Friday, September 21, 2012

Take a bow

Congratulations to the If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet company on a successful opening night.


The raw pain of a teenage girl is not an easy thing to witness, and scribe Nick Payne makes no attempt to sugarcoat the anguish in his blistering domestic drama, "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet." But a compassionate production from ardent director Michael Longhurst -- one with committed perfs from selfless thesps Jake Gyllenhaal, Brian F. O'Byrne, and Michelle Gomez and a brave turn from young Annie Funke -- can provide the dubious comfort of a bloodletting. ...

The only person with the slightest inkling of what it feels like to be an outcast like Anna is George's younger brother, Terry, a jumped-up, juiced-up, totally screwed-up good-for-nothing with the good sense to know that he's good for nothing. Terry has a keen and incredibly snide sense of humor as far as his brother is concerned. "How about weed?" he asks, when George delivers one of his endlessly boring lectures about the environmental impact of petrol and cheeseburgers and lattes and everything else under the sun. "What's the carbon footprint of a joint?"

No wonder Anna loves her bad-boy uncle, as do we all. They speak the same language because they feel the same pain. In Gyllenhaal's wonderfully manic, crazy-like-a-fox perf, it's fairly obvious that Terry, no less than Anna, is one of those endangered species being pushed off the edge of the planet. Unless, of course, they manage to spit out the indigestible garbage that people like George keep trying to shove down their throats. ...

Bloomberg News

It’s raining buckets onstage in Nick Payne’s “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet.”

No amount of slosh can dampen Jake Gyllenhaal’s U.S. stage debut as a foul-mouth prodigal who wreaks havoc on his brother’s troubled home. It’s a free-wheeling performance of high comic energy and rude bombast unmatched since Mark Rylance masticated the scenery in another British import, “Jerusalem.”

Like that play, “If There Is” has a ramshackle plot and a lot on its mind, the disparate elements of which float maddeningly in and out of view over the course of one long act. ...

New York Times

Amiable, scruffy, erratic, well-intentioned, full of promise and self-sabotaging — such is the nature of Terry, the stoner character with which the movie star Jake Gyllenhaal has chosen to make his very creditable New York stage debut. Such is also the nature, for better or worse, of the play in which he appears. ...

It’s the relationship between Terry and Anna, though, that gives the play its strongest emotional heat. When Anna is suspended from school (for head-butting another student), Terry, who has shown up on his big brother’s doorstep, effectively becomes Anna’s nanny for a couple of weeks. And the production daringly flirts with a nascent — and somehow natural — eroticism between the affection-starved girl and her alarmed uncle.

Onstage, Mr. Gyllenhaal — who has starred in genre-spanning films ranging from “Brokeback Mountain” to “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” — is winningly at ease as he plays an uncomfortable character. His crablike sideways walk, his coherent mumbling (in a convincingly sustained British accent) and his shy yet confrontational gaze all speak persuasively of Terry’s uneasiness in navigating the new terrain of delayed-onset adulthood. ...

As a portrait of familial ambivalence, “If There Is” doesn’t approach the touching verisimilitude of “You Can Count On Me.” But it’s a perfectly palatable hors d’oeuvre in that it anticipates greater things to come from Mr. Payne, who has obviously since found the “it” that makes a first-rate playwright.

Associated Press

What if you're drowning in misery and nobody seems to care? The despair of being bullied is one theme of Nick Payne's clever, edgy domestic drama, "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet," about a British family that knows it's falling apart but can't seem to take action to stop it. ...

Without leaking too many details, wonderfully unexpected things happen with water and props in director Michael Longhurst's exciting, inventive staging. A delicate waterfall and a pool provide dramatic metaphors for the overwhelming unhappiness building within the central character, an overweight and bullied teenage girl named Anna whose family seems remarkably unable to figure out how to help her. ...

Anna's uncle Terry is played with zeal by Jake Gyllenhaal, extremely effective in his New York stage debut. George's charming but aimless younger brother bursts in on the family after a few years away. Gyllenhaal crackles with self-loathing and anger, as Terry hopes to mend a romance he destroyed. Terry takes a kindly interest in Anna and their friendship blossoms, but then he gets bogged down in typical poor decision-making, leaving Anna more despondent than before. ...

The combined inability of these three adults to understand and act upon the depth of Anna's growing misery sparks a cataclysmic situation, much like CO2 piling up in our atmosphere.

Kudos to Beowulf Boritt for set design, and to the whole production crew for creating major watery magic. Whether this family can pull themselves out of their troubled waters is another matter, but they're worth rooting for in this complex, compelling drama.


It’s clear that Nick Payne has a keen understanding of the minefield that is the human heart. His “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” offers a rigorously unsentimental yet deeply empathetic portrait of a loving family in crisis. Director Michael Longhurst’s inventive abstract staging supports Payne beautifully, and the terrific Jake Gyllenhaal, sporting a flawless working-class regional English accent in his American stage debut, eschews a star turn to take his place in a top-flight four-person ensemble. It all makes for a riveting evening of theater.

Payne’s ear for speech is impressively acute, with the four disparate ways the characters speak revealing volumes about who they are, and the gifted company is flawlessly attuned to the rhythms. Gyllenhaal’s Terry is a profane rush of fractured syntax and dropped words and phrases, yet the actor makes every intention and meaning startlingly clear. He’s quite adept at negotiating Terry’s sudden shifts of temper and provides an intriguing mix of self-righteousness and lack of confidence. Brían F. O’Byrne is a pompous yet sympathetic George, whose halting, deliberate words and upper-class accent mark him as his own carefully constructed invention. Terry and George couldn’t be more different from each other, but in the hands of Gyllenhaal and O’Byrne they are completely believable siblings.

