Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There's Nothing More Thrilling

Jake Gyllenhaal and the company of If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet on understanding and staging the play and working with each other.

A reminder that you can "like" the Roundabout on Facebook and win tickets to see the play.

Video from the EoW Q&A at TIFF. Huge spoiler warning:

Intense new TC spot featuring critic raves for the film:

E! with Michael and Jake:

Click for ET Canada

Red Carpet Diary:

More post-show photos:

Fran Drescher really likes Jake!

Just saw @jakegyllenhaal in his off Brdwy play "If there is I havent found it yet" he's so talented and whatta babe!

In Toronto.


Anonymous said...

Someone filmed and posted the Q&A session from EOW/TIFF:


UltraViolet said...

Looks like there's no rest for Michael Pena on the EoW trail:

On top of the W in DC, waiting to interview Michael Pena for his new film END OF WATCH. Movie is incredible. http://pic.twitter.com/OBDrH2Iz

thought this tweet was cool from a reviewer:

My top 5 of #TIFF12 - 1) Argo 2) Silver Linings Playbook 3) The Master 4) The Impossible 5) End of Watch

And aww, in the Q&A Michael finally goes beyond just saying they didn't get along at the beginning. He says he was more closed off but Jake was very open and eventually he came around.

Still listening to it as I try to work.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, that's in the post, anon :)

UltraViolet said...

Huge spoiler warning on the Q&A, btw.


Pie is the best thing to come out of America. That and Jake Gyllenhaal. #GBBO

Anonymous said...

M ‏@klytaemnestra

Jake Gyllenhaal sporting a lawzly beard on 46th street. #NYC

bobbyanna said...

I really want to watch the Q&A but I'm afraid of the spoiler. IS there some way you can tell me where to stop, or where to start the video?

(((PaulaC.))) Will be thinking of you and Sofia tomorrow. : )

Anonymous said...

@ Bobbyanna
I watched the Q&A - and it definitely has major spoilers (tells the ending!) - I think you're okay to watch the beginning but should turn it off around 9min30sec (after the discussion on the wedding dance).

P.S sorry to have double posted the Q&A link - wasn't paying attention! Thanks for keeping up with all the information UV, it's such a treat for the less diligent fans :)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. It is a fun tough job, but it's nice to know people appreciate it! (And I know it's hard to keep track of everything in the posts.)

Speaking of which, not sure if anyone watched the TV spot, but all the praise is pretty cool to see. Some I haven't seen yet, like Newsweek.

E! posted some video, but the embed code is messed up. Here's a link.

The Nanny wants Jake to play Christian Grey.

Some more tweets:

End of Watch is amazing and not just because Jake Gyllenhaal is hot. Although he definitely is.

#EndOfWatch easily in my top 10 of year. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena have blown my mind in gripping, emotional cop thriller.

Just saw End of Watch. 2012 you are going out in style! Damn, just superb.

UltraViolet said...

More from Jake. Snippets:

"On my first ride-along, someone was murdered in front of me," said Gyllenhaal in Toronto. "There was another officer initially on the scene. It was a drug [shoot-out] between gang members. I was probably the safest you can be. And yet I was at the forefront of the danger. There were moments on these ride-alongs when I was afraid. I was amazed with how LAPD took care of us. When there are two actors in the back of the car, you're an added responsibility and Michael [Peña] and I were very aware of it." ...

"For me, this movie was a journey," said Gyllenhaal who also has an executive producer credit on the film. " I spent five months preparing for this part. I went on ride-alongs with LAPD two or three times a week and was doing tactical training two times per week, and live ammunition training, as well as fight training, every morning. Everything was an internal journey for me. I don't pay much attention to the external world... It was about that internal ride for me. I have consequently made some of the closest relationships I've had in my life so far. It's safe to say they're some of my closest friends at the moment."

"I'm most proud of the relationship between me and Michael. That took the most time to build," said Gyllenhaal. "Right now in my life, my focus is my work. It's what matters to me more than anything. The results of that are what the results are. This movie was a different approach to making a movie than I've ever experienced." Along with the ride-alongs with police officers, the two trained together in fighting and with live ammunition. Gyllenhaal admitted that went it came to fights, Peña had the leg up. "Every morning Michael and I would go to this dojo in [L.A. neighborhood] Echo Park and fight these kids. They were between 14 and 20 and they'd beat the crap out of me. Michael is a much better fighter than I am," he admitted.

