), Cume $25.8M

Anonymous said...

Meeting Mr. Gyllenhaal. It was a dream come true for me!

Anonymous said...

Danielle ‏@BDADLM1

@Jake_Gyllenhaal loved meeting you

Hagen said...

Weekend estimate for EoW by Open Road:

$8,000,265 (-39%)
total: $26,168,897

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I'd love it if it went over $8 million. These usually fall, but still better than Friday's predictions. Nice.

And nice honorable mention award from that Zurich festival. I could see EoW getting a SAG Ensemble award, if the awards buzz continues. I don't know if Open Road can mount an awards campaign, but I hope they try.

I wonder if they will see or have seen the play:

My brother just met Jake gylenhall Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips wtf
1:12 AM - 30 Sep 12

From the Q&A. We've heard this from Anna - would love to hear Jake's side:

Jake also revealed Anna Kendrick nailed the dance moves first try. But, it took him several times to get it. Much to her annoyance.

Scott said...

"Hagen said...
Weekend estimate for EoW by Open Road:

$8,000,265 (-39%)
total: $26,168,897

That's darn good (if it holds) for a small film who was initially slated to finished 5th during its opening. Its only been out 10 days. 20% higher hold than Ayers last 2 "cop" movies. You can't compare EOW to bigger films with special effects and such.

A prediction for next Pitch Perfect might win the box office, just saying. Good for Anna, I don't think she gets enough buzz and she should. She could be in 3 number one films this year, EOW, PP and Twlight(if she is in that movie).

Scott said...

meant "next week"

Anonymous said...

sounds like Michelle and Busy went to see Jake's play.

congrats to Anne and Adam on their marriage.


Monica said...

I don't know if Open Road can mount an awards campaign, but I hope they try.

I wonder if John Lesher will try, after all, he is one of the producers.

Viv said...

I am good!!!(I predicted EOW will over 8 million this weekend!!)

Doog for Anna!!!She is so cute and sweet in EoW.:)

Twitter said...

@hughhefner: The Sunday night Mansion movie is Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena & Anna Kendrick in "End of Watch."” #MustBeNice #Playboy

Anonymous said...

"@hughhefner: The Sunday night Mansion movie is Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena & Anna Kendrick in "End of Watch."” #MustBeNice #Playboy"

I hope Hef called in the box office receipts for the mansion.

Could so make a difference on Monday morning. Lol....

bobbyanna said...

This is from FB in reference to last night:

"Dilemmas I'm faced with in NYC: how do you say hi to Jake Gylenhaal and Michelle Williams without sounding like a douche?
Answer: you debate til they go back inside.

Also, I like that I have to be the one to point them out after 6 of my friends all walk by them. — with 2 others at Minetta Tavern"
17 hrs ago

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter:

Scratch that. Jake Gyllenhaal is here too and we made eye contact. So NOW I can move home forever. That's a wrap, folks.

Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips are both present at the Bell House. If Katie Holmes shows up, she's required to bring Paula Cole.

45mJill Ellen Glaser‏@jilelln

Sitting in the same room as Michelle Williams. My number 1 BK fantasy has come true....guess I can pack it up and move back to GA now!

The Bell House, a club in BK is featuring an ensemble sketch comedy tonight featuring Busy Phillips, and looks likeMichille Williams & Jake came to watch. :)

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thanks for posting that, Bobbyanna. I hope they go to see Jake, too.

Good job on the box office, Viv. You're becoming a pro.

And LOL, anon. Hef and company could put EoW over the $8 million mark

Today, someone tweeted:

just saw not jake gyllenhaal #nyartbookfair

But perhaps it was:

spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal in his intellectual outfit @PRINTED_MATTER NY Art Book Fair ;p #delayedtweet

And just for the heck of it - one more EoW tweet:

End of Watch. #followmeintothehouse David Ayer master writer/director. Gyllenhaal & PeƱa delivered. Real, gritty & memorable.

UltraViolet said...

And this is from last week:

Just sat next to Donny darko

Just sat directly next to jake gyllenhall on the subway literally right next to him. Didn't even notice it was him for like 5 stops

Put that on my life. Dude had a beard and a hat on with a back pack n tattoos lol wouldn't even have

And then this girl waved at him and then everyone started to notice who he was and he got off on the next stop

Anonymous said...

Vitina Jankowski ‏@tinabeana_27

@jake_gyllenhaal totally tried to meet you in bk tonight at my cousins job :(

Jenn Misko ‏@jennmisko

I tried to take an over-the-shoulder paparazzi pic of Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle William @ The Bell House

UltraViolet said...

That is quite a shot, lol.

New post.