Michelle Gomez stresses Fiona’s strength, capability, and frustration, all qualities underscored by her clipped, precise diction and habit of speaking in well-formed sentences. Annie Funke has a symphony of silences as Anna—sullen, glowering, tentative, judgmental—when she isn’t pouring out rapid-fire teen-speak or landing a terse observation. Funke excels at simultaneously highlighting Anna’s vulnerability and fortitude.

Entertainment Weekly

Just about everything in British playwright Nick Payne's If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet is topical: There's a bullied plus-size 15-year-old named Anna (Annie Funke). Her clueless dad, George (Mildred Pierce's Brían F. O'Byrne), is a global-warming obsessive writing a book about the carbon footprint of everyday living. Her teacher mother, Fiona (Michelle Gomez), is distracted by her own mom's descent into Alzheimer's. And then there's Anna's ne'er-do-well uncle, whose chief claim to our attention may be the fact that he's played by Jake Gyllenhaal (in his New York stage debut). It's a suitably recessive role for the young movie star, who nails the slackerly aloofness (and British accent), if not the undercurrents of anger that would lead him to trash a romantic rival's car.

Director Michael Longhurst works overtime to make Payne's symbolism as literal as possible. There's a vast pool of water at the front edge of the stage at the Roundabout's Off Broadway Laura Pels Theatre into which the actors toss furniture and props as the play progresses, detritus meant to evoke the rising tides from melting polar ice caps. The climax offers a striking bit of stagecraft, but one that threatens to overwhelm the slender banks of Payne's story and the modest trajectories of his characters, so blinkered by their private fixations that they often fail to see the big picture. B

USA Today

No one could accuse Jake Gyllenhaal of taking the easy road in his American stage debut.

In Nick Payne's If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet ( * * out of four), the film star plays Terry, one of two brothers whose lives have taken different paths. Terry's elder sibling, George â?? played by the superb Brian F. O'Byrne â?? is a professor and obsessive environmentalist who lives with his wife and teenage daughter in an unspecified U.K town. ...

Gyllenhaal, who won acclaim on the London stage before becoming a marquee name, brings authenticity and generosity to his role in this ensemble work. His tortured but fundamentally decent Terry has an easy, endearing rapport with Funke's pitiable but plucky Anna.

Let's hope that he'll return to the theater — and with better material next time.

Theater Mania

Hollywood's Jake Gyllenhaal does not deliver a star turn in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, at the Roundabout's Laura Pels Theatre. And that's a good thing. He is instead part of a solid ensemble of actors who breathe life into Nick Payne's quietly affecting drama. ...

It's into this environment that George's brother Terry (Gyllenhaal) arrives. A drifter with anger issues and a proclivity for foul language, Terry is an unlikely role model for Anna. And yet, the two develop a friendship that is complexly drawn by the playwright, and well played by the actors who suggest the possible improprieties in the uncle-niece relationship in both subtle and overt fashion.

Gyllenhaal's hangdog expressions are endearing, and his charged rapport with Funke makes their characters' connection to one another both believable and unsettling. For her part, Funke displays a good mixture of bravado and vulnerability. ...

Time Out New York

It looks as if a natural disaster hit the stage of the Laura Pels Theatre. Beowulf Boritt’s set of chairs, tables and other furniture is piled high in the center—blown there, or shored up by frantic survivors? And what’s with the trough of water at the edge of the stage—are we expecting a flood? Not far into Nick Payne’s brutally honest and tender family tale If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, you realize that the cause of this disorder isn’t a hurricane, but rather a man-made catastrophe. Using set changes that are both practical and neatly metaphoric, director Michael Longhurst shows that sometimes people with the highest ideals make the biggest messes. ...

Gyllenhaal is making his New York stage debut here, and it’s a beaut. Perfectly nailing a London drawl and exuding an air of rumpled, unwashed profanity leavened by flashes of wit and boyish ardor, he renders Terry an utterly vivid, laddish mensch. The cast surrounding Gyllenhaal is equally sensational, even though there’s no need to bolster the film star. Gomez is all weary, pinched compromise, and as the plus-size outcast, Funke earns our sympathy without resorting to cuteness or pathos. O’Byrne, too long absent from New York, gives a magnificently balanced performance. Gentle yet obtuse, deeply moral but impotent, his stammering George is a man who stands to gain the world, but could lose his family. The ending of this stirring, humane, insightful work suggests that perhaps we shouldn’t have to choose.

Curtain Up:

If there is a less likely vehicle and venue for a celebrity screen actor's American stage debut, it's a play at an Off-Broadway theater by a British playwright who's unknown to New York Theater goers. But that's exactly the play and place where Jake Gyllenhaal is making his first American stage appearance, at the same time his newest film, End of Watch, opens.

If Gyllenhaal thought this would allow him to avoid Broadway's post-show crowds wanting to have their programs signed, the mob outside the Laura Pells the night I was there says otherwise. Neither should Gyllenhaal's fans expect him to be the indisputable star of If There Is I Haven't Found It aYet. Though his character is the catalyst that gets the plot boiling in Nick Payne's grammatically incorrect and awkwardly titled dark comedy this is not a star vehicle. Each character of the 4-member ensemble is equally important in establishing the dysfunctional mom-dad-daughter (Michelle Gomez, Brian E. O'Byrne, Annie Funke) and uncle (Gyllenhaal) as symbols of the state of the world. ...

While all the performances are good, it's Annie Funke's Anna who breaks your heart and Gyllenhaal's Terry who is Payne's most compelling and complex character. Gyllenhaal is eminently watchable as he navigates between his character's potty-mouthed surface and his deeper feelings of anger, empathy and yearning.

More reviews:

Vogue: With If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, by the British playwright Nick Payne, Jake Gyllenhaal returns to the stage for the first time in a decade, not as a brazen leading man but as a scared, emotionally broken child of circumstance. ...