Also, Jake must be doing press on Monday. Someone tweeted that she is interviewing him then.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I couldn't help it , I watched the spoilery Q&A, but It hasn't spoiled it for me. I still can't wait to see it, the reviews have been amazing.

I saw on one of the comments posted in the previous thread that EOW is predicted to open in 4th place, I think (and hope) it opens higher than that.

We are getting so spoiled again but i'm not complaining!

OT: Heavy hearts today as we remember those who were killed on 9/11 11 years ago.

UltraViolet said...

Jake might be on the Anderson Live show on Friday. Or taping it, if they don't do them all live. A few tweets of people talking about seeing him on Friday, but the show's site doesn't list them:

WTF am I saying. Jake Gyllenhaal >>> school.

Debating wether or not I should skip school to see Jake Gyllenhaal on the Anderson cooper show on Friday. #UGH

Fingers and toes crossed, OONP.

I haven't seen too much coverage today, but what I have seen is as moving as ever.

UltraViolet said...

Some movie tweets:

#TIFF12 #EndOfWatch visceral, authentic storytelling at its best, worthy follow up to #TrainingDay

#EndofWatch has its moments, but its mostly just jarring "found footage" (can we just stop with this genre already?) and tasteless action

END OF WATCH: found footage gimmick works (!), thankfully. Tense, exciting, funny. Deeper than you'd think. #TIFF12

END OF WATCH: Rare film: saga of good cops that also thrills. Starts as just another LAPD story, but friendship intrigues. #TIFF12 #StarTIFF

For the play:

LOVED #IfThereIs @RTC_NYC, great play with fantastic dialogue and stellar performances from Jake Gyllenhall & Annie Funke. 4.5 stars

Monica said...

"Right now in my life, my focus is my work.

wow I was feeling that Jake is more focused in his work and that nothing can compete with that.

thanks, UV.

Paula, I'm thinking of you.

Monica said...

Oscars First Take: ‘Cloud Atlas,’ ‘Impossible,’ ‘End of Watch:

“End of Watch”
Opening: Sept. 21
Ellwood’s Grade: B+
Actor – Jake Gyllenhaal – A previous nominee for ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ this is probably Gyllenhaal’s second best performance of his career. With a field this competitive he’s gonna need to do a lot of campaigning or have someone fall flat on their face.
Supporting Actor – Michael Pena – This could finally be the industry veteran’s time to shine.
Original Screenplay – Has an excellent shot. Need to get that screener out there early.
Editing - A fine candidate, unlikely to happen.
Cinematography – Sounds strange, but the on-actor cameras will hurt its chances.

Anonymous said...


Happy Happy Happy! :)

Thank you Monica!

UltraViolet said...

Still not getting my hopes up, especially with qualifiers like that. It's still great to hear it even as a possibility.

Added a couple of new videos - definitely watch the E! clip. You get to see Jake and Michael interact a bit, as well as Jake's take on the wedding drinking.

In the end of the ET segment that's missing: Anna Kendrick says that she was getting a lot of texts and e-mails from friends asking her if they could visit her on set, because of Jake :)

It's cute. I'll see if I can find it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Anna is so nice and talented, I love her:)

UltraViolet said...

She seems really cool, anon. I agree.

Brian O'Byrne seems like he's very calm. But I've seen him play very animated characters, so it will be interesting to see him on stage.

A nice review, with particular praise for Jake:

Thankfully, End of Watch has a hell of a lot going for it to balance out the wobbly cinematography. Gyllenhaal and Pena have big-time chemistry and seem to really care about one another in the film. The emotional depth of their relationship is why it works, and as a whole, it does work. Gyllenhaal is especially good when he's let off the leash and allowed to dip into his primal side. As in Jarhead and Source Code, we are treated to a performance of real energy. Gyllenhaal spent months preparing for the role and it shows. He walks and talks like a cop.

Yay, Jake.

Anonymous said...

Go Jake! you deserve all this appreciation and more:)

Viv said...


Chica said...

I never thought of EOW in terms of Oscar buzz but WOW!!! The second best performance of his career, that's high praise.I'm with you UV, I don't want to get too excited but the reviews have been great.

Thanks so much for all the updates and links UV, you are the best!

I will be thinking of you today Paula C!

bobbyanna said...

I'm SO happy I saw the interview clips. Anna's adorable! Truly. That was a great discovery.
For a long time I kept associating her with her character in Up in the Air. Natalie Martinez is beautiful, too!

I'm also really glad Jake's acting is getting such raves. I can't get my hopes up, and it's a crowded field as usual, but getting acknowledged by his peers would be so great!

