Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Premiere party people

Monday night brought the Los Angeles premiere of End of Watch. Jake Gyllenhaal has said that filming the movie made him fall in love with LA all over again.

Reviews of the move have been overwhelmingly positive, and everyone involved in the movie and attending seemed to be enjoying their moment in the LA sun.

Okay, not everyone was laughing!

Dude, @aliciamalone. This pic doesn't do him justice, but Jake was looking amaz at the #EndOfWatch premiere.

Videos of the red carpet at Getty Images (more at that source), here, here (Governator in the background), here and here:

Man, I couldn't take that pressure!

Interview with David, Jake and Michael:

CS: When you're on set, do you still have to block stuff? How much of it is actually being filmed by either Jake or Michael?
Ayer: Yeah, I mean, typically in any given scene, especially sort of an action situation or arriving on a call, there'd always be a version of the scene where they'd be wearing the cameras. As we got into it, there's a point where I gave them all monitors so they could watch the monitors and give you little better shots, which is my concession of them and I guess the movie because I was like, a purest and, no, they're going to get what they get. It'll be great. But, it was fascinating because you learn that there's rules on filmmaking, there's rules on editing and there's rules on how movies are supposed to work. Through this process and through the work of my brilliant editor, Dody Dorn, I mean, we discovered that there kind of are no rules and you can juxtapose image and mood and energy in really nontraditional ways. You know, but there are scenes in the movie that Jake shot entirely.

CS: Did he get a camera credit or is there union stuff you gotta deal with?
Ayer: Well, the big joke is like, "Hey, two more days and we'll get you in a union," but mean, it's funny because I don't know what the rules are. I mean, I hope I didn't break them, and I apologize if I did. (Laughs) But, it's sort of a brave new world in that regard.

Jake talks to PopSugar about being nervous and being a director:

Jake and David Ayer interviewed in Toronto - this one is a little different. No 5PM to 5AM :)


Jake and Michael interviewed together:

Jake with Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcettii, who plays the LA mayor in End of Watch.


UltraViolet said...

Repeating from the last post:

Anne Thompson ‏@akstanwyck
End of watch is as good as my peeps in toronto said it was. Must-see. Gyllenhaal, Pena, kendrick all nailed it.

Some more tweets from the night:

I was just 10 ft away from Jake Gyllenhaal...internally freaking out! 😳😍😁

I could NOT sit through End of Watch. I was too busy planning my wedding to Jake Gyllenhaal and naming our children. #crap

My dad is across the street from Jake Gyllenhaal and yet he won't go talk to him or get his autograph for me.. #whydadwhy

Tx to Jake Gyllenhaal for joining campaign supporters for #EndOfWatch sneak preview& inviting me to be a part of film pic.twitter.com/vRto8CfN

ryanthecameradude Jake Gyllenhaal at the "End of Watch" movie premiere. We did an interview with him right after I took this flick. Cool dude. Polite and Humble.

sorry to disappoint - that's not Jake Gyllenhal, that's the Burger King.

Just follwed jake gyllenhal on the red carpet... #epic

I always thought Jake Gyllenhal would be a Bitch but he is a really nice guy!

Crazy, Mitt Romney causing a ruckus at the hotel for a speech & EndofWatch premiere across the street. Maybe a peek of Jake Gyllenhal?

I also got to see Jake Gyllenhall in person today, he needs to shave asap though..

Jake Gyllenhall is gonna be at the premiere in working tonight.... Dead/Gave out tickets this time it all makes sense. Gave out to busy Phillips and Stephen Gyllenhall ... So close

End of Watch: Very Intense cop drama. With strong performances by Jake G & Michael Pena. The way they play off each other is amazing!

End Of Watch premiere (: damn, that movie was freaking amazing.

Just got out of the premiere of End of Watch...good film...an amazing reminder to be thankful for police officers and what they do everyday.

End of Watch was an InYourFace cop saga worth seeing. David Ayer wrote a smart character piece on those who risk all To Protect & Serve.

"End of Watch". I set my expectations far far too low on this. I don't really know why. Happy to be wrong.