Gyllenhaal’s performance is detailed and controlled enough to bring such particulars to life, channeling the angry restlessness of a character who dreams big but can’t start to get started. With his hair matted into an unkempt ruff and his movements quick and skittish as a hungry animal’s in a dark larder, Terry is a frightened, quivering rodent of a beta male. Funke’s Anna, meanwhile, is his complement onstage, a beaten kid with an adult’s hard spine. ...

It’s a haunting image, and an apt one, too. From Anna’s painful encounters with bullies to Terry’s bad romance, virtually all of the trauma here happens offstage, making what we actually see a kind of wreckage: not the hot explosive center but its cooling shards. The detritus piles up. “Are we worth saving, if we’re not prepared to change?” George asks at one point, of his foundering eco-rescue effort. Perhaps the most shocking thing about Payne’s play is that his answer, if it comes at all, is chilly with ambivalence.

NY 1: The drama is compelling enough particularly with this cast. Brian F. O'Byrne and Michelle Gomez as loving but flawed parents are sublime. Annie Funke handles teen angst with shattering honesty and Jake Gyllenhaal in only his second stage appearance is extraodinary. Moment to moment this movie star's performance rivals the most seasoned Broadway professionals.

The title is apparently a response to the play's thematic question: Is our way of life worth preserving if we're not prepared to change? I can't answer that but I can say this compassionate and insightful drama, even with some missteps, is a keeper.

Hollywood Reporter: Jake Gyllenhaal had a London stage success in 2002 with Kenneth Lonergan’s This Is Our Youth, but until now the actor has never done theater in New York. It’s a pleasure to see him apply his mellow charisma to a minor-key ensemble role rather than marching into town full of star swagger. But Gyllenhaal’s choice of British playwright Nick Payne’s unremarkable If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet to make his Off Broadway debut is perplexing.

Newsday: We all live in at least two parallel universes, one personal and the other global. Or at least we do in "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" -- Nick Payne's apocalyptic British domestic drama that, among other notable things, introduces Jake Gyllenhaal to the New York stage.

Gyllenhaal, currently also on-screen as an L.A. cop in "End of Watch," makes an admirable, low-key debut here as part of a four-character ensemble in which the people and story intentionally compete with the set. He plays Terry, the scruffy, sensitive but dangerously impetuous drifter who arrives unannounced to his obsessed, environmentalist brother's home and befriends his bullied, overweight teenage niece.

NY Post: Nick Payne’s family drama has garnered a lot of attention because it marks Jake Gyllenhaal’s New York theater debut. Spoiler alert: He and his English accent are perfectly fine. ...

Into this unhappy household comes George’s younger brother, the slackerish Terry (Gyllenhaal), who warms to his unhappy niece. Broody in a young James Dean kind of way — he rakes his hand through his hair a lot — Gyllenhaal has an appealing, fumbling romanticism.

He and O’Byrne also have a convincing relationship as estranged siblings with a shared inability to communicate with loved ones. ...

But as good as the actors are, they can’t conceal the fact that they’re playing clichés thrown into overly familiar situations. You can over-direct this Family Dysfunction 101 class all you want, but it just looks like someone wearing clothes three sizes too big.

New Jersey Newsroom: Movie hunk Jake Gyllenhaal ably makes his U.S. stage debut in “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet,” a new drama about a troubled British family that literally proves to be all wet. ...

The unexpected arrival of the foul-mouthed, useless but rather adorable Terry for a visit more or less leads to the major family meltdown that inundates the stage. A scruffy man-child who is nursing long-term heartbreak, Terry is a juicy supporting role that a relaxed Gyllenhaal embodies agreeably enough, using plenty of arms-splaying gestures to indicate the character’s inability to verbally express himself.

In contrast to Gyllenhaal’s charming performance, O’Byrne looks subdued, Gomez seems sharp and Funke is inscrutable.

The playwright’s stuttering or fragmentary dialogue stresses the inarticulate nature of the characters whose tensions are compounded by their lack of communication. In some ways a surprisingly sophisticated drama by a promising young author (Payne was 25 when he wrote it), “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” disappointingly subsides into a so-what conclusion following its splashy climax.

NY Daily News:

“If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” is a small ensemble play getting a big profile boost from Jake Gyllenhaal.

Happily, the “Brokeback Mountain” Oscar nominee shows off sturdy stage chops in his New York theater debut.

He’s touching, funny and completely convincing as Uncle Terry, a scruffy man-boy chronically adrift, profane, bad with boundaries, but with a good heart. In short, Terry is far from perfect but likable.

The same goes for this 90-minute one-act by British playwright Nick Payne, an up-and-comer who puts his own spin on the popular topic of family dysfunction and durability.

Talkin Broadway: Gyllenhaal is terrific and ideally cast as Terry, playing the young man as an adult male version of Anna who's never been able to completely abandon his own insecurities. Nervous tics abound (he cannot keep his legs still, whether standing or sitting), and the swaggering confidence he displays is always undercut by the apparent belief that nothing about him is good enough to accept as is. It's a detailed, charismatic performance of exactly appropriate theatrical size, something not all movie stars prove capable of when treading the New York boards — his is an extremely impressive debut.

Some friends and family came out to see Jake on the stage:

Congratulations to Jake on two incredible pieces of acting premiering in two days. I hope he is enjoying this ride.

(Photos courtesy of Yahoo, NY Times and Walter McBride Photography.)


UltraViolet said...

Current Rotten Tomato score: 85%.

I'd estimate the play review score to be lower, but still fresh. And Jake's tomatometer for the play would definitely be high.

Chica said...