Right now it looks like Harvey Weinstein's "The Master," with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Pheonix is getting a lot of OScar buzz.

Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln could be a major force, and some people think Bill Murray's FDR might break thru. Frank Langella for "Robot & Frank," and Chrstopher Walken as an cellist with Parkinsons's may also figure in.

I don't know if "Argo" being touted for best picture, includes a nom for Ben Affleck's acting.

There's a Hollywood Reporter piece that focuses mostly on Best Picture and on women's roles, but I will say if Jake manages to get a nomination for an Indie Award, an Oscar,a Globe, or a SAG, he'll will have done it with stiff competition, including deep pockets from some campaigners, which would make it very sweet indeed.

Right now, I'm enjoying all the critical praise. He deserves it!It's pretty early in the "season," but this is when all that chatter starts. I hope they don't forget about EoW.

The people in charge of EoW would have to invest in a real awards campaign for Jake to keep him prominent in discussions.

UltraViolet said...

Fingers and toes also crossed for Paula C this morning. I hope she and Sofia are doing well!

Just realized the anon said Anna is cute, not Annie! But it goes for both.


Went to Off Broadway Play starring Jake Gyllenhaal & he came out for pictures & I was cheek to cheek with the great actor, not to mention: he's rocking!

If you didn't want to bang Jake Gyllenhaal before you heard him speak Spanish, forever hold your peace and don't see his next flick. Reow.

Longer quote from Jake on his fight training:

“I got the s–t beat out of me every single morning by all these kids. The movie was a piece of cake in comparison to the five months before. [Martial arts instructor] Richard Mesquita has this dojo with boys and girls from Echo Park. They’re [mixed martial arts] fighters and some of them are big boys who can f–king throw a punch and kick a kick, that’s for sure. And we fought five days a week in his dojo every morning. We had protection for our faces, but we still got hit in the face a lot. In a way, it would have been better without the mask because you had this metal piece being pushed into your face every time you were hit.”

I think this is for Jimmy Fallon, but it's unclear:

guests for 9/21 are Jake Gyllenhaal, Penny Marshall, bobby Womack ft Damon albarn & Richard Russell :D

UltraViolet said...

Anna Kendrick interview in which she explains the rap lip synch tweet we saw earlier:

ESQ: You have that song that you perfectly lip-sync in End of Watch, "Hey Ma." And because you're in Pitch Perfect, I'm curious: What's your favorite rap song or album?
AK: Well, "Hey Ma" just came on Jake [Gyllenhaal]'s iPod when we were doing that road trip, so we started singing it. It wasn't planned at all. And we never did another take of it. It's not like David [Ayer] was like, "Let's put that song on again." He just filmed it, and it ended up in the movie. But my favorite rap song is probably "Get It Together."

Also added another interview, this one from Red Carpet Diary.

Monica said...

Trailer addict has added new tv spots

Jake really loves rap!

Sag actor said...

This is so awesome, who knew that wen this film was first announced that it would be generating Oscar buzz!!

It would be great if Jake along with Michael could get some award love, GG nominations are a pretty good possibility.

LOL :) said...

Eric D. Snider ‏@EricDSnider
Just learned @OpenRoadFilms isn't screening the supposedly very good END OF WATCH in Portland. Boo for that. Boo, I say!

UltraViolet said...

Brief audio clip of Jake discussing the play.

UltraViolet said...

Added a photo of Fran Drescher with Jake backstage today, as well as a photo from Toronto I hadn't seen anywhere else.

Fran really likes Jake, I guess!

frandrescher Just watched #jakegyllenhaal on his off broadway play "if there is I haven't found it yet". So talented.

No word on whether she told him she sees him as the lead in 50 Shades.

Monica said...

50 Shades.

What? Noo, please, nooo.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, I posted a story earlier about Fran Drescher suggesting Jake for the role. For some reason, CNN decided it was important, and the story got a lot of play.

And yeah, I'd love to see Jake in a franchise, but I don't think that's the one.

UltraViolet said...

Here's Fran's tweet:

Just saw @jakegyllenhaal in his off Brdwy play "If there is I havent found it yet" he's so talented and whatta babe!

Other tweets:

just saw @jakegyllenhaal in "If there is I haven't found it yet". how awesome! the cast, the story, the set blew me away!

Just saw @jakegyllenhaal in his off Broadway play "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet." My only complaint: too many clothes.

Too bad Jake doesn't have an actual twitter account.

Monica said...

I'm happy he doesn't have an account.