I've seen a lot of FB posts about the movie playing on military bases ahead of the release, which is cool.

Funny - from last night, from Jennifer Aspen who is apparently an actress:

@KChenoweth: @marisolnichols and @JenniferCAspen hope youre having fun at the ALMA AWARDS!!” Jake Gyllenhall totes checked me out! SGI!

And from Busy:

#EndofWatch was amazing. Seriously. So SO good. I highly recommend it. But it's super f-ing intense! I almost passed out at one point...

Monica said...

They all look great!

Busy Philipps ‏@Busyphilipps25
#EndofWatch was amazing. Seriously. So SO good. I highly recommend it. But it's super f-ing intense! I almost passed out at one point...


Monica said...

ID ‏@IDTweeps
#EndofWatch Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña @AnnaKendrick47 @AmericaFerrera Natalie Martinez & Cody Horn at SAG q and a. pic.twitter.com/ioyLSf4B

UltraViolet said...

Love that tweet.

Did they have to do a Q&A After?

#EndofWatch Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña @AnnaKendrick47 @AmericaFerrera Natalie Martinez & Cody Horn at SAG q and a.

More tweets:

XZIBIT ‏@xzibit
Just went to #EndOfWatch Movie premier. Good to see a LA based film. Jake and Micael did a hell of a job playing #LAPD. #Dope

Je suis ici. Atop the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles following the most intense premiere I've been to--#EndofWatch

Just got back from the premiere of #ENDOFWATCH in LA and it was crazy good!

#EndOfWatch: Funny & serious, sexy & violent, rageful & thoughtful: everything a movie should be http://ow.ly/dMyXa (Fri US/Can, Nov UK)

That last tweet links to an absolute rave for the movie. PRetty sure they call it perfect. I'm not sure any movie could live up to the praise in that review, but it was fun to read.

UltraViolet said...

Jinx, Monica!

UltraViolet said...

This is a not-at-all awkward interview with Jake last night at the ALMA awards :)

Viv said...

OMG!!! I can't keep up with you guys!!!XD

UltraViolet said...

It's ridiculous how much stiff there is out there, Viv! Crazy. But the enthusiasm for the movie is so infectious.

Just added a video interview with Jake and Michael. IT was nice to see them interviewed together. Loved Michael's comments at the end that people say other actors are generous often when they aren't, but that Jake really was.

Anonymous said...

After chatting a few folks up at the after party sounds pretty unanimous that Jake gave an Oscar worthy performance in #EndofWatch

Viv said...

I really don't trust RS prdiction, but we can just take a look:

End of watch: mid teens

House at the end of the street(gees...what a long title):mid teens

Trouble with the curve:low to mid teens

Dredd 3D:low to mid teens

Actually I feel four films are all on the same line.XD

Anonymous said...

Aurora Val-Rod ‏@marilerie

Jake Gyllenhaal greeting and signing autographs for fans at 'End Of Watch' movie premiere in Los Angeles @olv http://pic.twitter.com/Yib9QSOZ

Anonymous said...

Gabrielle Olya ‏@GabyOlya

A very serious Jake Gyllenhaal at the premiere, such a cutie even with the beard http://pic.twitter.com/jsDqMC5M

UltraViolet said...

Fingers crossed, Viv :)

From FB:

Drug my sick, pathetic, convalescently underdressed butt out to sit in a theatre with the beautiful and impeccably dressed America Ferrera and Jake Gyllenhaal. Not only were they charming and funny tonight, but they were kick-ass in the film. END OF WATCH opens on Friday and I hope ya'll go to see it. I didn't know Mike Pena and Natalie Martinez before this film, but honestly ... they are now my two favorite people in the world. They stole the film (and are so darn good-lookin' I wanna marry them both). OK, that said ... back to bed.

A real friend :) said...

Adam Levine ‏@adamlevine


bobbyanna said...

Great stuff, UV!!!!

I'm really impressed with all these positive reviews,not just from the critics, but from regular ppeople who saw it. It's not often critics and movie goers agree! LOL!