First I want to thank you for doing this amazing post at 2:AM, you have been awesome during this worldwind UV!!! And thanks for collecting all the revies for the play, a one stop reading of the reviews!

I'm of course excited about the reviews from the NY papers, they are giving kudos to Jake and Anna for the most part and mixed to good reviews to the play overall.

He is also getting raves for EOW, what an exciting week for Jake and his fans, he will be on Kelly and Michael and Anderson Live today and the ALMA awards are on tonight as well.

Good times all around, plan on seing EOW after work today!

bobbyanna said...

UV, this is nothing short of amazing.

The pictures of Jake on that stage are just beautiful! He looks so proud & so happy!

Have to say it: Best Fan Blog ever!

Chica, yes, Annie & Jake got the highest praise across the board and the play's reviews, while mixed were mostly favorable. No one panned it outright.

Today is EoW day!!!Yesss!!!!!!!!!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Chica and Bobbyanna. I really think it's remarkable for Jake to have these two pieces, where he plays such different characters, opening so close together and to be so well received.

I wish the play reviews overall were better, but it seems greedy to ask for that on top of everything else.

Just added a great video of Jake being interviewed after the play. He seems really happy :)

UltraViolet said...

Jake on NPR Morning Edition.

This reviewer thinks the play is set in Scotland...

Mary said...

Thanks UV I think overall the reviews have been pretty good. As expected every one thought the acting was good especially Jake and Anna but didnt care much for the play itself.

Monica said...

I'm very happy to see all this praise he is receiving for End of Watch and If There Is I Have not Found It Yet.
I confess I did not expect to see so many compliments for End of Watch. Seriously, looking at RT, this is the first film directed by Ayer to have a positive score (And I do not like his movies).
And the play made ​​me nervous because of the accent, but thankfully everything is going wonderfully well.

End of watch review:

Gyllenhaal and Pena are outstanding, but largely it's Gyllenhaal's character that runs the gamut of emotions involving his new found love for his girlfriend (Anna Kendrick), his occasional cowboy behavior, his naivete, his compassion for Mike and just his overall sense of humor and personality. This wouldn't have worked, of course, without Pena's contributions, a character with a wife he loves and a completely different personal life than Brian's, but the two compliment each other so well it works out perfectly.


Overall, End of Watch is a raw, intense and emotionally thrilling cop drama with solid performances and a narrative that keeps you intrigued throughout. You're invited into the lives of these two police officers and get to know them, those close to them and other members of the police force on a level you become invested in their well-being. I certainly recommend it as a film to check out in theaters and one I'll certainly be looking to watch again on Blu-ray.

Anonymous said...

bobbyanna said...

Monica, I know how you felt! : ) I had reservations about Jake working with Ayer. (I was surprised to realize I'd seen so many of his movies.)

Just goes to show : ) Jake had something very definite in mind by making this choice, and he succeeds beautifully.

With "If there Is.." I was worried about that accent. I knew Jake could do the accent, but I thought it would not be well-received.

I wondered would critics seize it as an opportunity to disparage, and would audiences accept the characterization?

Again,it's just been so wonderful to see how brilliantly Jake has succeeded. I'm very happy for him.

Wanted to say, it's great to see him smiling, too! That very first picture? That is just the sweetest smile. That's my favorite.

Tonight is Jimmy Fallon, Anderson airs today, too.

Mary said...

i bought the vogue magazine it has a small interview done with Jake nothing new but did say Jake was looking for a project to start in Janurary hope thats a clue for his next project:)

It also mentioned that he had finished filming an enemy and nailed dont know why the interviewer mentioned that one maybe he doesnt know it will probably not see the light of say.

UltraViolet said...

#EndofWatch trending worldwide at 2:20 :)


Wishing my fabulous co-worker from #AnEnemy #JakeGyllenhaal all the very best on his new #NY play #IfThereIHaventFoundItYet

Head out to see #EndofWatch my awesome co-worker #JakeGyllenhaal rocks it! Opens today.

No way to keep up with all the EoW, Anderson Cooper and play tweets today! I wonder if tweety is out there - she hasn't checked in for a few days! Probably hiding from the onslaught.

You know who else I've been wondering about: Suvee. She wanted Jake to try something really new, and I think the play certainly qualifies. If you're out there, suvee, hope you get to see it!

Added another positive play review, the first under More Reviews. From NY1.

UltraViolet said...

Slightly different version of the post play video - you get to see Jake and Brian and Jake and Anna kidding around. No new interview snippets though.

And a Vogue review added, too. With the benefit of that black and white photo.

Aww - such a nice tweet from Emma Watson:

Go see 'if there is I haven't found it yet'. Now my FAVOURITE play. So funny and sad. Jake is amazing. Actually felt homesick.
1:18 PM - 21 Sep 12

gyllencrazy said...

Exciting times for us Gyllenhaalics!

I'll second bobbyanna's comment: best fan blog ever, GB!

Aren't you all proud of our guy?

Anonymous said...

Anna was so sweet on Anderson. And Emma way to go girl, Jake can be charming but I was hoping for Scarlett and Jake, a hot jewish couple.

Hagen said...

Tweet from Emma Watson:

Go see 'if there is I haven't found it yet'. Now my FAVOURITE play. So funny and sad. Jake is amazing. Actually felt homesick.

Wow, great to hear that from a British actress.

Mary said...

Darn Anderson comes on at 100 here in CA but their are showing live coverage of the space shuttle flying over so dont know if they will be showing Anderson

Anonymous said...

... ‏@IgetsBizzy

haaaa jake gyllenhaal jus pulled up next to us

Anonymous said...

Tania Yusof ‏@TaniaYusof

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal along Broadway. I swear it happened, i was just too slow taking my camera out

Mary said...