I think he'll have a franchise one day, but not this. 50 Shades? This is horrible.

UltraViolet said...

Well, I think it would be a great way to engage fans and for him just to engage other people. On the other hand, Jake attracts many annoying "fans" and commenters. From that perspective, I'm glad he's not reachable.

But some things, like that idiotic photo of him that is still making the rounds, would be so easy to nip in the bud.

bobbyanna said...

I saw a tweet earlier today, from Anderson Cooper asking people to submit questions for Jake & Michael Pena. I cannot find anything on when they are on his show.

Monica said...

Jake attracts many annoying "fans" and commenters. From that perspective, I'm glad he's not reachable.

That's a good reason.

UltraViolet said...

Michael Pena talking about End of Watch at the MPAA. A thrilling movie. Loved it! #EndOfWatch http://instagr.am/p/PfsdlWGM1m/

END OF WATCH feels a bit off for my taste. Gyllenhaal & Peña are worth the "watch," but the "end" has problems. Also Anna Kendrick raps!

Just saw the early premiere of End of Watch. #Shitwasreal

Holy shit. End of Watch was good money. No real plot, just events unfolding. Shot in 1st person so pack the Dramamine if you need it.

“End Of Watch” - gritty, action, POV buddy cop flick set in LA. Final 20 mins very intense. Good watch. B+

Advanced screening - end of watch Thanks @cappability Pretty good flick If u get motion sickness beware

End of watch was a good movie. Id see it again. Solid B

Just saw '#End of Watch'...raw & gritty...showing the horrible things policemen have 2 endure every day. Good movie yet hard 2 watch. 9/21

Props to Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña. Phenomenal, as to be expected.

Oh my God go see @EndOfWatchMovie when it comes out on September 21st. Breathtaking. Brutal

It always makes me nervous that they have so many free sneak peeks, like they are cutting into the box office. I know it doesn't work that way, but still. Make some of these folks pay!

Another nice review from Movie City News:

It’s a good thing the chemistry between Peña and Gyllenhaal is excellent, as the two are side-by-side on screen for the film’s entire duration. When the stakes are low, Taylor and Z crack jokes (mostly racial) and recount chestnuts (mostly graphic) with each other. But when lives are on the line, the pair command attention with their laissez-faire police tactics and level-headed cool. On the road, between these ups and downs, the two also wax poetic about life: working with the LAPD, their relationships at home, and the prospects of the future. These police cruiser conversations are engaging and thoughtful; at times bordering on profundity.

Despite the initial silliness at the top of the film, End of Watch becomes so engrossing that we roll with its gimmicks, giving in to the sheer adrenaline and shaky-cam octane. The whole “found footage” thing is getting old n’ busted, but End of Watch shows some promise as the new hotness: Ayer has combined traditional filmmaking with handheld footage to create a truly riveting cop drama, going further and deeper than most ever do.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I think it's next Friday, but it is hard to tell. I'm going to tape, just in case! I've seen Friday mentioned frequently, but this Friday has something else listed.

HSX via Deadline:

End of Watch (ENDWT) forecast at $13.1M up $0.3M

Again, fingers crossed.

Two tweets in a row:

My review of End of Watch: Just watch Southland instead.

Just saw the free movie screening of "End of Watch" & damn it was sad

Saw an early screening of End of Watch. Really good cop drama. See it when it’a out at the end of the month #endofwatchmovie

Just caught the pre-release showing of End of Watch.....not too shabby.

Gritty, real, & surprisingly funny. End of Watch is worth seeing. #watchyoursix

Movie---> End of Watch: funny, dark, gritty, real. Great movie. Go see it!

'End of Watch' is an awesome cop film. Great chemistry & performances from Gyllenhaal & Pena. Funny,touching,& taut drama. Ayer's gets an A!

Gritty and real, with great camaraderie between Gyllenhall & Peña, End of Watch is a movie worth seeing. #WatchYourSix

About the play:

Jake Gyllenhaal was great in If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet as well as the other cast members!!!

Fran Drescher keeps tweeting that photo, lol. And Rosie is posting NYC photos. I wondered if she took the Fran photo.

Monica said...

MPAA? yay

I don't know who's Fran Drescher, but good to know she likes him.

UV, sent you a message.

bobbyanna said...

I'm getting very anxious about these comments where people are saying they cried, or "damn it's sad."

I think I will forego looking at anymore trailers or clips.

UltraViolet said...

It feels like they've overdone it with the clips, but I don't know.

Agreed: a screening at the MPAA is a good thing, Monica!

New post.