And I love it that Michael said that Jake was generous, and great to work with, and kept pushing him.
Looking forward to Friday. : )

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

My head is spinning trying to keep up! The reviews are awesome, I really think it will do well on Friday!

He looks sexy and confident, lovng all the reviews, pics, tweets and OSCAR BUZZ!

And yeah Busy and looks like Papa was there too!

LOL! @ the Romney mention, poor Mittens, LOL!!

Jake Gyllenhaal has criminal talent said...

Jake Gyllenhaal has a “sixth sense” when it comes to detecting crime, claims his co-star Michael Peña.

The pair shadowed real police officers while researching for their roles as Los Angeles cops in the new action drama End of Watch. Michael has revealed Jake could instinctively detect shady activity during their ride alongs.

"[Jake's] got a sixth sense. There's a couple times we went on ride-alongs and he [pointed something out], and then all of a sudden we pull by and there's four dudes leaning back in a Suburban," Michael told ET. "I think...we could hit the streets together and be good cops."

Jake relished the opportunity to spend time with police officers before working on the movie.

The 31-year-old hunk was impressed by the strong bond between the men despite the dangerous situations they were often placed in.


Monica said...

Busy Philipps ‏@Busyphilipps25
I woke up thinking about #EndofWatch. I want to go see it again but I'm not sure my nerves can handle it. JG & Michael Pēna are incredible.

UltraViolet said...

Jake's going to be live on the air with Ryan Seacrest in a few minutes. You have to listen to Justin Bieber first.

I wonder where Jake is. Did he fly to NY over night?

Love that Busy and Adam are tweeting about the movie.

Loved that quote from Michael about Jake's sixth sense.
It comes from this ET report that I haven't watched yet.

UltraViolet said...

First up: Jake says the 5 months thing right away. LOL.

OONP, I think everyone's head is spinning.

Anonymous said...

Taki Despo ‏@TakiDespo

Walked by Jake Gyllenhaal in Tribeca! He looked at me. Im the man lol #nohomo

Monica said...

Jake's going to be live on the air with Ryan Seacrest in a few minutes

The interview

I wonder if Jake knows what that crap of 50 Shades of Gray is? I do not want to imagine him acting in a garbage like this. There is no way that this will be ok.

If he knows what it is, I would have loved to hear him say no way!

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is looking smoking in October's @voguemagazine #IfThereIs ow.ly/i/WETL

Sag Actor said...

All I have to say that Denzel Washington won BA for Training Day directed by David Ayres. True it was probably a make up Oscar for losing it for Malcolm X or even Hurricane.

Great work keeping up with all the news UV, thanks!!!

I will be seeing EOW this Friday, and Jake just say no to Shades of Gray!!

Hagen said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is looking smoking in October's @voguemagazine #IfThereIs ow.ly/i/WETL

Oh yes, a photo shoot during his brief beardless period. I'm looking forward to that.

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, that deserves its own post. Will get to that in a bit.

I wouldn't worry about 50 Shades? I took that as Jake's usual noncommittal answer when he doesn't know what to say.

Rave review of EOW said...

'End Of Watch' Patrols With A Wicked Sense Of Reality

Clearly one of my top ten this year serving contrary to COMPLIANCE (also a top ten film) – exposing a different take on law – END OF WATCH delivers a lot in terms of emotional substance. There are pleasant moments in the film which will generate a laugh or two, but it doesn’t take away its grittiness. So prepare, because it’s raw, violent, harsh, dark and intriguingly menacing!


Hagen said...

`End of Watch’ Soundtrack Released: Relativity Music Group has released the official soundtrack album for the action thriller End of Watch. The album features selections from the film’s original score composed by David Sardy (Zombieland, 21), as well as the tracks Lisa’s Coming by the Latin Rascals, Harder Than You Think, a new song by Public Enemy, and Hey! Love by The Delfonics. The soundtrack has been released digitally today and is now available to download on iTunes, where you can also listen to audio clips.

UltraViolet said...

More twitter praise for the movie. It's really great to see. Very happy for Jake and the whole EoW crew.

New post.