Well thanks to the space shuttle Anderson wasnt on out here but Stephanie had the videos up Jake and Michael were great really enjoyed the interview now cant wait for the alma awards and jimmy fallon later tonite. I wont be seeing EOW till sunday my sister wants to see it and she will be gone tomorrow hopefully I can hold out till sunday:)

Tweety said...

Waves to UV, yes it's an onslaught and I love it! You should be the one taking bows UV, you have been doing a bang up job keeping up with all the excitement as usual!!!

I' so hapy for Jake, this has to be so mind-blowing for him right now, he is getting raves for his work on stage and screen.

I haven't seen the Anderson or Kelly/Michael interviews yet looking forward to seeing them.

Anna is a pretty girl and I love her dress and I can't get over how reddish Jake's hair looks under the lights.

What a great turnout for his play, I'm so glad he decided to do it.

I would love for Suvee to pop in too UV!!

Just a few tweets reminding everyone what a busy week he has had, LOL!!:

Madeline Luka ♣JF ‏@MamalukaPR

Jake Gyllenhaal on @LatenightJimmy @JimmyFallon today!!!

3h Brittany Valadez‏@brittanyvaladez

@AlmaAwards will be on at 7 on @nbc !!! Who's watching?!? I am!! #ALMA12 All your favorite stars including Jake Gyllenhaal, Eva, George etc!

3h Bryan Koenig‏@bkoenig94

.@endofwatchmovie free screening. Let's see what Jake Gyllenhaal can do while bald

Viv said...

Fri box office prediction:

Over all are soft.....but EOW is apparently overperformimg.

Yay!What a relief!!

At least it won't open under 10million on first weekend I guess.XD

EOW deserves better number than Jennifer Lawrence's shitty horror movie!!!

Mary said...

Good news Viv this has been a good week for Jake.

Hollywood Reporter said...

Jake Gyllenhaal cop drama "End of Watch" is making gains on Lawrence's "House at the End of the Street" and Eastwood's "Trouble with the Curve."
A trio of films are battling it out at the Friday box office -- Clint Eastwood's baseball drama Trouble with the Curve, Jennifer Lawrence horror pic House at the End of the Street and filmmaker David Ayer's L.A.P.D. drama End of Watch
The surprise of the day is End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena. The film, released by Open Road Films, is overperforming in its debut and could end up on par with Warner Bros.' Trouble with the Curve and Relativity Media's House at the End of the Street.

bobbyanna said...

Went to the 5:45 show. Jake is right. This movie has so much heart, and he & Michael are incredible. Just amazing. it will stay with me. I want to try to see it again this weekend if I can. If not, I just might buy a ticket anyway... ; )

I understand why there's awards buzz.

I just want to say one thing:

I hope there's a director's cut and Anna Kendrick is in it more. She & Jake were so, so good together. There's one scene in particular that just catches your heart: in the scene Brian is asleep, and Janet's talking to his camera. I just melted. She is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Cudos, UV, for posting all the reviews (well most of the reviews out there) I loved the interview he did and how he related to how water played a part in the play.

Who is the person in the third photo, below Michael Pena's? I can't place him.

I won't be able to see the movie until sometime this coming week. But I'm looking forward to it


Mary said...

Lily its Marcus Mumford

Anonymous said...

I see Jake is schedule to be on Conan next Thurs.

Maggie is doing her promo stuff for her movie that is coming out next Fri.


Anonymous said...

"EOW deserves better number than Jennifer Lawrence's shitty horror movie!!!"

It's PG rated, the only new film really for teeny girls and fans who love her other movie. I;m pretty sure some think is Katniss on screen but its their parents money. That movie will die away just like CLint's. The difference with Clint's movie this time is fans who have seen it don;t like it. I just hope EOW will have strong legs.

Viv said...



Anonymous said...

Woke up this morning, Jake Gillenhoolyhay is number 2 on Yahoo and justin timberlake number 3. Happy to say Justin is trending due to his bachelor party. Good luck Justin and Jessica (jake's once upon a time co-star).

Anonymous said...

Of trending on yahoo could be a bad thing for movie box office. Jennifer will probably win but EOW should do well better than expected from the experts. Fans seem pleased with the movie which is good for Michael and Jake.

Anonymous said...

Of trending on yahoo could be a bad thing for movie box office.


Twitter Index
Updated: Fri Sep 21 at 11:50PM PST

1 House at the End of the Street 5,880 4:1
2 End of Watch 5,448 18:1
3 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 1,266 19:1
4 The Perks of Being A Wallflower 1,098 7:1
5 Trouble with the Curve 923 15:1
6 Finding Nemo 3D 849 8:1
7 Sinister 757 3:1
8 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Hagen said...


This is one of those weekends which can only be described as box office hell for Hollywood. Because no one can agree on which of the top two pics is #1. The info I’m getting is changing fast, and the film order will come down to late shows on the West Coast. All four newcomers are low- to medium-budget movies, but none will open to more than $15M this weekend. And total filmgoing likely won’t add up to a lot more than $80M, which is down a big -27% from last year. “It’s a close race to mediocrity with no winners,” one movie exec snarked to me.

Friday’s leader may or may not turn out to be Open Road’s handheld-camera End Of Watch (2,730 theaters). I hear the small distributor was even getting congratulatory calls from competitors after “extremely strong” West Coast late show numbers caused the pic to leap by $200K or $300K for $4.5M-$4.6M Friday and a $13+M weekend. Needless to say, that’s very surprising for this film which also topped midnight screenings. After all, it’s R-rated which limits its grosses, it’s playing in less theaters than rivals, and it’s starring Jake Gyllenhaal who’s been box office poison for major studios. But this cop drama is exactly his brand of smaller character-driven indie project With great reviews and an audience-rated CinemaScore of ‘A-’ that will expand word of mouth, End Of Watch‘s take could rival Open Road’s biggest to date, The Grey ($51.5M theatrical run). Made for only $7.5M, pic was acquired by Open Road for around $2M in February after execs saw it at a buyer’s screening at the Arclight and made the deal that night. P&A was around $20M. Written and produced and directed by David Ayer (Training Day, S.W.A.T, The Fast & The Furious), Gyllenhaal is an executive producer. Pic also stars Michael Peña and Anna Kendrick. Producers are John Lesher, Nigel Sinclair, Matt Jackson and David Ayer.

Anonymous said...

Deadline really love Jake uh?

Nikky Stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

Poison? Again they do not take into account Foreign box office, she just had to put in a dig at Jake. She must have offered herself up to him and he said no way.

Anonymous said...

Ok fine I will accept jake's movies have not well at major studios. But I don't believe major studios have any balls either. I don't see them banging down Gosling's door. All his movie have been small and have not well at all in the US or Canada or foreign but no one seems to bring that up. Just really PO'd right now.

Same poster at 8;37 am.

Viv said...


Since when Jake become box office posion??
He is not Collin Farrell, Nic Cage or Nicole kidman.

Just because POP didn't do well, they labled his a box office poison forever??
No wonder Ryan Gosling only made super small budget movies.No one will label him a box office poison even though his movies almost did poor BO numbers....

Yeah!! I am pissed.XD

Viv said...

Even one of the hottest young actor
JGL didn't get pretty numbers(50/50 and premium rush) and everyone stll thinks he is a box office draw......he will thank god the upcoming Looper has Bruce willie and it seems will do pretty well.

Hagen said...

Who cares what Nikki French thinks of Jake?

"End of Watch" is doing much better than expected. "Variety" for example predicted yesterday that EoW would yield a box office gross in the high single digits. EoW might be Jake's first movie to top the US box office charts. Right now it's too close to call.

Anonymous said...

Hagen you is sooooo damn right!

Anonymous said...

Nikky love Reese, so what she think is just garbage.

Viv said...

Once again proving those predicting sites are really useless, at least these two months.:)

And I am hoping EOW can over 15milliom.Is it too greedy? LOL

Anonymous said...

No Viv, I think EOW can over 17 milions, really I'm serious.

Viv said...



Sag actor said...

Hagen I thought that Jarhead and did. Jarhead was (I think) # 1 for the first weekend and slipped down the chart the following week, not sure if the same happened to TDAT, but I think it was # 1 for the first week also.

Saw EOW and it delivered. The POV angle was overplayed IMO, but otherwise a solid, action-packed cop movie with fantastic chemistry between Jake and Michael. Their relationship realy made the movie for me.

Audience was packed and the response was great. EOW will have a good WOM and hopefully legs.

Scott said...

yeah jarhead and tdat opened number 1. But the best part of EOW are the fans who saw the movie. Big cudos to David Ayers who has gotten alot of negativity in the past (whether earned or not). When you see tweets praising cops because of the movie from people who have admitted that cops were not their favorite people before the movie then job well done.

I just hate the sour people who want the movie to fail and they are posting spoilers. How juvenile? And Nikki, karma baby karma.

LOL :) said...

Mike Finazzo ‏@ThatMikeFinazzo
To all the critics saying that End of Watch is Jake Gyllenhall's best performance... I have two words for you: Bubble Boy.

Hagen said...

"Jarhead" opened on #2 behind "Chicken Little" and "The Day After Tomorrow" on #2 behind "Shrek 2". "City Slickers" entered the US box office charts at #1. But I think that doesn't count. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Here is the trend on Yahoo as we can see Jake it #2

01 Elisabeth Shue
02 Jake Gyllenhaal
03 Justin Timberlake
04 First day of fall
05 Retail prices

06 Clint Eastwood
07 Emancipation Proclamation
08 Healthy food
09 House at the End of the Street
10 Romney tax return

Since when is Jake poison for major studios? I've never heard that. didn't Source Code bring in some great numbers? I think EOW will do the same.

We shouldn't be listening to all the 'What 'THEY' say' stuff. The proof is in the viewing for all of us.

between the movie reviews and the play reviews of course you're going to get the rave reviews and the others we don't need to take seriously :D


Mary said...

I dont pay any attention to all that crap deadline has never liked Jake and probaby never will no way is Jake box office poison I am just looking forward to seeing EOW tomorrow and hearing all the good praise for Jake and Michael.

Saw Jake on JF last night he was great as usual, Said a few new things about the movie and they didnt show the dancing scene showed one of the more intense scenes and he also said that both his parents were at opening night too.

Anonymous said...

Jake was number 1 for about 15 minutes on yahoo.

Monica said...

Last night I read some reactions on twitter and I was happy that there were many positive comments.
I also saw that the movie and Jake was on trending!

Nikke Finke received the fury of many film critics because of what she did at the time of Aurora. They created a fake account on twitter just to annoy her. The account was fun!

Stefanie said...

The movie was great saw it last night. I laughed and I cried you fell unloved with both officers. To me that makes a great movie. :)

Scott said...

eerily quiet over here today.

Mary said...

Well I couldnt hold out till Sunday to see EOW with my sister went today by myself wow what a powerful intense movie both Jake and Michael were fantastic and I was surpised by the ending ILL see it again tomorrow with my sister really makes makes you think what it is to ba a cop.

According to some sites EOW will come out in fist others say too close to call may not even know for sure till momday

Mary said...

Yea Scott its prety quiet today maybe every ones out seeing EOW:)

Scott said...

"Skip Bayless‏@RealSkipBayless

"End of Watch" powerful/moving on many levels. End got to me. Still not sure Jake right for part but Michael Pena should win Supporting. A.

this bugs me coming from an asshole like skip bayless who is now a sports guy. He has no credibility. he's ultra hated in Texas where I live. It has been retweeted 259 time. Again Jake makes his co-stars shine but gets kicked by this no talent lying gossiping ass.

Viv said...


the twitter reaction abouy EOW is off the chart!!!!

Scott said...

But i loved this reply:

:anthony ajello‏@ant_ajello

@RealSkipBayless please just quit whatever you're trying to do"

...that sums it up.

Viv said...

Matt Cipolla ‏@MattCipolla926
End of Watch: 7.4/10. The action and acting was good, but the cinematography was horrendous. It's like the cameraman had Parkinson's.

I admit I laughed hard.XD

Anonymous said...

I know Viv,can't keep up but its fun to try.

sass said...

Seen x 2 fantastic acting by Jake the love and brotherhood between was real...going back with my son tomorrow. Deadline not reading since forever...Jake has Never Been what she says. Went 42nd St today back tomorrow...audience 80% full...very responsive! I am happy again!!!

sass said...

Camera work made me feel the heart was working next phone will have a keyboard...:-) Can't wait until son is such a huge Jake fan...will not make myself sick again...willtake it easy. After 3rd time tomorrow will take it easy.

sass said...

Sorry. so uncool earlier...No excuses. but I have missed posting though I do lurk when all is well.
Best movie ever!

Monica said...

Like many moviegoers across the country this weekend, you may have bought a ticket for David Ayer's new drama "End of Watch" instead of the more hyped offerings such as "Trouble with the Curve" or "House at the End of the Street." And guess what? You made the right choice. One of the better reviewed movies recently, "Watch" follows the working relationship and off the clock friendship between two LAPD officers played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena. Gyllenhaal is already being positioned as a contender in the very, very competitive best actor race, but the film's best chances at awards recognition may just be with Mr. Pena in the supporting category.*

*And yes, I clearly realize you could make the argument Pena should also be in the lead field, but SAG and Oscar should buy the supporting claim (maybe).

more on Hitfix

Jake Gyllenhaal's Hair: Blessing or Curse? said...

Jake Gyllenhaal continues his career relaunch as a female-friendly action star in this week's terrific buddy-cop drama End of Watch (read our review here). After his disastrous turn as the Prince of Persia, Gyllenhaal's star had been on the wane, but with two outstanding films in a row (counting last year's sleeper hit Source Code), the wide-eyed heartthrob is poised for a comeback. Those big, lake-blue eyes are impossible to resist, after all, and his pleasantly nonthreatening nice-Jewish-boyness is certainly an asset. But let's face it: the 31-year-old actor's secret weapon is the moody tresses that transform from role to role. But as advantageous as The Gyllenhair has been to its owner, the actor hasn't always utilized it wisely. Which Gyllenhair has helped the sad-eyed star, and which has done him wrong?

Hagen said...

End of Watch was #3 at the box office yesterday and is projected to gross $13.2 million on its opening weekend:

Trouble With The Curve (Warner Bros) NEW [3,212 Runs] PG13
Friday $4.1M, Saturday $5.5M, Weekend $13.2M

House At The End Of The Street (Relativity) NEW [3,083 Runs] PG13
Friday $4.6M, Saturday $5.4M, Weekend $13.2M

End Of Watch (Open Road) NEW [2,730 Runs] R
Friday $4.6M, Saturday $5.3M, Weekend $13.2M

Anonymous said...

wow it still ran the same as the other 2 at less locations but Sunday is purely guessing at this point. It really is too close to call at this point until the exact BO comes in Monday afternoon.

It still way back than 8 million.

Anonymous said...

But i am still opening Open Road underestimated. Of course some will say this was a disappointment although the movie overperformed the experts. Just glad it's over well until Monday. It's just too close to call in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Shondrella @Shondrella @EndOfWatchMovie Was SOLD Out Last Night in 3 Theaters &from 7pm til the Last Showing at 11:45pm which Was ALSO SOLD OUT! Wow! THANKS!! I ♥U

Jason Bring @JasonBring 6h
The theater is packed for #EndOfWatch!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I saw EOW last night and all I have to say is wow!! I can now understand the Oscar buzz for Jake and Michael. This is Jake's best performance since BBM IMO. Gritty, violent, real and very believable chemistry between Jake and Michael. Wish there was more Anna, her role was underwritten but when she was on screen , I loved her character.

The theater was packed with a very enthusiastic audience.

It looks like from the BO info Hagen has posted, there seems to be a 3-way tie. BO comes out Sunday afternoon so they won't take Sunday's #'s into consideration.

It's a strong showing for a R-rated movie and it's playing on less screns than the other 2 films. If it has strong #'s during the week, it will probably expand to more screens.

bobbyanna said...

I saw it yesterday, too! Again. : )
EoW performances by Michael and Jake were so powerful, so authentic.

I agree, OONP, Anna's part was underwritten, but she shined every second she was on screen. I don't think it requires a lot of "acting" to pretend you're in love with Jake.

I know this is shallow, and silly, but did anyone else notice Jake's eyelashes in the movie? He should have them insured! LOL!

I'm really delighted to see how well it's performing at the BO, too.

Family reunion picnic today. The sun is out. Maybe it won't be too chilly. : )

Monica said...

Exhibitor Relations ‏@ERCboxoffice
Relativity's HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET spooked up $13M--and will be in a dogfight for #1 w/ END OF WATCH.

UltraViolet said...

Hello everyone. Sorry about the lack of updates yesterday but I was on a whirlwind trip to NY :)

I saw the play yesterday afternoon with a friend, and we both loved it. He's a Jake fan but not in an obsessive way :)

I don't think he cared about staying for the post-play discussion. Once he found out Jake wasn't going to stay (he came out to say thanks, I must be going), we essentially left, too. I would have stayed to hear the other actors, but instead we went off to a beautiful rest of the day in NY.

Jake was really good. Remarkable, even, given the week he's had. The whole cast is strong. he play does lag when Jake isn't onstage, as many have said. It's very funny but also very disturbing at one crucial point.

I just got back, so I need to take care of some stuff. But I'll be on later.

Yay for EoW at the box office. I hope it manages to wrest the #1 spot. Thanks to everyone for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Boxoffice ‏@Boxoffice
Official domestic weekend estimate: $13 million for END OF WATCH from 2,730 locations. Location avg. = $4,762.

Boxoffice ‏@Boxoffice
We have a tie this weekend! $13 million is the estimate for END OF WATCH and HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET. The...

Monica said...

Yay, UV. Happy to know that you watched the play!

Exhibitor Relations ‏@ERCboxoffice
It's officially...a tie. END OF WATCH and HATEOTS both are estimated to gross $13M. Tune in tomorrow for actuals.

Mary said...

Gald u got to see the play UV was wondering if u did since u werent around.

Anonymous said...

Robert Cashill ‏@10SecondRule

IF THERE IS I HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET has two things I've never seen onstage: Jake Gyllenhaal, and a flood. They're both effective; play, OK.

Scott said...

As far as I am concerned, EOW won because of the per location avg and the fact that it overperformed(way overperformed)so Monday's numbers will not matter for me. Michael and Jake especially David Ayers should be proud.

Hagen I hope this makes you feel better. Again I am really impressed with the audience and the responses from them. I will be seeing EOW this afternoon with a whole bunch of my family after the Cowboy game, I think we will make the difference with Monday's numbers.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lawrence is an excellent actress. She will be having another movie out soon and the talk has been for an Oscar nomination.
I like her and i'm far from being a teenager. People who work with her talk about how talented she is.
Jake's movie is doing great and really is, as said, the top movie because of theater numbers.

Scott said...

Not a fan of Jennifer Lawrence overrated because she is not the pretty face. Critics love the non beauty. Anne H will get a nom for Les Mis no doubt, Anne for the win,

Hagen said...

Scott, I don't feel bad at all. I was worried that EoW could flop and derail Jake's career, but that's obviously not the case. EoW at #1 would be nice, though it's rather unlikely given the figures for Saturday. In the end the chart positions are rather a play of numbers unlike the box office gross.

Hagen said...

HSX: End of Watch brought out the Hispanic crowd who made up 32% of the moviegoers. 54% of the audience were male and 64% over the age of 25. The cop actioner earned a CinemaScore of A-, the best of any new releases.

Anonymous said...

Duncan Jones @ManMadeMoon
Mixed news in the Box Office this weekend. Great news for Jake G, but harsh on Dredd which deserved better!

Anonymous said...

Hagen! you are the optimist as usual :)

Stefanie said...

HiUV I am glad you finally got to see the play, my friend was not really a Jake fan either but she was really inpressed w the play. Its nice to see some great reviews about it.And I hope you enjoyedthe city :)

Chica said...

So glad you made it to the Big Apple UV to see Jake on stage! Can't wait to see it next weekend on my birthday. Hope you enjoyed the city as well.

Saw EOW and I have to say that I didn't expect this reaction and BO when he first announced it . Strong performances all around, Jake and Michael are perfect.

The hand-held camera was a bit distracting at times but overall one of the best police dramas that I have seen a in awhile.

And it looks like it may come in at#1, YAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey :) well meeting jake was cool. i went to his play and my friend told me her friends had met him afterwards so i tried but failed and i was heartbroken haha but anyways i knew i wanted to see the play again as it was so good so i went to the venue the next morning and got front row tickets. i was going to get rush tickets for a lot cheaper but front row for jake is once in a lifetime so i got them instead haha it was a good decision! and anyway i waited again and got a photograph but he was in a rush, i was the only one he got a photograph with. we went another time because my friend wanted to meet him and truth be told, i have loved jake for years and wanted to see him as much as i could before i left new york. i always said i wouldn’t waste time anywhere for celebs, especially not new york city but i couldn’t help myself. for a minute i thought he wasn’t a nice person because he wouldnt take photographs or speak to anyone whilst he was smoking on his break but to be honest it was some guy telling us no and not jake but i thought maybe if jake knew we were there he should have said it was ok but whatever i’m going to let it go as the night after we ended up back at the theater for opening night and he was lovely. we both got photographs along with everyone else. didn’t get chance to speak to him but it was a good experience anyway. he is my favourite actor and it was incredible getting to see him act in real life, he is just amazing. if you get chance to go see him in the theater then do, you will probably be able to meet him too. just make sure you take a pen, once i thought he was weird with us because we didn’t have a pen he just ignored us and said “oh, no pen” hahaha but me and my friend just find it hilarious now. i wish he tried to find a pen off someone else for us but oh well. my friend got me his auto in the end anyways on my playbill. i probably need a restraining order. xo

UltraViolet said...

Wow, Roxie, you put your time in! And what a great photo. You both look great :)'

Thanks so much for sharing the story and the photo.

I can't say I'd blame Jake for not wanting to talk to people when he goes out for his cigarette break. He is still in character, still working.

I've seen a lot of pen issues in after play videos and in the EoW premiere videos. He seems very focused on the pens. Maybe it gives him a way to distract himself from the weirdness of the situation.

Did you get wet sitting in the front row?

(I'm going to copy your post and my answer to the next post, which I've finally put up.)

Stefanie, I did enjoy the city, as I always do. It was a gorgeous day, and we wandered over to Bryant PArk after the play. Had a great dinner with old friends. And now it's back to reality.

The best part was seeing Jake onstage :)